Kingdom Hearts RP?

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  1. Kingdom Hearts is my addiction at the moment. I'm looking for a couple partners looking to do a KH rp with me.

    I have played almost all the games except the 3DS one

    only have a few rules:

    - no God modding
    - communication Please
    - decent spelling and grammar
    - eighteen plus please. I'm twenty one and I feel uncomfortable rping with under age roleplayers.
    - have fun!

    Characters I'm willing to play or wish you would play.

    - Sora
    - Riku
    - Kairi
    - Roxas
    - Organization Roxas
    - Xion
    - Axel
    - Demyx
    - Aqua
    - Terra
    - Ventus
    - Cloud
    - Leon

    Pairing wise I'm really flexible ^-^

    MxM - FxM - FxF

    So far not many for me. Will talk in pm about it ^-^

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.