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Peace. That is what had been achieved in the part of the universe that Sora's journey had touched. While this part was probably just a tiny part compared to the much more significant whole, it was still peace. With the creation of the World Defense System, or WDS, 50 years ago that peace could finally be taken to other worlds. It would weaken, or even defeat, Heartless, Nobodies, and even Unversed in the worlds without the denizens ever knowing of their existence or being affected by their existence.

Thanks to the work of the World Defense Committee, or WDC, the influence of the WDS has been expanded to beyond just the worlds that Sora touched. Thanks to this, more worlds were beginning to become protected from the various threats. It was a slow expansion sure, but the WDC eventually figured that they would be able to speed up the expansion of the WDS' influence. It was what they were striving for.

On a day like any other, as most stories begin, Mickey was upon his throne, talking with Queen Minnie. As he did so, the smaller door at the bottom of the gigantic doors that lead into the throne room burst open. A duck was running in with great speed, his feathers ruffled as he was quite flustered.

"Your Majesty, there's been an emergency!" the Court Mage Donald Duck called out to the king, his rather obnoxious voice echoing to every part of the throne room.

Mickey, obviously quite alarmed and concerned by his good friend's outcry, stood up from his throne and strode to meet Donald somewhat midway in the Throne Room. "What is i--"

Before he could even finish though, Donald grabbed his wrist with one of his own feathery appendages. "Its the WDS, you need to see this right away!"

With this, Mickey was quickly dragged out of the throne room to the secondary, slightly more accessible, computer room within Disney Castle that was located in the now much larger library. The two of them, Goofy, and Chip and Dale were looking over some recent footage that the WDS had spotted.

"The strange signature only appeared for a second, but some of the Heartless are showing signs of not being affected at all!" Spoke one of the chipmunks.

Mickey looked at the screen, examining the various bits of data presented to him. "And you're sure its nothing we have ever seen before?"

Goofy nodded. "A-hyuk, thats correct your majesty. Of course, it could also be a malfunction to".

"That's what I hope it is Goofy... as that would be alot easier to deal with, but with this present on multiple worlds... it is definitely no coincidence".

"What should we do?" Donald now turned towards Mickey, ready to carry out any assignment needed.

"We need to try and request the help of the new Keybladers the WDS found. In the end, we need to deal with these immune heartless... Donald, go speak with Merlin. He should be able to use his magic to more easily summon and contact them".

With Mickey's request, Donald gave a salute and left the room. They needed the help of the Keybladers. While Mickey knew of three, including himself, one of them was out away in a different world and the other was just one person who couldn't be in three worlds at once, the newest recruit to the WDC, Tidus. As for himself, he figured he would tend towards the Defense System more personally through its power source. Of course he was willing to go if needed, but right now he needed to scan the system to see if a hands on scan could help.

After about several hours the preparations for calling and summoning the new Keybladers was complete. A special letter would be sent out to each of them. It would either appear in their mailboxes, if they had any, or be delivered to them via other means whether its just being on the ground where they could easily find them or be passed to them through other means.

When the Keybladers in these other worlds managed to get the letter and examine it the letter was addressed to them as their name was on the front of the envelope. The letter's contents read as following.

Dear (The Recipient's name would be here),

You may not be aware, but there are other worlds out there. There are as many worlds as there are stars in the sky, the amount being something that no one person could ever count. A long time ago, the worlds were plagued by a threat known as the Heartless, creatures that come from the darkness in peoples hearts. While the major threats of these creatures has been brought down, they still plague worlds to this day.

As such, to protect the worlds, a system called the World Defense System, or WDS, was created about fifty years ago. It is a system meant to defeat the Heartless that plagues the worlds and help us monitor them, but its reach was limited. Now though it is expanding its reach to many different worlds, your world being one of them that entered its protection about two years ago.

The purpose of this letter is that I need your help. The WDS also has another function. To find wielders of a weapon known as a Keyblade, a special weapon that is the best means of permanently subduing the Heartless, since when defeated through any other means they will just appear elsewhere at a later date. When the system reached your world, it detected that you were indeed a Keyblade wielder.

What I need your help for is for investigating a strange anomaly that was spotted on one world. Aside from the Heartless, the WDS is meant to monitor for other threats as well and recently it picked up a strange signature that we have never seen before and unfortunately we lack the manpower to investigate it at the moment, since continuously working to expand the range of the WDS to protect other worlds from the Heartless has taken all we have.

As such, I wish to ask for your help in investigating the world that the strange signature was spotted in. If you do not wish to do so, then you are free to say no. We are not forcing you by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, you will not be alone on this manner, as we are asking a few other Keybladers we have recently spotted for help in this matter, since a team is better suited for this situation then just one or two people alone.

Again, you do not have to accept our request. If you wish to ignore this request, simply dispose of this letter. If you do accept the request, simply press your thumb upon the seal at the bottom of the letter and say the words 'I accept' and you will be teleported to the place where you will be briefed on your mission.

With best regards,

King Mickey

(The Seal is here)

Tidus, in the meantime, would instead receive a different message. Not a letter, since he was already a member of the WDC, but rather on the special bracelet he had been given a transmission would be sent to him. It was from Kazumi, the leader of the WDC, relaying to him that he needed to report to Disney Castle right away due to an urgent matter concerning the WDS arising and his help and Keyblade being needed to investigate the problem.​
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"Ghouls? That's impossible, how are they still here?" A young adult in a read coat appeared a little stunned. Despite his shock he placed a hand emblem ring over his hand emblem belt, causing it to transform into some sort of odd device.

"Driver On!" That was the sound the device made. After fondling with the belt-like device, it made a noise. "Shabadooby Touch to Henshin. Shabadooby Touch to Henshin."

He placed yet another ring over it.

"Flame, please. Hii, Hii, Hii Hii Hii!"

As a spell circle passed through the man, he was first engulfed in red flames, and then, a full, armoured suit.


"Well then," he says, "it's showtime. You know the ropes, Hikaru!"

"A- alright then!" A young girl, the one known as 'Hikaru', watched the adult kick about, smashing the kaijin against floors and walls with his flaming fists and kicks. As she was about to do something, she notices some odd, black ant-like beings among the kaijin.

"Wha- wha- what are those?" the girl known as Hikaru speaks before unveiling her green overcoat, revealing a short tank top and some short pants, as well as a mechanical belt with a hand sigil, much like the older man's. She fondled with the belt's sigil. This caused the belt to release a feminine voice.

"Driver On! Pirupiru touch to henshin! Pirupiru touch to henshin!"

She places a ring over the mechanical belt.

"Hurricane, onegai~! Fuu~ Fuu~ Fuu Fuu Fuu~"

Gusts of wind surrounded her as a plate of armour encased her very body.


"Well then," she says, "it's showti-"

She was interrupted by a 'Ghoul' punching her backwards. As she was pushed back, she activated a ring on her right hand. "Connect, onegai~!" The action created some sort of spell circle which allowed Hikaru to reach into it, pulling out a weapon. It looked like a sword, but it was probably more. She proceeds to help herself up. With that, she begins to swing it around.

