Kingdom of Seasons: Arc One; Pirates on the High Seas

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The seas, a place void of any kind of law. It is on these waters that the pirates have claimed many ships and many lives. The problem has escalated to a point where King Mordecai will not put up with it anymore. Both the Winter and Summer Knights have been deployed on a single ship, the Sylvia. The Sylvia is a merchant ship, one of the largest in the seas. The ammo supply had run low on its way to the Kingdom of Seasons and is headed back to the neutral town on the coast of the southern continent. They are to protect the ship at all costs.

In the meantime, the spring knights have been sent to the Eastern Continent. It is said that the ruler, Miles Victor, is helping pirates rather than stopping them. The orders are not only to find out if it is true, but to stop the pirates he is helping if it is.

For the Fall Knights it is an average patrol along the south edge of the forest and the north edge of the marsh. They stand guard yet are unaware of the lurking danger hidden in the swamp. King Letum has hired several mercenaries to weaken the front lines from the Brotherhood of the Moon.

The spray of ocean air at midnight brought a familiar chilling feeling to December. The moon was high in the sky and provided a copious amount of light for the evening. On board he could hear the footsteps of someone approaching him. "Your request sir." A scruffy young lad said holding out a cup of freshly brewed tea.
"Thank you." The old man's voice sounded like it had endured a parched throat for awhile. After the first sip he cleared his throat. "Beautiful night, almost reminds me of home. You do well to think about your home, we'll get you there, one way or another." It seemed like a weight had been taken off the boy's shoulders. He lit up and nodded a quick response. Returning his gaze to the moon December sipped his tea as he thought about his comrades also patrolling this large vessel.
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Although Octorius questioned many aspects of his character, his unwavering and dedicated servitude to the Kingdom was never one of them. Throughout his misleading, and at times, dark life his knighthood was the only thing that had any real structure and solidness. Everything was constantly changing, not just within the October Knight, but within the world itself. Octorius learned at a young age that while his body and surroundings may be unstable, his duty as a Knight would remain forever ironclad. The shapeshifter cherished this foundation, and with his life, would always uphold it's tradition.

** Patrol along the boarders **

The soft noise of approaching footsteps whipped Octorius from his thoughts as he patrolled along the northern boarder of the marsh. His hand instinctively fell to the Hilt of his weapon, Fate's Decimator, as he steadied himself against the cold nights air. His dark brown eyes peered through the nights dim light, cast by the moon, onto nothing more than a stray raccoon. He let out his breath slowly as a small grin crept across his face.

"Nothing but a Raccoon." He thought to himself. It was unusually quiet tonight and that seemed to put the October Knight on edge, but then again, the older the Shapeshifter got the more often he seemed to be on edge. Being a shapeshifter was, at least for Octorius, a very stressful characteristic.

He watched as the Raccoon scurried off into the bushes and thought to himself, and not for the first time, how easy it would be to take it's form and disappear from the life he knew, never to return. It was always just a passing thought, but none the less it was a thought that was always passing. Constantly torn between his duties as Knight and his wavering grasp on individuality, Octorius sought escape, even only if in fantasy.

As a light breeze picked up and gently shook the trees, The Knight looked to the north and over the desolate marshes. As alone as he felt he knew his Brothers of the Fall Knighthood were patrolling near by, and this set his mind at ease for the time being.
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Sua laid in her cabin, a locket clasped in her hands. She opened it, a picture of her darling Novarus enclosed within. She sighed, running the chain along her hand and inbetween her fingers. She closed her eyes thinking about him. Oh, how she missed him. Although the Winter and Fall states bordered each other, Sua felt like she never saw him. The rocking of the boat comforted her and she started to drift off to sleep. At one point, her arm moved off her bed and the locket fell to the ground.

