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  1. In this jump in you will play the role of the new Organization member you can start off before losing your heart or after where you wake up in an abandon subway system. Earth is not aware of the heartless and when you become a nobody its as if you never existed. Name Adrix Age:17 Number: I Element:Ice "I cant feel my body, but its there, nor can i remember but i have a mind. Am i dead? am i asleep?. Its dark here and there are several beds, no ones in there's but me. above my bed theres a number ( I ). i guess i'll sit and wait for another to wake up." The tunnel system is huge and old there is dim flickering lights and theres no exit.

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    Name: Laxice
    Age: 16
    Number: 2
    Element: Wind

    W-where am I...?
    What happened? Why couldn't she remember. One moment it was so, sunny and warm. Or was it... She couldn't remember anymore. Everything just felt numb though she knew where her body was. Like she was left out in a blizzard and she became accustomed to the frigid weather. Either way she just saw blackness. It was so still, no light, no wind. Just complete stillness. She should have felt afraid, nothing could or ever should be this still or desolate. It was an eerie feeling, but at the same time, calm. A sense of calm just washed over her body as it just stood there within the darkness. It felt like a sense of welcoming was enveloping her whole, but then it was slowly fading.

    Slowly, she felt her eyes opening then flutter open a few times. She knew she was laying on something soft, and after a moment of letting her body get adjusted to whatever it was, she realized she was laying down on a bed. Slowly, letting herself sit in an upright position she moved some of her hair silver hair out of her face and behind her ear as she looked around. Such a strange... place. Not sure what to expect she noticed that a number '2' was above her bed. Letting her mind settle to the new unfamiliar place she tried remembering how she even got to this place. But the more she tried, the more nothing came to her. Feeling that she wasn't the only person in the room she looked next to her and noticed another person. "Hello there. Do you know where we are?" Though she was sure the person wouldn't know either, it was better to ask then not to.
  3. A voice of a girl travels through my ears and kick starts my sense of space, a flash in my mind but i can't grip it, it just sinks. Adrix reaching out slowly, his arm sinks down as if trying to grab a feather. where expression should be it wasn't. "We the tunnels leading nowhere"
    Adrix gets up like he is unsure if he would fall through the cracks in the dusty stone. Looking around the door was just a long trackway with no track, turning back into the room he found another door.
    Inside was a dim lit perfectly circle room with very tall chairs. The chairs were dusty and old like the building, on the seats folded up were long black coats. on the floor infront of the two tallest chairs were numbers I and II, slowly climbing up his, he put on the jacket and felt in a pocket wich read Number I Adrix
  4. Hearing the male's response she blinked a few times letting it sink in. Tunnels leading nowhere. Very unusual for a place to be, but who was she to judge. She was there, as well with the male. What puzzled her the most was how they even GOT there. She never sleepwalked before, as long as she knew it. Or, maybe she did. She couldn't remember anything. It was all just a blurr.

    Shaking the thoughts away she watched the male leave through a door. Stretching her arms above her head, feeling some bones and joints cracking here and there. She stood up, but stumbled a little trying to catch her balance. It was as if she had been transported there and she was now feeling the after effects. After the room was done spinning she began to slowly walk and follow. Stepping through the door she gazed around the place. Following the movements of the male, she did the same. Walking towards the chair that read the number II above her's she picked up the jacket and put it on. The fabric felt smooth, and surprisingly it didn't seem to be that heavy material. The sleeves were a bit long, but she didn't mind. Turning her head a bit so she could catch a glimpse of the male she spoke again. "What's your name?"
  5. focused on the card he looked up at the female sitting in the other huge chair, still trying to come to grips he spoke quietly" The card say's Im Adrix Number I, what is your awoken name?" the words flew out fluently as if they were not even his but who's to say its not his, here he could be anybody yet he felt like no one, like a shell, a walking porcelain doll. He pintched himself it hurt but then again it didn't "Im a Nobody" he said outloud
  6. Name: Roxalia
    Age: 17
    Element: Water
    Number 3:

    Her body stirred against the cold grated ground. Echoes of dripping water extended through out the whole subway. It was abandoned, dirty, and quiet. Any small sound echoed for what seemed like miles.Voices from the distant made her eyes flutter open. She had no recollection of anything. She laid there staring at a wall. Some strange reason a black hole covered a decent size. Her feet pushed her body away until it hit a wall. It just swirled in front of her. Curiosity began to fill her mind as nothing was coming out. She looked around to find it a completely closed off room. A soaked bed leaned up right against the wall. "Explains the water..." She muttered.

