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  1. Link to the Interest Check

    Peace. Peace has been achieved for nearly a couple hundred years now. Thanks to the efforts of Sora and his friends, threats like Organization XIII and the Heartless has been well dealt with in a large span of worlds and thus peace has been achieved in them, allowing these heroes to pass on from old age as they lived the rest of their days in peace. Of course, there are many, many worlds out there, and it is impossible to help them all. Or so one would think.

    The World Defense System, or WDS for short, was an idea created by the previous or 4th WDC or World Defense Committee. This system, powered by Disney Castle's own Cornerstone of Light, was made to scan the various worlds in its reach and use the power of the Cornerstone to eliminate any basic threats of Heartless or Nobodies that appeared in various worlds. If more powerful threats appeared, then the WDC would be sent to deal with them, but luckily that has yet to happen since the system's conception about 50 years ago.

    It is thanks to Sora's efforts that peace was achieved, and with this system it was maintained. Even now, the system is slowly expanding its touch to other worlds that were originally outside of the range of Sora's journey. Of course, there are many, many worlds out there as the universe is quite vast. Given time though, King Mickey and the WDC both believe that this system will be able to help protect many worlds out there and will make all Heartless threats just a thing of the past.

    An abnormality has just been spotted by the WDS, something that seems off. Something that has never been encountered before. It doesn't seem like much, but still shows enough concern to mount an investigation. As such, King Mickey has decided to call forth the newest generation of Keyblade Wielders to the scene, in hopes that they will be able to investigate whatever this abnormal signature is and either be able to deal with it if its a treat or report it if it is harmless, the latter being the King's hope.

    Will this strange signature be nothing at all, or will it be something that takes these Keybladers on a journey far greater than anything they could have anticipated... well... there's only one way to find out, isn't there?


    Which is to use your brains if you want to be reasonable here. Of course it will. Seriously, come on.

    But anyway, all this aside, if you read the INT Check then you know what this is about. If not... click that link, or read this short summary, up to you. This is a Kingdom Hearts RP, one I created a long time ago. One group of newbie Keybladers will discover and investigate a strange signature discovered by the WDS, and from there their journey will begin. Action, mystery, intrigue, adventure, and even dashes of horror will be present here and there.

    Of course, this isn't going to be a totally typical KH RP. I may at times stray from the canon unintentionally. If that happens... well... it shouldn't be too upsetting. After all, if you are strictly canon only stuff... then this probably may not be your cup of tea, especially since we won't be exploring just Disney related worlds for both reasons of because I want to go to other worlds and actual plot related reasons that will be explained later (no 4th wall breaks though, probably should mention that, will not be breaking that 4th wall). Worlds of other games, anime, or manga may appear, and I am always up for original world suggestions as well.

    Rules (open)

    I am not going to add a list of rules like you all are five years old. Just remember a few things. Casual to Adept writing and no OOC fighting, god modding, attention/spotlight hogging, etc.

    Essentially... lets just have fun and do what we came here to do, make a good story and not piss each other off. Well, that covers the obligatory rules section.

    CS (open)

    So here is the basic CS Skeleton and all that stuff.

    Age: (At least 15 years old)

    Appearance (open)

    Either a pic, paragraph or more of description, or some combination thereof.

    Personality (open)

    The details or basics of your characters personality. Demonstrate some writing here, as at least a paragraph here would be nice, but I would like more.

    History (open)

    Same for personality with writing, but talk about your character's past here.

    Other Information (open)

    Anything else you think we should know.

    Keyblade (open)

    Either a pic or description of the Keyblade your chara wields. No Sync Blade for now (that's two keyblades for those who didn't play KH II) and the special ability it grants.

    Abilities (open)

    So these are the basic abilities your chara has and will gauge just what your character can do in and out of combat. There will be no game system or stat mechanics involved, but know that having more offensive abilities means you are stronger, defensive ones make you tougher, and magic ones mean you are a stronger mage. You can either consult the KH Wiki or come up with unique abilities. Remember though, you all are rather weak at the moment, so don't have too many or go too overboard with making strong abilities for yourself. If you feel like giving your chara abilities isn't really something you'd like to do... then talk to me and we'll figure something out.

