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    Ava - Daybreak Town Castle - Foretellers

    Most mornings in Daybreak Town were the same. On a typical morning, when the sun would rise to greet the pastel streets and spread its warm, inviting light to the citizens who lived there--all was quiet and peaceful. This morning, however, wasn't exactly a typical one; it was a Monday. And Mondays mornings, in Daybreak Town, weren't at all like most days of the week. The calm serenity of a peaceful sunrise, leaves blowing in the breeze, and birds whistling a morning tune was drowned out by the loud cheering of many voices. Banners hung in the streets and confetti fluttered through the air. All of this commotion was for one reason: The Ranking Parade.

    Ava, along with the other Foretellers, was one of the founders of The Ranking Parade. It was on this day that the Foretellers would tally up the amount of lux (light) that all of the keyblade wielders had collected from a hard week of doing missions and would announce the top five wielders who had collected the most lux for the entire week previous. These five were hailed as heroes, given great rewards, and paraded around town in celebration. But not only the top five wielders earned rewards; Everyone, so long as they had done some work, were rewarded for their efforts with munny and other prizes. Even the Unions as a whole were rewarded during The Ranking Parade. The Unions would be ranked from first place down to fifth place depending on which Union was the hardest working. The whole celebration in general was just a friendly competition.

    A prideful smile crossed Ava's lips as she thought about the Union rankings. For weeks now, her Union Vulpes, had been number one. She enjoyed being on top of the others, subtly gloating about it at times, but honestly wasn't happy with the way the other Foretellers treated her sometimes. She could hear their jealous words behind her back, mocking her and scoffing at her Union. Wasn't this whole thing supposed to be friendly competition?

    To make matters worse, rumors had even begun to surface that Ava and her Union were cheating. She absolutely hated that idea! It wasn't true! She was certain that either the other Foretellers or their Unions were making up these lies because they were jealous. While several of the Foretellers focused on their strength to help improve their Unions, Ava was more in-tuned with her wit. She came up with methods to help improve her faction that had nothing to do at all with cheating.

    As Ava thought these things, she watched the celebration from the balcony of Daybreak Castle--home of the Foretellers--with her fellow Foretellers by her side, just as it was about to begin. Their Chirithy were below, beginning to announce the top five wielders of the previous week...


    Inivi - Daybreak Town Castle - Foretellers
    She gritted her teeth so loudly that the individuals standing next to her could probably hear. With every name that was announced she grew more and more frustrated until a vein popped on her forehead--not visible beneath the mask she always wore. "As usual, they're all from Vulpes," Inivi hissed under her breath. It just wasn't fair. Every week the Vulpes Union basked in glory while her own Union, Anguis, remained overshadowed in third place. And week after week Inivi buried her feelings deep down, doing her best to keep her frustrations hidden.

    Inivi hid her feelings because she knew what the other Foretellers would say, and more importantly what her master, The Master of Masters, would say. Envy was a treacherous emotion that would only invite in the darkness. She needed to learn how to contain it, burry it, and smother it before its flames would rage out of control inside her. She was one of the Foretellers, after all. She needed to set an example for her Union.

    But still, how could she set an example for her Union when they could never climb higher than a measly third place on in the rankings?

    "No, it won't always be that way," she told herself. "I'm just being silly. This will be different this time."

    Inivi held her breath and clenched her fists waiting for the big moment where the Union rankings would be announced...

    "This weeks Union Ranking is..."
    Inivi hissed in anger. So much for trying to be positive! Yet again her Union was placed back in the shadows thanks to Vulpes. How could this be!? There had to have been a reason! Maybe... the rumors were true? Could it have been that Ava was cheating to make her Union come out on top every week? Yes, that must've been it! Ava always spent late nights doing secretive things behind the other Unions backs. Inivi had seen Ava sneaking out of the castle with her own eyes!

    But how would she make the others believe her? Nothing was going to change unless someone did something about it. Inivi was rather quiet and didn't like speaking in front of others, but if she was driven enough the Foreteller knew she could do it. Now was the time. She couldn't wait any longer for this to happen...

    Without saying a single word to the other Foretellers, Inivi suddenly leapt from the balcony where she stood and gracefully floated down to the ground where the celebration was happening.

    "Stop the celebration!" she demanded, her voice strong and full of fury. "I have something very important to say! The rankings board does not hold true information. One of our Union leaders has been cheating!"

    Sleepy - Daybreak Town Plaza - Inivi/Others
    Mondays were literally the worst days ever in the history of humanity. Waking up early after a nice, relaxing weekend of sleeping in and napping throughout the day was something Sleepy couldn't stand in the least. How did normal people do it? Not to mention, how did people not only wake up, but also manage to come to The Ranking Parade full of enthusiasm. So many people were standing around Sleepy, cheering with an amount of energy that just seemed inhuman.

    Up and down the busy streets she could just barely see these events under her droopy eyelids. Keyblade wielders were chatting and laughing. She could also see some of them sparring with one another, causing her to flinch every time their blades clashed together. It wasn't exactly one of the most inviting noises she wanted to hear so early.

    Sleepy could also hear the sound of moogle vendors talking to their customers as they sold their wares. Even in a drowsy state of mind she could still smell the food some of them were cooking. Their coffee, in particular, smelled especially pleasant. It was a shame such a drink caused her to get jittery otherwise she would've drank it more often. At least it would've helped her to stay awake a bit better.

    For the next several minutes, as the parade began, Sleepy found herself drifting in and out of a nap. She didn't have any friends or companions to help keep her awake, and her own Chirithy was too focused on the parade to say much of anything. Oh, how she wished it wasn't required for her to attend this event! Otherwise, she would've stayed at home and slept in...

    As time danced forward, however, Sleepy eventually heard the commotion of one event in particular that rose her from her drowsy stance. One of the Foretellers, from the castle above, leapt to the ground and confronted the Vulpes Union for cheating. Sleepy twitched and immediately pulled the hood she wore down over her face before taking a few awkward steps back. In truth, she was part of the Vulpes Union and honestly she really didn't like drama one bit. She most certainly didn't want to be involved in this!

    She quickly turned and rushed out of the crowd, just as their voices became unbearably loud. Everyone was beginning to argue so loudly that it was impossible to hear what the foreteller was saying any longer. Once Sleepy was certain the crowd wasn't paying any attention to her, she held up her starlight keyblade and opened one of the lanes between. She was getting out of here until the conflict was over!

