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    this is the OOC thread for the kingdom of Silencya, here you will also find extra infomation about the RPG that would have clogged the interest thread :] it's also the chat thread :]
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  2. (something has gone wrong with the formatting.. but anyway.. THE RULES!)
      1. No god modding
      2. no perfect characters
      3. write how you wanna, all lengths and styles are welcome!
      4. All Rpgiers are welcome, from beginners to advanced :]
      5. Please be nice in OOC
      6. when in OOC please use ()
      7. unlimited characters, go crazy!
      8. All the information on this thread is an optional read (bar races) to help flesh out the world
      9. all gender relationships are welcome
      10. if you have any questions, please ask ether me or Karo
      11. if you want to created a twisted Angel or domesticated demon, you must also create a demon to.. adopt.. another person's twisted angel or domesticated demon
      12. halflings are very rare (there are only four- not counting mine- available in the RP) more spots may open as time goes on though
      13. characters may die
      14. please FF (fade to black) or move to PM any extremely intimate or violent moments
      15. HAVE FUN!
      16. while this RPG is not a mature RPG, it's still not for the faint of heart because it will tackle various social issues :] there may be triggers within this RPG so please use discression, just in case.. I've put everything thus far in spoilers :]
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  3. {Demons and the kingdom (open)

    The demonic realm is a dark and twisted place, the stuff of nightmares. Mayhaps this is what humans call hell, it goes by many names. The demons themselves lead brutal lives, only the strongest are respected and the weak are crushed. The strong dominate the weak and the weak are subservient to the strong, this is the way it always has being in Demonic culture. The screams of the tortured and dying are common place and the streets are often awash with blood, even at the fast breeding rate the Demonic race was slowly driving itself to extinction. The demons had no moral barriers with who they killed; in fact it was demonic custom that most demonic children that displayed weaknesses would be killed by their own parents.. but that was a merciful fate. Another demonic belief was the ideal that the offspring belonged to their parents and could be treated however the parents wished, a cruel fate. A demon’s fate, though immortal (unable to die of old age) was to be killed in a painful manner by a stronger demon. Though the Demon king Arakan enforced many laws and orders he could not stop the demonic taint all together, and this concerned him. Every demon that was killed, tortured and raped concerned him.. he needed something to create unity or at least a façade of it, so he assigned his eldest son.. the cruel prince Gladius to seek out a way of unity, and seek out he did.

    When the Fallen Angels fell from grace and the Pure Angels came down into the demon world to see what became of them, Gladius sensed opportunity knocking upon the demonic doors of his mind. Gladius quickly formed the first group of Angel hunters known as the Hand, in later years they would be the elite Angel hunting and tracking force. Appointing himself as the head of the hunters Gladius captured all the Angels in question and then opened up the first Slave market known as the Soul trade, the demons flocked to it like moths drawn to a flame. Soon it was the ‘in’ thing for high ranking Demons to have Angelic pets and it did indeed ease the death toll on the demonic race, of course there were still Demon related deaths but that was not avoidable. All in all Gladius’s idea was a success, and demons greedily horded their Angels-whom they refer to as ‘toys’- the same way little children would horde their own toys. But of course, most Angels never lasted long in the hands of a demon. The luckiest ones were the ones that died, the unluckiest ones would eventually become shells of their former selves.. a term that was coined by prince Melkya as ‘Twisted Angels’ these were Angels that were mentally and physically crushed by their demon masters to the point that they (the twisted Angels) forgot heaven and the things they represent, they became totally devoted to their master or mistress and most developed Stockholm syndrome. This was only one of the events that Gladius did not foresee; the third event had the most detrimental effect.

    The second event was the Demonic kind finding out about humans, and enslaving them as well. An event that some humans would later claim was Alien abduction, how wrong they were. Though humans were not as prized as Angels, there are more of them. For ever Angel born, about fifty humans are born according to the statistics of prince Lancier. Humans were also sold more cheaply then Angels and so were often brought by the middle and lower class Demons as a quick and inexpensive way to have fun; it is very rare a high ranking Demon would buy a human. This second event was overlooked by Gladius as ‘not important’ but his father, king Arakan, was not overjoyed with this turn events.. and he became even less happy with the third event.

