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  1. Hello everyone this is going to be my first attempt at a kingdom hearts roleplay. So please forgive me if I mess something up while making this or I misunderstand some things. I will be using the wikipedia for kingdom hearts and my own fair knowledge of the lore too make this roleplay as cohesive as possible. Before explaining away the roleplay's premises and what not I'd like to insist that you apply for this if you're an active poster. I do NOT expect a post everyday but the number ONE thing I hate to see if someone being inactive. A good portion of this roleplay will revolve around what you, as a roleplayer, are willing to thrust your character into. If you don't have something to do collaborate with a roleplayer or ask me. Foremost I would like you to be willing to put your characters in places where they have something to do. I will not be always giving your characters something too do so if there is free time do something or interact with npcs or more preferably other players. For a general note this will be in semi-canon there will be similar worlds and what have you but Sora, Riku, and Kairi were never visited by Ansem and thus are still on their island. Ansem himself DID exist but what happened to him will be revealed later. It will involve a certain group that will appear in this roleplay. This roleplay takes time in what would've been the second Kingdom Hearts but that's up to change.


    Kingdom Hearts, the power sought after by so many individuals has never actually be attained. Darkness, light, and even the grey in between. The keyblade war happened many years ago and is now forgotten in legend and few people remember it's tale. The individuals in it have had their names lost to the annuals of time. People have moved on and many worlds didn't even know it's wrath. King Mickey is the only known Key Blade wielder and he has resided in his castle waiting for the darkness to arrive. But it hasn't...and it may never will. Or at least it would seem that way as new groups are starting to show up. Individuals in white robes appearing with bizarre weapons and allies. Creatures called heartless popping up where they shouldn't exist. Darkness is slowly and surely creeping towards a new threshhold across many worlds and places. But light is not too far behind. Yen Sid predicts that the balance is adjusting like a wave where there is new growing darkness's so shall light grow stronger too. Allies will appear across many worlds and will change the destiny of many worlds. The time has come in Morning Cove City, a humble area in a backwater world, too finally allow a new set of heroes to arrive. They have their own set destiny ahead of them and they will meet a new set of wielders of darkness whom have arrived from unknown parts to seek kingdom hearts...or do they? The change in destiny has been made apparent and many people are now in a disturbing flux in time and space. Will light succeed or will it fail and fall into darkness?



    1. I would HEAVILY prefer if our characters did not have keyblades however if you want one you may have one. It would have to be a basic one. Custom ones are encouraged in the case in which you absolutely must have one. If you have a keyblade you may only have one. Two weapons are allowed for non-keybladers such as twin swords. Under certain circumstances even non-wielders will be able to beat heartless and shadows just as well as keybladers.

    2. Base acceptance needs a fleshed out backstory to your character and their personality as well. I judge people's roleplaying ability based on how well they can make a character. In short at least two paragraphs for each. And posts will have a certain expectancy too. Though I understand that not everyone can constantly get off a lot of posts.

    3. You will need to chose between three sub-sets of specialization: Magic, Skill, and Power. Magic means you're more open to elemental powers and other magics. Skill means your a good all arounder and lean more towards defense than offensive. This would mean you may get overpowered by people who are either heavy in magic or strength so you'll have to focus your abilities and manage them well. Power is pure offense. Your defense is trash but you can take a hit and give one out in turn.

    4. Any race other than normal human will need to be passed by me first. Nobodies may be considered for example but it will be hard working them in.

    5. Most of us should be around the younger ages around 21 or younger.

    If there are any other questions ask me. I have purposely left out info on the opposing factions that we will be fighting in order to build them up over the roleplay.
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  2. I can at least say that I'm interested, also considering the fact that I am a huge kingdom hearts fan (and own a good few of the games)
  3. alright well thanks for showing interest. I thought this was going to get none. I'll need two more people at the least before making a roleplay. I'll be making things more clear if anything needs to be clarified.
  4. yeah you might need to clarify things a bit more to draw a bit more interest
  5. Well what do you need clarified or think needs to be clarified.

    If it's world travel then yes we will be going to the disney worlds of canon and then some.

    If it's organization 13 then they do exist but unlike in main canon they don't have the force they do at this point in the game due to a lack of Roxas and because of the new group.

    Keyblades aren't banned but are discouraged because I think it makes characters 'too special' per say. The whole idea I have for this is a rag tag-group of heroes forced together to save the worlds and keep people safe.

    Magic is a viable option though it would need a bit more backstory to be specialized in before shit hits the preverbal fan.

    Other than that I can't think of what else could be clarified further.
  6. I believe the plot honestly, no intention of insulting what you've done, but I feel it's more like a teaser
  7. I do realize that you probably want some of it to be revealed through the to itself though
  8. Role play* (sorry phone auto corrected me)
  9. If you honestly think the plot needs more depth then so be it I'll try to find some way of going more in depth without giving away too much.
  10. I would give this a go. I was thinking of making my own Kindgom Hearts RPG but maybe this would be better. idk. Where does Disney factor into things? Would playing a character (canon or oc) from a specific Disney world be a no-no?
  11. Disney's king mickey will be a side character in this game and Donald and Goofy will be reoccurring side characters. Anyone from outside of the world we're in would either need to be a nobody from a disney world or we'd need to work it out through PM's too see what may or may not work. I intended for all of us to be from this small town and go off on this fantastical journey not unlike kingdom hearts 1's first story with kairi, sora, and riku. The world we're going to be starting in is a lot like Twilight Town but with less forest and more ocean and it has it's own legend which is about a sword destined to give the person who can unsheathe it power. It's not a keyblade but an entirely different weapon like Excalibur. We will be visiting disney's worlds as well just like in a standard KH's roleplay.
  12. Right-o. I was just curious.... there's a part of me that really wants to play a younger Elsa or Kristoff (because I'm a dork). Or maybe Hiro. Or a merman from Ariel's world whose taken on a human form (You give me an inch, i'll take a mile haha). But yes, human is doable.

    I'm in if this takes.
  13. Alright I'd like at the very least one more before I try and make this roleplay. Three people allows some diversity in a roleplay while allowing players too do stuff outside of talking to the same character.
  14. I would love to join a Kingdom Hearts roleplay! (is a nerd and have played/beaten EVERY game that has been released #noshame) This sounds really interesting and I'm up!

    A question though, is it possible to have a character sort of like Terra/Riku who try to use the darkness in their hearts to help them, rather than be pure light or try to shut the darkness in their hearts away?
  15. A character who relates closer to the dark is fine.

    I was not honestly expecting this roleplay to get any more people well I'll see about posting an OOC tomorrow for anyone who wants to join in. For now i would recommend thinking up character ideas.
  16. Cheshire isn't responding so I assume this roleplay will need one more person if it wants to start. I'm busy with other roleplays so it's all depend on what happens with the IC.
  17. I do apologize, I haven't had much free time recently, but I'm still willing
  18. At this point in time I believe I have too much going onto do this roleplay at this given time. However I may come back to this in a month or two. If you guys want to do the roleplay and find more people I'd be willing to give you the few solid plot details that I have and you can make it yourselves.
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