    You can have up to 5 abilities at the start unless you would have a reason for having more or less, as they sort of demonstrate the basics of how much combat training or experience your chara has and are a general measure of their strength. The acquisition of new abilities will occur as a showing of your characters growing stronger and they will be acquired whenever powerful enemies are beaten or worlds are cleared. Minor Abilities are gained whenever 'mini' bosses are beaten. These are rather more basic abilities, nothing too strong or unique, while the World Boss (or a powerful enemy) would let you get a more powerful ability like a stronger spell upgrade and etc.

    Offense: Your various offensive attacks for laying the smack down on your enemies.

    Defense: Your various protective techniques meant for shielding you or others from harm.

    Movement: Various forms of movement techniques like Dodge Roll, High Jump, or Quick Run. Meant to help you get about. No Glide at the start.

    Support: Your various passive abilities that inactively strengthen your abilities.

    Magic: The various spells you can cast. They consume the energy known as Mana, which resides within your body.

    Limit Breaks: Very powerful abilities that consume a bunch of stamina and all of your Mana and are best saved as a last resort. You may have one to start.

    Drive Forms: A mysterious ability said to have been possessed by Sora. Allows one to transform to acquire new abilities for a short time. No one can have these at the start.

    Summons: Allies you have befriended can be called to your aid using a unique spell that connects your heart to theirs, allowing you to call them from wherever they are. If you do want to have one, you can, but you can only have one to start. Unlike regular abilities, these are not acquired from fighting enemies, but from just certain characters you'll befriend and meet as your journey progresses.
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    NAME: LONDON KOE кузнец / Kuznets – or blacksmith/
    x AGE: 17
    x Gender: FEMALE

    -- London or Loni for short, stands barely 5'2» and weighs roughly between 100 and 110 lbs. She is thin and can easily pass as a boy if she needs to and with the appropriate clothing of course. For the most part she looks like any common street kid, pale skin a little scuffed up from time to time, a little wear and tear to her clothing but overall she has a brightness in her eyes that shines through heterocomia coloration. Pale Aqua Turquoise for her right eye and an even paler hazy pink for her left eye.
    -- To match her crazy eyes is a crazy shade of dark teal for her hair which is the ONE THING she always keeps clean. Some say she is obsessed with her hair but screw them! It's actually long and curly but she manages to wrangle its extreme lengths into a pair of wide loops that pull into buns at either side of her head. Her bangs fall long to the sides to frame her visage while the upper portion of her bangs ride a choppy level across her brows which are sorta funny shaped small and circular some would said almost.
    -- Like mentioned earlier her cloths are normally rough tuff and tumbled so various patches holes and stains may color her ensemble but she tries to keep it looking the best she can. She keeps to a pair of converse sneakers up in appearance to but not nearly as much as she dotes over her hair. She is NOT a girlie girl in fact she is as TOM-BOI as they come, her only real fashion statements in the female side is her nails are sometimes painted wacky color, while her Right ear is pierced four times, two on cartilage two on lobe, which she does decorate often. Nothing dangly though.

    Loni prefers NOT to let people in to close to her. Not because she is afraid or anything, she just prefers it that way. She likes to keep her life as simple as possible. The more things and people you let into it the more complicated things got. She's not family oriented either being an orphan and all. But when it comes to the core of – just who is Loni Kuznets???- Well she is fun to be around always joking about. She can be understanding and a good listener but rather blunt with her delivery when trying to help others. She is a deviant mischief maker and only truely loves one thing in her life. That would be Bynx her bot!
    -- She has a very hard time accepting help from others. She turns down anything given away freely… nothing in life is free in her mind. And she hides her darker outlook of the world behind her jokes and her playful mannerisms. She is anal about keeping her hair clean and is well a tom boy through and through. She'll jump into a fight before thinking and an arguement before considering the reprocusions. She is not a shy girl, but when guys approach her she does get a little bit skittish.

