Kingdom Hearts: Darkness Origins

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  1. This is a Kingdom Hearts RP that will be a bit different from the Kingdom Hearts you all know and love. This will take place about a couple hundred years after the events of the Kingdom Hearts series. Organization XIII has well been dealt with, the main heroes have long passed away from old age, and the threat of Heartless has mostly been quelled to the point of just becoming a passing thought. Peace now reigns throughout the various worlds that Sora touched upon his long journey and continues to do so thanks to something known as the WDS.

    The WDS or World Defense System is designed to target and quickly eliminate threats such as Nobodies or Heartless that appear in the various worlds. A recently built system that is ran by the current World Defense Committee based in Radiant Garden. With assistance from Disney Castle of course, this system not only monitors the worlds for threats, but eliminates them as well. Thanks to this, the worlds are at peace and the WDS is slowly expanding its reach to worlds a bit further away from Disney Castle, which is the center of the WDS thanks to the Cornerstone of Light, its power used to give the WDS its strength and reach.

    Things have been peaceful. Until one day, an abnormal signature appeared. While it seems like nothing, King Mickey has decided to call upon this generations newest Keyblade Wielders to investigate, figuring that it would be good experience for them. Will it just be a simple mission, or lead to so much more than that?

    So this RP will essentially start off with a group of novice Keyblade Wielders investigating a mysterious disturbance and slowly evolve from there into discovering much more than just one abnormality.

    The worlds we will go to will not just be Disney based worlds. While indeed a couple of them will be, I will be aiming for worlds based upon other games and series as well. Of course, I will also welcome original worlds as well. Its not that I don't like Disney based worlds, but I feel like it would be cool to see other worlds aside from them.

    Now for those who are just giant sticklers for the canon... this RP is not for you. I will be taking my own liberties with such, especially since the main story will be taking place a long time after the events of the original material. This story will also take a few darker turns than your standard Kingdom Hearts affairs.
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  2. Yay~ Sign me up! This sounds so exciting!
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    Also should we go ahead and be picking out which keyblade our characters use? Or are they going to be originals too? Am so Excited (I have designed some keyblades myself in the past ^.^)
  11. CS (open)

    So here is the basic CS Skeleton and all that stuff.

    Age: (At least 15 years old)

    Appearance (open)

    Either a pic, paragraph or more of description, or some combination thereof.

    Personality (open)

    The details or basics of your characters personality. Demonstrate some writing here, as at least a paragraph here would be nice, but I would like more.

    History (open)

    Same for personality with writing, but talk about your character's past here.

    Other Information (open)

    Anything else you think we should know.

    Keyblade (open)

    Either a pic or description of the Keyblade your chara wields. No Sync Blade for now (that's two keyblades for those who didn't play KH II) and the special ability it grants.

    Abilities (open)

    So these are the basic abilities your chara has and will gauge just what your character can do in and out of combat. There will be no game system or stat mechanics involved, but know that having more offensive abilities means you are stronger, defensive ones make you tougher, and magic ones mean you are a stronger mage. You can either consult the KH Wiki or come up with unique abilities. Remember though, you all are rather weak at the moment, so don't have too many or go too overboard with making strong abilities for yourself. If you feel like giving your chara abilities isn't really something you'd like to do... then talk to me and we'll figure something out.

    You can have up to 5 abilities at the start unless you would have a reason for having more or less, as they sort of demonstrate the basics of how much combat training or experience your chara has and are a general measure of their strength. The acquisition of new abilities will occur as a showing of your characters growing stronger and they will be acquired whenever powerful enemies are beaten or worlds are cleared. Minor Abilities are gained whenever 'mini' bosses are beaten. These are rather more basic abilities, nothing too strong or unique, while the World Boss (or a powerful enemy) would let you get a more powerful ability like a stronger spell upgrade and etc.

    Offense: Your various offensive attacks for laying the smack down on your enemies.

    Defense: Your various protective techniques meant for shielding you or others from harm.

    Movement: Various forms of movement techniques like Dodge Roll, High Jump, or Quick Run. Meant to help you get about. No Glide at the start.

    Support: Your various passive abilities that inactively strengthen your abilities.

    Magic: The various spells you can cast. They consume the energy known as Mana, which resides within your body.

    Limit Breaks: Very powerful abilities that consume a bunch of stamina and all of your Mana and are best saved as a last resort. You may have one to start.

    Drive Forms: A mysterious ability said to have been possessed by Sora. Allows one to transform to acquire new abilities for a short time. No one can have these at the start.

    Summons: Allies you have befriended can be called to your aid using a unique spell that connects your heart to theirs, allowing you to call them from wherever they are. If you do want to have one, you can, but you can only have one to start. Unlike regular abilities, these are not acquired from fighting enemies, but from just certain characters you'll befriend and meet as your journey progresses.
  12. I have great plans up my sleeve.

    Will inhabitants from other worlds be playable?
  13. Figured I'd go ahead and post that.

    Also anyone up for making a banner for this? I am not really an expert on said banner making.
  14. Yes. In one of my earlier attempts of this, I had someone be Oswald from Epic Mickey.
  15. Also your character doesn't have to be from a Disney World.

    As i mentioned, I do not plan on doing just Disney Worlds (in fact, I won't actually be doing that many Disney Worlds, but I will still be doing a few).
  16. That's great! Thanks.
  17. Should we fill these out and then put them on here? Or are we waiting for more people to show up? Just wondering~ No rush. RUSH PEOPLE. RUSH TO THIS BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL RP. DO IT. I DARE YOU.
  18. I am going to go ahead and make an OOC actually.
  19. Oh yay~ I'm excited!
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