There she was, a young girl, about 12, with unusually red hair, dressed in a beautiful green dress that came down to her ankles.
"Nova!" She yelled, running down a hallway. "Where are you, Nova?" Sua stopped in front of a door that was cracked open. She leaned into it trying to hear the voices on the other side. Unfortunately, the door gave way as she leaned onto it and she fell into the room. Looking up, she saw a brown-haired boy, about 13, wealding a sword and hitting a straw-filled dummy. The boy turned around and dropped the sword upon seeing Sua. He ran up to her and picked her up, bringing her to her feet. She brushed herself off and put her hands on her hips.
"I've been looking for you," She said, trying to be authoritative.
"Just been brushing up on my sword fighting," he said, going back to pick up his sword and put it on the wall.
"Well, you were supposed to meet me in the garden," She replied.
"Then let's go," He grabbed Sua's hand and lead her out of the room and outside to the garden. He lead her to a tree with flower blossoms everywhere.
"Stay here," Novarus said, putting her in front of the tree. He went around to the other side of the tree and produced a blanket and a basket. He unfolded the blanket and laid it out for them to sit on. "Did you really think I would forget?" He asked, helping her sit down.
"Oh, Nova..." Sua sat and opened the basket. It contained strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple and a jar of pomegranate seeds. All her favorite fruits. He sat down next to her and grabbed her hands.
"Sua? Are you happy with me?" He asked, caressing her hands.
"Of course I am. Why do you ask?"
"I don't want to lose you. Ever."
"I'll never leave you, Nova. I promise..." With that last word, the image started fading.

The ship jarred and shook Sua out of bed.
"Ugh..." She rubbed her head and got up. She walked out the door to find out what was going on. The locket lay forgotten on the floor.
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"Where are we going?" He ask Sua as the two children ran through the grounds. "We're not meant to be outside this late." "Then keep quiet and we won't get caught." She said leading his through the small wooded area. Suddenly it opened up into a clearing to reveal the night sky, the stars glistening and the moon lighting her face as she turned to face him. "Told you I would show you the best place in the world." she said stepping back and spinning around spreading her arms out and then walking towards a large flat rock on the center of the clearing and calling Novarus taking his hand and pulling him onto the rock lying down and looking up at the stars. "We'll always be together right? I mean when we're both knights nothing will keep us apart." she looked at him "Of course." he brought their clasped hands up between then. "Never let go" he said "Never let go" she agreed.

A small pale green handkerchief, it was all he had of hers. He held it once again under the sars in his gauntleted hand, the smooth silk flowing over the metal. He held it too his cheek feeling its softness and deep inside he longed to see Sua. He looked at the ring that rested in the palm of his other hand. He had finally found it, the ring with which to he was going to ask her to be his forever. He picked it up and placed it in the center of the small piece of cloth and folded it up. A small smile as he tucked it away safely then he caught up with Octorius. "What is it? he asked seeing the other's sword drawn.
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The ship was boring.

Kel paced in her small cabin, then tried lying on the bed. That got boring quickly, so she rolled to a different position. That didn't work either, so she went back to pacing.

And so the cycle went on.

Eventually she just couldn't stand it anymore. She left the bed in her room a mess as she headed for the deck, hoping the ocean at night would calm her down.

There was grumbling as she walked through the ship-she hated insomnia. When she saw Sua walking down the same hallway of the ship, she rushed over to her boss's side.
"..Ah! Mistress..I couldn't sleep, so I'm going to go watch the there anything you need?"
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Kami sat on a rock, bored out of his mind. This patrol was, while necessary, completely boring. Nothing ever happened and the knights were spread out enough as to cover the area well enough. The leaves rustled, Kami toying with a small breeze out of boredom, making a single leaf do flips in the air without letting it hit the ground.

He heard a commotion that rode on the wind, the forest otherwise silent. Rising up, the wind lifting him, he saw his fellow knights conversing to each other. However, while one seemed to be on guard, it appeared as nothing that needed his concern. Landing back upon his rock, he floated up 2 leaves this time, making them dance together in the air, longing for the guard to be over.
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"Halt!" A halberd-wielding guard states, pointing his weapon at the sopping-wet Hydross. The other three guards followed suit, each clad in heavy steel armor. The unarmored, unarmed Season Knight offered them a soft smile, the frill-like ears waving slightly at each side of his head - a trail of damp ground drying quickly behind him. "Who are you, and why have you come here?"

With a sigh, Hydross takes a hand from his pocket, using it to scratch the top of his head. "Oh... I guess I forgot to announce myself, huh...? I'm Hydross... one of the Seasonal Knights... April, in fact..." He nods, reaching over into a messenger bag (a waterproof one), pulling out a rolled-up scroll. "I'm... on orders, y'know? Came over to talk to everybody about... stuff." Quietly downplaying his role here, the aquatic knight smiles.