    -- She is a Half Russian Half English/Irish (Cognee?!?!? XD) Brat. Having come from the streets and being blessed with an above average IQ she has had to make her own way in the back alleys of San Fransokyo, USA. It surprised her when - whilst battling in the illegal BOT WARS - her robot BYNX is nearly destroyed and the Bot Battle broken up by Heartless! She herself was attacked and in the end only survives when her heart’s seal breaks and she manifests the Mechromancer’s Wand!
    -- But how did she get there? Oh that’s a horribly sad story one with a mother who abandoned her to the streets so early she can’t even remember her. Then only to be found my a drunken uncle a year later and told she had to move in with him. No proof no nothing, but he ran a boxing ring so she stuck around and worked to repay him for the sometimes roof and meals she got when she came around. Uncle Jobe likes to call her the Stray Cat – she’s a great mouser but damn it if she isn’t a mean one too!
    --She got into kick boxing for a little while and only turned away from the sport when she started to dedicate herself fully to the gear she could snag, trade for and kill other bots for. She practiced free running going from place to place and made a living as a package delivery aid and has been paid under the table since turning ten. She’ll do just about any odd job for money but what she really wants out of life… To become the Next GREAT BOT CHAMPION! Though she knows it’s a silly aspirations she likes to think growing up is something she’ll ‘deal with when it gets here.’ And goes about her life day to day in a casual manner.

    --SPECIAL ABILITIES - TURNS DOLL ROBOTS INTO ROBOT ARMOR! wee! BOT ARMOR CAN ONLY REMAIN TRANSFORMED FOR 3 POSTS. This ability will not come until she gets stronger, each bot will have abilities geared towards different elements. But like I said we're starting her off weak!

    OTHER INFO! - BYNX-BOT! Bynx is a bunny like robot that Loni uses in her Bot Battles, she has modified and built this bad boy up from basics! He has various martial art's combat skills programed into him and he;s small so he's hard to catch in battle. Not to mention he moves about as fast as a real life rabbit. No ture emotion comes from this robot though he sometimes acts like a cat would do to a minor AI program Loni put into him after her own real life pet cat vanished.

    ABILITIES (5/5)
    OFFENSE x. Sun Impact - Much lesser degree than the game think stun punch- Lightning based punches she can only perform 2 per every three rounds and accomplishes this feat with the devices Bunny Bops which she created herself.

    OFFENSE x. Rabbit's Luck - Ability allows her to jump from enemy to enemy and strike simultaneously (limit of three jumps or three enemies to start with.
    DEFENSE / MOVEMENT x. Bunny Hop - Divesthrough one projected portal pops out of secondary protected portal. She cast's these temporary portals with her hands using the Bunny Bops (the arm guards mentioned earlier) If you have ever seen the anime Wakfu it is Hugo's power but I'm using devices / technology to to the same thing.
    SUPPORT / MAGIC ? x. Vortex Strike - Closes the distance to nearby enemies with powerful spinning strike.
    MAGIC / will evolve into Drive Form later /x. Wind-Up Bot!- Keyblade 'unlocks / winds - up' Loni's Robot Bynx and activates him to battle along side her. He attacks with little electrical blasts, punches and kicks while she battles using her keyblade. This power only lasts for three posts as well.

    FC play by art of MY OC COMING SOON
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  6. Kuikku Hanabi's Font - Cool Fonts - Confetti Stream - b18ad1.png




    Kuikku Hanabi's Personality.png

    Kuikku Hanabi is a shy girl. Well, that's what the majority of people who meet her think. Don't get anyone wrong, she's plenty shy when it comes to social interaction at first. She doesn't usually make a lot of friends because she gets a bit afraid of speaking to them. She just needs to learn to warm up to people and trust them before she can fully come out of her shell. And once she comes out of her shell, a bomb goes off in your head. Kuikku doesn't act like she does when she's shy. When she's shy, she's kind. But when she's out of her shy bubble, she's explosive. SUPER energetic. SUPER positive. SUPER touchy-feely. And also SUPER annoying. She just suddenly switches and people are left wondering what they got themselves into. Kuikku, of course, doesn't care because when she's out of shell, she wants to have fun. A LOT OF FUN. Since she's shy when she's in her shell, she doesn't do anything. It makes her seem frail and people take pity on her. Though, she's not manipulative at all. This is just the way that she is. She freaks people out and they call her a psycho. Sadly, she just wants someone to love her and to care for her. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention something! She's incredibly strong, so beware or you'll get your ass kicked. This fact doesn't change whether she's in shy mode or whether she's in energetic mode. :)