    With the portal open, Sleepy rushed inside. Unbeknownst to her, however, when she went into the portal something decided to make its way out...
    A large hoard of emblem heartless soldiers crawled out of the portal and toward the crowd of bickering keyblade wielders. With any luck, maybe at least one of the wielders would turn their back to notice the more pressing matter that they needed to deal with...​

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  2. Lily-Daybreak town plaza-Inivi/Sleepy/Others

    Lily had been in a rather wonderful mood tgis morning, even though she claimed that she hated Mondays she just felt good today. She had set out to the plaza wearing some clothes recently baught as her long pigtails bounced behind her. But she stopped midstep and remembered that today was the ranking parade. This meant that there would be many other keyblade wielders around. Taking a deep breath she'd tried to look more elegant with her movements and seem more graceful and confident with her steps but might have cone off looking like a bowlegged chicken.

    Either way, she ended up at her destination, nearly tripping or bumping into some people here and there. She almost got distracted by the cute little Moogle vendors but decided that she'd wait until after knowing what the rankings were before spending any of the munny she was currently carrying on her.

    And then the rankings were revealed and Lily felt proud of her union. But it didn't last long until one of the Foretellers accused the Vulpes union of cheating. Lily frowned at this and turned to leave as an uproar was most likely going to happen when she suddenly noticed Heartless. The girl gasped before taking a fighting stance.

    "There's a horde of Heartless here!" the brunette called to anyone that bothered to listen, or any who could hear her over the noise. Whatever. Having her Three Wishes Keyblade in hand she was prepared for anything. Well, almost anything.
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  3. Stella Cross - Daybreak Plaza - Others Who Noticed The Heartless
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Takumi @Others going for the heartless

    Stella stood patiently at the Daybreak Plaza, despite having taken part of the Ranking Parade countless weeks now, she still felt a little nervous around such a loud and rambunctious crowd... Though it was nice to see that everyone was still in high spirits, even though the results where somewhat predictable; there was a good chance Vulpis would be crowned first place once more, but Stella was hopefull that the results might be different this time... She knew how hard her Union, and the other Unions had been working to try and surpass the Vulpis Union, but... Then again, the Vulpis leader, Ava was known for her cunning strategies, rather than relying on powers alone, unlike other Unions, so maybe they just needed to change their own priorities? She sighed, shaking her head, only time would tell if the Vulpis would finally have their winning streak broken by another team... But regardless, it was all just a friendly competition, right?

    As the rankings were announced, it seemed that the Vulpis Union was once again in first place... But, on the bright side, her Union; the Unicornis had won second place! Maybe next week they'd have a better chance? At any rate, she raised her keyblade in the air, attempting to muster up the courage to cheer on the Foretellers, hoping there wasn't any hard feelings amongst them about this whole thing... And then, it happened; one of the foretellers... Inivi suddenly jumped up, her voice was filled with an unusual amount of anger as she proclaimed one of the Union leaders were cheating... ... Stella had a feeling what was coming next, that they would say the Vulpis Foreteller, Ava, was cheating... She tried to speak up, tried to muster up anything to say... But, by the time she was even able to utter a word, it was too late... The commotion throughout the crowd grew louder and louder, drowning out any other noises for the time being; something was wrong... She could almost sense that things aren't quite the way that they seemed today. Her Chirithy was a little caught up in the commotion, but Stella seemed to have her attention focused elsewhere...

    She was scanning the crowds, looking for anything abnormal, any signs of darkness... And sure enough, she spotted it; a portal... And a large hoard of emblem heartless spilling out of it; were they the source of this chaos? Or were they simply drawn by the sudden commotion? She wasn't very sure how the portal got here, nor how the heartless got through, but she knew she had to do something... With a gentle motion, she nudged her Chirithy, quietly pointing towards the army of heartless descending upon the large gathering of bickering Keyblade wielders... They seemed to share a moment of silent, but mutual understanding before Stella suddenly summoned her keyblade, aiming to distract the group of heartless somehow, as she herself was standing in a more isolated spot in the crowd, so she figured she would have some room here to fight... Standing here wouldn't do the trick though, she had to draw their attention... Hmm... What did those heroes she read about in books do when they wanted to draw the attention of their foes... Oh! Right! They said something really catchy and cool!

    Stella cleared her throat, raising her keyblade above her head as she approached the army of Heartless quietly, before she suddenly took a deep breath, and shouted as loud as she could.

    "S... Stop right there!... Surrender or I'll... Um... I-I'll squish you like pancakes!"

    Well... That could have gone better, looks like she was better at the whole monologuing thing in her head than she actually turned out to be... But hopefully she managed to draw their attention as she had hoped to do. Her Chirithy gave her a reassuring smile, despite her little fumble with the words... At least there was that...​
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  4. Another beautiful day in Daybreak Town. And from an alleyway, half-hidden in shadow and from the crowd, a shady figure watched the proceedings. Far from being offended at victory from the Vulpes, he was more amused. If they did their job, did it matter in the end who took top space? No, the real fun was in the experience. In watching the different types and how they reacted. Sugar and spice, to fire and ice. And where smoke rose, you can bet fire wasn't far behind and having a party.

    As to how he looked, well it was an interesting if slightly darker keyblade wielder then was normally presented in the ranks.

    Mocha-colored skin, such as could be seen from the white collared shirt and old, silk overjacket a size too big peeked out from sleeves. The sleeves themselves were rolled up, revealing muscular arms that came from taking whatever job you could and shoveling coal into a steamboat since you were age six. When he smiled, there was a twinkle in his eye whenever the shades were gone and upon his head, a battered silk hat would rest at a cocky angle.

    Yes indeedy, this was going to be a great day.

    Especially when he heard the screaming. With a jaunty whistle, he stepped out of the alley and approached the source of the noise.
    He almost facepalmed before grinning as he stepped in between the two. Three wielders against the Heartless as in a voice smooth and creaking with the spirit of the Bayou, spoke.

    "Ten out of ten for effort, not so much for execution."

