Kingdom Hearts : The Dawning of Darkness

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"Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light survived... in the hearts of children. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world. It's the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps deep within the darkness. That's why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open. And the true light will return. So listen, child. Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you. Believe in the light, and the darkness will never defeat you. Your heart will shine with its power and push the darkness away."

The darkness and its inhabitants, the heartless, has been kept at bay, locked away in the Realm of Darkness. Never to spread across the world to wreck havoc and war as it once did. But soon, this will all change.

It had been countless years and generations since the Heartless and the Darkness was locked away to protect the many worlds. Though there are few "stragglers" left that roam the worlds. Small clusters of heartless managed to survive, but they are weaker due to the Darkness, their source of power, being sealed away.

((These will not be the only worlds within this rp, there are and will be countless worlds whether they be canon or not))

Land of Departure/World of Departure : A world where all Keyblade Wielders inhabit and train. The world is made up of floating islands and rocks.


Hollow Bastion : A world lost in the vastness of space. Legend says, there is a "Door to Darkness" that is a pathway to the Realm of Darkness.


Radiant Garden (Birth By Sleep version): A world where many creatures of all walks of life inhabit.


Realm of Darkness: Home to the darkness and the heartless, this world was locked away by Keyblade Wielders many years ago.

Drive Forms: Drive Forms are tricky to learn for the inexperienced keyblade apprentice. They take a lot of energy and use up most of the user’s magic. They can be dangerous to use as well, as it not only can use up one's magic, but it takes energy and the user can be rendered unconscious when drive form limit is up. It be wise to only use Drive when necessary and at a very short time. Drives, as said before, have a limit, the longest being ten minutes but this is only if one is highly trained and skilled in using drives.

Shadow Drive Form: Also known as Shadow Form or Shadow Shift. This is the most dangerous and most notorious of forms. The darkness that lays beneath the heart of the user will envelope said user in black, wispy substance, granting them the powers of darkness. The user will become feral. If one’s conscious does not stay strong and the body stays in the Shadow Shift for a prolonged period of time, the user may remain in this form forever.

Valor Drive, Wisdom Drive, Limit Drive, Anti/Shadow Drive, Master Drive, Final Drive

Keyblade Master: A master of the keyblade. Masters are given the task to travel throughout the worlds to ensure that they are kept secret from one another, and above all, safe.

Mentor: A keyblade master who has been given the honor to be a teacher to young keyblade masters to-be. They are the leaders and elders of the keyblade wielders, maintaining balance between light and darkness.

Apprentice: a keyblade master to-be in training.

Characters within this universe can visit from world to world via
Gummi Ship: Gummi ships a like space crafts that can be used by anyone.

Portals of Darkness: Used only by those who can control or posses the powers of darkness

Keyblade Glider: Used only by keyblade wielders. A keyblade can transform itself into a Keyblade Glider

The Code of the Key Wielders

Apprentices are not to leave Land of Departure without a Mentor or Master to guide them

No wielder is to use to the Shadow Drive. This action is forbidden. The use of this drive brings forth the the Darkness and can consume the user and possibly even those around it. In doing so there will be server punishment.

No outsider, unless they are a wielder of a keyblade, is to know about the other worlds.

Never use your powers for evil, only good and to serve the worlds as well as your brother and sister Key wielders

Children born within the Land of Departure will be given away to a loving home in another world if they do not posses the potential of being a keyblade wielder

Before a Keyblade Master is made, there will be a test of the Mentor’s choosing if the apprentice is ready to take on such a responsibility

Mentors are to be obeyed and respected

Never meddle in the affairs of other worlds. Keep yourself in disguise while visiting other worlds


3 plus lines each post

No txt chat while Rping, keep it in OOC

No rping as characters from the games, ie Sora, Riku, Kairi, Namine, Roxas, Axel, Xion, Terra ect… This rp is set in an “Alternate Universe-ish” setting, use your own original characters.

Use Disney and Final Fantasy characters as minor characters, they will mostly be NPC.

Please don’t ship your character with a character canon to the KH games, this includes any Disney character or something created by Tetsuya Nomura... Meaning, just because a certain Disney or Nomura created character doesn't show up in the game, means that they're free game for shipping (Example: OC paired up with Duchess from the Aristocats :P … this rp maybe a bit fanficy, but it’s not THAT kind of fanficy.)

No Nobody characters (yet >:D)

You may create non-keyblade wielding characters; Such as characters that live the different worlds, but please make the characters that fit with in the world’s narrative. In other words, don’t make a character from The Lion King World, aka the “Pridelands” world and have them be a unicorn ._. . Just as an example.

You may make up your own world for your character, doesn't have to be Final Fantasy, TWEWY, or Disney related

You may use canon keyblades (But not the X Blade :c )

Characters can have powers of the light or the darkness, they cannont, however have control of both

Ask before creating a Mentor character

No wielding two keyblades (unless I change this for the sake of the RP story)

Drive Forms are allowed (with limitations)

Only those who have the power to control darkness may control the heartless

Please type above your post where you character is

There will be only 10 mentors, 5 mentors of light, 5 mentors of darkness

I'm open to new ideas to add into the rp plot o3o enjoy everybody

Name: Arga

Age: 45 years

Side (Light/Dark/Neither?): Light

Gender: Female

Status (Mentor, Apprentice, Keyblade Master, non-wielder): Keyblade Master/Mentor

Weapon (if any): Sleeping Lion keyblade

Native to (what world did they come from?): former resident of Radiant Garden

Mentor/Former Mentor: N/A

Apprentice/Former Apprentice: Myra

Personality: Arga is a stern woman and takes her role as mentor as well as master with pride and honor. She is a firm believer in the code as well as balance and order. She's a bit prejudiced towards those who control the powers of darkness. Arga is rather observant, . Despite her harsh attitude, she cares deeply for the well being of others.