"I've never actually fought in a real battle before!"

You could tell she was nervous.

Hikaru tried to land a hit, but failed. The dodge from one of the black beings allowed the adult to strike with a feint, dissipating it into black dust.

"There has to be a big Phantom somewhere," the red-black-clad man speaks. Just then, Hikaru was knocked to the ground by a kick in the face. Next thing you knew, one of those ghouls was ready to stab its spear into Hikaru's heart.

Yhu stood on the platform overlooking the garden area, his robotic friend circling around his head. People milled about below going about their typical day be it gathering the latest info, getting ready to head out of the safety of the City, or hanging around. The dark-red sun blazed overhead high in the sky. Yet stars dotted the skies, and Yhu was staring at each one of them.

"It still surprises me there's life out there. Though, it seems they have their own share of problems. These 'Heartless' seem to be nothing more than tiny little teddy bears," His companion mused.

"Eye, it was likely those were just grunts. Like the Ales, just a weaker version," Yhu responded.

"Well, at least they don't try to cocoon you and then suck your soft insides out. Wonder how that would taste?"

Yhu just shook his head, smiling. Eye blinked his single eye trying to figure out why Yhu was smiling. Was it his joke?

"Yes indeed, but from what I understand there are other 'Keyblade Masters'. Though, this does not look like a key at all," Yhu held out his hand and a light flashed before a blade materialized. He briefly admired the design. It felt light, as if it was nothing more than a stick. The blade itself was slighty curved and glowed a light blue. It was also practical looking unlike what the WDS guy showed him. Seriously, who places two handguards on the handle?

It was also little over than a month ago that he found a key inside a Ales Queen. The demonic, cyber spider ate it somehow and after killing the thing the key just popped out. Yhu took it thinking it would lead to some sweet loot he could share with the Warrior-Class people he was with, but the moment he touched the key it transformed into a sword. It didn't surprise him, the eggheads had somehow managed to make small little things like a handle transform into a Gatling Gun. Course, it was still experimental and tended to go boom a lot. Then, just shortly after, some guy popped up claiming he was from another world and was apart of the 'World Defense System'. The Warriors damned near killed the man on sight thinking he was mind-controlled or turned.

It took some coaxing, but the confusion was sorted out in the end.

"Do you think the Council is still reeling from the news?" Eye asked.

"They're still shitting themselves," Yhu smiled. When the Council got riled up, things always get... strange. Thankfully, they hide it from the general populace so only the highest members of the City knew it and the people present.

"Zombies, I swear if just one of these worlds has zombies that shoot fricking lasers I'm going back to bed," Eye said.

Yhu didn't respond. He hated the Timuni with a burning compassion. The things were reanimated corpses brought back via cybernetics courtesy of the Collective. They even added lasers. Thanksfully, they were easy on their own, but in swarms they proved to be one of the hardest creatures to fight.

"Sir! The Council is requesting your presence!" A deep voice rumbled from behind Yhu. When he turned, he saw a bear of a man towering over him and a shotgun was slung over his shoulder.

Yhu nodded and the man went on his way without saying anything else.

"Let's go see what they want."

As Yhu headed to the Council Chamber, he remembered how he was just a scavenger working to ensure that the City lived. Even if he had died before obtaining the Keyblade, no many would miss him. Deaths happened everyday, but the Keyblade had suddenly made him someone important. Someone the Council couldn't throw out to the harsh Wastelands of the Warped World.

Yhu entered the Chamber and looked around, still amazed. The Chamber itself was huge, including over a thousand members that made up the Council. Row after row of chairs stood on level, only the head Councilor's chair was raised and even then it was only a little. Pillars made from both light and dark wove together, changing shape at even intervals to address what the next matter was. The ceiling was pitch black save for blinking orbs of light. The floor that was spread before Yhu was also the same as the celing, but he was told it was made out of a reflective material so it just copied the ceiling. Also, the Chamber was mostly empty. The only people in the Chamber was the Head Councilor and his mother, also a member of the Council.

"Yhu, come sit down," the elderly Head Councilor commanded in a firm tone.

Yhu went over and sat down. He felt the Head Councilor's keen gray eyes held him in place. Yhu held his breath, for it was said that the Head Councilor could determine a man's worth just by looking at him.

"Yhu, you have been summoned by me because of a recent development. A 'King Mickey' had sent a letter to the newest generation of 'Keyblade Masters'. After looking over the contains, it would appear the World Defense System has come across a anomaly. Something that hopefully isn't serious, but should be looked in to when given the chance. Because we barely keep the Collective at bay, the City needs you to see if this is a threat. If it is, report back. If it is not, then report the details of the worlds you have visited."

"So our job is to humor this 'King' and find out what is going on? I'll also be the first person from this world to set on another! Yay me!"

"Yhu," his mother said,"this is important my child."

"I know. So, how do we get there then?"

His mother handed him a letter and Yhu opened it. At the bottom was a seal, none of which he had seen before. It was made out of a main circle with outlying circles and inside the main one were triangles that got smaller and smaller. Each of the outlying circles had somekind of design inside. Either filler or enchantment. All he had to do was press his thumb on the seal and say I accept.

"Dumbest security ever," Eye said," and how easy it would be for me to press it... if I had hands and fingers... and a thumb."

"Young one, there could be more to the seal than meets the eye," the Head Councilor said." Not everything is as it seems. I would suspect the seal would only be applicable to those who have the Keyblades. However, our world works strangely unlike the ones in the data cove claim to be so perhaps Eye could tag along as well."

"Wait, I don't have to go?"

"You do."

"Screw me tight and my mother bot," Eye cursed.

Yhu rolled his eyes. Eye was only a year old and already was cussing like a grown man.

"Here goes nothing, should I say my famous last words in case I don't come back?"

"Just do it," Eye urged and from the looks he was getting, Yhu was sure that all of them were eager to get back to business.

Yhu pressed his thumb against the seal and muttered,"I accept."

As he spoke the words, he felt stupid.
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Kuikku was having a pretty normal day. She went to the local shops and met a friend. They had brunch together and watched some videos of their favorite idols. They spent a few hours strolling around the shops, occasionally buying an item that piqued their interests. Kuikku wasn't really all that cheerful with her friend though. It was a transfer student from her year and she didn't yet know about her 'psychotic' personality that she was infamous for. Kuikku just wished people wouldn't say that about her. She thought that she was a nice girl, but it appeared that other people didn't think so. It made her a bit depressed today because that was really all she thought about all the time. As Kuikku said goodbye to her friend, she headed into her small apartment that she lived in by herself. The small town that she lived in wasn't made up of many people, but the school was in Tokyo, so she knew all the people there.

Kuikku laid on her bed as she thought to herself. Why can't people just understand that I'm nice? I don't try to do anything mean to anyone and when I'm cheerful, I can make people happy. I kind of just wish that someone would understand that. Kuikku suddenly found herself smacking herself on the forehead. You know what? Maybe that doesn't matter. I don't need people to tell me what I'm like. I know I'm nice and I can be whoever I want to be. Kuikku suddenly remembered one of the times her parents were yelling at her.