    Kuikku - History.png

    Kuikku was born in a large town of ninjas, where they taught her the arts of dance, music, and theatre. Kuikku was born in Tokyo, Japan. Of course, this is the Tokyo, Japan of her realm. Ever since she was little, she was obsessed with idols. She LOVED idols and simply could not get enough of them. They could always make people happy and they had the ability to reach out to others and teach them lessons of life through song and dance. Of course, she knew that not all of it was about teaching other people. Most of it was for the enjoyment, but she knew that it was still fun for both parties involved. Kuikku made it her goal in life to make others happy. And she knew the best way of doing that was to try and keep her mouth shut during most times. Though, her reasoning mostly came from harsh parents, who she loved very very much. She took many hits to her pride as she sat there and her parents screamed at her over the years. Yet, she still loved them because she knew that they were only doing it to make her stronger. As the years passed, she also came to know that being shy wasn't her personality. So... She decided that it was in her best interests to make people believe that she was shy, then to switch when she knew that she could trust them to speak her own opinions. Though, Kuikku was never able to make friends with anyone that lived near her, and as a result, she told her parents that she was going to live on her own in a nearby town. When she moved, she worked at a library. That library was constantly busy because the people who lived in the town had nothing to do, but read books all day. She learned the discipline of hard work through this. After working there for less than a year and earning the position of manager, the library was robbed and burned. After that day, she didn't allow herself to be pushed around and began to train herself every single day for anytime someone decided to pick a fight with her. Running, weightlifting, whatever it was. Whatever would get her stronger. She wouldn't allow herself to lose again. Just like how she lost the precious library that was her ticket to having a peaceful life. And then one day, a random key appeared before her. She thought it was strange, but grabbed it and became a keyblade wielder. (Is this last part acceptable? I didn't really know what I should do when I ended it... >.<)

    Kuikku - Other Information.png

    Kuikku comes from the world of "iDOLM@STER: CINDERELLA GIRLS", a world full of idols.

    Kuikku - Keyblade.png

    Kuikku's keyblade is called "Nisuriri" or "Nice Lily". It uses the kanji characters of the words "Nisu" (Nice) and "Riri" (Lily) to make the blade.
    (Please try to imagine that as a keyblade... I know it's crappy. Sorry~ >.< If you don't understand what it looks like... I could try drawing up a picture, but I promise that it won't be pretty...)

    This blade has a light blue tint all over, with the occasional splash of red and yellow. In the middle of the actual blades, there are yellow streaks. The handle is covered by a white wrapping.

    (I know I didn't describe it much... I'M SO SORRY~ *Cries*)

    Kuikku - Abilities.png
    MP Haste - Recovers MP at a faster rate.

    Blizzard - Fires a small ball of ice in the direction of an enemy.

    Fire - Fires a small ball of fire in the direction of an enemy.

    Cure - Heals an amount of the target's HP.

    Dodge Roll - Allows the user to roll out of the way of an attack.​
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  7. Your CS looks good. Just change 'Fira' to 'Fire' and you should be good. (since Fira is the upgraded version of Fire).
  8. Alright~ Thank you!
  9. Say, what is the character limit?
  10. one, but i will hear out your idea if you want more tha n one.
  11. Also, my friends and I intend to use regular characters with no keyblades. Like, canon characters from other series.

    For such characters, do we just leave the Keyblade Section as "N/A"?
  12. I kinda prefer OCS, but if you want to then yea, i guess you would leave it,as n/a. Would have to rework some plot ideas but it couldwork,for, both non keybladers and non ocs,
  13. [​IMG]
    "Well then, it's showtime."