    It was only a matter of time before the first half Demon, half Angel was born. The demons were unsure what to think of this development, and the Angel expert Prince Melkya was called in. Melkya was shocked by this new species and brought in his brother, the Genetic expert Lancier to evaluate the situation before them. they were both at a loss, torn between keeping it alive for experimentation or killing it. the only thing that stopped them from killing it was the fact that the child was the son of Gladius, their brother. It was eventually decided that the Halfling-a term coined by the commander of the Demonic army, prince Redux- would be kept alive and (as Gladius demanded) would be subjected to torture and agony more so than any other demonic offspring. Gladius himself would administrate the pain to the ‘Failure’ that his concubine, the Angel Luna, called Sepiroth. However Arakan was enraged, he silently seethed because the balance had being broken.. but he had no right to interfere, he had his reasons not to. Eventually more of these ‘Halflings’ were born, but to different unions.. humans and Demons, Angels and humans also begain to sire offspring.. till one day Arakan ordered a mass killing of most ‘mutts’ and left only a few alive, since then Halflings have become the rarest and most expensive toys of all and only a few demons may be able to obtain one.

    The demon realm today isn’t much different, it’s still brutal and unforgiving.. There are still clear lines between the strong and the weak, the master and the slaves, and the dominant and subservient. It doesn’t look like things will be changing soon, but the demon realm is on the slow march to democratic progress..and it only takes one person to stand up and rebel, or to suppress change and fight it..what will you do?
  4. Locations (open)

    The dark spire

    The dark spire is the home of the demonic royal family, on the outside the dark spider looks like a large citadel with large stain glass windows and large towers that blot out the sun and keep the castle eternally in shadow. The courtyard leading up to it has a large fountain that runs red with blood, as well as a large maze that is said to lead to the realm of Nightmares. The dark spire is protected by a large moat that has being around since time long forgotten, if one looks closely they can see the bones and decaying flesh of past enemies and toys within the moat. The interior is lavishly decorated and a breath taking sight to behold, with each room being grander than the last and the throne room being the grandest of all. However only demons with approved permission from the royal family themselves may access floor thirteen which is the living space of the royals and floor thirteen zero which is the royal torture chamber and dungeon where all the toys are kept. Most royals tend to live in the castle with their king, but some seek more independence and go their own way. When they do this their statue is added to the royal gardens to symbolise their break away and ‘death’ from the family, statues of actual dead royals are also added to the gardens.

    Fundamental to the kingdom

    Next to the royal castle there are two other castles that are smaller but grand none the less, these consist of noble families that have being elevated by the royals to the highest position that can be given. The castles are styled in accordance to the head of family’s taste and often bare the family crest upon the gates to the castle in question. Though this location has no official name it is often called Fundamental to the kingdom in representation of the importance of the families within them.

    Noblilitus circle

    The Noblilitus circle is where all the nobles-who are less important than the Fundamental to the kingdom- reside. The homes of the nobles are more like manors and on the outside they all look the same but have the family crest outside on their gates, the homes are grand but pale in comparison to the higher social ranks. The area itself is also full of vice and sin, with bars, gambling houses, and drug dens and brothels conveniently placed around for the nobles.

    The Hand and army domain

    Separating the more elite Demons from the middle demons is an area dedicated to the Angel hunters and army. The conditions are brutal and harsh, the Demons within live a life of training and discipline. It’s an imposing looking place with large wrought iron fences and gates surrounding it as well as the Two Babylonian styled spires that are on opposite ends of the area, one of the Spires is the living space of the commander of the army and the other is for the most elite hand member.

    The market place

    The market place is where the middle class Demons reside, their homes are very basic and instead of having a family crest they have the symbol of their profession marked on their door. Of course you get lower class and more sleazy brothels and drug dens, but don’t let that fool you.. the market place has much more to offer, from boutiques and dress makers to the Cave of sins and the slave market this place is teaming with life. From all the exciting sounds and strange smells, to all the diverse Demonic entities the market is a very lively place. Many magic casters often reside near the market so they can obtain good deals on items with magical propitiates. There are also three distinct buildings dedicated to research, they are.. The Voiceless stories, a library like building that chronicles each and every demons life in the form of a book. When a demon dies the book is placed on a special shelf and can only be taken out and read on the date of death, some stories are extremely popular amongst the demons such as the Demon traitor Kuro’s. Others are displayed with pride and never to be read, like king Arakan’s. (the book is carried around on a velvet cushion) the second place is the Angel and Human research centre that conducts experiments and tests on Angels and humans to learn more about them biologically and mentally. Both of these places are founded, funded and run by prince Melkya in order to benefit and contribute to giving the demonic race a better quality of life. The third and final place is the Golem creation centre which puts time and effort into creating Golems to fight in the demonic army and do preform mundane tasks that the demons cannot be bothered to do, this is funded and founded by prince Lancier.

