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  1. well as the title states this is the kingdom hearts general chat. i dont really care what you chat about so long as its kingdom hearts have fun. bTRKE9BTy.jpg
  2. I was legit just playing 358/2 Days on my DS. I think I'm at around day 175-ish? >___> I like the battle/panel system, but dat camera, man. ):<

    Also, Roxas is my favorite OC so yeah.
  3. Ahhh, I quite like Roxas. 358/2 was my favorite game, but I admit it's been quite a while since I've played anything KH.
  4. I like it a lot so far! But I mean, I & II will always be my favorites. Playing them over and over through the years, my heart has really invested a lot into the story. I mean, the first time I played them, like, a decade ago, I was all "Yayyy this is fun and neat and weeee!" But if you really pay attention to what's happening and kind of...ignore how the characters deal with bad situations, you start to realize how incredibly grim and depressing the whole journey is. o___o; I love it.
  5. i do too i mean they go on a journey at such a young age they could easily have been killed (or in my case multiple times) i love 358/2 days my fave so far
    ps roxas is b.a.
  6. It really is sad :( I didn't pay much attention to it all when I was younger though.

    On a happier note, here's my favorite bit of Roxas fan art xD
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  7. nice now if only he was shirtless
    ps i like yaoi lol
  8. xD I do as well, no worries~

    There is some good fan art of him topless though <_<
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  9. lol true true download.jpg
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  10. Are you trying to kill me? xD
  11. nah i think im trying to commit suicide lol jk
  12. Aha well I don't see Roxas that way. That would be a little awkward considering his age vs mine. .___.;

    But I agree that there is some awesome fanart out there.

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    I think the reason Roxas is my favorite character is because while Sora had Donald and Goofy always by his side to help him get through tough times, Roxas didn't really have anyone. Sure Axel and Xion were there, but the "friendship" they had was a little thin and he spent most of his "life" alone. Not to mention that in KHII, Roxas does the most selfless thing I've ever seen in the KH series:

    "Looks like my summer vacation is...over."

    Ya'll know what I mean, right? Right? ):

    Have I mentioned I love a nice, soul-crushing depressing story? Well I do.
  13. One of my friends in another RP used that picture for his characters appearance, and like the entire ship was based off my characters obsession with his looking like Roxas xD It was so great!

    Gah, Xion made me so depressed man, I won't even go there ;~;
  14. I can't wait to learn more about Xion. >_< Why can't I play this game faster?!

    I also want to play Birth By Sleep but I don't have a PSP ):
  15. Sorry i left so quickly library was closing dont have internet at home but yeah im 16 so it doesnt really bother me their age hes like 15 so ehh.
  16. Played the first game, thought it was cute. Then everyone started shipping Sora and the white haired kid together. Mewling like cat's in heat over it.

    Then I tell them he's fifteen. Which is underage.

    Which makes him jailbait. Which makes it


    Donald and Goofy were fun though. Seeing all my favorite Disney characters was the best part, a few of the FF characters were okay, too bad it turned cloud into a whiney bitch and Sephiroth into more gay-bait.
  17. Things I can never unsee. Erasing that image now. .3.
  19. It's nothing against homosexuals or anything of the like. The needless shipping of character's just gets old, really kills a game for me. They're kids. Not my fault people feel the need to sexualize them so heavily.
  20. Nothing wrong with being gay, but fan shipping needs to die.
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