Kingdom Hearts: Gate to Paradise

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  1. The sound of leaves rustling as tall trees danced to and fro in the distance.. the sweet smell of fresh cut blades of grass in the afternoon coupled with refreshing chill of the ocean breeze nipping at your cheeks. The warm sun hanging high over head in the clear blue sky bathing the world in his warm rays.

    These were only a few of the things that would grant peace of mind, body, and soul to even the most hateful of persons in the Town of Faete. Where is Faete? On a small world that few travel to... but some of the strongest hearts have traveled from. A World that is said to be seen from anywhere in the universe... the brightest twinkle in the night sky. Where all the hopes and dreams of innocent children manifest themselves in the endless ocean surrounding a small chain of islands where each and every heart has it's purpose to fullfill.. The Destiny Islands.

    Faete was a small town just off the coast. It was really nothing special.. Everyone went on about their lives as normal not unlike you or I. Parents left every day for work in the mornings, and their children went off to school unless it was the weekend when most of the children hopped in a boat to explore an island not too far off the beach, and some others would find other ways to occupy themselves.. but everyone was happy there, at least.. most of them were.

    There was a place in park near the beach where he loved to sit and watch the horizon. A place where he and his dear friend would meet and eat lunch or just sit around and talk about random things but they were always there together or didn't show up at all. Some said they would make a cute couple some day, destined to be together even without the magic of the paupu fruit, but how the two actually felt about one another was anyone's guess.

    All they knew was that they were rarely apart even when they were kids.

    Kai was one them, a tall, slender young boy without much about him. His hair was jet black and spiked forward on his head like the bristles on a broom stick, his skin was tan but his eyes were a bright sapphire blue. Of course, you'd be hard pressed to see them as he spent most of his free time with them shut as he lay in their special spot on the top of the hill over looking the town. Which was where he was. Legs comfortably crossed in long white shorts with his shoes discarded somewhere at the base of the hill. His arms were crossed behind his head, and a look of content was on his face.

    What did he spend all his time dreaming of? Other worlds.. new places to explore, anywhere but the islands. But he couldn't just leave, not without her‚Äč.
  2. Virie dropped down from the tree that hung just over the hill and landed next to Kai, just barely keeping her balance. She was what most people considered normal to the point of being abnormal. Almost. She wore a purple blouse, a black skirt, and white sandals, the last of which was not too good for landing which she wasn't too gifted in in the first place. In fact, she wasn't really gifted in anything at all. Not particularly smart or good at sports, or even exceedingly popular, about all that she had was her snowy white hair which made her stick out like a sore thumb. There was grayish white and then there was straight snowy white, only shared by her and her mother at least on this island. It was a bit sad how that was the only notable thing about her, part of the reason why she always kept it tied back, to downplay it. It never worked.

    "Hiya, Kai," she greeted with a wide smile, peering down at him over his head. Her only really close friend as far as she could tell, Kai was just one of those ones that took things easy and didn't seem to care about her chronic mediocrity. It never seemed to bother him, at least not a fraction as much as it bothered her. It seemed so odd how he could do that while dreaming of amazing things that she'd never even consider. To her, the island was the island. She'd grown up on Destiny Island. She'd probably live out her life on Destiny Island too. But Kai's dreams and stories always made her wish, just a little, that something would happen. She always looked around her. He was always looking out into the sky. His way seemed so much more fun and vibrant.
  3. The awkward landing on the grass caught his attention and he split open only one eye to peer up when the light of the sun was blocked by a head of brilliant white hair and an all too familiar smile.

    "Climbing tree's now? You know.. that reminds me of a dream.." Kai said with a grin. It was always a start to a new story he could share. Tales of dreams he had while loafing about either waiting for her to drop by, or just passing the time. The smiled on Viries face was all he needed to get up and come back to the real world. She was the only reason he never took a ship and just set off across the endless ocean. Virie liked the islands, and he simply couldn't imagine life without her.