    And then in his hand, appeared the most strangest keyblade either had most likely seen. It was a keyblade, no doubt about it. Looking as though it was carved from bone, etched with emblems of snakes and skulls. A shrunken head dangled off the end of its keychain and moreover, it seemed...Strangely crafted. Its purpose unclear till he stepped forward, took a deep breath....And began to play, the wail of the trumpet crying loud and proud as he tapped his foot and unleashed his music, all of New Orleans locked within its notes.

    His toes began to tap and suddenly he was dancing, the beat of his music vibrating and filling the air as he spun, the tailcoats swishing as he skipped and hopped....And struck down with his keyblade in between breaths, turning battle into a dance.

    And wherever he aimed the trumpet as it wailed, the Fire spell would fire from the trumpet-keyblades mouth like a blunderbuss into the mass of shadows.

    Meet King 'Coal' Vance.

    And let the music enter your soul.~

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  5. Lady Cecelia, Daybreak Plaza, Heartless Fighters

    "Another Monday, another parade..." Cecelia said to herself. She seemed bored. Parades were a normal thing to her. From these parades held Monday in Daybreak Town, to Political and Military parades back in Ivalice. Cecelia was bored of parades. But, nevertheless, she still enjoyed seeing all the people. Community was a good thing.

    She wore the black dress she usually wore to celebrations. She looked at her Chirithy, dressed in its Judge Magister armor. It must be hot, wearing black plate armor. Cecelia was hot, and she was wearing normal clothes. A Long-sleeved black dress, very Victorian or Elizabethan in its design. Her light, almost ice blue hair was curled and draped around her shoulders and ran down to the middle of her back. Because of those reasons, she usually hung out in the shade and watched the parades over people's shoulders. She didn't mind. She'd seen lots of parades anyway.

    When it was announced that Vulpes may be cheating, Cecelia grew angry. As a Vulpes, Cecelia hadn't been cheating. Vulpes was a noble faction, and had earned its spot on the leaderboard fair and square. She didn't want to say anything or speak up for fear of retribution from the crowd. In the group of people around her, they started muttering. A few shouted, and some of them glared at her. Cecelia gripped her Keyblade, and began to bolt.

    She ducked into a nearby alley, hoping nobody saw her turn that way. She was fairly well known. After all, when a young woman arrives with a contingent of armed guards, it draws attention. People get curious. They ask questions. They want to know who she is, where she comes from, and why she arrived with armed guards.

    She came from Archadia. An Empire in the world of Ivalice. She was the daughter of a prominent Senator there. Recently, due to the war in Rozzaria, Anti-Senatorial sentiment had been brewing against the Senate as well as the Judge Magisters. People sent kidnap and death threats to her and her father. Riots almost broke out because of the invasion of Dalmasca.The military managed to put down the riots and anti-government sentiment eventually, but war was still ongoing, and the feelings were still there. And now, people were getting angry at Vulpes, Those on top. Blaming them for something they didn't do. People would get angry, and become violent. They would fight amongst themselves and blame each other until actual fighting between Unions broke out. Riots would start. Cecelia would be back home in Ivalice again.

    Plus ça change plus c'est la même chose, huh?

    Her Chirithy followed behind her. Cecelia ran deeper into the alley, until it connected with another alley. Then another. Forming a network. And then she saw them: Heartless.

    An ice spell appeared in her hands. "I'll take that one." She said, throwing a shard of ice towards a Heartless. In her right hand, she tripped her Keyblade tightly, almost to the point of white-knuckling. "Keep them away from the crowd. We don't want any collateral. That could make a bad situation worse."

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  6. Ophelia | Daybreak Town | Others Fighting the Heartless
    Ophelia was enjoying sitting under the shade of the buildings, watching the parade silently. To her, it didn't matter who was on top and who was on bottom. All of that meant nothing. No, it was the camaraderie that rippled among keyblade wielders that she loved. Making friends with the other people from other Unions, not just her own, was something she enjoyed. So what if her Union ended up in last place? She didn't mind, and she hoped others from her Union didn't mind either. It was a competition, yes, but competitions usually remained friendly with each other even if there was a commotion, right?

    A commotion did end up coming up and she groaned, quickly finishing her coffee and getting up. This didn't really happen, and no one knew whether or not one Union was cheating. But still, to accuse someone of cheating would incite violence, and all out brawl that wasn't meant to be. She wanted no part of it and pushed her way through the rowdy crowd that was getting even more worked up by the minute. Once she was free, she breathed a sigh of relief.

    Then she spotted the Heartless. Whipping out her keyblade as if it was second nature, she yelled at the others that weren't taking action to get a move on because there were more important things to worry about than the competition! She charged on ahead, hoping her message got through. Slice, slice, slice! "One down..." she murmured to herself as one Heartless faded away, leaving behind the spoils of war. She hoped others were alright as she fought on.​
  7. Kainé ~ Daybreak Town ~ Others Fighting The Heartless

    All the way up on the rooftop of a building, she watched as a bright celebration was immediately turned into a heated argument, which totally sucks. Who the heck goes and ruins the fun of the event like that? It didn't matter to her that there was a possible Union cheating, because Kainé found the whole experience venturing as a keyblade wielder fun in itself. Union ranking didn't matter. Cheating didn't matter. The adventurous soul just loved the thrill of it all, ignoring the commotion below.

    Yet, a little something caught her attention: emblem Heartless. Lots of them. Now this is going somewhere, and Kainé wanted to pitch in. Standing up from her seating spot on the rooftops, she summoned her keyblade, Lady Luck, and leaped down to the Heartless fray below. With a good number of them occupied by the other keyblade wielders working on the problem as well, Kainé definitely found her opening to start the Heartless cleanup. Aiming her keyblade's tip at the Heartless, a common wind spell was deployed, and up went a few of the Heartless into the air.


    Kainé waved over to the others, bearing that optimistic smile that she would always have on her face. As she was greeting them during the heat of a Heartless battle, the small number of Heartless that was launched into the air by her wind spell was falling down, down towards her direction. Of course, being the caster of the wind spell, Kainé was well aware of this. Clutching her keyblade tightly, she was ready to start swinging it around at the Heartless falling towards her direction.


    She swings once, and there goes one Heartless.


    Swish goes her keyblade, and a second Heartless is defeated.


    Slamming her keyblade down, another Heartless makes a loud thud to the ground, and it wasn't going to get back up.


    A thrust with her keyblade into the air, and you could say that she made a momentary Heartless kabob before it would disappear.