"Kuikku! Why don't you understand that you need to stop being so mean to other people? You're causing so much trouble at school! I get a call nearly every day saying that you've made one of the other kids cry or that you've managed to hurt them in some way!"

"Honey, I really think that she's doing okay. Some people just don't understand her."

"If people don't understand her, then she needs to make them understand. She needs to start shaping herself into a person who doesn't make other people unhappy! And it's obvious that she isn't doing that!"

"She's only a chil-

"I don't care if she's only a child! She needs to learn that she can't make others unhappy!"

"Honey, she can't understand that not everyone is going to understand her. Kuikku is a little girl and she doesn't know a lot."

"That's why I'm yelling at her! So that I can teach her how to become a stronger person who doesn't make others unhappy!"

"But Honey, I don't think that this is the best way to-

"Of course it's the best way! My way is always the best way!"

"Honey..." It became obvious that her mother had gotten upset. "Go take a walk outside."

"And what if I don't want to?"

"I'm being nice right now. Honey, don't make me angry."

Her father simply brushed her off as he sat on the couch.

Kuikku suddenly found herself crying as she stared at the ceiling. "Stupid daddy. Why do you keep putting these kinds of thoughts in my head?" As Kuikku said this, she heard the sound of something pounding on a window behind her. What could that be? As she moved to the window, she wiped her tears and saw a dove holding what looked like a letter. A letter being delivered by a dove? Is this some kind of special way of confessing someone's love for me? ... I sure hope not... As she opened the window, she plucked the letter from the dove's mouth. As she opened it, she was astonished to see that it wasn't a confession letter. A letter from a king?! W-Wait! T-This is about that weird key I found that one time... I guess it is. As she looked at the letter, she closed her eyes and envisioned the strange key sword thing. She held it in her hand as she opened her eyes and looked at the letter. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to go on an adventure. I mean, after all, I don't really have that exciting of a life right now anyway." She closed her eyes and looked away as she pressed her thumb on the strange circles at the bottom of the page. "I accept."
Sitting atop a mountain high, Cryto let the wind caress his face. The clouds sailed beside him, and he could scarcely make out figures on the ground below. Only few things flew this high, or dared to climb this high, for a Lancer though, this was the height he would hope to achieve in a single jump. Or at least, that would have been the goal, had he remained trainging to be one. It had been a while since his latest mentor informed him of the keyblade, and the secrets of the world, and it would be only a matter of time before he would have to put his training to the test. That day would be coming sooner than Cryto could ever have anticipated.

He held out his hand, and in a flash, his weapon appeared, it felt more comfortable ten any pole arm or blade he had previously tried, it was as if he was destined to hold it. Cryto examined the key, always curious of its nature, was it simply magic? or was it something far greater? With a swing of the blade, he had it dismissed, then eyed his target below. He arose from his comfortable spot on the top of the mountain, dusted off his backside, thenwith a tiny leap, he was off. He twisted and turned, flipped, and finally came to his final pose, pulling out his keyblade at the last second to slam it to the ground, a giant wave of dust and dirt thundering from the spot he landed.

"If only I could get that high without the aid of this rock," He eyed the mountain, clouds rolling over his launching point. "I'll just have to keep at it I suppose." Stretching his legs, he noticed a beast, had it been standing there the whole time? And why did it not attack? Cryto, firmly gripped his blade before watching the beast place down a card, then run away to the distance, out of sight. "By Ajora, what was that all about?" He continued to hold his weapon tight as he picked up the letter, not a drip of drool on it, and the seal, an unfamiliar seal of the likes he had never seen before. He opened it and his eyes opened wider. This is what he had been waiting for. A letter from the King of another world, something his mentor had mentioned before essentially ditching him in the wilds to train. Press my thumb to the seal? This must be magic. Always willing to try new things, Cryto grinned as he brought his thumb down, "I'll certainly accept."
~"Go ahead and run, either way I'm putting you in a cell. It's up to you whether it's made of metal or made of wood"~

ooo00OO Volantis, Elysium, Tar-Enik HQ OO00ooo
Commander D'Azra stood in front of a large holographic screen with his hands held neatly behind his back, eyes narrowed as he scanned the readings of the life signatures within an area of Elysium known as Arcadia. Red dots marked the enemy while the blue dots marked his officers which began to close in towards their targets, a shootout having occurred a short while ago. "Commander, our officers are outnumbered and outgunned... I would advise that we withdraw and establish an area to dig in" suggested one of the other high ranking officers within the room who held title just beneath the Commander. "If we withdraw then they'll flee and we'll have to chase them across half of Arcadia, maybe even Elysium if they get far enough... " replied the Commander without taking his eyes off the screen. There was an extended pause of silence between the two before the Commander turned, looking to his officer for the first time since the situation had began. "Send her in" he said, the words clear with an expression that implied much. The officer hesitated but nodded before giving a brisk salute, "Sir!" he said, reaching a hand to his ear as he began to speak openly.

ooo00OO Volantis, Elysium, Arcadia OO00ooo
Gunshots filled the air as both sides emptied rounds at the others, weapons erupting like angry dragons as they spat fiery lead. "Vergo!" called one of the gang members as they pushed through the door to the complex where the gang had dug in, using it as a safe secure place to hold up while the Tar-Enik attempted to bring them down. "What is it!" replied Vergo, the gang leader. He was a large man who wore a black overcoat, dark eyes and hair with strong features to match. "The Tar-Enik have dug in but we've got them held, they aren't getting through" said the smaller man with a smirk on his face, seeming glad that he was able to deliver the good news to his boss. "Good... good" replied Vergo who turned towards a table which held his gun, among the other things he had with him including bit of paperwork that made up his plans to rob the city of it's riches. "The getaway cars will be here shortly, once they are we can-" His sentence was interrupted by the sound of shattered glass from above, a slender figure falling from the ceiling to land on the table, breaking it into the floor as the figure simultaneously crouched to absorb the impact.

"IT'S HER!" one of them shouted and those in the room began to raise weapons before the figures arms shot out before they could blink, four quick flashes illuminating the space around it before four bodies fell into a heap. "I have a name" the figure spoke as it stood, the light from the broken skylight illuminating the features of Naomi who stared at Vergo. "You... " he began and went to reach behind him to pull a weapon. Naomi was upon him in a heartbeat and blocked his arm as it came back towards her holding a gun, her knee slamming into his gut before she twisted his wrist and his arm behind his back. She forced him to bend over forwards, taking the gun and throwing it away from them before she threw him in the other direction. "It's over Vergo, you lost" she told him as she walked towards him. "I'll kill you!" he growled, pulling a switchblade as he lunged for her. Naomi once again intercepted his arm, but instead of disarming him she redirected his momentum, moving his wrist and arm downwards till the knife plunged deep into his own leg. The gang boss screamed out and fell to the floor, whimpering as his hands shook, unsure if he should take it out or leave it in.