The guards shuffled his feet for a moment. "Let us see your weapons."

Without hesitation, Hydross pointed a thumb at the guitar on his back.

"That's it?" The guard asked, and Hydross nods: "Yeah... s'my favorite guitar..." After a long, awkward silence, the guards let the quiet aquatic knight into the castle. As soon as they were out of earshot, Hydross sighs sadly, putting his hands back into his pockets and slouching once more. "Man, did they send the wrong guy for this... Though... better this than fighting..." He smiles, rolling his shoulders as he made his way through the castle, inciting stares from nearly everyone he passed.

He didn't like the tone of the whispers as he passed, but when someone looked as... unique... as he... well, it wasn't that out of place to ear the variety of whisperings as he passed.

When he finally reaches the doors of the main hall, he was stopped by guards again. "Hey! Foreign performer! This is an important place, come back at dinner!"

Hydross lets loose a long sigh, brushing the hair from his face. "...I'd love to... but actually... I'm on business..."

"I SAID, move along, performer!" The guard marched forward, preparing to whack Hydross out of the way with a gauntleted hand. The hand passes through the space where Hydross' head had been a moment ago - the guard loosing balance for a moment... he expressed his confusion with a dumb-sounding "Huh..."

Fluidly dodging what he assumed was a well-meaning attack, Hydross sighed again, the other guards staring at him with varying degrees of shock. Raising his fingers to his lips to stop a smile, he states, "As I was about to say... I'm from the Kingdom of Seasons... here on a mission of diplomacy..."

The guards suddenly paled, and the offending guard gave the signal to let him in. With a gracious bow, Hydross turned from them, peacefully walking into the Main Hall. The guards shockingly looked at each other - and Hydross could hear one state in an astonished tone, "The guy moves like... water."

It was the small boost of confidence that he needed.
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"What is it ?"

The October Knight turned and looked. Addressing him was The November Knight, his brother in the Knighthood and his partner on the patrol. He met the other Knights eyes and responded with a light shake of his head.

"Nothing, It was just a Raccoon." Octorius said while sliding his sword back in its sheath. "I've been jumpy tonight, Novarus, Its almost as if I sense something, but I can't quite put my finger on it."

Another small gust of wind picked up, bringing with it the sour, dank smell of the near by marsh. Whatever was lurking in the darkness was no raccoon, but Octorius was already on edge so dismissing it as his imagination was an easy and potentially dangerous thing to do.
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With a sip of tea and the wind blowing it felt so relaxing on the journey home. The Sylvia had held out well against the currents and so far there was no pirate activity. Yet, that was about to change with one clarity shattering boom. First the distant sound of it, then seconds later water was spraying everywhere up on deck. The alarm sounded as several crewman instantly went below deck to man their weapons. "Pirates! Pirates!" The alarm ringing sailor kept yelling. It was not long before the water was bombarded again by the cannon balls. The ocean sprayed up near December's face as he invoked the cold winds of winter. The water nearly instantaneously froze in front of him. The gentle wind became a gale of frozen water particles. It was hard to see through the night let alone an entire blizzard, however, it did not concern December as he lifted his heavy Kilij. With one heavy swing of the blade a frozen arc was produced and it slashed through the storm with expert precision. As it drifted across the water it made an ice bridge binding the two ships together, or at least what was going to be left of the pirate ship. The cannon fire stopped and December let the storm cease.
"Inform the other knights we have some prisoners to interrogate." December said to the nearest sailor. 'Alright February let's see if that feminine charm will help us out.'

The Marsh had been keeping the patrol on edge. The stink, the foul winds, even the creatures who came out periodically to feed disturbed not only the regular knights but the season knights as well. Yet, their preparations would not go in vain as just beyond the swamp gas was an attack force and it was time for them to strike.