    Swinging her keyblade like a baseball bat, Kainé hits one Heartless good enough that she might as well have a home run!


    If she counted correctly, this should be the last Heartless incoming from the air due to her wind spell, and she would spin in place, smacking this last Heartless hard enough that it was down for the count. If there was one thing straight about Kainé, it was that she was one fast girl, and easily the reason why she stuck with the wind magic as it is. However, she totally miscounted, and there was one Heartless left over. Realizing this the last second, she was forced to the ground by this Heartless landing on her, but before it would do anything funny, Kainé launched this one off of her with her legs. Getting right back up, she would lunge after the launched Heartless, bringing her keyblade down on it to ensure that it was defeated this time around.

    "Whoops... I kinda miscounted there."

    A little embarrassing, but no problem to Kainé, she was just getting warmed up! Looking at the rest of the keyblade wielders and then to the Heartless, Kainé rested her eyes at the sight of the shadowy horde.

    "Soooo... who wants me to do that again, huh? Because I sure do want to try it again!"

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  8. Lily-Daybreak town plaza-others/Attack on Heartless

    Lily was glad that some people were helping, though one of the wielders had a strange method of fighting she didn't mind it all that much. Casting a fire spell at some of the Heartless headed their way and occasionally slashing if they got too close for comfort the girl moved with confidence

    Her Chirinthy stayed nearby once the fighting had started, watching her movements closely as well as the enemies. Though he stayed a safe enough distance away to not get ambused.

    Another girl came into the fray and boy was she fast but seeing her moves definitely gave her an idea. And as her imagination and brain did their thing she gave the newcomer a small grin.

    "If you throw some more up in the air I can hit them with a fire spell." she suggested.

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  9. Alan - Daybreak Town - People Fighting Heartless

    Alan was just walking, minding his own business, eating some ice cream, when he saw the Heartless fiasco. Well damn.

    Taking out his Treasure Trove Keyblade, Alan stuffed the ice cream in his mouth and prepared to fight until...

    "Damnit! Brain freeze!" Alan held a hand against the cold pain in his head.

    Well, he is going to fight later guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @everyone involved lol​
  10. [ Millicent // Daybreak Town Plaza // The Heartless Kerfluffle, or Whatnot ]

    Daybreak Town was not glitzy.

    This wasn't even an opinion, it was cold, hard fact. It was a nice town, yes. Certainly more put-together and clean than Traverse Town. The architecture was neat to look at. The cobblestones were smooth. The air was clean. So in whole, Daybreak Town was a very nice place to be, indeed--But it wasn't glitzy.

    This was probably a personal bias shining through. After all, she'd spent her entire life in Prankster's Paradise. Prankster's Paradise was full of neon and spinning lights and loud noises and glitter so thick it could choke a man. Prankster's Paradise was glitzy, and Daybreak Town wasn't. And when you lived an entire life in the midst of such gaudiness, working for an eternal clockwork and tempting and teasing the most weak-willed of boys, a place completely unlike it was...Soul-crushingly mundane.

    Not to say there weren't good things, of course. The parade was one of them. Millicent was in the middle of parade festivities (because of course she was), watching as confetti cheerfully fluttered down and Vulpes won. The fox-nation. Foxes were boring. She knew a fox. Honest John wasn't exactly anything to write home about, just a lesser conman. Unicornis had made second, though, and that was something worth celebrating, so Millicent figured. And not just because it was her personal section of choice and was clearly the superior option in this entire shindig. Because unicorns were awesome. End of story.

    Millicent would have probably remained enraptured in the parade, too, had she not...
    ...Heard something. What in the blazes was that noise? Her nose wrinkled upon hearing it, her head twitching over to the source of that sound. There were no street musicians in Daybreak Town. In fact, she'd only heard trumpets like this during...Puppet performances. Ooh, was there another? Distracted, Millicent pushed through the crowds towards the noise, brushing her tutu against many legs (and getting some residual glitter on some of them) without so much as one 'excuse me' uttered.

    Finally she made it outside of the crowd, having to take a moment to properly fluff herself up before looking up and getting a general grasp of the situation.
    Heartless. And a whole lot of them, too. Such was it around here. Couldn't they just get a break for a change, have some fun? She came here to go on fun world-travelling quests, not to just slay monsters all day. Siiiigh.

    But Millicent seemed to take one thing to heart: avoiding collateral. Seeing how she was already on the crowd's outskirts (and therefor on the battle outskirts), the summoned her own Keyblade--So adorable, with a little heart for a blade, she loved it--And began to engage in her own sort of battle style, slicing at any sneaky stragglers that slipped by the other warriors.

    A twirl. A swipe. A leap. A stab. A bow, and a dip, and then another lop of her blade.

    It was like watching an intricate dance.

    And inadvertently, it was to that trumpet tune that summoned her in the first place.

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  11. Mortimus | Plaza of Daybreak Town | Others Fighting the Heartless

    Why, in the world, was "I hate Mondays" even conceived as a phrase?

    With Mondays like these, how can Mortimus make enemies? Everyone was clearly having fun in the celebration, and it certainly excited him that so many people gathered in one brightly-colored town for this one parade! Of course, he was right in the thick of it as well. He didn't really mind it much that his Union came in fourth (though it was clear he'd have to work harder to rank higher, which sounds like a huge pain), because he felt that as long as people enjoyed themselves, that was the most important thing, right? Much more important than some silly competition. But what did he know? He doesn't butt heads with people the way a few of the Foretellers do.

    Mortimus was more of a selective kind of person with doing missions, and that could mostly be attributed to his high need for fun. If the mission wasn't fun? They could forget about it. His attention needed to be focused on enjoyment for him to complete them, or else there was no deal to be had. Manual labor in an environment too stuffy to breathe? No action? Clearly someone else was better suited. At least Daybreak Town could sate his desires-- Neverland just slowly began to get stale no matter how hard he searched to find something new-- and even then, 'new' just classified as 'slightly different from the same thing'. Now, joining the Union Leopardos, he could finally get something fun out of it. Sure, Vulpes won first place once again, as they always do, but was that really unexpected? All the other Foretellers really need to do is seek out the most fun-loving wielders and before they knew it, they'll be knocking Vulpes down from their long-standing winning streak in no time. Until then, civil discussions between them will have to suffice. Well, he supposes 'civil' was the word for it, but he's only being nice here.

