Kingdom of Heaven - Director's Cut

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You must watch the Director's Cut.

It's like a totally different film. And the characters are so much better developed. The Director's Cut leaves in all the emotional depth and philosophical themes that were cut out of the retarded cinema release.

I know most people hate it, but it's one of my favourite films of all time.

And I love it all the more cos so many people didn't have the intelligence to appreciate it and were caught up in the hate-Orlando-Bloom-Bandwagon.

Love it.
What are you talkin about, I liked that shit.

I gotta watch the Director's Cut.
I still haven't the slightest idea why did Sybilla cut her hair.

And I did watch the Director's Cut, it's fucking ace.
Well, I guess she was tired of being a spoilt princess and wanted to try and blend in with the common soldiers.

Plus, you know, poisoning your own kid can mess with your head...

I can't believe he let the evil poncey guy live at the end. >:[

And the priest was his brother... whut?!
It's not like he felt anything did he? BA DUM TSSSH

For guys like the frenchie it's kinda like torture because he got totally fucked over by Liam Neeson's illegitimate child.

I'm more about that whole cut her head off because of suicide thing, like, wtf dawg medieval christians are insane.
I always quite enjoyed Kingdom of Heaven, despite it's flaws, so I may check the Director's Cut out...