    Her hands balled and rubbed her teal eyes. Her fingers then ran through her light blue hair. For a few minutes she sat there trying to think how she got there. Her mind was blank. "...Rox...Roxalia..." She spoke as it just randomly came to her. "Is that my name?" Her head nodded as her body pushed to her feet. A black cloak draped from her body with a number on it. "3?" She shrugged and headed towards the portal thing. Her hand pushed through just disappearing. Roxi then pushed her body through. It led to the other side of the wall. Her walking pace down the subway halls turned to running, She was determined to find the other voices.
  7. As she sat down in the huge chair she felt so small. Everything felt huge, but probably because she wasn't sure where she was. She felt like an insect that was put into a jar and everything looks the same. Snapping from her thoughts she heard Adrix speak she put her hands into the pockets of the jacket. Feeling something smooth and rectangular she retracted her hand from the left pocket. Staring blankly at the card she read what was written on it. "Laxice, Number II." Her face contorted into puzzlement. Laxice. She let the name roll off her tongue. It should have felt foreign to her, but it didn't. It felt... Right. In a weird sense. It was as if it was her name all along.

    Feeling her hair falling out of place again, her delicate fingers brushed the strands back into there place. Her grey-blue eyes scanned over the card again, flipping it back and forth seeing if anything else was written on the backside. Nothing. Feeling slightly frustrated she didn't let it bother her. She was about to speak, but held her tongue. It was defiantly another presence. Someone who was of... Their kind. Adrix and herself. She felt the pulse of some sort of darkness being used. Furrowing her eyebrows together she clicked her tongue. "It appears that someone else is upon to arrive..." Her voice drifted off as she stood up and was walking towards the door.

    Laxice wasn't sure how she knew, but she just did. It was whatever was used, it was connected to her. She wasn't sure if Adrix could feel it as well, but she kept her eyes on the door. "Could you feel it as well Adrix?" Her voice held excitement it seemed, though it wasn't very, erm expressive she could feel that emotion. It was meeting another member of whoever they were. And the thrill of seeing who they were, what their name was and just what they looked like.
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    Renix woke up to find her sitting in a large chair surrounded by more chairs of equal or greater size in a massive chamber. She noticed all chairs had a number. She looked up to notice hers had a VIII above it. She wondered why, everyone awake seemed to have woken up in order. Or maybe not. She didn't know. What she did know was she felt empty inside. As if there was a void she could not fill. She felt cold inside. She also didn't know who she was or where she was. She felt her person to find clues. She found a necklace, a cross to be exact. On the back, it seemed as if someone carves into the metal. It was a name, Renix. She assumed this to be her name. Hugging the cross, she looked around. The place was magnificent. Instead of talking, she awaited others to wake.

    {Adrias, I was hoping to be like number VIII, Roxas, and be a keybearer. But if you don't want me too its all good. I just love kh and especially Roxas. I'll edit if I can't be)
  9. Name: Zenith