    And speak of the devil, one of the Foretellers-- if he was correct, it was the Anguis one-- jumped up and screamed bloody murder about the Vulpes Foreteller cheating. When that happened, most of the crowd stopped having fun to pay attention to her. Nice. Just great. Couldn't this wait after the celebration, and not during it? Sighing, Mort simply nudged himself out of the group of people to find some place to sit until the discourse ended. He just couldn't understand why the fun had to end so soon. Couldn't something else happen to give him a reason to move his feet and enjoy himself some more?

    ..Heartless? Now there was a reason! Gosh, that devil sure loves speaking out in chance moments, doesn't it? Mortimus quickly turned around and ran over to the direction of the voice, having the most frighteningly frivolous look on his face. In the distance, he heard a distinguishable female voice. One that..

    ..Could really work on her threats, to be frank. Augh, all he was hearing was the sounds of battle, and not seeing the actual people fighting at this rate. Was he really that far away from fun whenever it started up? Either that, or he was just painfully slow. If that was true, he still had a long way to go. And then, a few other voices popped up once he was further away, now at the general outer ring of the crowd.

    Yep, he was definitely getting closer! And things started getting really crazy with a sudden gust of wind, no doubt a spell cast by another keyblade wielder and ooooooh, there they were! He could see a few emblem Heartless sent up in the air and then taken out by the wielder in question, which is an all-too-clear hint that he was on the right track. Gearing up to be a part of the defense team, he summoned his keyblade and held onto the grip with both hands, carrying it behind him as he ran, getting ever closer to the group..

    ..And he suddenly slipped on something.

    Before he could react, Mort found himself sliding on his knees, looking back during the moment he zoomed forward. A bottle of water. Someone spilled it during the chaos. Though he panicked because he was definitely going to crash into something with this speedier pace, he tried keeping calm. Maybe some space will be cleared when he's seen, and traction will finally do his job.

    Well, until he saw a Heartless right in front of him, while the other keyblade wielders were fighting off hordes from all sides. Well, works for him-- at least he could begin his defeat count.

    "Waaaaaait, that one's mine! I saw him first-- Gah!"

    Suddenly, while Mortimus tried adjusting himself in his predicament, as the distance closed between him and the Heartless ahead of him, he swung his keyblade upwards at the right moment, just as he realized he didn't have much time to think. When that happened, he managed to take it out in one blow.. But he ended up throwing his keyblade, and the momentum from both the killing swing and Mort sliding ahead caused him to launch up in the air, spinning for a moment before he landed.. humorously, in a manner similar to that of an ice-skater, with hands outstretched and one leg out behind him, no less. It wasn't too long before his keyblade (yes, he somehow managed to outpace his keyblade in the air as well) sailed in an arch and into one of his hands, making for a rather.. over-the-top entrance. Planting the end of his keyblade onto the ground to ruffle his hair with an exhilarated chuckle, he looked around.

    "Heh.. So, has the fun just started? If so, it's a good thing I'm early!"

    [ @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Takumi @york @Gummi Bunnies @Ringmaster @chaosheart13 @Minerva @Others ]
  12. Ophelia | Daybreak Town | Everyone involved with the Heartless
    It was an all out brawl that became a whirl of confusion for the keyblade wielder. Ophelia didn't need to look around to see that others had taken up the call, which was great. She wasn't used to having others fight alongside her. At least, not as many as the ones that were currently fighting the Heartless. But enough of that, she had a job to do and she will not let these Heartless hurt innocent people!

    She ducked and whirled in the throng of Heartless, determination written on her face. With each Heartless she slayed, she gained more lux that would be used for...something. She either didn't remember what they were used for or the higher ups never told anyone what they were for. Still, she was more than happy to collect lux for the Unions, collecting for any Union being fine with her. But she did choose Ursus for a reason, one that wasn't currently on her mind as she hacked and slashed her way through the crowd. "Is everyone alright?" she called out to the nearest keyblade wielders.​
  13. Kiso and Yavis-Daybreak Town Rooftops- Each Other

    The strange festival that seemed to happen far too soon had returned again, the loud noises, the bright lights and the large crowds that seemed to stretch endlessly throughout Daybreak Town. He couldn't deny the energy in the air was infectious but the noise he could do without. He missed the desert though judging from his clothes and hair he brought most of with him from Agrabah. Standing atop one of the rooftops Kiso stared down at the large crowds, arms crossed over his slightly exposed chest and a finger tapping on his arm. He had been training before he came here and if not for his Chirithy informing him of the event repeatedly throughout the day he more than likely would have tried to avoid it. However all the jobs he had been doing led to this day so he wasn't 'allowed' to miss it, even though he didn't really care about the rankings, it was too complicated for him to keep up with. He barely knew the names of the other unions, all he knew was the fox one won all the time.
    "So why are we standing on this roof again," Yavis said breaking their very long silence.
    "....I always stand on roofs."
    Kiso's voice came in a low tone, an almost loud whisper which made Yavis shake his abnormally large head and point down at the crowd with his nub, he then pointed at another rooftop where another person was standing before pointing right back at him.
    "The crowd is down there, you're not being all broody alone which defeats the point, and on top of that-"
    Yavis cut himself off as Inivi their leader floated down into the crowd, Kiso's eyebrows arched wondering what she had to say, she was pretty quiet so he didn't see why she was trying to draw attention to herself. They had lost again so shouldn't that Fox lady have something to say? Hearing her actually speak Kiso's eyes widened slightly as she accused Vulpis of cheating, his eyes moved to the crowd after all and it started getting ugly really fast.
    "...does it really matter?" Kiso asked Yavis.
    "Probably but far as I know Vulpis is pretty fair."
    "I'll go tell her that," Yavis said walking forward.
    "Oh yeah go tell our leader that she's wrong and Vulpis isn't cheating!"
    "That's what I'm doing."
    Kiso stepped off the ledge casually falling towards the streets arms still crossed over his chest, Yavis groaned before he heard a loud crash from below, floating over he looked down to see Kiso lying in a mess of garbage cans and thrown out pieces of fruit. Yavis supposed he should have told him they were down there but Kiso wasn't going to learn to look before he leaped without some hard lessons. He started to reprimand him again when he noticed heartless in the center of town and wielder attacking them.
    "H-heartless! Where'd they come from! Kiso there's-"
    Yavis ended up cutting himself off seeing Kiso was already running towards the heartless, a loud groan escaping from him he flew after his wielder mumbling under his breath.
    Kiso and Yavis- DayBreak Plaza-Everyone Fighting Heartless