"I deeply apologize for my guards behavior, I failed to inform them of this visit." A brown haired man said coming out from behind the door. All the guards around dropped to the ground kneeling before their king.
"I am sorry my king. I…had no idea." The lead guard apologized.
"It is alright, do not blame yourself. Come into my meeting chamber." He ushered in April. He was taller than April and, more than likely, older. He held onto a beard that covered his lower face well and his eyebrows were thick. His eyes were a calm blue and he wore robes of the highest quality colored in the Eastern Continents colors of gold and red. "Might I offer you a cup of water?" Miles laughed at his own joke. "I am sorry I just could not resist. So what matters have you come to discuss with me?"

"Just some small questions, that's all."
"Really…well I got some questions for you first if you don't mind?" April seemed to nod as he was a guest. "When I was a kid, this continent was not much to look at. The volcano was just seen as a desolate mountain with no soul as the inside was hollow. I used to live at the foot of this mountain and I lived with the future rulers of this place. Before the Kingdom of Seasons came, we were on the verge of self destruction. Crops had been ill due to over-farming and our ever growing population. Food was scarce for even the food. So do you know what I did?" Miles raised one eyebrow still having not taken a seat near April. His question went unanswered. "Hmm, I'll tell you. I stole several onions from a passing merchant. When I went back home to my family I felt so happy to give them something to eat."
"Sorry I don't see your point."
"Oh my, I do believe I lost it somewhere. Oh well, I think I can offer you a better one." Two quick claps and all the guards moved into the room. It was April against every single soldier under Victor's command. "Will the points of my weapons help? I know what you came here to question me on. Perhaps in a week they will figure it out but by then there will be no more Kingdom of Seasons. Take him to, Gerosa."
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"I trust your instincts Octorius." Novarus reassured his fellow knight, the chain mail protecting his palm clinking against the October Knight's shoulder plate. He then turned to the footsteps on the other autumn knight, Kami. He signaled for the men traveling with them to continue on into the swamp. "Its nothing lets move." he called to Kami and walked deeper into the swamp. He just wanted to get back to camp, he had a letter to send for the port where the winter knights were based.

Something hit his shoulder and glanced off the armor and hit the ground a little way off. An arrowhead glinted against the muddy ground. "AMBUSH!" he shouted drawing his sword and gripping it in both hands as armed figures came running out of the mist, screaming battle cries "CLOSE RANKS! HOLD FAST!"

The first mercenary came at him, A barbarian armed with a mace and wooden shield. The mace swung round level with Novarus' head, swinging faster, then seemed to slow down and Novarus raised his hand. He side stepped the blow then and the barbarian's arm spead up again and he overbalanced Novarus' sword plunged into his back. Another came with a two handed greatsword, the heavy blade swung but it hit The knight's sword and was deflected upwards. Then the mercenary fell as his throat was slashed.

Three came at once, but one was tripped by one of the non-season knights. The two remaining came from different sides, and as soon as Novarus dodged the first the second landed a hit with his warhammer against the knight's chest. He stumbled backwards, the plate denting, but held. "Octorius! Kami!" he called for support deflecting a blow from a saber, slowing down the hammer man enough to stab him in the chest, and more figures came from the mist.
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Octorius' magic armor fitted to the contour of his body. Even after a shift that altered his form, his armor would fit him perfectly. It was a gift to the Knight from a fellow shapeshifter, and was one of his most prized items. Although he would often times remove it when shifting to an animal form, due to the fact that it would not support a non "upright" walking form, it was still a very valuable piece of equipment.

The hot air that arose from the swamp in steady waves permeated through the night. As the November Knight turned and walked off, towards where Octorius suspected Kami, The September Knight, was located, and again Octorius was alone. The October Knight preferred to be alone. When he wasn't on duty he would spend his time alone and isolated, not that he hated other people, but more because he felt that his powers isolated him from others. In some ways the Shapeshifting ability felt more like a curse to the Knight.

~ Unnerving silence~

The silence that followed was uninterrupted save for Norvarus' voice in the distance telling Kami that it was nothing and that they should move. Once again silence took the night. The only thought in Octobers mind was getting off patrol and drinking some ale. It seemed that the strong brew was the only thing that eased his mind anymore. Just then Octorius snapped to attention drawing his blade and stiffening his body, in the near distance the sound of an approaching battle was heard.