    Age: 17

    Element: Fire

    "Teh.." Zenith sluggishly opened his eyes. He was looking up at the ceiling for some reason. He tried to reposition himself only to realize that he was sitting in some type of chair, a big one. He looked down "Why.. Is it so high up.. And.. It's so dam bright" He mumbled. "Ack!" something was obviously setting in. Zenith keeled over in his incredibly high up chair. "Fuck, It hurts!" He was clenching his chest tightly. He was in pain. It felt as though something had been ripped from his body, from his sole, something important, but what? Zenith took a couple of deep breaths before settling down. Slowly he tried to grasp his surroundings. He looked up to see the number four scripted onto his chair. "I-Im number four?" His head was throbbing and the tons of questions that flodded his head weren't helping. His flustered state wouldn't allow him to noticed the others in the room for the time being. "I'm angry... Why am i angry? Am i always angry? Who am I?" He continued to question himself. Slowly he began to hang his head over. His black and red tinted hair covered his face and so did.. A hood? Zenith couldn't help but wonder what was up with his fashion sense. He found his outfit somewhat laughable.
  10. Roxalia continued running. Her teal eyes stopped focused in on a roll that lit the other side of the hall. Her mind wandered. Who was she? Her hand slipped in her pocket. She was right with her name at least. "Roxalia. Rox. Roxi." All these were her names. Did she have parents? Sisters? Brothers? What about friends? Nothing else came to mind. Not even a place. What did she remember? All she knew was something pulled her to the room right ahead of them. She felt other prescences. Not taking chances of them being friendly or not, her emotions flared. Water particles from the subways even began to float. Her free hand shot out and a black hole appeared. It whirled around then began to stretch. What was this harse feeling? Her heart fell hard. Wait... Heart... Why did she not seem to have many emotions or memories? Did she have a heart at all? She pushed it from her mind. Were these people the same as her?

    The black hole fully developed into it giant surge shape. Duel bladed. Black. It blue crystals along the blade. It was beautiful. They both stopped as they reached the white room. It was bright and quite different from the halls. She stood there with her arm covering her eyes. The weapon still at her side and the water falling from their floating state. Her teal eyes finally got used to the light. She looked around. The seats were marked and people were sitting in them. The black chair beside her was empty. Number 3. She sat down and hoisted her legs over the arm of the chair. This felt like something familiar. Did she really not know what was going on? This was too normal. She looked around. Number 1. Number 2. Number 6. Number 8. She sat their quiet and continued relaxing in her seat. Her scythe leaning against the wall beside the chair.
  11. "more are born a new so it seems, Awake for the first time. Shouldn't our hearts be pounding? No, we were born again but without them.
    There must be a purpose, a reason for all this confusion. I believe we are ment to find what is rightfully ours."
    The words just flowed like a river down hill, How could this even happen? where did this knowledge come from? White breath slowly rose from
    his mouth as if it was 30 degrees, his eyes a glowing ice blue, the more that awoke the more he awoke as well. "Kingdom hearts is our goal, Number 5 you have the key dont you?." Images flashed in his head, knowledge poured in from everywhere, he knew now their goal
    He understood his role, he would lead them and guide them to their hearts. "Renix is it? call apon it, call forth the key. laxice scout out our home, dont venture the tunnel that goes nowhere just yet. Roxalia try to think back right before waking up, it will be important to our goal. Zenithx Attack Renix with everything you have got, the key wont come if not needed but do not harm each other" The first step into the dark will bare so much room for light.
  12. Zenith snarled. He shot around to look at the oneresponsible for issuing orders. It was the male sitting on the chair labeld I. He clenched the handrest of the huge chair ready to tell the man off, bu all that would come out is a subtle "Yes" This puzzeled Zen. Why was he taking orders so readily. Who was that guy? "Wait.. He called me Zenith. Zen-ith. Zen." He grinned. "So that's my name? Zenith number six." Almost as if his body had accepted the order by itself he lunged himself over the edge of his seat in a freefall towards the ground. Somehow, he landed on his feet. Zenith looked up at the high structue he had just fallen from. Was that a normal fall? Automatically his head shot around to the chair labeled VIII. " Take it that's Renix? " It was a girl. Zen had his doubts about attacking a girl but it was too late to debate it in his own mind. His body was already operating. "Attack her? With what?" Zen put up his hands in a simple boxing stance as if tha was the only thing he knew as he began to approach Renix. As he moved in closer something started to change. His body started to warm up, his hands were stretched out in front of him as if he were waiting for something to get there. Zenith gritted his teeth as flames covered his palms but they didn't burn, they actually felt relaxing. The flames stretched into two long figures which slowly morphed into weapons. His arms fell to his side as he held a sheathed blade in each hand. The sheath in his right hand dissapeared revealing th true form of his weapon. A red and black chainsaw katana. Oddly enough this didn't surprise Zen at all, only further excite him. "So I got two of these right?" He grinned as flames would engulf his body and he would dissapear from the floor level reappearing in front of Renix. "C'mon kid. You must have weapons too.. Right?" Zenith pointed his katana at the girl as the long weapon stopped inches from her face. Zenith would wait impatiently.
  13. Roxalia hopped up and sat on the balcany type structure in front of her chair. She smiled seeing this guy named Zen who was most definitely her opposite wait very impatiently. "Hot headed, much Zen?" her face grinned coyly as her feet dangled from the edge. This seemed a bit familiar. These five Individuals including her began to seem like home. Scenes flashed infront of her then would disappear. Her eyes pursed shut as the she wished for the memory again. Memory? That's what it's called right... "Right." Roxalia simple whispered to herself. Smiles. Laughter. Then a group of children. Younger versions of the people in the room now. She already smile softed.