Strengths: She is most powerful in physical attacks

Weaknesses: Magic, children

History: Arga was in her early teens when she came across a keyblade wielder for the first time in her home, Radiant Garden. It was not a pleasant experience as the keyblade wielding apprentice and herself got into a confrontation, resulting in a tussle. The wielder used the powers of darkness, and struck a scar across the young Arga's face with additional wounds and scars across her body. Thankfully a Keyblade Master, one who aligned themselves the powers of the light, came to Arga's aid. As the master healed her, it was apparent that Arga had the potential to become a wielder of the keyblade. Arga was then whisked away to Land of Departure and was trained to become one of the keyblade masters. When she did achieve this, the wielder was bestowed the honor of being one of the ten Mentors.

Name: Corvus

Age: 14 years

Side (Light/Dark/Neither?): Dark

Gender: male


Weapon (if any) Fatal Crest Keyblade:

Status (Mentor, Apprentice, Keyblade Master, non-wielder): Apprentice

Native to (what world did they come from?): Land of Departure

Mentor/Former Mentor: (none yet, in need of one)

Apprentice/Former Apprentice: N/A

Personality: Corvus is a rebellious child, whose cocky attitude and stubbornness has gotten him into more than enough trouble, not including his short temper. Though he has some draw backs, Corvus aspires to be a great Keyblade Master one day, exploring the vast worlds instead of being cooped up on Land of Departure.

Strengths: He has more skill in the use of darkness, as well poison spells and fire. Not to mention he's light on his feet

Weaknesses: He's not the strongest of the keyblade wielders, the powers of light, the sun (gets sunburned easily). Corvus is a curious character and he can't stop himself from discovering "juicy" secrets

Corvus was born in the Land of Departure, his parents were beloved masters of the keyblade who dedicated their lives to protecting their son as well as the worlds. However, one day when Corvus was barely three years of age, Corvus' father never returned from a mission. His wife, Corvus mother, became understandably concerned and left in search of her husband. She too mysteriously disappeared. With both parent presumed dead, Corvus was raised by the keyblade masters as well as the mentors.​

Name: Myra Kofuku

Age: 14

Side: Light

Gender: Female

Status: Apprentice

Mentor/Former Mentor: Arga

Weapon: Glass Flower Keyblade
Native to:
Former resident of Traverse Town

Personality: Myra has a tendency to spurt off on random spree, whether it be talking...or eating. Actually, the pinkette (yes this is now a word in my dictionary :p) has a very strong love of food, almost borderline obsession when you really think about it. While this may be true, she tries to make sure that it doesn't get in the way of her goals and ideals, though sometimes things don't work out like she planned, and in the end she is happily eating some yummy snack.

Strengths: While she is proficient with physical attacks, she prefers to use ice and gravity magic every now and then. She has a loyal and compassionate heart, and because of that is very determined (maybe a bit stubborn, but still never likes to give up).

Weaknesses: She has a somewhat weak defense, so unnaturally agile or strong opponents can take her out if she isn't extra careful. She is also easy to manipulate to a certain extent, not to mention just a bit naïve/innocent. Oh, and don't forget her love of food, it's what makes it so easy to bribe her :p.

Myra was born an orphan, her father abandoning her mother far too long before she died giving birth to the child. Raised by strangers whose name she had forgotten, Myra was kicked out and forced to live on the streets when she was seven, giving her nearly six years of experience with the art of running away. Mostly she ran around as an expert pickpocket, stealing just enough for a meal without the victim noticing...most of the time.
It shouldn't have been much of a surprise for Myra to come across some unnatural things in the alleyways of the fifth district, after all lots of weird things had happened here before. What turned out to be a surprise was that said unnatural things were actually Heartless, and they attacked Myra, only for some stranger came to her rescue, wielding what she would later learn to be a keyblade. After this stranger defeated the strange shadow creatures (and Myra managed to get them some snacks with the money found that day), it turned out that the reason they attacked her was because she was a noticeable candidate to wield a keyblade, and so at the age of thirteen, Myra was taken away to the Land of Departure.​

{RP ◊Here}
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Character (Arga)/ Place (Land of Departure)/ Time (Early Morning)​
The sun had half way risen in the sky, shining its growing light onto a woman's silverish grey hair. She was busing herself with her keyblade, rubbing the silvery weapon with a cloth till it held a faint shine of its own. Arga brushed a stray, grey lock of hair from her face while lifting her blade to the light. She inspected the weapon carefully and was pleased to what she saw, "It's about time to do some training." She silently commanded her blade to vanish and as it disappeared into glittering dust she turned towards the largest floating land mass that held a castle-like building. "Actually, training should start right now. Nothing wrong with waking up a little early." With ease, the woman leaped off the small floating mass of rocks onto a large chain that connected all islands together. Her dark cape flapped behind her as she steadily cross the chain to castle.


Character (Corvus)/ Place (Land of Departure)/ Time (Early Morning)

Corvus sure what bored him more, waiting for the to rise to begin training, or to be stuck here on this insignificant rock others called a "world". He carelessly spun and twirled his keyblade in his hand while rose red eyes peer out of the glass of his room's window, out into the endless sky and floating rocks in the horizon. The boy had already changed out of his sleeping wear into his usual clothes, which mostly consisted of a black, silver tipped vest with baggy pants and shoes to match. As he listened to the soft clinks of the the over sized, golden chains that locked the countless islands and rocks together, Corvus continued to look to the sky and the fading stars. Wondering when will he visit these said stars, these worlds.​
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