~Battle cries~

The tell take sound of men screaming their cries of battle erupted into the night. Octorius wasted not a second, and turned towards the cries, fearless, and ready for anything the vile foes could muster. In battle, especially with his fellow Knights at his side, The october Knight was a steadfast alley. Just as he approached the battle he heard the November Knights voice.

"Octorius!, Kami!"

Octorius saw immediately that the invaders were Mercenaries, hired warriors that would shed the blood of anyone for a price, the vile men were armed with an assortment of weapons and fought mercilessly. The October Knight wasted no time in joining his Fellow Knights in battle. He saw that November had already slew several of the mercenaries, but there were many more rapidly approaching. First, Octorius charged the closest one, a man equipped with a long sword. Octorius swung at his chest, that was only guarded by a leather chest plate, and felt as the edge of his blade cut through flesh and then hit bone. Next a mercenary wielding twin short swords came at the October Knight. Octorius deflected his first strike with a sharp upward thrust, then he planted his knee in the mans stomach and pushed him back a few feet. Then he followed with a stab to the neck, his blade sinking into the soft flesh under the chin and causing the man to bleed profusely. October took a step back to avoid the mans blood spray. When he turned to look and see if his Fellow Knights were alright he saw yet another mercenary coming straight towards him. With a side step and a quick strike the mercenary fell with a gaping wound to his side.
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"No, Kel...Not right now," Sua said, climbing up to the deck. She saw December making a bridge to another ship. A pirate ship.
"Actually...I'm going to need my sword. Grab my bow and quiver, just in case," Sua said to Kel.
"Yes, ma'am," Kel saluted and ran back down to Sua's cabin. Sua ran over to December.
"Should I go get January?"
"Yes. I think that would be best," December said, still looking out toward the opposing ship. Sua flew back down to the cabins, almost running over Kel, carrying her equipment, on the way.
"Mistress? But, I..." Kel's voice drifted off as Sua came to a pause in front of January's room. She knocked, and the door creaked open a little.
"January?" Sua pushed open the door and peaked in.
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"It's Cid, Sua. We're comrades, we might as well act like it." he said, his back turned to the door, laughing heartily as he said it, his voice loud and booming. His hand stroked his blazing red beard as he stopped laughing, seeing out his porthole on the ship, at the enemy ship not too far away.
So... Battle is finally upon us.
He grinned and laughed again, flexing his inhuman muscles, feeling good to stretch and flex again after the long boat ride. He was itching for a good fight. Even though most of his were one sided against regular opponents.
He stood there, shirtless, in his britches, having just awoken, looking at the ship.
"Come in, Sua. Or are you in a huge hurry to stick arrows in pirates?" he jokes, laughing and turning to the door.
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Kami nodded his head in acknowledgement, landing softly on the ground and studying the swamp, slowly exploring the space in front of him, checking for anything out of the ordinary. Other than the sickly sweet smell of the marsh, he could sense nothing wrong. However, he was off the mark, as he first heard the signs of battle, towards the direction where Novarus was.

"Octorius, Kami!" Kami heard echoing through the now noisy marsh. Realizing that this wasn't just a scout party, else Novarus could've taken them with ease, he rushed towards the seen, wind blowing at his back, staff in hand. Quickly arriving on scene, he swung his staff, sending an arc of condensed air into a trio of enemies coming upon his allies, sending them back into the marsh, hearing the groans as they collided with either trees or fellow soldiers.

Upon his entrance, a man with an oiled sword, done so to reduce gleam, came at him sword raised high. Staring at him with a smirk, Kami let the sword come within inches before stopping the blow cold. The solder stared in disbelief as his blow was blocked by what seemed to be the god's themselves. Smirk disappearing, Kami swung his staff, connecting with the man's head and knocking him out cold.

Soon 3 more mercenaries came at him, two with swords and a third with a large axe, a brute of a man. They came at him at once, the large man taking him head on with the other 2 flanking on either side. Kami rushed forward, pushing the brute back, before swinging his staff around and blocking the man on his left, easily maneuvering around him and shoving him towards his ally, watching them clumsily hit each other.

