Kingdom of Seasons: Arc One; Pirates on the High Seas

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  1. The seas, a place void of any kind of law. It is on these waters that the pirates have claimed many ships and many lives. The problem has escalated to a point where King Mordecai will not put up with it anymore. Both the Winter and Summer Knights have been deployed on a single ship, the Sylvia. The Sylvia is a merchant ship, one of the largest in the seas. The ammo supply had run low on its way to the Kingdom of Seasons and is headed back to the neutral town on the coast of the southern continent. They are to protect the ship at all costs.

    In the meantime, the spring knights have been sent to the Eastern Continent. It is said that the ruler, Miles Victor, is helping pirates rather than stopping them. The orders are not only to find out if it is true, but to stop the pirates he is helping if it is.

    For the Fall Knights it is an average patrol along the south edge of the forest and the north edge of the marsh. They stand guard yet are unaware of the lurking danger hidden in the swamp. King Letum has hired several mercenaries to weaken the front lines from the Brotherhood of the Moon.

    The spray of ocean air at midnight brought a familiar chilling feeling to December. The moon was high in the sky and provided a copious amount of light for the evening. On board he could hear the footsteps of someone approaching him. “Your request sir.” A scruffy young lad said holding out a cup of freshly brewed tea.
    “Thank you.” The old man’s voice sounded like it had endured a parched throat for awhile. After the first sip he cleared his throat. “Beautiful night, almost reminds me of home. You do well to think about your home, we’ll get you there, one way or another.” It seemed like a weight had been taken off the boy’s shoulders. He lit up and nodded a quick response. Returning his gaze to the moon December sipped his tea as he thought about his comrades also patrolling this large vessel.
  2. "It's like Melody is Kuna and Ashley is me. One is annoyed at the presence of the other, but the other is happily ignoring it."
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  4. Hey, @chaosheart13 , just passing by to let you know I loved your characters and my Heart Ratings are because I actually loved and approved them.
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  7. Missions and Achievements

    Missions are the most fun and challenging events you will find in this roleplay. All of them can be activated by talking to certain NPC’s around Athena Land, but some Missions are only available in the Human World. They're different types of missions: Quests, Berserker's hunt, Help and more. A few of them will happen only once, but other will happen once per day. Don't worry, everybody will be able to be part of missions. Also, some of them, before been activated, may be required a specific amount of Magica Girls, but you can decide if move on alone (something that's actually not recommended if the mission advises you to have a teammate). Most of the missions will happen in the Human World, but some of them will happen in Athena Land. Sure, all of them are really fun and good ways to earn some Crystalias to spent or good items to collect that could aid you on other missions.
    Achievements are another fun thing to do in this roleplay. They're basically a challenge for any roleplayer and once they beat that achievement, they obviously can brag about it like a pro. Unlike missions, achievements can only be unlocked by doing a specific action, sometimes doing it more than once. They're also written nowhere, so basically anyone can achieve something randomly. You can unlock achievements:
    •Completing missions
    •Shopping and Selling
    •Solving random events
    •Killing Berserkers

    There are more ways to unlock achievements, but those are the most common ways to do such a thing. Good luck trying to unlock them all! Once you start unlocking achievements and completing missions, you have the option to put them inside of your Profile to let everybody know how badass you are.
  8. Eh, that sounds like me. Except its usually me knowing about the assignment, and just waiting till the last minute. Instead of not realizing something is due.

    And just so you know. I have not started my post, but I am working on it. I been re-reading my sheet, and editing it some. At the moment, I am debating on changing a few 'jobs' under Sophia in the Overlord RP. Then I need to read the posts we have so far before I can post.

    I need to refresh my memory in the animal rp also, but that wont take as long.
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  14. What if we pick a few judges, and none of them are online? Then entire rp is halted. What if one of them quit, another one is on hiatus then we are relying on one person to be online to rp? That's my big problem with the judges thing. If we let the dice have the final decision, we can roleplay whenever we want. My biggest fear with the 'tons of moderation combat system', we can only roleplay at certain times, and at the convenience of other people.
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