    Souma Hikaru



    The above picture with the outfit is her Hurricane Style State, which is a transformation that is part of her abilities.
    Her regular outfit is essentially identical to the displayed physical appearance, except she wears a dark green, zipped overcoat that extends to just above her lower thighs, as well as a pair of green boots.

    Hikaru is quite the klutz, generally careless, clumsy and all that. As a Wizard-in-training, she is not very confident in herself, believing that she might mess things up. This is most ironic, since she is supposed to be a harbringer of hope, yet she has little hope in herself. She is willing to motivate others, despite feeling inferior about herself.
    She tries to be brave like her father, the previous Wizard, but is frightened with ease. Despite this, she forces herself to move on and persist, because there are many out there who desire help.

    Prior to the events of Souma Haruto becoming Wizard, the Wiseman was performing experiments in order to induce Phantoms into abducted children. Hikaru was one of them. Wiseman had induced Hikaru with one of many rogue Phantoms. By inducing this rogue Phantom into Hikaru, he had turned Hikaru into a potential magician. What he did not foresee was Hikaru running away, never to be seen again.
    Many years after, Haruto found Hikaru, and recognised their similiar power. He knew that the young girl was a magician, much like him. As such, in order to give the girl some shelter, as well as teaching her how to control her abilities, he took her in as an apprentice, and a daughter. Eventually, she became Haruto's successor, and bore the title of 'Wizard'.
    However, is she ready?

    Other Information:
    Hikaru originates from the World where Kamen Rider Wizard takes place, known to a certain someone as the World of Wizard.
    She has had prior training from her father, as well as some of his previous equipment and abilities.
    The Imprisoned dragon Phantom, nicknamed Shuu, exists within her. In the world of Kamen Rider, a magician is one who has an Imprisoned Phantom within their Underworld, supplying magic to them. Shuu is an imprisoned Phantom.
    She has unlisted abilities that will not be used in combat and will be used in 'cutscenes'.
    She can switch between four combat-based forms, much like her father.

    Hikaru is not a Keyblade wielder, and thus possesses no Keyblade.

    As opposed to a Keyblade, she uses a 'WizarSwordGun', which can switch between gun and sword modes. It is her primary form of offense. The Sword mode utilises physical strikes and the gun mode uses MP, in the form of her form-exclusive abilities.
    The 'Machine Winger MkII' can be summoned. At her current level, it is difficult to use in combat, and for now, is only used for getting around.

    Abilities in all forms:
    Quick Run - She basically dashes
    Kick Strike - a Limit Break which element depends on which of the four forms Hikaru has assumed. It consumes all of her current MP at the point of activation. Its full power depends on how much MP is used. 10% MP is equivalent in power to a basic sword strike.
    PlaMon Green Garuda - a crystal-based small bird-like being, about the size of a pigeon. It requires a small amount of MP to Summon. It is unsuitable for direct combat, but good for distracting enemies with its taunts and dodges, as well as impressive scouting. The latter expands map space before one steps into there. If attacked, it will immediately return to its owner instead of persisting, which is a good signal as to where monsters might be.
    Style Change - Consumes 50% of the maximum MP to alter the user's elemental style and elemental affinity. Transforming from civilian form to her combat-based Styles does not count.

    Form-exclusive abilities (open)

    Hurricane Style Only

    Flame Style Only

    Water Style Only

    Land Style Only

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  14. Haven't had a good KH RP in Years. Might as well join this one since the GM is awesome. +1 suck up points

    Would I be able to use a final fantasy based world? such as Ivalice from FFT ?
    If so, then here is my CS, if not I'll change him up.

    Name: Cryto Baltheon
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Sticking closer to his home world's nature, Cryto wears a more medieval garb, wearing a breast plate, shoulder pads, greaves, and gauntlets over a loose fitting Black Tunic and dark brown slacks. Cryto has Short white hair and Scarlet eyes. His nose has a scar on the brim.