    Where others saw a bore of a girl with strange white hair, Kai saw an amazing and curious girl just waiting for her purpose. Just what that purpose was was anyone's guess but Kai just had the feeling Virie was meant to do so much more.

    "But I'll tell you about it later, What's up?" His other eye opened, but he did not move from his place. He was comfortable, and with his black and blue hooded vest as his pillow, he had very little reason to move. Sure the whites of his shorts and t-shirt would probably have a few grass stains, but that was simple concerns better left for later.
  4. "Aww..." Virie mock complained, only half serious. She loved hearing about Kai's dreamed of bigger and greater things but not to the point that he was just a glorified storybook to her. No, he was her friend, her companion in just about everything she did, her key to what she considered to be the world outside the simple island life. It was also a key to a place that was good to look at but one that she wasn't sure she'd ever want to actually step through since going through would probably mean never coming back.

    "Oh, don't worry. You didn't doze off and miss a class again. I just dropped by so you wouldn't be staring up into the sky all by your lonesome self," Virie laughed, sitting herself down next to Kai. Even though Kai seemed to like his dream time, she took it upon herself to anchor him if only a little to where he was, here and now. In one sense, she wanted him to go out and do what he wanted to do but in another sense, she didn't want him to run off, never to return. The idea of him disappearing was a sad one that she didn't like to consider even though the thought sometimes crossed her mind now and then regardless of whether she wanted it to or not. He might not appreciate the peace and serenity of the Destiny Islands so much but she did. Peace was a nice thing... maybe so nice that even that in itself was sort of a dream.
  5. Kai listened, chuckling slightly at her half-hearted complaint, then drew in a deep breath and looked into the sky with a smirk. He was glad she came by.. the dreams were starting to get more and more vivid recently.. and more dark. Most of his dreams were fantastic and peaceful. Adventures with heroes fighting mystological beasts, stealing treasure from a pirate with a hook for a hand, and even flying on a magic carpet over a desert palace... but they were never dark, and never something for him to be concerned with.

    Now there was an addition to his dreams.. a smothering darkness that sweeps across the dreams he has and twists things into horrific creatures. And a pair of bright orange eyes that peer into your very if it knew all of your biggest fears and could bring them to life with a snap of the fingers...

    Kai had caught himself staring off into space and shook the daze from his head before wiping the sleep from his eyes. The he smiled up to her. "Yea, I guess it would get kind of boring if i didn't have you show up. dreams are nice.. but it's good to have someone to come back to, you know? By the way..."

    He trailed off and uncrossed his arms from under his head, pulling out a small black box with purple ribbon. "I thought i'd thank you with a gift."
  6. Virie almost tipped backwards in surprise but managed to keep herself from falling over. She wasn't used to receiving things too often, much less from anyone that wasn't her family.

    "For what?" she laughed, adding a little pause. How sweet. Kai was so much nicer to her than she deserved. Leaving the box in his hands, she leaned over and gently tugged on the ends of the ribbon and pulled it loose. Bundling it up, she pocketed it, deciding that it looked nice and could be put to better use than gift wrapping. If it was thin enough, maybe she'd even trade hers out for it.
  7. Kai sat up when she removed the ribbon but didn't answer her question. He didn't have a reason that he felt justified anything... just something inside him told him to do it, so he did (for once) do something he really wanted to do without being convinced. Truth be told, Kai wasn't the type to be sentimental, but this was different.

    He reached up his other hand and pulled the top of the box off to show a necklace seemingly made by hand. It was a shard of blue marble, carefully sanded down to what appeared to be half a star settled between an array of white thalassa shells on a black string. "Go ahead, take it."
  8. Virie hesitated for a moment, admiring the necklace before picking it up and fastened it around her neck. It was meticulously made, a simple ornament, nothing expensive or rare but it was a heartfelt one that she knew she'd treasure for a lifetime. Kai's design was a bit abnormal to most people but it seemed to suit him well. She couldn't figure out what that half star was supposed to mean... if there was any meaning at all. Kai sometimes did stuff that she couldn't really understand and wasn't sure if he really knew either but it was always well intentioned.

