Kingdom Hearts: the Shadows

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  1. Organization 13 has fallen new tenants have moved into castle oblivion and they seen as unwanted and evil by all worlds they went to castle oblivion and find secrets of Organization 13 members and who they're others were and are.

    Jake walked around carrying his double sided notched sword his black shoes clacked here and there his bandana had written 'dusk and dawn' on it that covered his mouth he found a couch in a large room he jumped onto it and held onto his sword he laid it across his black shirt
  2. Jade walks along a path leading a way towards a place that seems familiar. Dragging her feet with her black combat boots flinging dirt in front of her. Fixing her whie hoodie and black tank top, lifting up the hood putting it over her head with her deep steel blue hair sticking out the front of it with her bangs covering most of the right side of her face leaving her left charcoal eye exposed.
  3. he heard people he sighed and acted like he was asleep keeping one eye partially open
  4. She adjusted her katanas crossed on her back as she stepped closer to the door.
  5. A teenage looking boy enters into the room several minutes through a side door. He glances around for a minute having his 2 piece battle weapon at his waistline on either side. He sees Jake appearing to be asleep on the couch that is in front of him in the corner of his eye. He keeps his silence due to that and steps back a couple of steps and stands up against the wall thinking to himself as he takes out a picture ~ Where could they all have disappeared to I wonder? ~
  6. She gets to the doorway walking with caution as she enters the room.
  7. The teenage boy looks over at her entering but stays quiet.
  8. Jade looks around seeing the two boys inside of the room. She wonders if they will be the only three that will appear. She walks in going over to a wall keeping her distance and sits on the floor with her knees up leaning against the wall.
  9. he got up and found some faygo and started drinking it from the two liter
  10. She watched as the one boy is helping himself to the beverage display and looks down crossing my wrists hanging over my knees.
  11. he saw the other two and offered some of the one quarter full bottle to them
  12. The teenage boy just keeps looking around, as he has a lot of questions on his mind and no answers. He then sees Jake offering him a drink. He nods to him.
  13. She gestures a hand saying "no thank you." in her tomboyish tone.
  14. he gave it to the other guy the bottle
  15. The teenage boy takes the bottle and drinks some from it. He then, after drinking what he wants, looks to Jake and says "Thank you. I appreciate it."
  16. She looks up slightly observing the two boys having mixed feelings about the two, not knowing exactly if she can trust yet.
  17. The teenage boy feels a bit more at ease after Jake's kind gesture, but like Jade does, he still continues keeping his guard up due to the fact that he doesn't have any leads yet as to how the whole organization 13 group could have just disappeared without a trace.
  18. She enters the room calmly and silently. Her deep violet eyes looks at them each and scoffs, pushing her brown hair away from her eyes. She didn't have time to play nice. Zexion of the Thirteen had a Lexicon that she wanted. Magic was what she was after and the Organization Thirteen had much of it.

    Elixia walked around the room, disregarding their friendly service. She had no reason to attack but her hands were still beside her knives. One can't be too careful. "Why are you here" she called out, not really caring if they answered.
  19. Light footfalls were heard through the silent hallways of Castle Oblivion, as a dark-hooded woman emerges out of the dark-lighted shade to the dim-lighted surface. Stairway after stairway, her first stay in the Organization XIII hideout was as nerve-wrecking; due to the fact she is going to be accompanied in missions- missions of which the affiliates of the Organization will be accompanied.

    She stood behind the brown, hollow doors- with the many members and tenants of the XIII scrimmaging inside. With a heavy heart, and a impossible to swallow gulp, she pulled down her hood and revealed her face.

    Her face gleamed with a pale beige shade, accessorized with shimmering emerald eyes and nude-colored lips. Her hair, which was naturally short and straight, became frizzy and static-ed- thanks to the material of the cloak's hood. She sighed upon the frantic change of her hair's demeanor, but the show must go on; Master Xenmas was waiting, and so is her destiny.

    She extended her right arm, and a Keyblade materializes into her grasp. The Keyblade's face color was with a gray pigment, illustrated with black designs from top to bottom. The Keyblade is also accessorized with shining gems of emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. It was not the greatest of all the so-called Keyblade, because it had dents from hurting big and heavy targets.

    With the other arm, she pushed the doors wide open; and with one foot in front of the other, she pressed on with false confidence- and an hidden smile.
  20. The teenage boy looks to the next two people who enter the room he, Jade, and Jake are in. The teenage boy then welcomes them.
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