    They did have a past. Earth. A beautiful luscious green planet. People killing themselves by trying to 'further' their technology and architecture. These people tore down the most precious sights to make way for their toys and factories. Selfish people. A sigh escaped her lips with a small whimper. She watched how these people created monsters... Hearts being stolen. The children were the first test subjects... Her eyelids flickered as she tried to escape the memory restoring. Water particles formed again floating all around her.

    It all started coming back to her. Her eyes flew open as her body stood up on the ledge. Her eyes focused upward letting her hand stretch out towards the ceiling. The roof started falling apart but the pieces would fall and instantly disappear. A strange black hole whirled at the top. The water particles fell from the portal and formed a ball of water several feet in the air above the individuals. The water was not going to fall but show each one how their own past was. It was to unlock the memory left over from the hearts that they didn't have.
  14. Adrix watched Roxalia, it was a beautiful sight, Almost emotional, it was as emotional as it would get with out a heart. His attention to the Waters of Memory, he saw his past. An orphan caught cornered by 3 small black yellow eyed creatures, they moved frantically and choppy, occasionally flattening like a shadow. The child was frightened and was about to lose everything but without thinking Adrix jumped in between the boy and the monsters. Then a flash of light followed by darkness. Before the incident he was just an average teen, he enjoyed the winter and the snow. in the summer his parents forced him every year to a town by the beach, recently he met a girl their by the water and always by the water. They became best friends laughing, and running at night on the beach, they even had made bracelets made of special shells and Paopu Fruit charms forever linking them. Like it had always been their it appeared suddenly on his palm, and eventually put it on. "If i could actually give a real smile i would.."
  15. Some would think Roxalia had a heart. She still smiled and acted as though it was there. Maybe they really did have a kind of heart that resided in their lost memories... It was yet a mystery. The cloak fell down her arm along with the hood over her head as the force of holding up the portal and the water must have pushed it. A small shelled bracelet showed on her wrist. Roxalia couldn't help but be glad one of the members saw their past. Especially since that past closely followed hers.

    Her sights showed more of the beach. The small teenage girl loved the ocean. She often ventured down to it to either play in it or watch the waves crash. Her blue hair often waved in the wind. Her teal eyes rested on a boy that summer. His hair white as snow and his eyes a clear icy blue tint. They'd often play in the sand, in the water, and even craft. Apparently best friends. Roxalia glanced quickly at Adrix as it resembled him well. She even saw a few others. she only saw their faces.

    The past she saw quickly shifted. The time was night and the city light dimmed. She was walking alone towards her house that was close to the beach. Black figures trotted out. She ran inside without them seeing her. In front of her eyes her parents were laying on the ground. Their eyes were faded black and their bodies still. The touch was even as cold as ice. She turned around to see a tall black creature. Yellow pebble like eyes glowed bright. It's arm rammed into her chest then ripped out a bright item. It glowed in front of her as her body fell and her sight dimmed.