Naomi raised a hand to her ear, "The target is secured, tell the others to move in" she said before looking down to Vergo, "Also send medical support" she finished before reaching down, dragging the gang boss towards the door.


ooo00OO Volantis, Elysium, Tar-Enik HQ OO00ooo
Latter that day Naomi was sat behind her desk in her office, doing the necessary paperwork for everything which had happened earlier. As she was flicking through the work left on her desk she found herself looking at a letter with a peculiar insignia on it, her brows furrowing as she turned it over in her hand before opening it. Her eyes scanned the latter and at first she was almost sure it was some kind of hoax, a joke from someone trying to waste her time. She re read it again and again, sitting back in her chair as she thought back to the day she found that giant key which now laid in a black case in the corner of the room. She looked towards it, staring at it for a moment before she let out a sigh, shaking her head as she got up and walked over towards it, flicking the latches on the case and opening it to reveal the beautiful artifact within it. She withdrew it, feeling the same strange feeling coursing her body that she'd felt the first time she picked it up. Naomi held it within her hand at it's hilt, looking to the letter in her other hand as she exhaled a deep breath, "I... accept?" she said, almost questioningly to herself before suddenly she was consumed in light.​

[Attack Ride : BLAST]

Multiple shots fire with on point precision hitting all surrounding enemies near Hikaru.

"...are you okay?"


A girl with red hair and a weird patterned magenta dress walks towards Hikaru, helping her get up. Noticing that the monsters suddenly starting to regain their focus, Tsubasa swapped the Ride Booker to Sword Form.

"Looks like it's not over yet, can you still fight?"

The girl then proceeds to look at her surroundings. "What kind of Kaijin are those?" She questions as she looked at the odd, ant-like beasts among the Ghouls.

"No matter, I think this will do the trick"

She pulls out a card from the booker and inserts it in the device on her waist.

[Attack Ride: SLASH]

She suddenly slashes each and every one of the monsters with extreme speed, with each slash bursting with a violent magenta energy.

She then drops dead on the floor unconscious upon powering down.
"He- hey... are you... alright... ?"

Hikaru was shocked to see that the odd, barcode-like girl had fallen to the ground. As she looked at her unconscious face, Hikaru's heart thumped harder. "Her fighting... was remarkable... who is she?"

Hikaru's father stepped in. "Those markings, I have seen them before. It's a... a... Kamen Rider. They look like... Kamen Rider Decade."

Hikaru was a little confused. "Dad, what's a Kamen Rider?"

"I think I'll tell you when we get back."


Omokagedo: Hikaru's bedroom

"So, we're Kamen Riders and magicians?"

"Well, Kamen Riders were initially born to bring justice, and us magicians bring hope to filter despair, so you're not wrong, Hikaru. Of course, rules change sometimes, and that's when things get complicated," Hikaru's father grabs a donut from a bag and bites it. "Cheer up, she should be up any minute now."

"I hope she's OK," Hikaru then snatches the donut from her father's hand, and eats it whole. She gazes upon the odd girl, sleeping on her bed. "Kamen Rider, huh? I kind of like the sound of that... so there are Kamen Riders apart from us..."​
Keiji just sat at home. His world had been pretty simple. Go out, save people, then go home and get patched up. Simple. That was until people started to disappear from the street with a few suddenly reappearing with claims that some game was secretly going on. Though... most of the people who disappeared gave Keiji the creeps. Something about them just seemed off. Like he was looking at a living corpse. They weren't even as strange as the monsters that had just started showing up around the city. Black creatures with yellow, hollow eyes.

Keiji shivered at the memory of those things surrounding him in a back alleyway. There were no words to describe the moment that he realized that he was cornered and was definitely in more trouble than he could get out of at that time. He'd gotten an out in the mysterous form of light and a giant key that had appeared in his hand at the last moment.

Keiji rolled over onto his back and called the key, the strange symbols and interesting grip made him ponder what it all meant. Keiji snorted at his thought that he was some sort of 'chosen one'. He released the key and it vanished in a sheath of light. Keiji let his flop over the side of his bed and stared at the ceiling. He counted the cracks and the number of interesting designs on it. There were no cracks and it was a blank white ceiling. Keiji stood up from his bed and made his way downstairs.

As he climbed down the steps, his mother called out to him from the kitchen, "it's noon! What have you been doing to be asleep until now?"

"You know, the usual stuff," Keiji replied nonchalantly. He grabbed an apple and started to eat it as he walked towards the front door.

Her mother looked at him with unbelieving eyes, but didn't pursue the subject any further. "Don't do anything stupid, Keiji. Love you," she said as she watched him leave. After a moment of silence she added, "he's going to do something stupid anyway."

Keiji shut the door behind him and started his walk. That was all he was determined to make it this time. He needed the fresh air to clear his head and sort out what was happening. However, he found his walk cut very short by the sheer amount of letters sticking out of the mailbox. His mother had failed to retrieve them. Again. Keiji sighed and placed the apple on the mailbox and opened it to see the mail inside. At this point he could at least sort the junk mail out and give her the important letters. As he flicked through the letters, he noticed one with a strange seal. Well, it was more that he noticed that it used a wax seal at all. It was a fairly old way of sealing letters, so it caught his eye more than the fact that his name was on the front.

He put the rest of the mail to the side as he opened the strange letter. As he read through it, the more curious he got about this 'King Mickey' -was it the same one from those cartoons?- and the fact that the seal at the bottom could apparently teleport him somewhere. What if there were other people with giant keys too? He wanted answers more than he wanted to think through what would happen at home if he were to suddenly disappear.

He pressed his thumb to the seal and said, "I accept."
"Woohoo!!" Tidus shouted as he flew across the air on his board. The wind in his hair, this is what he loved, freedom. If only he could stay this way forever, but unfortunately life liked to butt its ugly head in. Approaching a summit instead of going around, Ti headed straight for it. His azure eyes narrowing, he waited till the last second before pulling up. Instead of becoming a squashed bug on the side of the mountain, he flew straight up it, his board skidding across a few rocks aa he sid so.

With a wide grin Ti burst up into the air after clearing the mountain.
"Yeah!" His joy was short lived though when his WDS wristband went off. Frowning he looked down to see it blinking with a message. 'Have the heartless appeared here?' That was the only explanation he could think of since the WDS never alerted him like this before. With a sigh he closed his eyes and leaned back. Letting himself fall through the air, until about 6ft from the ground his eyes snapped open and he pulled back up to hover in place.

"Whew." Still grinning Tidus pressed the button to play the message. By the end the boy was frowning 'I wonder whats going on...Well time to find out.' With that he flew to a special machine the WDS gave him that would teleport him to thr King's castle in an emergency.