    Running up to the others fighting he eyed the heartless seeing flourishes of attacks and heartless falling one by one, there seemed to be plenty of people fighting but he figured the more people helped the faster they'd be defeated, besides someone might get hurt if a heartless got their hands on someone. With a small nod he held his arm out calling forth his keyblade...except nothing happened causing him to pull his arm back and stare at his hand. Blinking a few times he didn't pay attention to a heartless running at him as Yavis floated over to him quickly pointing in the creature's direction.
    "....can't summon it."
    "'ve practiced it constantly, why in battle can you not do it!"
    "....abracadabra....hocus pocus...Bibidi....moogle."
    At the last word the keyblade manifested in his hand and turning he made a strong horizontal cut destroying the heartless in one swipe, raising his body he spread his feet shoulder length apart and raised his left hand towards the heartless.
    "...I'll help you fight..."
    "It's not summoned by words, how many times do I-"
    Ignoring his Chirithy Kiso sprinted forward and each time he neared a heartless he stomped his foot down and with large single swipes sent them flying in different directions their body dissipating as they slammed into buildings and lampposts.
    "We're avoiding collateral damage not making more! Pay attention where you're attacking!"
    Turning Kiso switched his footing and made a quick horizontal swipe sending one flying high into the air to stop Yavis from yelling at him before spinning his keyblade in his grip his gaze moving to the other wielders. One was dancing, another playing battle music, and he watched spells fly through the air and keyblades flourishing through the air. It was never boring watching Keyblade Wielders fight, though he didn't get the chance to fight with others that often, he was going to enjoy it.
    "...I'm fine," he said to the one who questioned their well being. "Focus on the fighting..."
    " did the heartless even get here in the first place." Yavis questioned hovering above the battle. "Behind you!"
    Kiso swung in keyblade behind him cutting apart a heartless the diamond shaped ice on the end dancing with the movement of his blade before he walked towards the crowds of heartless to continue helping his fellow wielders, paying no mind to the heartless approaching him from behind.
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  14. Ephemera - Daybreak Town Plaza - Those fighting the heartless
    Monday morning started off the way it usually did for the young, messy-haired wielder. He would wander into Daybreak Town Plaza, buy himself some ice-cream, and look around for Skuld and his other friends while waiting for the parade to start. He was competitive by nature, so he secretly wished that one day his Union would make it to the top. He wasn't so competitive, however, that he allowed himself to become angry if his Union remained in second place. In his opinion, the whole thing was just fun and games. It didn't matter who won in the rankings, the most important thing was gathering lux for his Union. Still, he had to admit he would've loved to be one of the lucky wielders who got to participate in the parade and earn some of those rewards.

    Anyhow, Ephemera strolled through Daybreak Town, holding a bar of ice-cream in one hand while his other hand rested on the back of his head. Nonchalantly, his bright blue eyes scanned the crowd in hopes of spotting someone to chat with. "Hm, now where could they be?" he said to himself. It was so loud and crowded on Mondays that finding his companions was always a chore.

    Before he could locate his companions, however, Ephemera let out a gasp and dropped his ice-cream--startled by the booming voice of a foreteller who had jumped down from the castle below. "Oh, too cool!" he exclaimed, always one to be impressed by the powers their leaders held. He didn't have time to admire Inivi long, however, as the words that sprouted from her mouth surprised him. Ephemera frowned and ran a hand through his gray hair, letting out a sigh. "Oh, jeez, I can't believe--"

    His own words were cut off when he heard commotion and shouting somewhere outside the crowd. Apparently, heartless were on the loose. "Uh oh!" he cried, whipping out his starlight keyblade with a flash of light. "I'd better go help out! Uh, and see if I can find Skuld." He worried for his friend since she wasn't exactly the most powerful keyblade wielder he knew.

    Inivi - Daybreak Town Plaza - Ava/Those fighting the heartless
    The Anguis Union leader cursed under her breath when it seemed that mere moments after she had given her announcement, a distraction erupted: Daybreak Town was under attack. The jealousy in her heart almost wanted to convince the female that maybe Master Ava had found a way to bring the heartless into town to distract the others at just the right time, thus sparing the wielders from hearing more about what she had to say in regards to the Vulpes Union cheating. It seemed like way too much of a coincidence.

    As much as she wanted to sort out these matters, however, she couldn't for the moment. What kind of foreteller would she be if she didn't aide the other wielders when they needed it most? Inivi immediately went into action, dashing through the crowd and homing in on a heartless. She drew her blade and swung it at the creature, dissolving it instantly with a single touch. "Hmph, just a weakling," she said to herself, quickly running off to find more heartless to battle.

    To her surprise, she found a hoard of heartless toppling up on a screaming keyblade wielder. Inivi killed one of the heartless and noticed who they were attacking after she did so. Her eyes widened as she viewed one of the other foretellers. "Ava."

    "Thanks!" Ava cried, reaching out toward Inivi for more help. "Please... I-I can't get them off me!"


    Maybe if I'm lucky, they'll take you down and spare me of your wretched presence.

    Inivi turned her back on Ava and rushed off, pretending as if she had never even noticed the other master. She had better things to do than to waste her time saving a cheater!

    Ava - Daybreak Town Plaza - Inivi/Ephemera/Others
    All seemed right with the world as Master Ava stood on the castle balcony with the other foretellers until something peculiar happened. Without explaining herself, Inivi suddenly leapt from the balcony and onto the ground, accusing Ava's Union of cheating. The foreteller's mouth fell open in a gape, shocked by Inivi's accusation. To further surprise her, seconds after Inivi spoke the other foretellers turned and looked at Ava--almost as if they believed her!

    "W-What are all of you looking at me like that for?" she questioned, cupping her hands over her heart. "I wouldn't cheat! Master Inivi must be confused."

    Before Ava or any of the other foretellers could speak another word, chaos erupted in the streets. Foreteller Ira, one of the more level-headed masters, stepped forward and placed a hand on Ava's shoulder. "That is a serious accusation Master Inivi has made. We'll have to talk about it later. For now, it appears as if we have a heartless problem in the streets below." He turned and looked to the other foretellers. "I suggest we all go down there and help them out. This is our home. We can't let darkness take it."