    The memory skipped again. A man stood there in front of her scolding her for something she must have done. She was in the cloak as she was now and a selected few were by her sides. Her hand held her scythe tightly too. Another dark cloaked fellow appeared out of no where and attacked the man in front of them. A light shined in their eyes as their bodies curled up and wrapped in crystal like cocoons. Her eyes were open. The teal color faded to a grey. The final memory cut off. It wasn't enough to explain what happened, how it happened, or even who they completely were. Roxalia sighed. She knew all that mattered was to find out more and what happened in that present time. She looked around watching as the others saw only bits and pieces of their past. There was no way the Waters of Memory would show the complete past... Something had to be done. What could they possibly do? She didn't even know why she was there.
  16. Adrix looked around the room, more needed to awaken, his ice blue eyes stopped at a familiar seashell charm bracelet, it held a halfPaopu Fruit, just like his. Roxalia was his friend from his memory, was it because he was sent here that her shell came as well? did he know the others? these things were not certain. The only truth was Roxalia and his words about kingdom hearts. Somthing terrible dwelled in the back of his mind, his dark half was looking for Kingdom hearts but for himself, Adrix needed to warn others about their sides of the coin. He spoke quietly but his voice was carried to each, unavoidable to hear his words. "Kingdom Hearts not only draws in light, it also feasts on the darkness that follows after. We all have a dark and light side to us. be aware of the path you walk, be true and you'll find your heart." He then raised his hand and engulfed himself in a black, purple swirling mass and disappeared. Then reappearing on the floor below at the foot of the door and walked out.
  17. Laxice stared at the members who were all there. She felt a sense of calmness if someone could even put it. She rested her hand on where her heart should be, or should have been, but she felt nothing. Only a dark void was the only thing that resided there. The spot where this thing, her heart should be at. Feeling no emotions, but they were there. She just couldn't put a finger on it. She was so lost within her thoughts, she almost didn't hear Adrix speak. From then she snapped back to the world they now lived in, their home if one could call it that and caught what he said.

    The girl looked at Zenith seeing that his ability was to control fire, figures. "Good look on you Zen." Her voice was quite, but collected in a sense she knew her role already. Upon seeing the male appear in front of her she only stood her position and never flinched. She only felt a smirk appear across her lips. She felt the wind slightly pick up around her, it was thrilling to feel this power. She held her right hand up to the ceiling and snapped her fingers. Feeling a surge of power being pulled towards her hands she felt something appear. Grasping the object she brought it down to her level. Upon taking a closer inspection of it, she realized it was a fan as she flung it open. It was of decent sized; not one of the small stature, but one that would seem like it would be of heavy weight as it was of some type of titanium metal fans.

    Feeling a sense of calmness with feeling the weight she felt a small smirk starting to appear. Lifting her left hand she snapped her fingers and felt the same weight appear as her right. Flinging the left hand so the fan opened the metal clashed against each other. "Does this set settle you Zen?" Her voice hinted a bit of sarcasm within it.
  18. Renix was frightened. Someone gave an order to attack her and that person was ready to fight without a second thought. Renix was so frightened at that moment. She had no memories, no emotion, no sense of purpose. She held her arms up in defense, waiting for something to happen. She closed her eyes once and when she opened them, she was somewhere different. A new town, appearing before her eyes as if she were there the whole time. She didn't know how it happened. To the others, it would appear as if she was engulfed in darkness as that black hole disappeared. She looked around the place. She had no memories of her previous years, so she had nothing to compare it to. It was big and loud.

    {I forgot to add, her element is shadows}
  19. Before heading to walk the tunnel going nowhere, he stopped and turned his head to eye the members, it was like some fucked up family, quite beautiful actually. We need to get Renix to summon her key. "Everyone priority stands keep to your missions, let Zenithx due his mission..we need Renix fully awake. Laxice ill accompany you on the scouting mission, lets see how big our home is. Oh Zenithx to help wake Renix, use these." <b> With that he snapped his fingers and three 5ft white and red striped creatures appear next to Zenithx, There mouths wide open with a flamming tongue, their bodys almost flat and small, their arms long but fashioned into similar katanas as Zenithx's. They begin to dance around fast and agile.
  20. Roxi kept her hold on the ball of water steady as she watched to see what their world looked like. She also was intrigued by the small fight she'd be watching. She watch each person do their own thing. Roxalia began to wonder how long she would have to hold the Waters of Memory. She began to feel like the normal annoyed feeling was what always came from holding it open. It did take a lot of strain off of her as it was. She saw Renix's reaction to this whole thing. She stood up and hoped down from the balcony softly landing on her feet. She shouted at Renix. "You can do it Ren~!!!" She tried to loosen up the girl's mood. Suddenly she saw the girl had vanished into darkness before her very own eyes. "Ren?..."