    The slums

    The last area in the realm of the demons is the slums, a filthy place filled with overcrowded hovels and poor living conditions. Most of the demons here are feral and bare no hint of civilization and are little better then animals, runaway toys can also be found here in hiding. It is a very bleak and dangerous place that not many demons venture into unarmed, it is also totally lawless and in pure chaos all the time. Despite this there are black market dealings going on where young Demons risk their lives to obtain more human or Angelic clothing, items and gadgets. Many young demons risk an arm and a leg just to buy what the humans call an ‘Ipod’ or a ‘Smartphone’ because they are more curious then their parents about other ways of life, and in the darkest corners of the slums you can sometimes find the corpses of the young demons in question who have paid the ultimate price for their curiosity and defiance against the old ways..
  5. CLASSES (open)

    The chosen are the Demonic royal family, they are sometimes known as the sacred line. They are the embodiments of the perfect demons, taking each of the Seven sins to heart. Or at least that is how they appear to the public eye. The king himself has something akin to divinity, he has omnipotence and omniscience. In other words he is all powerful and all knowing, but he cannot use the full extent of his power for his own reasons. The chosen are always highly respected, but it is a respect born out of pure fear and awe. They are heavily scrutinised by their opponents and enemies who are just waiting for them to slip up, be that as it may the royal family has not slipped up yet and have always guided the other demons well. They are known for being the most intelligent, the most powerful and the most beautiful of all the demons.. Though some may have varied degrees of the qualities listed, or in the very rare and shameful case.. None at all. The king and his children have total power to do what they wish without any opposition from anyone else.

    Demon nobles may not have life as good was royalty but it’s pretty close. As nobles they naturally know how to read and write and tend to be more educated then the lower classes whom they look down upon, noble demons tend to have very important jobs in terms of helping to govern the kingdom and can often offer advice to the king. Though the king has the overall say and can approve or deny a nobleman’s request, the fact that they have some say is better than nothing. Many noble demons tend to be extremely cruel and sadistic, though not as much as the royal family itself. They are also expected to fight in battle if the need should ever arise.

    The angel hunters and the army
    Unlike many other cultures, the demons prize their army that highly that they created a ‘realm within a realm’ for them. While this class leads a hard life, they are well respected by other demons for the hard work they do. If the royal family are the heart of the realm, then the hunters and army are the lifeblood of the realm. This special class can be quite arrogant due to the treatment they receive, and the higher the rank the more revered they are. Most demon boys enter the army; it’s also a way for noble families to get rid of any unwanted male offspring. Whereas the Angel hunters are handpicked by prince Gladius, only the best may join in the ever needed Angel hunter ranks.

    Middle class
    The middle class work for a living, this goes without saying. They live a normal demonic life and not much is expected of them, as long as they do their jobs everything is fine. A depressing fact however is that only a small per cent of them can read and write, therefore demon doctors tend to practice the old ways such as.. Bloodletting, there is a high death toll among patients…

    Lower class
    These are animalistic fools, stuck in the most primal of the demonic ways to the point where it led to their ruin. None of them can read or write and they lead a hand to mouth kind of existence where they just flitter aimlessly from one day to the next, looking for something to hurt or someone to blame for their own folly. Now and then some will produce intelligent offspring that are capable of learning the newer ways, these children are taken away and trained as the soldiers of tomorrow. Maybe that is not a bad thing since most of them die extremely young; ether murdered or neglected the chance for survival is extremely slim. Now and then the lower class drag themselves out of the black abyss, known as ignorance, that they have known all their lives and make something of themselves.. but this is very rare and even then they will always be looked down upon by the upper classes and not even spared a passing glance.

    The lowest rank possible, they are merely seen as objects with no value and no right to life. I suppose another word for them would be slave, since they are classed as property by their masters. A toy has a hard life because it cannot fight back or even question its master, nor does it have any rights. Angels, Halflings and humans are automatically classed as toys-though there has being a few cases of humans and Fallen Angels becoming middle class.. Though the Angel has to hide what it is from the demonic race, lest it share the fate that most of its kind share. Even rarer still is a demon becoming a toy for another demon, it is the greatest shame a demon can have and that shame is shown by the mark of a collar around their necks.. a demon that has become a toy or has lost what it means to be a demon is known as a 'domesticated' Demon.
  6. Culture (open)

    Since the demonic realm has started to make a snail crawl towards progress, the demons are trying their hands at politics. (However the Demonic realm is still ruled under the autocratic iron fist of Gladius, who is within his right to disband any political parties without warning or reason..) as you often do with parties you have three distinct views; the far right, the far left and the mainstream or moderate party. The first of the parties is the far right known as C.O.N.Q.U.E.S.T (Control Over Neanderthal Questions, Unrelenting, Enlightening, Steadfast, Truth) though their Acronym or at least what the letters stand for when stringed together makes little sense, these are the Demons who do not want change and are totally opposed to it. They believe that Demons should remain Demons and toys should remain toys, it’s mainly nobles and the army who are in this party. The middle or mainstream party is D.E.A.D (Demons, Educational, Active, Deeds) they believe that the demons should make democratic progress but not to the extent where they give up being demon. The last party is the far left known as R.A.Z.E (Radical, Against,{since it sounds like it has a Z} Xenophobes, Egnorance) yes.. The far left is composed of the middle class, who spelt ignorance wrong but since the sixty five per cent of demons can’t read who’s to know that? They want radical change, the throne to be overthrown and the toys to be set free. They also support Humanisation.