    Agreeing with him, the other foretellers jumped off the balcony to the streets below. Ava, although hesitant, followed a moment later. Where she landed, however, turned out not to be the safest of areas. She landed right on top of a heartless hoard that wasn't exactly happy to see her. The hoard surrounded Ava, quickly piling on top of her. The Master let out a cry for help, which was immediately responded to when a wielder struck down one of the heartless. To her surprise, however, this wielder just so happened to be none other than her accuser, Inivi. Ava could hear Inivi mutter her name afterwards, not sounding very pleased.

    "Thanks!" Ava cried, reaching out toward Inivi for more help. Even if Inivi was upset with Ava at the moment, she saw no reason why one of her comrades, someone she thought of as a sister, would ever refuse to help her. "Please... I-I can't get them off me!"

    But, apparently, Ava had placed a bit too much faith in Inivi. To her utter shock, Inivi turned her back and walked away. Ava could feel her heart sink in her stomach, beginning to panic. "Inivi! Inivi, please! P-Please help! Do something!"

    Ava dropped to her knees. Her cries were in vain. Just as Ava feared she would be swallowed by the heartless, she heard another familiar voice laugh nearby. All of the heartless around her vanished and she looked up to see Ephemera standing over her. He smiled and offered her a hand.

    "Need some help?"

    Ava was a bit flustered that a newbie keyblade wielder had been the one to help her out, but she accepted his assistance nevertheless. She grabbed his hand and he helped her stand up. "Thanks, Ephemera," she said, finally drawing her own keyblade. "I'll be able to fight much better like this."

    Ephemera laughed at Ava, shaking his head.

    "Hey! Why do you keep laughing at me?" the foreteller exclaimed, puffing her cheeks out slightly.

    "I just think it's funny that a master like yourself so easily got buried alive by heartless. You should be more careful next time." He turned, moving to head away from her.

    "Where are you going?" Ava called out to him.

    "I'm looking for a friend of mine. I can't find her, so maybe her other friend knows where she is. I need to make sure she's safe," he called back. Ephemera rushed to find Stella, hoping she would be able to help him out.

  15. The laughter from King was a rolling, rich sound. It came from the heart and was as musical as the rest of him, as he spun and slashed looking at this lady with a beat in her feet. A space cleared, he snapped his fingers in time, setting the beat.

    "Haha! And a-one, and a-two."

    Music was everywhere, but it came mostly from the heart. It was in the rhythms of his fellow-keybladers swings, of the impact of their stomp on the ground and the cry of magic in the air. And if you could sense it, feel it? You could direct it.

    And with a battlefield as his backup, King began to play once more. The trumpet wail turning everything into an impromptu number. Every hit and every smack as he set the beat.

    "Shoo-ba-boo, ba-ba-doo, ba-ba-dee, daba-da-ba-do-waa! Weeee-bop! Weeee-doo! Yeah!"

    @Heartless Fight @Lissamel
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  16. Sleepy - Daybreak Town Plaza - Alan/Others
    As the sneaky little wielder tried to make her getaway all the way through the portal, Sleepy found herself flung back out of it. She instantly fell backwards, her bottom and then spine hitting against the colorfully paved streets of Daybreak Town with great force. "O-Okay, I pictured that going differently in my head. Oooooh my back!" she groaned, rolling onto her side. "I don't even feel like getting up now. Maybe I'll just lay here," she mumbled, rolling back onto her back before sprawling out on the ground.

    Poofing beside her, Sleepy's Chirithy appeared, giving the lazy teen a swift kick on the arm. "Oh no you don't! Get up! I didn't fling you out of that portal just so you could lay on the street and take a cat nap. You need to get up, draw your weapon, and help the other wielders," he scolded. "Besides, if you just lay here you're going to get trampled. There's a battle going on all around you!"

    Heaving a heavy sigh, Sleepy glanced over at her Chirithy, a frown forming on her lips. "Oh, so it was you who flung me out of that portal?" she questioned, not moving an inch. "I know there's a battle going on out here. That's exactly why I tried to get out of here. I'm not interested in fighting. It's Monday morning and I'm tired. It's way to early for this," she complained, yawning shortly afterwards. She closed her eyes seconds later. "I'm not moving. I need a nap."

    Sleepy's Chirithy kicked her arm again a few times, quite unhappy with her master. "That's not fair to the other wielders! You can't just let them do all of the work!"

    Sleepy opened her eyes and groaned. "I bet not all of them are working. Like..."

    She glanced around, spotting a young man who was dancing around holding his head. "See that guy over there? He isn't fighting. He's just holding his head. I'm not the only one who doesn't really want to fight right now."

    "That girl is dancing!"

    "And this guy is playing music."

    Her Chirithy heaved an exasperated sigh. "Yes, but they are fighting."


    "Okay, at least, the graceful girl and the musical guy are fighting. Don't make that guy who has brain freeze your example."

    Sleepy shrugged. "All the same, I'm not moving from this spot." Sleepy continued to lay where she was until...
    ...a wielder who was making her rounds walked toward Sleepy and stepped right on her face. "Ack!" Sleepy exclaimed. "W-Well, I was okay before I got stepped on."

    "Well, you wouldn't have gotten stepped on if you actually had been on your feet, helping everyone fight," the Chirithy pointed out.

    "O-Oh, hush you," Sleepy scolded her Chirithy.

    Out of all the Chirithy in the worlds, why did she have to end up with the sassy, responsible one?

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  17. Alan - Daybreak Town - Sleepy/Heartless fighters

    Soon, the brain freeze faded away.

    "Alright, time to finally get serious." Alan said as he finally got around to finally attack the Heartless roaming around.

    SMACK he hits one, THWACK one more gone, BAM combos one, WACK chain hit em'.

    It seems that Alan is hitting them in rhythmic style, letting his power build in between each hit.

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @others​
  18. [ Millicent // Daybreak Plaza // Fighters, mostly King Viance and Mortimus ]
    And a-one, and a-two, a sis-boom-bah...

    Swing hop slide, one two three, shuffle to the left and twirl to the right, hi-diddly-ho, and thank you sir I'll have another!

