Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or Bleach RP

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  1. I'm not looking to make an overlong list of RP's, not that I wouldn't love to, but to be realistic i don't have loads of free time and I feel that if i have too many rp's going on at once my posts will lack substance.

    That being said, I AM looking for a couple more rp partners/ friends to share a story with. Literacy isn't something I'm going to shun anyone for, but a love of rp and the ability to help drive the story forward is encouraged. No one liners please.

    My current interests vary so sadly I can't make a list for you but I can say I'm a HUGE fan of Fantasy/Adventure and I am looking for a Kingdom Hearts, Final fantasy, or Bleach RP.

    Interested? drop me a line.
  2. I'm very good with Final Fatasy7 can we do an RP of that? If not Bleach is fine too :3
  3. I'm good with Bleach. I can do some of the Final Fantasies and could probably do most of the ones I don't know with minimal research, same for Kingdom Hearts. What kind of story might you be looking to put out there?
  4. Haruto, I'm totally fine doing an RP for FF7, I'll have you know I don't often use original characters. I prefer to use a custom Cast and hijack the universe. Some exceptions can be made though.

    And Nevvy, Which are you most comfortable with? I'm just looking for something to feed my need for action/adventure with a damned good story to boot. The finer details can be thought out in PM's
  5. I can do any of the above. If you're going to just use the chassis and OC the rest, then I can do any of them. Researching the mechanics would only take a few minutes in the event that you did something like choose a FF I'm not familiar with. Bleach I know well and I have a decent enough grasp on KH.
  6. If it's going to be an original cast then let's go with bleach maybe. I don't think I'll do well with a final fantasy Au.
  7. Cool, thanks guys ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.