    "Its beautiful," she said, her cheeks tinging pink for a moment. She'd never known that Kai was that good with his hands. Sure, he was a lot more skilled than her but that wasn't saying a whole lot. Then out of nowhere, he'd come up with something that was far prettier than anything she could have come up with. Maybe that was because he had his head in the clouds all the time, giving himself all sorts of ideas. The thought brought a smile to her lips.
  9. The smile on her face was more than enough for him, and as she put it on he was satisfied to know that it looked better on her than he thought it would. Never thinking it would look bad but for a girl who was notoriously "common" save for her snow-white hair, she wasn't hard on the eyes.

    But Kai had no time to make googly eyes, this was his best friend after all, she was pretty, but he had no time for those kinds of thoughts when there was so many questions and adventures to think about. Still, the importance of the half star was something he'd keep to himself since it was perhaps more than he'd like to admit to. Since the gift had been given it was too late for regret, not that he did, but Kai had an image to keep up.

    "It's beautiful because you're wearing it, Virie." He complimented without thinking twice about it, then pushed to his feet and stretched his back. "How about we go to the beach and get some cake, a great day like this shouldn't be ruined by school, right? "
  10. "Haha... You're right," Virie answered, still a little red, leaving it a little ambiguous what she was referring to, maybe both. Happily, she dragged Kai off in the direction of the beach. Sure, they were basically going to skip but it wasn't like too many things on the Destiny Islands ever changed so one day wouldn't hurt them. Everyone did it now and then and nobody seemed to look twice as long as it was only occasional. Their lives were just that laid back. Plus, she couldn't really say no to Kai either. She had a hard time saying no to people in general and when it concerned him, it was especially hard. This time, she wasn't even going to try.
  11. "...Are you sure?" Came a voice form the shadows as the two ran off down the hill. It was young and feminine but had a noble bite to it that left almost anything said malicious of intent. "This place will be swallowed up you know.. How do we know she'll take the Dive... what if it just eats her?"

    "Now Jaq... have I ever given you reason to doubt my intentions?" Came the voice of another, or did it? The voice came and went like a memory instead of someone being physically there. It was cold and smooth to the ear, but was nothing but a whisper in the back of ones mind. A figment of the imagination at best. "She'll take the dive."

    The figure of a young girl manifested itself out of thin air on the top of the hill, her cloak long and white with billowing sleeves that dragged the floor behind her. Over the shoulders of her white cloak the sleeves were split to show the black shoulders and upper arm of the clothing worn under it. The hood of her cloak "Fine... We'll play with her at the beach..Bun-bun is going to have fun..."
  12. Virie managed to drag Kai all the way down to the beach. It wasn't hard at all other than the couple of times she half stumbled on the way there. She was a little clumsy like that but not to the point of complete self destruction. She'd even skipped the detour to get the cake, not really caring about the sweets as much as spending time with him, usually the highlight of her day. Without a clue of what was to come or even the slightest inkling of a sense of danger, she stepped onto the beach with Kai in tow, missing a sandal which had fallen off about twenty feet back but she figured she'd get it later.
  13. He followed behind her carefully, being nearly the complete opposite of Virie in that he was always athletic and remarkably sure footed for someone who spent all his time with his head in the clouds

    Kai took in a deep breath of the ocean air while raising his hands high up and over his head. He wasn't anymore worried about his lack of shoes or the jacket he'd left back on the hill in the park. All Kai ever lived in when he wasn't staring off into space was the Here, and Now. He always said planning ahead was for old people who lacked the taste for adventure, and thinking on the past was for those filled with regret.