Stepping off his board Ti kicked it up and caught it before tucking it away into his backpack. Taking a deep breath the raven haired boy walked into the teleporter and spoke.
"Teleport!" The machine would recognize his voice and teleport him automatically to Mickey's

hoverboard_wip5_colors_by_jbird556-d41hy7y.jpgthe green black/red one

Welcome to


When each of the Keybladers pressed their thumb upon the seal they would be enveloped in a bright, blue light and soon enough vanish from sight. Everything after that would seem a blur, until suddenly they would find themselves in a throne room of gigantic proportions. Tidus would also find himself in the same room, but his teleportation was less blurry and hazy. With the WDS, it was possible to teleport, but only to Disney Castle since that is where its source of power, the Cornerstone of Light, was. The room they were all in was a room of mostly white, with one exception. The door meant for a giant behind them and the throne meant for a regular sized person at the opposite end of the room. The room was giant, but apparently its King was not judging by the size of the throne and the figure sitting upon it.

The figure... appeared to be a mouse. Who was pretty short. Yet it was more humanoid in body shape, just with large, rounded mouse ears, a mouse like nose, and a tail. If one had examined the seal that was on the envelope, holding it closed, they would actually noticed that it was similar to the shape of this mouse's head. Next to the mouse was a Duck in what appeared to be garb fit for a mage and a very tall dog like man in armor. This 'dog knight' seemed sort of... not all that bright judging by how he stood with not the greatest of posture.

When they all appeared there the Mouse walked towards them, the Duck and the Dog Knight following close behind. Perhaps this was the 'King Mickey' who sent them these letters. Well, Tidus would know that for a fact, but these other people surely wouldn't.

Mickey looked at the various faces, before a small smile appeared on his face as he then began to speak. "I am glad that all of you accepted my summons. The name's Mickey and it is a pleasure to meet all of you". This person, who was indeed King Mickey apparently, was very friendly. "The two right next to me are Donald Duck" Donald, the Duck, gave a nod as he was introduced, "and Goofy". Goofy gave a friendly small wave and a smile.

"Normally I'd give you a tour, but unfortunately there is little time for me to do so. Please follow me if you will, so I can explain to you all your mission, which you can still refuse to go on if you have second thoughts". With this, the mouse king began to walk into the throne room; Donald and Goofy both following Mickey into what appeared to be a throne room fit for a giant. All this giant, mostly white room had in it though was just a throne meant for a regular sized person near the back of it. Once they got near the throne, Mickey took out his Keyblade in a flash of light and pointed it at the throne.

A beam of light would shoot from its tip, hitting the throne. After a few loud clicks like the turning of locks would be heard, the elevated part of the floor the room was on began to slowly slide to the side, revealing a large staircase beneath the throne. Soon enough, after a bit more walking through what appeared to be a maze, shortened down because the maze allowed those deemed friendly take its shortcuts, they would soon arrive in the Hall of the Cornerstone.

Glowing with immense light in the center of the hall was indeed the Cornerstone of Light, various wires that were all over the room and walls connected to the pedestal it rested upon. "This is the Cornerstone of Light, which powers the World Defense System, the system that was recently made to protect the worlds from the Heartless". The Cornerstone was... amazing in itself. A large, green glass sphere, within it shone the most brilliant of light. Despite that though, it was not blinding at all to look at. It was simply rather beautiful and simple in that regard. Truly an amazing marvel. After showing them the Cornerstone, Mickey beckoned them over to a large computer and then proceeded to sit at and type a few things into a keyboard. Soon enough, some data as well as the picture of a world would appear on the screen.

"We recently spotted a strange, abnormal signature in this world. The World Defense System, or WDS for short, is designed to not only protect worlds from the Heartless and Nobodies by defeating them, but monitor for stronger Heartless and Nobodies that would be better dealt with personally". He stopped to type in a few more things, before suddenly a section of the wall to the left of the computer opened up, a shelf sliding out.

Upon the shelf were an amount of small bracelets meant for each of them. Donald and Goofy walked to the shelf and gave each of the Keybladers there, excluding Mickey and Tidus, a bracelet. Tidus instead, after Mickey typed a few more keystrokes, would feel his bracelet vibrate a bit as it let out a few small beeps, this being the sign that there was a software update to it.

"These bracelets are mini computers that can connect you back to us and let you connect to the WDS systems, these being tuned to also serve as a radar to locate the strange signature we spotted". Mickey demonstrated this as he held up his own wrist, which had a similar bracelet upon it. He took a few moments to explain its various functions. Its radar for locating the signature, its transmitter for contacting them, the recording functions that automatically took note of any enemies they faced or people they met, the ability to be teleported back to Disney Castle, and its 'inventory' function for holding a small number of items, currently 3 Potions and 2 Ethers stored inside. All of these could either be accessed via buttons, or via voice commands. These were things Tidus already knew, although the radar function was new.

Mickey made sure to try and make the explanation easy to understand, showing them both where the buttons were and the voice commands needed for using it. Once everyone had their bracelets on and knew the basics of how to use them, Mickey spoke up.

"Your mission hopefully will not be a combative one. Your goal is to investigate the signature, your bracelets will automatically record any data that you find and send us a report. Hopefully this strange signature is indeed a glitch and is just us being paranoid. We are aware though that it may not be, and thus if it comes down to it, you all may need to fight".

Mickey sighed softly as he said this, a more apologetic sigh than one of anxiety. "Of course, we are not forcing you to fight if you do not wish to do so. In fact, we will send any of you back home if that is what you desire. If anything, if you all face opponents that prove to be too strong we encourage you to flee if possible". With that fair warning and offer out of the way, Mickey gave a small smile to the group. He wasn't trying to send them into danger, nor were any of the Keybladers being forced into this situation.

"Are there any questions?"
The light show left Keiji speechless, and the throne room was spectacular... but he was lost the second that Mikey -err, King Mikey, Keiji supposed- used his key to unlock his throne to show them a giant stone hidden beneath what Keiji could guess was a real, western style castle. Which was a significant change from the nice suburb of Shibuya that he lived in. The harsh colors of graffiti was replaced by antiseptic white with the strangest characters he'd ever met. Keiji was slightly glad he'd indulged in western cartoons from time to time, so he recognized the three that had greeted him to the castle. Of course, in the span of a few moments Keiji's world view shattered. There was more than just his little world out there. He was on another and now he was surrounded by people who presumably from other places as well. They were about to be thrown into the fray without a second thought or even training. So yes, Keiji had a lot of questions, and he raised his hand and didn't wait to be called on by the King.

"Yeah, hi. Keiji Chiba, call me Chiba," Keiji said, awkwardly trying to retain some levity, "I have some quesrions. First, what exactly are Heartless? Secondly, what are nobodies? Thirdly, maybe we shouldn't just be thrown into a potentially world ending catastrophe?"

Once his questions were finished he lowered his hand and anxiously looked around. He wasn't sure what to really do here. He'd just charged ahead and ended up in a strange situation. To be fair it was Probably mostly his fault for just deciding to oblige the inane message that had just appeared on his mailbox but hey, he'd help out. Keiji just wanted to know what was going on here exactly.
Yhu's vision became blue and he felt like he was going hypersonic speed. Then after a moment, he felt himself stop. For whatever reason Yhu swore he was standing upside down. A moment later, his vision cleared to show that he was indeed standing upside down, on the ceiling. Before he tumbled towards the ground Yhu saw a extremely large room, almost like the Council Chamber back on the Warped World, it was all white! It stung his eyes!