    Millicent had no idea what kind of music this was. Maybe that was because Stromboli had a very particular style that he always wanted the carnival to adhere to, and the music always followed suit. Or maybe it was because, unbeknownst to her, the year was always roughly nineteen-forty in Prankster's Paradise. Nevertheless she felt this rhythm, and while she had always fancied herself something of a dance battler (it was pretty, and also a good way to show off her own talents in speed), it was nice to have a beat under every movement.

    "Doo-wop, she-doo...~"

    Twirl, stab, hop, stab, bend over backwards and wink at a Heartless before lopping them on the head. While Millicent may not like battling (sooooo annoying, when there were worlds to see and sparkly treasures to collect), making battling into a performance was something else entirely. Stromboli would have been proud of her. Maybe. If he didn't put so much stock into his marionette shows.
    She even paused to bump her hip onto this little dramatic drink of water, getting some glitter onto him, but not staying long. Hey, it was his fault for standing in the middle of the fray like a rock. And besides, of the fighters here, he was the only one that struck her as the particularly gullible type. Maybe if they ever had to go back home together, she could convince him to play some games...

    She turned a cartwheel, gleefully ending another Heartless' life when she landed back on her feet, feeling the music in every inch of her bloodstream.

    [ @All Fighters @Ringmaster @Arcadium ]​
  19. Stella - Daybreak Town Plaza - Ephemera/Others
    @Klutzy Ninja Kittly @Others?

    Stella seemed a little uncertain if her attempt had worked... Until most of the heartless army suddenly broke away from their movements towards the Keyblade weilders, distracted by the efforts of others who had noticed them... Though she could see a good number of them coming her way already, she looked around for Skulld, or anyone familiar nearby, but there didn't appear to be anyone approaching yet, beside her Chirithy, who was always by her side. As the heartless advanced towards her, closer and closer... She knew she had to fight... And so, she squinted her eyes at the closest incoming heartless, concentrating... Soon, she could feel an almost overwhelming spirit to fight welling from within her; it was this very feeling that had guided her through each and every battle... And so, she raised her keyblade, preparing to engage the incoming Heartless.

    Her instincts seemed to handle the rest from here... Before she knew it, she was hacking and slashing at the incoming heartless... Her techniques quickly growing more and more complicated as the Heartless began to swarm around her... Simple slashes to the left and right became fierce jabs as she dove in and out of the Heartless ranks, trying her best to keep them at bay as she slowly started to thin their numbers... Though it quickly became obvious her attacks with her keyblade alone wouldn't work; after all, she had chosen Magic as her strongest Skill, but how was she supposed to find the chance to cast a spell at this close of a range? Hmm, and suddenly she realized just the perfect spell for this... Aero; it took her only a few moments to find the concentration she needed to gather up a sudden, strong gust of wind... Swirling around her like a small scale tornado for a moment, pushing back, and even finishing off some of the already damaged heartless...

    She would have to restore her mana soon though, even with magic being her strong suit, she wasn't sure how long she could keep this up before her mana was nearly gone... And she would have to find an opening to restore her mana, but, the heartless wouldn't keep coming for THAT long, would they?

    Luckily, she wouldn't be facing the Heartless alone as Epherema would find her in the middle of a battle with a large amount of Heartless, a look of surprise, as well as relief, to a lesser degree crossed her face as she saw the Foreteller of her own Union approaching, though from what she could gather... It was likely he was looking for Skulld, but she wouldn't know for sure until he asked... Though unfortunately, Stella wasn't too sure where her friend had gone either... Not while she was occupied with the Heartless that is.


    Skulld - Daybreak Town Plaza - Anyone

    Skulld had a rough start to her day... She was late to the ranking parade! Or, at least not early enough to get a good spot in the gathering, but at least she could still see Ephemera from here, whenever he stepped out onto the castle balcony that is, though unfortunately she wasn't next to Stella this time, like she used to be. Oh well, at least she knew where to find her after this parade was over; in the Daybreak Town Park, probably on a branch... If she wasn't off on a mission or something. However, she figured she would say hello to Ephemera first... Give Stella some time to brood maybe, a little habbit she noticed Stella had developed ever since her arrival here. It wasn't long before the ranks were displayed up on the board, and surprise surpise... Vulpis was first place... Again. Skulld sighed, would their Union be stuck in second place forever? Before she had time to sulk though, one of the Foretellers suddenly sprung up... Suddenly beginning to loudly proclaim that one of the Foretellers had cheated... And the Foreteller was no other than... Inivi?

    It seemed eerily out of character for her, Inivi was usually alot quieter than this... Was this how she usually acted, and Skulld had just not been paying enough attention? Or... Did something in her snap? A confused look crossed Skulld's face, this wasn't making sense... She held her head almost comically, as if she were trying to contain her own thoughts somehow, before she eventually shook her head from side to side... Maybe she should-... ... She wasn't even able to finish that last thought; she cought a black mass moving in the corner of her eye, she spun around suddenly, drawing her keyblade instinctively... Sure enough, there was a swarm of heartless coming towards her, though she heard the faint sound of Stella's voice as she shouted some half-baked one liner, hmm, maybe it was for the best that she wasn't close enough to hear what she had said... But, she knew facing the Heartless army alone was practically suicide, so, she realized the best course of action was to find Stella...

    Skulld turned to the rough direction she heard Stella's voice from, and took a deep breath as a hoard of Heartless charged towards her... Before she made a mad dash towards where she heard Stella's voice, shouting at the top of her lungs.


    Her shout rang out across the Town Plaza, though it was somewhat obscured by the commotion already going on as she tried to fight her way towards the direction Stella's voice had come from.

  20. Ophelia | Daybreak Town | Sleepy
    Ophelia was moving quickly in the crowd of Heartless. She had to keep moving, just had to before she became overrun by them. That, she was not looking forward to. Oh, she hoped others were alright! She couldn't help but hear someone singing through it all. Who was that? Well whoever it was, the beat sounded catchy, perhaps others would partake in it too? She could sort of see that.

    And then she squished her foot against something soft. She yelped and looked down to find she had stepped on a person. "Oops, sorry!" she apologized, eager to help the girl up, "I didn't mean to step on you like that. I'm Ophelia, by the way." Enough introductions, there was Heartless to defeat. She glanced back up and quickly moved as a Heartless nearly pounced on her. "No you don't!" she cried as she ended the Heartless' life.​
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