    "Man! Just look at that horizon..." He said in awe, enjoying the beautiful colors of the reef and the sun shining down between the trees of the smaller island across the way where some of the kids played. One of them waved an oar, and Kai waved back before happening to glance down at virie's bare foot. "Cinderalla's lost her slipper it seems. Maybe your prince charming will bring it back to you, eh?" He teased, crossing his arms over his chest.
  14. "Lost sandal," Virie corrected Kai, laughing, "And maybe, even though it isn't made of glass."

    She had a half mind to tell him to go fetch it for her but didn't think she could stomach the jokes that would follow. It was about then that she noticed that Kai was missing a few things too but figured it'd be a waste to dwell on it. He'd never been one to sweat the little details and he probably wouldn't start now. The ocean breeze really was nice and the warm sand beneath her feet felt great. It was just like Kai to gravitate himself towards the horizon... the place where she was sure he'd always wanted to go to but he was no closer to it now than he'd been when she'd first met him. If she could reassure him that it was okay to go and follow his dreams at least for a while without her leaving the island involved, she'd have done it already. Really, she would have but she knew it wasn't possible and deep down, she really didn't want him to go off, disappearing for who knew how long at a time.
  15. "Yeah yeah, you're no fun." Kai grinned, placing a hand on her head as he did so. "I wish one day you could see the world as I see it."

    Suddenly..Kai was very still, it was only for the fraction of a moment when he looked off to the side at the water. Eyes just as bright as if he was still breathing, but should Virie try to listen, nothing was. The hole world had skipped a breath, for the sake of a young voice speaking into the back of her mind.

    "Is that... Fear in your heart?"

    The voice spoke, but then faded shortly before Kai looked back to her. "Oh! I just remembered we were supposed to get cake..."
  16. "Yeah, yeah. I know I'm dull," Virie laughed, only half serious. Kai might joke about it here and there but he never really saw her as dull. Otherwise, he wouldn't stick around her. Or at least she liked to tell herself that. She was pretty sure that was the case and preferred to believe it rather than sit there, wondering over phantom what ifs.

    "Ah, I totally forgot," she half lied. In reality, she'd remembered about halfway to the beach but had decided at the time that it wasn't worth breaking the mood to go back and fetch it. There were more important things.
  17. Kai gave Virie a strange look from the corner of his eye. Did he believe her? Sorta. Virie wasn't a liar, and when she did stretch the truth it was usually nothing big or important.. but he could tell when she did. The girl was a horrible liar, though she had a sort of convincing innocence about her that almost made you think it was impossible for her to do wrong.

    "You SAY that, but I don't think... Who's that?" Kai was cut off by the sight of a girl in white robes with her hood pulled down over her face. She stood almost perfectly still, and seemed to be watching them.
  18. Virie inwardly pouted, having been found out in an instant. There were a few things she was and many things she wasn't. Among them were the fact that she wasn't good at lying, even white lying and the fact that she was about as hard to read as an open book, only a mystery to the illiterate. Kai was most certainly not illiterate, especially when it came to her. Having noticed that something had grabbed his attention, she turned around and stumbled back away from the girl in white that had been just behind her. Sure, it was a beach but surely she couldn't be that oblivious to have not heard her walk up. Thinking twice, it came to mind that she didn't look like anyone from the islands that she knew and everyone knew everyone whether they liked it or not.

    "I dunno..." Virie said, right before stepping back and stumbling into Kai.
  19. Catching Virie in his arms, Kai was careful not to let her fall when she stumbled into him. then he protectively moved her behind him and raised an eye brow. "..Those robes..."

    The girl cocked her head to the side, swaying slightly as she looked upon Kai. "You're~ Kinda~...." But she trailed off with a smirk, looking directly into Virie's face. "So you're it, huh?"
  20. Virie stared at the girl in complete confusion, having no idea what was going on. She didn't have to look up to see that Kai had caught her but she did catch one thing. Kai seemed to recognize her... or at least her clothes. Maybe it had something to do with his dreams and stuff but that wasn't possible. It'd be way too coincidental and surreal.

    "I'm what?" she asked, balancing herself back upright.
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