Then Yhu let out a scream as he tumbled down onto the floor behind everyone else. Eye, thankfully, also came along and floated down. Yhu scrambled to get up.

"Nothing to see here folks, just know our own world is a little strange," Eye said.

Yhu dusted off his clothes, shook his head, and dematerialized his keyblade that vanished in a flash of light. The Keyblade Master then looked around the room.

It was indeed a large, mostly white room so it was rather comical to see a single seat, a throne perhaps, sitting at the far end. Turning his head back, Yhu saw a door far larger than himself. It looked as if a three story building could easily fit between in the door. It could be possible that there were beings the size of skyscrapers in this world or even representatives. That would cause a stir back home, they had enough problems with Ales Centurions spewing out Ales. Then Yhu turned back to see there were three... animals in front of the throne. As hard as it was to believe that a Mouse, a Duck, and a Dog had summoned them.

The Mouse was wearing a red outfit with oversized yellow shoes. It was mostly black save for its face which appeared to be a light tan. Its hands white, like it was wearing a glove. The Duck was all white and its orange beak stuck out. It wore a blue garb, like a mage in the movies, and a oversized hat. Then came the Dog which wore a silver knight suit and a oversized helm with A FREAKING AXE BLADE STICKING OUT!

"That has to be very comfortable," Eye whispered to Yhu who shrugged, not sure what to think of it. Maybe each world had their own set of physics.

Then the mouse spoke, saying that it was King Mickey. He spoke in a friendly manner. Mickey then introduced the Duck who was Donald Duck and the Dog whose name was Goofy. It didn't take a Scientist-Class person to figure out why the Dog had that name, but it none the less waved and smiled, no sign of ill-intent.

Then Mickey summoned his own Keyblade and pointed it at the throne. Yhu had to beat down a chuckle thinking how that would work. Light then appeared shooting at the throne. A few clicks later and a staircase revealed itself beneath the throne. Yhu's jaw dropped. Logic in this world was thrown out of the window.

"The Researchers are going to be buzzing about this," Eye said as he and Yhu followed the King through a series of halls. It almost felt like a maze.

The group reached the Cornerstone of Light. Wires sprung out of every wall connecting to the pedestal it sat upon. The Light itself didn't blind Yhu, though Eye seemed mesmerized by it. Yhu had to grab his friend before he could float off to it and mess something up. Mickey said that it powered the World Defense System so if it was destroyed or damaged then it would be a great loss. The Mouse then called them over to a large computer, keyed a few letters, and data on some random world began scrolling through it.

Mickey said there was an anomaly. Then he gave out bracelets explaining that it would record their mission which was hopefully just a glitch in the system. However, Yhu wasn't about to put on a bracelet. While they did seem friendly, Yhu couldn't trust them. All he knew was that they needed help, so Yhu had to help. Not only for his world, but also to help others to survive.

"Eye, do you think you can copy the software in this?" Yhu held out the bracelet to which a beam of light steamed from Eye's single optic. A moment later there was a toster ding.

"There, easy to copy," Eye happily said.

Then someone called Keiji Chiba asked what were the Heartless and Nobodies.

"Aren't the Heartless those imp-ant things we fought just after I got the Keyblade?" Yhu asked Eye.

"Yes. They're shadow beings without hearts and those were just the basic grunts. There are many different types depending on which world you go to. Nobodies are beings whose will was strong enough that they were able to make a body after their old one had their heart taken out. The stronger the will, the more powerful the Nobody is."

"Great, we're fighting black things called the Heartless and things called Nobodies. I wonder why."
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As Kuikku said 'I accept', she felt her head spin and she felt a bit dizzy. She closed her eyes to stop the dizziness, but... The moving soon stopped as she opened her eyes and found herself inside of a very large white room with a throne at the other end. WOAH! THIS IS SO COOL! EVERYTHING'S SO... WHITE! IT SEEMS... ALMOST... ETHEREAL! IT'S SO PRETTY!!! And then... She saw someone sitting in the throne... And it looked like... A... A MOUSE?! Wait... What is a mouse doing here? Was I called here to meet with a mouse? Wait... No... That can't be right. I was called here by a king. Hmm... This makes me wonder who the king is... 'King Mickey'... And right as she had that thought cross her mind, the mouse introduced himself. As 'King Mickey'. H-HOLD ON. T-THIS MOUSE IS THE KING?! A-AND THE PEOPLE IN HIS COURT ARE A DUCK AND A DOG?! Kuikku shook her head. M-Maybe I'm just having a dream... That would explain why I was so dizzy a second ago. Then, King Mickey led them down to a room. As they walked down the stairs, she wondered who the other people were.

When they entered the room, it was filled with a brilliantly beautiful light, which enveloped the entire room. It made Kuikku smile and it made her feel warm. Wow... So pretty... As Kuikku examined the room and the people in it, she seriously couldn't get over the fact that she was being instructed to help defeat these things called 'Heartless'. And she was being instructed to do so by a mouse. It appeared that everyone else seemed to be alright with this fact. It made her wonder if she was the only sane one in the entire group. Okay... Am I seriously the only one who thinks this is weird?

Then, she got some weird bracelet from the mouse and as he explained it, she started to understand what they were doing a little bit better. Okay... So we're really just going to check something out? So... There might not even be a threat in the first place. That's good. Kuikku smiled sightly as she pulled up the radar and the inventory. She also checked the other functions of the bracelet out. How interesting... This is going to be extremely useful... At least... I think it will be. When King Mickey finished and asked if anyone had any questions, she was going to say something, but a boy beat her to it. His name appeared to be Keiji Chiba and he posed the question she was going to. She sat quietly as another member explained what the Heartless and Nobodies were. But... The third question was yet to be answered. But Kuikku also had to put in her two cents.

"U-Umm... I-I'm going to say something... I-I'm sorry. A-Am... Am I the only one who thinks seeing a mouse talk is strange?" She quickly looked at King Mickey. "O-Oh! I-I didn't mean any offense your grace... I just... I find it a little... Odd. That's all. I-I'm sorry." Kuikku bowed and stayed there for quite a bit.​

"That's right. Heartless are creatures that come from the darkness in people's hearts. Whenever someone's heart is consumed fully by Darkness they are turned into a Heartless". Mickey spoke simply to reaffirm Yhu's explanation. "Although there are many kinds of Heartless, the stronger the heart of the person they were before usually means the stronger the Heartless".

When Kukkiku spoke her question, Donald seemed like he was about to get angry and say something, but Goofy just looked at him and shook his head. This lead to the Duck just turning away slightly with a scowl mixed with a pout on his face.

"Its alright, I am sure that I am pretty strange to you". Mickey just chuckled a friendly chuckle. This King seemed to not only be friendly, but his voice and the way he spoke sounded like he was someone with countless years of wisdom and experience behind him. There was no doubt that he was quite powerful.

