Kingdom Hearts: The Next Chapter

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  1. Hello! Been a while since I've made a thread of my own! Now, those of you who have played or seen the game Kingdom Heart I and II. One of my most favorite games of them all. Now, this one takes place after all of the first and the second one of the serious. Sora, Kiari, Goofy, Donald, Riku, everyone. But here's is the catch, Axel, Roxas and Namine are back and are joining the group. I've always wanted to one like this for a while. This isn't the original Kingdom Hearts. Their will be cussing in this, blood, romance, and some drama as well. I'm going to need players to play the characters BELOW:

    Kiari (Played by Female only)

    Riku (Played by whoever)

    Goofy (Played by whoever)

    Donald Duck (Played by whoever)

    Mickey Mouse (Played by whoever)

    Axel (Played by whoever)

    Roxas (Played by whoever)

    Namine (Played by whoever)

    And Sora (Played by Me)

    You can make your own character if you like. I don't mind that at all. But remember, Sora is the Keyblades chosen one, and Roxas is Soras Nobody. They are the same but Sora is stronger. I would love for the CS to be posted up before anyone posts or joins and then BOOM we will start.

    Everyone meets back up after a few years of not seeing each other, everyone is older than usual. Sora turned 21, but everyone was still summoned because a new threat as disturbed the worlds. The Origination are back and the heartless are badder and bigger than ever. Ansem returned stronger than ever, but is followed by a Newer threar. Yuxnemnis, a female who controls more galaxies than anything, more worlds than such. She's been watch Sora for a very very long time. The Keyblades chosen. They fights will be harder, the fights will be fun. Can everyone save the world from destroyed again. Will Sora be able to defeat them like before? Come forth and be apart of his life, live the dream. We need you.

    Oh those who want to play Kiari and Namine, post the IC and then PM me, please :) I hope everyone will like this! Please someone post!! <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.