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  1. So things have slowed down for me again and I now have a little more time to rp. With that said, I'm attempting, once again, to try and find a partner to do a Kingdom Hearts rp with me, primarily someone to play Riku. With that said, here's what to expect and some rules.

    • I expect at least one post a day. I have enough partners that reply once a week, but I've been rping with them for a while, so I make an exception for them and them for me.
    • Communication. If you find yourself becoming busy in real life and can't respond for a couple of days, just let me know. I'm not heartless; I will understand, but I do not respond well to someone who keeps promising me they will reply, but then don't at all.
    • No god-modding.
    • No controlling my character.
    • Please contribute creatively to the story. We are writing one together, not one leading and the other following. If I wanted someone following, I would just write the story myself.
    • My girls are always women of color.
    • I can write anywhere between two paragraphs to ten if it's a really good story. As a requirement, my partner must write at least two paragraphs each post.
    • No one-liners! Please! I really can't stand those!
    • Punctuation, capitalization and proper grammar. No one is perfect, I sure as hell am not, but please give it some effort.
    • While I am looking for someone to play the male, the person behind the character does not have to be. So, if any ladies feel they can portray a male well, they please, by all means if you are interested, reply.
    With that out of the way, here are the ideas.

    In a world of magic and keyblades, Riku, a young 18 year old man, struggles with his inner darkness, always feeling more tainted than his best friends, Sora and Kairi. He has a certain command over dark powers, an ability that he wished more than anything that he no longer had as his power, and finds himself in constant turmoil, despite his friends reassuring him that just because his power was darkness, that didn't make him a bad person. He doesn't know any others like himself...not until a new student attends the academy. She's lively and adventurous...and she has a certain control over the darkness herself. Riku is confused by this juxtaposition of her personality and her powers, feeling a certain allure around her that draws him to her, making him want to learn more. They meet and become fast friends, Riku looking to her for comfort when he begins to doubt himself again. Their love blooms, right as an enemy begins to rise.

    Or, alternately:

    The new girl is the one that struggles with her powers, not because she feels it strange to control shadows and demons within the dark, but because she really can't control them just yet. She's afraid to get much closer to anyone for fear that she will hurt them unintentionally, possibly even kill them. She meets Riku and feels a connection to him immediately, the girl becoming frightened that she'll harm him and thus tries to distance herself from him. He doesn't let her, though, knowing of her struggle, at least from his standpoint, and continues to pursue her, the both of them finding love and comfort in one another as their love story unfolds.

    Now, while it would make me happy to have someone rp Riku, I am open to other ideas with a few other characters. Such as Sora, Roxas and Axel. The whole idea of this rp is to create a story different from the actual timeline of Kingdom Hearts itself. I don't want to follow it word for word, but create something exciting and different.

    And with that, if anyone is interested, just send me a PM. Thank you for reading.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.