Of course the last question that Mickey answered was the one about training. "We aren't sending you all in alone. Donald and Goofy will be going with you, as will one other Keyblader who will be able to meet you there. While this is nowhere near a cataclysmic situation as the signature we spotted was fairly weak hopefully in the end..." Mickey just scratched the back of his ear for a moment, "what we found was just a glitch. We are not expecting or forcing you to fight if you don't want to. I wish we had time to train you, but unfortunately we do not. So if you are still uncomfortable with going on this mission please say so, and you will be sent back home. Otherwise if there are no more questions, then please follow Goofy and Donald to the Gummi Ship Hangar".


His time in the swirling vortex of colors was short. Soon enough Tidus was surrounded by familiar white as he teleported into Mickey's castle. Unfortunately the boy was still unaccustomed to teleportation. So instead of walking out all cool like and meeting up with the others. He stumbled out of the machine looking as green as a pea. The world was spinning and he felt very nauseous 'I forgot...Why I hate...Teleporting' He thought with a groan. Walking over to Mickey, he saw many unfamiliar faces that caused him to frown. But with his unhappy stomach he decided not to speak and stay toward the back of the group, just in case.

The blue eyed Keyblader followed the King down some secret stairs into a kind of lab. 'Cool!...' Looking around Ti grinned, obviously feeling better. When Donald and Goofy were introduced he waved at them, completely at ease with their odd appearance. Ti had to stifle a laugh at the newbies reactions 'I think they're handling it better than I did...Maybe.' He thought with amusement. Even as the situation was explained, he kept a light air around him. But inside he knew the seriousness of the task they were given. 'I can finally prove myself!'

Tightening his gloves, the midnight haired boy walked over to Mickey. "I'm ready to go when you are!" He spoke enthusiastically, his eyes going to Donald and Goofy too.

With no one else having any questions, the group was sent off to the Gummi Ship hangar. As they walked through the castle they could see more white hallways and just sense the peace and serenity of this place. As well as the magic. While they couldn't sense that, they could see it in the forms of the brooms that were actually walking about, taking care of various tasks like cleaning, sweeping, and other forms of manual labor such as carrying things about in their... arms. This was quite the strange and magical place, but seemed like a great place to be nonetheless.

The hangar gave a completely different image than the white castle or the nice garden that the hangar's entrance was located in. It was full of large ships that appeared to be made as if someone took a bunch of brightly colored blocks and glued them together. It was quite the spectacle actually. "Alright everybody, this way, we'll be taking the Highwind III". Donald Duck spoke up now, having placed his former anger at Kukkiku for calling Mickey strange aside since Mickey himself seemed to dismiss it.

The Gummi Ship they were getting in was quite gigantic, probably about the size of a house. Once they were all inside they were first in the belly of the ship, various rooms like a 'sleeping quarters' or 'training room' were things they passed by. Donald and Goofy took them up to the Cockpit though, where there were more than enough seats for all of them. This ship was more than a ship for getting places no doubt. Once everyone was strapped in, Goofy and Donald got into the two pilot seats, with Donald being the pilot and Goofy the copilot.

Suddenly on the window appeared a small image, it most likely doubling as a monitor of sorts, of two chipmunks. "You're clear for takeoff Donald" spoke one of the chipmunks in what could have been taken for a 'southern drawl' type of thing. Donald nodded and pressed a few buttons and instantly the ship was enveloped in a white light.

Next thing they knew, the glass of the cockpit around them gave them a sight of the empty void of space around them. Down below they could see the world they were just on.

"Alright, to Far Far Away!" spoke Donald, who was about to start moving the ship had not a transmission from Mickey pop up on the screen, Mickey sitting in a chair in the Cornerstone of Light, most likely in front of the computer that was there, the Cornerstone able to be seen in the background.

"Bad news Donald. We just got another sign of this abnormal signature present in a different world as well. We need you to split the ship and send some of the Keybladers on auto-pilot to Toriizaka. Sorami will meet them there".

Donald gave a nod and a salute. "Alright your Majesty".

Luckily there were enough Keybladers in the ship, plus Donald knew how skilled Sorami was, to warrant a divide in the group. "Change of plans. We'll be sending some of you to a different world, so three of you need to go sit in those chairs right there". A set of three chairs seemed to pop up in the center now.

Whichever of the six Keybladers present volunteered would suddenly find themselves being enveloped in light, before finding themselves present in a much smaller Gummiship, a robotic voice telling them to strap in as auto-pilot had been engaged.

Once they were on their way to Toriizaka, Donald, Goofy, and the remaining Keybladers on the Highwind III would head off to Far Far Away.

Welcome To

When the three Keybladers, plus Donald and Goofy, were beamed down into the world they would be in a swamp. It was clear that Donald and Goofy, judging by how they were already beckoning the three Keybladers onward, were quite experienced in exploring new worlds.

"We should first try to find out where we are and then see if the Heartless are causing any problems here a-hyuk". Donald and Goofy's outfits had changed now, these looking like more civilian based clothes rather than the royal court garbs and armor they were in before.

It didn't take long, Donald and Goofy helping them trek through the swamp land they landed in with little to no trouble at all. They helped them get across any mud pools or climb over any dirty logs if they needed help, which depending upon who went with them maybe or maybe not. Thankfully soon enough they reached a clearing, where they saw a rather... interesting sight.

In two parallel lines stood some rather funnily dressed men, each of them holding a very long trumpet of some kind. Of course, that was except for one of the men, who was a bit shorter and pudgier than the rest of them. Right when it seemed like they were about to start something, one of the men cried out in fright.

"M-Monsters!" he shouted, as not too far away from their position appeared several Heartless. Thankfully it wasn't anything too bad, just about a dozen or so Shadows and a couple of Soldiers. Only they all had this strange, blue glowing aura about them.

"Heartless" cried Goofy as he drew his weapon. Unlike a normal Knight, he had no swords, axes, or maces. No. He actually was holding a shield, as if he was planning on using it as a weapon.

"Yea, but they're being weakened by the WDS, but that doesn't mean we should leave them alone!". Donald drew his staff now and right away the two of them jumped into the fray.

Right away Goofy was actually bashing some of them with his shield, while Donald was a also in the fray, but instead he was calling out spells like 'Fire' and 'Thunder', shooting fireballs or dropping bolts of lightning down onto the Heartless. It was clear that these two were quite experienced in fighting these creatures, but that didn't mean that they couldn't use the extra help to get it done faster since some of the Heartless were trying to go after the now running away and panicking, funnily dressed men.

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Welcome To

The other three Keybladers, in the meantime, were soon enough beamed down into a world as well. Only their world was a bit more... modern... so to speak. They appeared to be in a back alley of some kind, as out of the alley they could see the streets of what appeared to be a busy, bustling city. Before the Keybladers could progress though another beam of light appeared before them. Luckily these beams of light couldn't be seen by anyone other than them, as to not freak people out.