    Personality: If Cryto was a cat, he would surely of died by now. Curious and inquisitive, Cryto lives to solve puzzles and mysteries. He is driven to get an understanding of all that is within his grasp, and to try to contemplate that out of reach. Trying new things often, he lives each day as if it could be his last, and with his rash way of living, it wouldn't be a shocker to those around him if it was. Living life as a constant adventure, he is noble though, and will but his curiosity aside to help a friend in need.

    History: Cryto's parents knew that he was going to be a handful from birth, Something about the boy just felt...special. It turned out to be true, as he was teeming with positive energy, and though he did bring joy to those around him, he still had too much energy and often left his parents feeling tired and exhausted as they tried to stop him from going off on his own adventures and escapades.

    Being of mixed blood of both commoner and noble, he could of been enrolled into an academy to become a knight, but the discipline required, should to be a bit of an issue during his youth. Cryto didn't want to sit still, didn't want to learn the precision required to break an opponents sword with nothing but his own blade. He did find his master and teacher though. A veteran Lancer, who would teach him. Sadly though this did not last long.

    Due to Cryto's rashness, he found himself in a deep cavern one day, and found himself in a pickle, fighting against monsters he had never seen or heard of before, his master had managed to fight them off for a long time, but in his old age, and covering for two, slipped up and lost his life. Cryto too would have died, and found himself slowly falling into a pit of dispare and anguish, when it all ended. Someone else was standing in front of him, and holding what appeared to be a giant key. The man saved Cryto, bringing him back home, but seeing something in the young man, potential, he would inquire to having him join him and learning the ways of the keyblade. Sworn to secrecy about where he would be going, Cryto said goodbye to more than just his parents, but his whole world.

    Other Information: Hail's from the medieval fantasy World of Ivalice, where magic and monsters roam, and men wage wars.

    Keyblade: Dragon's Valour - A Crimson keyblade with silver, gold, white, and black decorations. It's top resembles a dragon wing, with the rest of the key being very ornate. It's keychain is a burning tooth

    - High jump
    - Quick Run
    - Counter Attack
    - Aerial Slam: Requiring height as an advantage, the user brings down their weapon with great force
    - Fire
  15. Ominal yours is fine
  16. I wanted to fit my intended character in, but after considering how powerful he is at his current state compared to everyone else at the start of the RP, I decided to go with some sort of 'successor', as opposed to nerfing the actual character beyond recognition. However, I decided to keep said character's image, including the four elemental forms, and the staple of every rider - Rider Kick.

    So yeah. I decided to throw in a couple more abilities than the usual five, since I stated that she had prior training.
  17. I guess those could be called Drive Forms (which normally I wouldn't allow you to start off with)

    But since they only grant one single ability (and hopefully nothing else) then I shall allow it.

    Just as long as the shifting would take some time in actual combat so that she would have to be strategic when she does it (essentially, shifting would leave her open, so she would have to select carefully which form to take).

    Yea, this looks fine.

    The real question is... how to get your character into the plot since they are not a Keyblader. I was considering having your character be a member of the World Defense Committee in Radiant Garden... Perhaps somehow she learned of other worlds, went there, and the committee employed her since they could always use another member.

    It'll be this, or your character's world will be one of the first we go to and your character offers to come along.

    Or any other ideas you may have?
  18. I am inclined to the second choice.

    Wait, you guys are travelling in a large group? I thought you guys were going to divide and stuff to cover more ground, or worlds, or...
  19. Well right now we only have 3 people, four if you count me.

    If we get more then we can do a divide and conquer.

    Otherwise, it'll be a group.

    Also at first, the characters will be grouped together unless there is a large enough group to go to multiple worlds.

    Also yes. Unfortunately the enemies of this RP will not be like those in sentai shows or Dragonball Z and let you charge up your attacks or perform your special poses. They will try to smack you about if they see an opening.
  20. Hey Renose! Just letting you know my app will be up tonight! So sorry it's taken me this long. Stupid commission work is annoying. But again so sorry for the hold up!!
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