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  1. So, anyone else wanna join? Please let me know when you all get a chance. :)

    As days went by, and I went out into the world and wandered around every area I pass by. I ended up in the forest as I sat down by the river. From there I heard a beautiful voice singing. I got up and got closer to the sound. There, I saw my childhood friend, as she had her hands clasped together and sang a beautiful song as she helped a dying animal as she healed it. You stop and noticed me.
  2. Sliver
    "Oh if it isn't my dear little brother Zak how has life been treating you after I killed our parents?" Sliver looks at Zak.
  3. Zak: (Angry at Silver) You! W- Why were you following me to find my friend?! You better get the hell away from me.

    *I get a bit closer to Crystal to help her escape from my brother for her saftey*
  4. Silver
    "Well I was hoping to get a little bit of a show arnt you out her for the same reason why don't we sit back and watch like siblings are supposed to do, we can also catch up on what's been happening, oh and how was the funeral I was too busy to come to it and pay my respects." Sliver says the last part sarcastically.
  5. *I turn to Silver, as I scolded at him*
    Zak: What the hell are you saying? My parents were fine until you had to show up by the throne and kill them! You were really selfish. And what do you want from Crystal?
  6. Sliver
    "I'm saying we should act like family should, Your parents they were both of our parents, and damn hell I enjoyed that day I havnt had fun like that for a while, and yes I was selfish but hey our parents time was over they wernt going to live much longer so I decided to make myself known and become a legend I even found some people that think the same way. And isn't it obvious what I want from her I am looking for a queen a submissive queen at that."
  7. Kuro was silent behind Silver listing to the two talk then when she heard others that followed him stepped forward a bit more ignoring the fact of why they were here. "My Lord is right." She replied simply her cat like tail swayed slow behind as her ears twitched a moment from the small breeze. "There are others who think just like and look up to him." She said as proof but didn't choose to comment on the last bit.


    Blade had set out looking for something. Not really feeling like heading back to the bar just yet then stopped seeing Silver the new king after he murdered his own parents. And his younger brother he decided to go back a small ways but keep in ear shot for he spotted two he considered to be quit the site and wondered why they were with the two royals and not somewhere else.
  8. *I shove Silver away*
    Zak: SHUT THE HELL UP! I won't let you ruin my life any longer. I don't even think you deserve Crystal. Not after what you have done. Get away from me! *I grab Crystal and got away from you as fast as I could* come on, Crystal!
  9. *Yet, I spot a figure with blades as I thought he was after me. But before I attacked, he noticed it and tried to stop me as he was wanting to help me*
  10. Sliver grabs Kuros hand and uses shadow walk to come out of a shadow right in front of Zak with his hand going to his weapon. "Hey its not polite to run away when someone is talking, and I don't plan on ruining your life I plan on taking your life."
  11. Zak: (Growing annoyed) Get out of my way, Silver!
  12. Sliver
    "Not going to happen."
    He swings his sword at Zaks head. "Lets have some fun brother."
  13. Kuro didn't speak but let Silver take her hand. Soon they were back in front of Zak. Seeing the new figure she let herself ready claws.

    Blade pooped out when the group came closer and placed a hand on his weapon seeing Silver having a hand on a weapon.And seeing a blade fly he pulled his own out and moved to defend Zak.
  14. *I turn to Blade*
    Zak: .... Who are you? You look familiar.
  15. Blade looked at him. "I'll explain in a more friendly environment." He replied still holding the blade out keeping the sword in place. "It will be easier to talk then." He added.

    Kuro seeing the added attacker had interacted and blocked her masters plans. Gave a small annoyed growl herself and moved waiting to hear orders from Silver.
  16. *I nodded as I followed Blade's order, but then I saw Kuro following us*
  17. "What is it?" He asked after Zak had moved away and he through a smoke bomb to make it hard to follow the two easily. He didn't know they had been followed.

    Kuro was quiet she had gone to be more near a tree and noticed Zak had seen her she then moved to hide.
  18. Zak: That girl... She was after us.. But why?
  19. Sliver
    "Why are you a idiot since I tried killing you makes you a target for all of my men." Sliver makes some chains shoot out of the shadows to trap Zaks limb to make him a easy target.
  20. *I try to break free from Silver's trap, but I fail many times*
    Zak: (Angry) Why, Silver? Why are you doing this?!
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