    Humanisation is the term coined about Demons who are taking more human traits and are abandoning their demonic ways. The demonic youth are prone to humanisation and it has being noted that they dressing in human styles, listening to human music, using human gadgets and are using human words like ‘cool’ and ‘awesome.’ These demons are frowned upon as fools and unworthy of being called demons.

    Female demons are quite rare for some reason; therefore one female may have over five admirers all fighting each other for her. Though don’t be disillusioned, demons only see their female counter points useful for three things. This is shown by the quote by king Gladius. “When a demon finds a demoness he expects three things from her, one is to wait on him hand and foot.. Two is to be a good companion in bed, and three is to sire children. She must be devoted to him, because he is now her god and she is his in mind, body and soul.”

    Most demons tend to be bi sexual and are not picky about what they’re attracted to, it is not uncommon for a male demon to have a polygamous relationship and is more or less accepted. Females however are frowned upon when they have

    Demons mainly worship their king as the embodiment of the seven sins and the omnipresent messiah of the demonic race. They also worship their creator to a degree, Aqualeer..
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  7. Noble familes will be added at a later date
  8. Races
    on the face of it, the realm seems not to have many races. But it would be pretty misleading to think that, because within the races there are many sub races you can play as.

    Demons are the main race you can play as, they are also the majority in the realm. The demons are also the most powerful of creatures, though there are different varieties of power even in the Daemonic ranks. It's all about the subtype, that is what defines a demon's power. Demons also have two forms, a human one and a daemonic one. The human form as a rule is almost always very attractive, whereas the demonic form looks grotesque. Many demons see their demonic form as the true representation of themselves. Demons gain a great deal of pleasure when they change in between forms and it's common for younger demons to not be able control their changes and randomly shift between forms.

    The subtypes are:
    Show Spoiler

    The Sacred: these are the royal family, they are the children of the first two demons to ever be created- Arakan and Arachnia. They are the strongest of all demon kind, at least in most cases. Weak links in the family are very few and far between. They tend to have a lot of children due to the fact that many ambitious demons tend to try and kill them, the Sacred also think nothing of killing their own family. So in a sense it's a strange sense of forced natural selection, leaving only the strongest alive. As gathered, the Sacred are also the most cruel out of all the demons. The way to tell a Sacred apart is the fact that they have slightly noticeable or very noticeable cat like pupils.

    The Awaited- These are the second most powerful demon type in the kingdom, the only ones that surpass them are the royals themselves. The Called are demons who exhibit demonic traits while still in their human form, ie horns or wings. Because of the fact that they seem to be caught in-between their forms, it is very hard for them to shift between their demon and human form. It has being documented that when an Awaited changes into their demon form, they can never return to their human form.

    Incubus/Sucibus- The demons of the night, very attractive entities that feed upon lust. They tend to be very charming and charismatic, often bending others to their will. Incubus and Sucibus tend to act like domesticated demons- though other demons know it's just an act- and will only show their true selves when they're hunting and having fun with their prey.

    Extrie- The Extrie has no physical form, they are a shadow or dark cloud. They live a parasitic existence, latching to demons that have physical forms. While the demon may be aware of the Extrie and even be able to talk to it, the demon is almost always unaware that its life force is slowly being drained by the Extrie.. until it's to late.

    Grul- these are the most common type of demon, they're the average Joe of the daemonic world. They have a normal amount of power and abilities, but they can however improve with hard work. They make up the major population of the demon world.

    Vampire- back in the reign of king Arakan, the vampires were well valued members of the kingdom. Elegant and sophisticated, with a deadly charm they held much influence within it. But when king Gladarniel came into power, vampires were stripped of rank and treated as second class citizens. Vampires are beautiful and seductive, with ashen skin and glowing eyes. They are cold to the touch until they have fed. A vampire bite is addictive and depending on on the vampire, the bite can be the most pleasurable thing in the universe or one of the greatest agonies. Vampires are actually humans that were ether turned by other vampires- or in the case of the first vampires- were humans cursed by Demons to forever walk the night and bid the sun farewell in exchange for eternal life.