Kami noticed he was in darkness, the axe man having recovered and was behind him, axe overhead, going for the kill. Kami ran forward before doing a back flip, sailing over and the man brought down the axe, now only hitting air. As he floated behind the man, he shoved the point of his staff into the back of the man's skull, penetrating it and killing the man. He fell with a thud, the other 2 men rushing side by side over his body.

Kami responded by blocking their swords, before pushing one in the stomach with his staff, and swinging and hitting the other in the back of the head, knocking him out as well. He turned to the last one, swinging hard and breaking through his defense and knocking him out as well. Kami heard others coming, realizing that soon he'd have to use more than just pure melee combat.
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Another arrow flew past Novarus as the mercenary in front of him slowed, caught in the knight's power, the look of shock slowly spreading across his face. It was always like this, Novarus plunged his sword into the man's chest and gave the handle a twist. The mercenary whimpered, blood spurting as time sped up again crumpling to the mud. The knight pulled his sword free and looked around. Everywhere figured dueled, the sounds of more invaders came from the marsh and Novarus charged into the mist. He saw the bowman, who was bust aiming at Octorius with a shout he swung his sword. The bowman's head flew through the air, turning slowly in the air before hitting the ground and rolling. His body, relieced the arrow, with hit the ground harmlessly and fell. More bowmen ran from the knight and shouting he gave chase.

Alone in the mist, sound of battle all round. He felt a chill, a group of five enemies emerged, but instead of attacking the called back, their words lost. Novarus wasn't going to wait for them and charged. The first was bowled over and stabbed where he lay, the rest surprised and slowed down couldn't react in time as he turned slashing at a chest and stabbing into a neck. The last two, one with a shield and long sword, the other a large man with a two-handed flail suddenly sped up. Novarus blinked in surprise. As the flail slamed into his visor, bending it. On his back, blood gushing from his nose he rolled over to dodge the sword.

"HES MINE!" a voice came from the swamp, and the two mercenaries backed away as the Entropy Knight stepped towards them. Pulling off his bent helmet Novarus stood. "SO thats how they sped up." he muttered facing his opposite. "Just thought I'd see how you'd do in a fair fight November Knight."

"Well come here and I'll show you." Novarus spat.

"Well haven't we changed, but as you say..." that as far as he got before Novarus charged, just before the point of Novarus' sword ended his life he disappeared only to reappear in the same place a few seconds late. "So impatient, and I though I was the one who sped things up." his oponent taunted before drawing his sword and faster than Novarus could blink was in front of him aiming a kick that knocked Novarus back stumbling.

Steel rang against steel as the Entropy Knight's second blow was blocked and a gauntleted fist slammed into his face. The entropy knight's head snapped back and then his mouth opened in slow motion as Novarus' sword found a weak spot in his armour. He stepped back and suddenly shot past Novarus and The November Knight almost fell forwards at the weaker plate on his back parted at a slash from his opponent.

Concentrating as hard as he could there was a shimmed around him as everything in the the swam around them slowed down to a crawl. "SSSUUUAAAAAA" he shouted as sword met armour and blood gushed from the entropy knights' side. Drained Novarus stumbled and time dropped back to normal. The two mercenaries seeing the Entropy knight drop to his knees and the season knight stagger away ran the their employer and helped him walk back towards their camp.

The world spun around Novarus and again alone in the mist, drained from overextending his powers at fell to the ground, his face pressing into the soggy ground.
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The vicious fight raged on in the darkness. Men lay all around either dead or dying and screaming out their final prayers to whatever god they hailed to. The sound of metal on metal rang out into the night, as the Seasons Knights fought back the vile mercenaries. Although the Mercenaries presented a seemingly inexhaustible force, the Fall Knights made up with power and skill to even things out. Novarus decapitated a near by bowman who was taking aim for The october Knight, what could have been a close call was averted, but there was no time for thanks just yet as a new wave of mercenaries came charging out of the mist.

As the new group approached, Octorius channeled his powers into his Blade, Fate's decimator, thus changing it into a large two-handed sword. Its hilt doubled in length mad the blade was now wide and menacing. As the group of approaching mercenaries came into view, Octorius felt a powerful wind building up at his back. Then watched as an arc of condensed air sent the approaching newcomers flying off, back towards the way they came. It was Kami, The Knight of September.

