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  1. I've been in a fandom-y mood as of late, especially where Kingdom Hearts is concerned. I'm looking to do a romance rp either in a modern-fantasy alternate universe, modern alternate universe, or a slightly altered AU, meaning that I don't want to follow the original story from start to finish and, instead, keep the characters, the powers and possibly the dangers of Heartless and Nobodies while creating our own story around that. I will be playing an original character and I am looking for a partner to play one of the boys from the games listed here:


    I have something resembling a few ideas for the storyline, but nothing solid and would like to bounce off of my partner in order to get a full plot that we can both enjoy. I will not post them here, as I just want to see if anyone is interested to begin with before we start brainstorming.

    So, the rules are still the same: No one-liners, or two-liners for those of you trying to be funny, that will get you dropped instantly. I require at least two paragraphs in each post. Be active for this rp at least once a day, if nothing else. I do tend to start losing interest in an rp if my partner decides that they're not going to post for a while and not tell me anything about it and when I lose interest, I drift away and before you know it, I'll forget about the rp in general. With that said, if you feel that you won't be able to post for a couple of days or that you've just grown bored of the rp in general, please just let me know! That way I don't harass you and can move on to find a different partner. Grammar and literacy is important to me; I know we're not all perfect and that we may make a few typos, but let's not it a habit and avoid text speak, thank you.

    That's it for now. If anyone is seriously interested, please send me a PM. If you reply here, or ask ME to send YOU a PM, I will not respond. Thank you.
  2. Old idea I'm adding set, somewhat, in an alternate universe:

    In a world of magic and keyblades, Riku, a young 17 year old man, struggles with his inner darkness, always feeling more tainted than his best friends, Sora and Kairi. He has a certain command over dark powers, an ability that he wished more than anything that he no longer had as his power, and finds himself in constant turmoil, despite his friends reassuring him that just because his power was darkness, that didn't make him a bad person. He doesn't know any others like himself...not until a new student attends his school. She's lively and adventurous...and she has a certain control over the darkness herself. Riku is confused by this juxtaposition of her personality and her powers, feeling a certain allure around her that draws him to her, making him want to learn more. They meet and become fast friends, Riku looking to her for comfort when he begins to doubt himself again. Their love blooms, right as an enemy begins to rise.

    Or, alternately:

    The new girl is the one that struggles with her powers, not because she feels it strange to control shadows and demons within the dark, but because she really can't control them just yet. She's afraid to get much closer to anyone for fear that she will hurt them unintentionally, possibly even kill them. She meets Riku and feels a connection to him immediately, the girl becoming frightened that she'll harm him and thus tries to distance herself from him. He doesn't let her, though, knowing of her struggle, at least from his standpoint, and continues to pursue her, the both of them finding love and comfort in one another as their love story unfolds.

    So, those are my ideas, but if anyone is interested and would like to run an idea of their own by me, I would be happy to listen. I'm looking for a partner to play Riku and I would be playing my OC. No one-liners and be active at least once a day. A minimum of two paragraphs each post if you are interested in starting this with me. I do not discriminate against gender, so if there are any female rpers that know Riku and can play a convincing male, please, by all means, message me.

    With that said, if anyone is interested, just send me a PM. Do not respond here for I will not respond. Thank you for reading.