    Feral- Feral Demons are insane, they are incapable of speech and they lack reasoning. They are vicious and territorial, though they can be trained. They are often used by Angel hunters and Domestic demon hunters to seek out their targets. The Feral are robbed of their demon form via a painful spell once they reach the age of three, leaving them as nothing more then attractive curs to the other demons.

    Angels- the Angelic race came to the kingdom a very long time ago, not by choice for most however. Many angels were ether captured by Demons during skirmishes between the races, or many fell from grace and ended up here. Ether way demons took full advantage of the situation and made them into game and 'toys.' all Angels weaknesses are in their wings and cutting the wings of an angel is a cruel act. The angel never totally recovers from it and enters into a state of depression, they also tend to lose awareness of their surroundings and become more accident prone.

    The subtypes are:
    Show Spoiler

    Pure Angels- these are the stereotypical angels, the kind and good hearted creatures. They don't have a single bad bone in their body and tend to be very timid and gentle creatures. Though they lack individuality and cannot think for themselves, they also see themselves as a collective entity as opposed to a single angel.

    Fallen Angel- These are the Angels who for one reason or another, fell from Grace. While they still retain some angelic qualities, like loyalty to each other and having a strong amount of faith in their actions.. they have awoken to individuality, they tend to be a little more selfish as well.

    Twisted Angel- these are the Angels that have being broken down by the demons, they have lost sight of what they truly are. They are only loyal to their 'master' or 'mistress' and many would give their lives for them if need be. Most Twisted Angels don't last long, succumbing ether to death or madness but the ones that survive are often the main servants of the demon family they serve.

    Chaotic Angel- no Angel is born evil, but there are those who have their hearts filled with darkness. Though these Angels are rare, they do exist. They thirst for blood and gain joy in destroying the lives of others, they are the angels of hate and darkness. An event drove them to be this way and defy their nature, and now they are no better then the demons.

    Humans- there are very few ways humans can get into the realm of the demons, in fact there are only three ways. To be abducted by a demon, accidentally get sucked in or willingly cross over.
    The subtypes are:
    Show Spoiler

    Modern human- these are the humans from our day and age, these are anything from normal people to cultists.

    Past human- these are humans that have being stuck in the demon world for a very long time, but due to the time flow or near lack of in the demon world.. they haven't aged. They can be from any time period, from Victorian to the Bronze age.

    Dark hearted- some humans attract demons for all the wrong reasons. They are the serial killers, the dregs of human life. Their hearts draw the demons, since the demons find the 'foolish little humans' entertaining.

    Pure hearted- some humans draw Demons like moths to a flame, and demons are drawn to goodness because they seek to destroy it. Pure hearted humans are uncorrupted and selfless with a heavy dose of naivety, they are rare in terms of humans.

    Halflings- are unwanted and unwelcome wherever they go, they never find acceptance. They are looked upon with distain by the Angels, seen as toys and object by the Demons, and shut away like monsters..
    The subtypes are:
    Show Spoiler

    Dhume- a Dhume is a Halfling born from a human and a Demon, they tend to be grossly disfigured. They also tend to be very violent and insane, as well as extremely evil.. however they aren’t very bright.

    Nephilim- are the offspring of Angels and humans, Nephilim’s all look very frail and delicate. Much like their Angelic parent it is very hard to judge a Nephilim’s gender just by looking at their face. They also have wings like their Angelic parent, but these wings are just for show since Nephilim’s cannot fly. But other than that the wings show-like Angels- the emotions the Nephilim is feeling, and like Angels cutting the wings of a Nephilim is a very cruel thing to do.. The key difference between an Angel and Nephilim’s wings is if a Nephilim’s wings are pulled the Nephilim will be temporarily stunned. Not through pain though, but through pleasure, for some reason Nephilim’s wings are wired differently to Angels and Nephilim’s gain pleasure-more addictive then any drug- through having their wings touched. Yet they will be in great agony if the wings are cut off. In terms of personality the Nephilim’s tend to be more like humans and have very diverse personalities that are often affected by upbringings. Unlike other Halflings, Nephilim tend to be proud about what they are and tend to be filled with pride when thinking about their parents.

    Androl- the often unwanted offspring of a Demon and Angel, many of them don’t survive after birth. They are the most rare of all the Halflings and tend to lead a troubled existence, they tend to look beautiful and yet haunting and bare traits from both parents. Their wings and backs are hypersensitive, more so than Angels. They are in constant turmoil about what they are and are tormented by it, they are slowly driven insane by their conflicting blood lines..
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  10. Character list
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