With Two of his fellow Seasonal at his side, Octorius felt a little more at ease. He trusted and loved them like brothers, and if the situation called, he would almost certainly give his life to save theirs. A mercenary with a broad sword came at Octorius' left, The seasonal Knight quickly side steeped and brought down a tremendous blow onto the merc', cleaving his lelf arm off. Another came out of the darkness wielding an axe. As the merc swung Octorius stepped back then lunged forward, Fate's decimator plunged into the mans stomach and came out the other side. It seemed that this battle was well in the hands of the Knights until Octorius felt his power draining, the Fate's decimator returning to its original form. This could only mean one thing; The October knight of Entropy was approaching and wielding the crippling power of Sealing.

The Sealing Knight wasn't as great a warrior as his entropy counter parts, but what he lacked in fighting skills he made up for in sheer power. The power to seal his opponents powers, rendering him a normal man. If the Sealing Knight ever caught Octorius in a weak form, such as that of a small animal of frail man, Octorius would be left helpless. As soon as The October knight felt his channeling powers cease he knew in an instant who it was. His attention was focused on the Sealing knight, but he also heard the November knight of entropy which meant that most likely all three of the Fall entropy knights were here.

A vile laughter filled Octorius' ears. coming out of the swamp, not twenty feet away, was the Sealing knight, his staff in one hand and his other hand resting on the hilt of his blade.

"Octorius, hows my favorite shapeshifter tonight?" The sealing Knight mocked "Felling a little…..drained?" He erupted in laughter at his sorry attempt at a joke.
" I thought I would even the odds a bit, so we could fight on equal grounds" Although Octorius couldn't see his face as it was covered by a steel helmet he could tell the sealing knight was smiling. Octoris charged him, hoping to strike before he drew his blade.

The sealing Knight, however, was ready drawing his blade and meeting Octorius' strike with a soild ~CLANGK~ that rang out in the knight. Octoruis' threw an elbow at the entropy Knights face, knocking him back a few feet. This only enraged the knight as he struck at Octorius' side with his staff, all the time holding the sealing force over the October Knight. The blow hit Octoruis in a weak spot in his armor, sending a shock wave of pain up his body. Octorius switched sides to guard himself better as he swung again with his blade. This timeThe entropy knight was less lucky as The October knights blade hit and drew blood just under his chest plate. The sealing Knight took a chance and swung hard at Octorius and with him square in the head with his staff, Octorius fell to the ground, stunned.

On his back and a little dazed, Octorius watched as the Entropy knight staggered and blood dripped freely from the small cut on his chest. Octorius knew this was his only chance to escape the powerful sealing force that took over his body. He delivered a well timed kick to the knights left leg, sending him flying to the marshy swamp water. Octorius felt the power lift a little as his evil counterpart writhed in the mud. He glanced to his left and saw as the November knight fall to the ground and mercenaries dragging away the November Entropy knight. Octorius saw his chance at surviving the battle. In a normal situation he would have stayed in his normal form, but as it was the Knights were not only out numbered but also faing the powerful entopy knights, evasion seemed the best plan of action, he would have to change forms and escape. A few feet away a small opossum was running away from all the ruckus caused by the battling knights. Octorius reached out and grasped the opossum by the neck, not to kill it but to take its form. In an instant, the October Knight was now a small grey opossum. As it was, the sealing knight was too stunned to notice and thus lost hold of his target and Octoruis was free to scurry away. He glanced back once, with his newly acquired night vision, and saw as mercenaries were helping up The sealing Knight and leading him away. Octorius ran into the shadows and waited before making his next move.
Re: Arc One: Pirates on the High Seas

