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  1. The kingdom I once lived in was peaceful as I have remembered. My childhood remained happy as I could remember. From what laid in there, it remains nothing but the memories that not only I carry with me, but my family also did too.

    Years have passed as I have seen my brother want the kingdom to himself. That night he killed our parents as he uses his sword and dark powers as I watched the whole thing in horror. Many guards tried to fight against my brother, but sadly they failed as they were all killed. I tried to get in by stopping him from what he was doing. But then I failed as he fought me off. I felt weak as I closed my eyes slowly....

    Weeks have passed I was in my bed, horrified by the night of how my brother claimed the throne to himself. Next to me were my parents' belongings. I carried them with me as I decided to go back out to get help to fight off my brother.

    I carry on and began my journey....

    As days went by, and I went out into the world and wandered around every area I pass by. I ended up in the forest as I sat down by the river. From there I heard a beautiful voice singing. I got up and got closer to the sound. There, I saw my childhood friend, as she had her hands clasped together and sang a beautiful song as she helped a dying animal as she healed it. You stop and noticed me.

    - Please post here. I wanna have a story here. :)
    - May contain language.
    - Only choose who you want to play, unless we can do multiple roles too.
    - Have fun!

    - Zak (Me, I am role-playing this one) - The main hero who is good with swords. He is after a way to save his brother from being evil and claiming the throne.
    - Crystal - Zak's childhood friend/love interest who is a princess and is good with magic and can heal other who are injured or dying. She is a tsundere, but is gentle, polite, thoughtful, friendly, and fun at times.
    - Ash - Zak's young, adventurous friend who is a trouble maker and fun to have him mess with others. But he is also good with a sword like me.
    - Ashley - A sexy girl who is good with flirting with men, especially how she tries to get me until she finds someone she likes. She uses a dagger and other weapons.
    - Blade - An assassin who is like Ashley, but uses a lot of blades. He is skilled as ever.
    - Narumi - A tough, but cute girl who fights as a archer. She can be funny, but try to be serious.

    - Silver - Zak's older brother who claimed the throne to himself. His ambition is to take over the kingdom and the world. He is also after a way to kill everyone, but save Crystal for himself to become his queen of darkness (meaning he is a stalker to her.)
    *The rest doesn't matter, as long as we also get 5 of his other minions... one of them is also and idiot and a pervert*

    *Doesn't matter, any will do*
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  2. I like the sound of this. I would like to reserve a spot of the female archer. If that is okay.
  3. Sure! I would glad if you join. After all, I am looking for players. :)

    Sorry I forgot to reply back. Hope you get this message.
  4. I'm interested and um would be wiling to play. Well one of these: Ash, Blade, a minion of Silver.

    But um I have a question. Would we be able to have are own version of these characters like more detail than the description or no? And if no um do you have more detail like how they appear, and why they are skilled with a sword, or dagger. Another example is does Blade have a reason for being an Assassin?

    I'm asking cause it helps me get more into the character is all. But yep I'm interested that's for sure.
  5. Sure! You can be those characters. :)

    Sorry I forgot to be specific. But sure you can have a version of your own. Go nuts.

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  6. Are you wanting me to just pick one for now that isn't the minion and a minion? Or just one character then more later if it seems to be needed? Cause I don't want to go straight to all I mentioned encase you get more interest soon.
  7. Crystal still open?
  8. I think so she's not the archer and I know I didn't mention her as one of the maybe could do characters.

  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Blade

    Age: 20

    History: He doesn't share much of where he comes or how he became an assassin. All one needs to know is he's good with his job.

    Personality: He won't admit this but Blade comes off as a player to some. He also keeps quiet when he doesn't feel the need to talk unless he sees a pretty girl. He is considered a good listener but what else would you expect from someone with his job.

    Many different types of blades, swords, knifes, daggers, ninja stars, even hidden blades of all kinds.
    Money pouch
    Lock Picks



    Name: Kuro

    Age: 17

    Details on how she met Silver and chose to work for him are unclear. Some think she's working for him because she secretly likes him, but will never admit it. Others simply think she found someone with similar ideas; but had the power to take advantage of those plans for they have heard her say how she wishes to rule. Kuro doesn't have powers other than the fact she can turn into a full cat, or full human when she wishes. Kuro however chooses her neko form. Kuro also over time has become kind of like Silver's pet that does his bidding when he can't be bothered with it.

    Personality: No one has really met her. But those who have said she's bossy and seems angry most of the time.

    small dagger she carries on her back hidden.
    Collar some say is a communicator of some kind
    collar and her dagger (open)

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  10. I'll take Sliver or even a minion is someone else already has him.
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  11. I don't think he's taken either :)
  12. Then I guess ill make him in a minute.
  13. Okay. This is just me going off of what I read from earlier in both the cast section and here. I think I'm the only one who mentioned a minion is why his name was brought in.
  14. Name: Sliver
    Gender: Male
    Shadow walk: Tosen can travel between any shadows that he can see.
    Shadow chains: Tosen can send bladed chains from shadows at his opponents to pin and trap them.
    Shadow darts: Tosen can fire up to ten Shadow darts at a time that upon impact will inject shadows into the persons body which acts as a poison to slow people down.
    Shadow Acid darts:Tosen can fire up to ten Shadow acid darts at a time that upon impact will inject acid
    Shadow blast: Tosen can shot a very strong blast at his opponents causing Blunt, slashing, and piercing damage.(The shadows combine together and make bunch attacks the shadows either act like multiple staffs for blunt damage spike tips for piercing and blades for slashing they do this all at once)
    Black hole: Night use only Tosen can create a black hole that will suck anything in range into it crushing things together.(Drains him of all his strength he will pass out after the use)
    Shadow clones: Tosen can create clones of himself out of shadows.(The shadows just look like shadows with the same highet and body type of Tosen and same skill but can be taken out with one hit.
    Unsealed sword: Can strike three times in one breath
    Skills: Excellent Sword fighter with his Washing poll katana.
    Extremely resistant.
    Extremely fast.
    Shows no mercy.
    Can stop his pulse to appear dead.
    Personality: Cold merciless Vicious violent hot headed short tempered


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  15. Sweet! You can be Silver. :)
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  16. Hows that look?
  17. I wonder the same on Blade and Kuro.

    When your um ready to let me know @MrRussellgro
  18. Well, I said that any idea for a minion(s) would be fine.
  19. Looks awesome! :)
  20. *face palms* I mean the the CS for the Minion and Blade alright? And if the the minion looks alright a a minion basically. Being you said the idea was good earlier.
    Sorry I wasn't clear on the question... I'm a bit tired cause it's getting late.
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