Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix

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Does anyone else here own these two HD collections? If so, what made you want to buy them? I bought them because of the new content and the chance to play the KH games I never got the chance to play such as Birth By Sleep.

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I bought 1.5 collectors edition, then 2.5 didn't really come in a art case and it looked weird, so I gave my friend the 1.5 collectors as he's a MAJOR KH fan (And he was supposed to get collectors, but didn't as gamestop messed up)

I never played KH 1 so this was my first real chance too. I loved KH2 and birth by sleep so I did KH1 on normal... As it turns out, it's the hardest in the series people say... And it was a tough ride. Then after level grinding I determined that the game is all the same no matter what difficulty. Normal didn't feel harder, I just felt under powered until I got an appropriate weapon. And that's also why I don't like RPG's most the time.

Regardless, I beat KH1, watched the cinimatics, and not gonna touch chain of memories XD

For 2.5... I waited a looooooong time for that one. But, I haven't played them yet XD They are fairly long games, and I beat both the games anyway back on PS2/PSP, so I am good waiting for now ^^
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