"Well, I, uh..." Sua blushed a little and stepped in. She focused on a knot in the floorboard and didn't look up. Why did Cid have to look so good? She felt like a little schoolgirl with a crush as she kept moving her feet around and disturbing the dust on the floor. Sua cleared her throat.
"Um...Pirates. We've come across an unidentified ship, and we think it's a pirate ship," Sua informed him, still trying to avoid looking at him, for fear of betraying Nova.
"SUAAAAA!" Kel yelled from the other side of the door, pounding on it. "December needs you and Cid on deck!" Sua opened the door and grabbed her sword, put it on, then grabbed her quiver and bow. She hesitated a bit before running back up to the deck. "See you up there," She said over her shoulder. Sua paused a little bit more then went up to the deck.
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Cid had seen Sua's reaction upon walking in, and smiled. She knew of her pure devotion to Nova, and regretted letting her in, as he was barely dressed. His smile tinged with scolding towards himself, as he listened to her.
"Pirates? Ha! Nothing we can't handle, dear Sua." he managed to say, crouching down a bit and patting her head with a massive hand, encompassing almost all of her scalp with a palm. He pulled his pants on, as she was finishing up, almost falling over as Kel yelled, getting up and blushing, hoping she wouldn't come in here and see him and Sua like this, but he was lucky, as Sua left, without Kel seeing. Cid nodded as Sua left with her weapons and continued getting dressed, his regal red cloak flapping as he draped it over his shoulder.

The thud of Cid's boots upon the deck were distinct, as he held his huge gauntlets in each hand, the snarling visage of a wolf on each. He hadn't yet released his power or imbued his gauntlets, so as to not cause unwanted ruckus among the pirates. He looked at the ice bridge and smirked at December.
"Lovely work as always, December. So, what's the plan, my main man?" he joked, sitting on the deck by December.

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As more men bared down onto Kami, he sighed as he realized that this was taking too long. He began to spin his staff in front of him, making the mercenaries pause in caution. Kami didn't advance towards them, there was no need. Suddenly, the wind before him picked up and sprouting from the center of his spinning staff came a tornado, quickly growing in size and ferocity.

The soldiers realized too late and were blasted by the tornado, sending them into each other, into the sky, and into trees, all collisions having a sickening crunch as bones were broken upon contact. Sweeping the tornado he took down many men as well as trees. Stopping, he let the dust settle, surveying the scene.

"I'd expect nothing less from one of the Knights, but can you take me?" Droned a voice, the breaths amplified. Looking up, he saw a man wearing a gas mask standing on top of a large oak. As Kami was about to question him, he heard hissing. Looking down, he saw a canister spewing yellow gas. Recognizing it as some sort of poison, he swung his staff, sending an arc of air towards it and knocking both the canister and gas deeper into the swamp.

Just as he was about to turn to the Entropy knight, he was gone. Suddenly, more hissing was heard behind him. Turning around, he barely was able to leap back as he was confronted with a pinkish gas emitting from a hose that the knight was holding, connected to a pack on his back. Reacting quickly, he began to blow it away. However, when this didn't deter the knight, Kami's eyes widened as he turned around, seeing the yellow gas from before being drawn back to him.

Jumping out from between the 2 clouds of gas, he cursed under his breathe as he saw the Entropy knight now targeting Novarus, pointing his hose at him. Realizing he was running out of time, he bursted through the pink gas, trying his best to hold his breath, the wind aiding him as he went at blinding speed. As he passed by the Entropy knight, he swung with all his might at the knights head. While such a blow would've killed a normal man, it merely broke the gas mask he was wearing. Cursing himself, he dropped his poison tank and ran, quickly leaving his own poison.

Coughing, Kami turned towards Novarus, who was in bad shape but was not yet under the pink cloud of gas. Bolting towards him, he picking him up and flew out of the marsh, going several yards before feeling the gas coming over him. It appeared to be some sort of knock out gas, and he felt his senses slipping. Starting to descend, he blacked out, managing to land under Novarus, taking the brunt of the fall. He lay there, unconscious but otherwise ok, his ally saved on top of him.
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The bulky armoured knight fell on top of Kami and groaned, Rolling off of him and resting on his hands and knees. The sounds warhorns sounded the mercenaries' retreat to lick their wounds. Plated boot hit soggy earth as Novarus struggled to his feet. Kimi appeared to be out cold, several figures ran through the mist, some friends, some enemies, but there was no fighting anymore as, taking Kami's arms Novarus tried to drag him. A knight came to try to hep but Novarus waved him away. "Sound the retreat, get the wounded back to camp and find Octorius." The knight nodded and ran off into the mist.

"OCTORIUS!" Novarus called out before stumbling backwards again. He simply didn't have the strength to lift Kami, let alone carry him all the way back to camp. Be barely had enough strength to make it back himself.