Standing before them now was a girl, who appeared to be around 18 years old. She had brown hair and bright, blue eyes just like her ancestor did. Once she had appeared, she opened her eyes now, giving the other Keybladers a friendly, bright smile. "Hey there, the name's Sorami, and I too am a Keyblader. Nice to meet you. You all must be the new Keybladers that his Majesty sent for". Sorami gave them a look over, giving a small nod, before she turned to face the exit of the alleyway.

"Alright, it should be easy enough for us to blend in. We should start by walking around and if any Heartless pop up and hopefully our radars should guide us to the source of the anomaly" she made her own Keyblade appear in her hand now as she looked back at them. "We take care of them so they don't hurt people". With that, she made the weapon vanish. Now she began to walk out of the alleyway, expecting or hoping the others would follow.

With this, the two separate, yet first, adventures of these Keybladers would begin.​
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Yhu went with the group. As he and Eye headed to the Hanger, the white halls hurt Yhu's eyes. He was used to the steely gray, black, and white back home. They also passed some brooms that were actually walking. as hard as it was to believe. The Keyblader could only assume it was this 'magic' that the WDS guy spoke of. This magic could easily have been mistaken for Psionics, or maybe it was Psionic with a different name? He didn't know, nor did he care. In the meanwhile, Eye was scanning everything he could.

They reached the Hanger where it was a stark contrast. Ships of varying sizes laid about and appeared as if some kind throw a bunch of blocks together and glued them. While they did seem amazing, they also seemed impractical yet Yhu had seen more impractical stuff work in the past month alone than in an entire lifetime. Who knows what kind of things these people had? It was also disturbing that they had a 'space force' if one could say that. Back home they had an air force that keeps getting obliterated by the Collective.

Then Donald lead them to a house-sized ship. They went straight for the cockpit which had enough seats for everyone. He took a seat near the front, crossed his legs, and was ready to sleep. That was until one of the windows turned into a monitor and displayed a duo of chipmunks. They gave the all clear and before Yhu knew it, they were on their way. Eye looked down on the Planet before comparing it to the void of space.

"Spaaaace!" Eye squealed.

"Don't get your pants in a bunch Eye," Yhu said.

Eye floated near Yhu's head and whispered," Let us hope the Collective don't find out and start sending out Ales."


Then Mickey's voice came over the comms telling them that another signal had appeared. Three Keybladers were to be sent out to investigate. They would have help in the form of another Keyblader. Yhu decided to stay, letting three of them go. A trio of new seats popped up, when they took a seat they were enveloped in light. Strange. For Yhu's people, when a teleport is necessary, they were enveloped in gray instead. Must be the Physics.

Before long, Yhu found himself in a swamp, and one none too pretty either. The smell made him gag as it was like rotten wood. Though, Eye was having a fun time scaring the local wildlife by jabbing a needle into their skin. Poor things. Thankfully, Goofy and Donald guided them through the swamp and any hazards. These two clearly had experience in this world, or worlds. As they came to a clearing, two lines of men blowing trumpets signaled someone of importance. A shorter man, about the size of a midget, walked down the lines. One of the men suddenly yelled out monsters as a dozen ant-like dark creatures jumped out. Two more also appeared wearing armor. If he had to guess, these two were a higher tier or captains of sorts. The men were quick to scattered with the Goofy and Doland leaping into action. They called upon the elements to send a wave of hurt upon the Heartless. Some died in the barrage yet many more remained and they began their counterattack. Some went after the group, others after the men.

"Hell, it's about time," Yhu grinned. He held forth his hand and the Guardian's Wrath formed. The blue light flared.

"Yhu, I'm sure you can tell these are different from the ones we fought a month ago because of their blue aura, but scans show some strange readings. I'll go through it later, but the ant-like creatures are called Shadows while the armored ones are Knights, higher hitting power and can take damage. In fact, two Shadows are after a nearby man right now!" Eye hovered circles around Yhu's head.

"Adrenaline Surge," Yhu muttered. After muttering the words, Yhu's eyes became a glowing, menacing red and a green aura surrounded him. He charged forward to the duo of Heartless chasing after one of the men. Once in a jump's distance, he leaped onto one of the Heartless. Surprised by the attack, the Heartless was torn apart by Yhu's strike that were like lighting. The other one, however, quickly turned to face Yhu.

As Yhu recovered from beating down the Shadow, the other charged. Its claws raking agaisnt Yhu's arm, but the pain was little thanks to the natural painkillers his body was producing. He glared at the imp creature, and smiled. Oh, that was going to hurt later so why not make it pay now?

Yhu launched another vicious assault on the Shadow. It took a few hits before it met a fate like its friend. Yhu grinned as the creature puffed into black clouds. Then, little orbs rained down and disappeared.

"Uhh, what?" Yhu asked. He was confused at what just happened and he would have to ask what these things were later on, but first.

"You alright?" Yhu asked the man. He was cowering behind a bush, but nodded."Good, we'll take care what's left."

With that, Yhu jumped into the fray.
Keiji waited for an answer to his last question. The only thing he got in return was a look and a half-hearted promise of training down the road. Glitch or not, it still wasn't a good idea to send a bunch of untrained kids into the fight without much training. Keiji was about to protest and was halfway out of the room and heading into the garage when he realized that his question had prempted him snagging a bracelet so he grabbed one and rushed to catch up with the rest of the group. After he'd caught up, Keiji stopped to try and ask what exactly did they mean by the stronger the Nobody entailed, but found himself about to ask a closed door instead of the King.

Keiji wondered what exactly the glitch was supposed to be too. In fact, it seemed like all his questions had come to him shortly after he realized that he had more. Well, that was how it went, Keiji supposed. He even wondered how that one kid knew about Heartless and Nobodies and everything. Keiji stood back from the door and started down the hallway and glanced back only once to see if the King was still there, which was stupid because the door was shut so no one could see anything.

As Keiji entered the GUmmi ship, a feeling of something just being not right settled over him and he bucked into the seat nearest the side of the window so he could touch it. It was all real. I forgot to tell Mom. Keiji looked startled at this revelation. I forgot to tell Mom! What would she even thing about her son racing around the stars to fight literal darkness? Keiji just continued staring out the window, because he had no way home now but maybe later he could tell her. He'd probably be grounded though, for going out to fight in an eternal war against darkness itself.

That was when the duck and dog called for volunteers to go somewhere else. Keiji didn't know where, but he immediately got up and buckled in. The auto-pilot wasn't much of a conversationalist, and Keiji didn't think the others had much to say either. The ride was blissfully short and he beamed down to see what felt like home, but also was different. It was like walking into a chain store that was just like the one you knew, but some things were different. The food isle was organized a little different, and the items on the shelves were sorted different. Home, but not home. Familiar, but not what he was thinking of.

Keiji had a few moments to process this before realizing that a girl was talking to him. Sorami, she was called, and she was a keyblader as well. Keiji followed obediently. "Where exactly are we though? I know they said the name but.. I'm trying to figure out what the locals call it so I don't end up confusing them. Or do they know as much as we do? About the worlds?"
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