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  1. I put this in gaming, because I'm not sure if you can make a video game discussion and just leave the prefix as discussion.

    Well, anyway. The name says it all. This is to be a discussion about the KH3 game. It has been confirmed that KH3 is currently in development, though the release date is currently unspoken. I believe that the release date hasn't been announced yet, so that Square Enix and Disney can work hard on the game, putting all their effort into it without worrying about a deadline. It's also been theorized (Not sure if officially announced) that the release will be at least postponed until the release of Final Fantasy XV.

    It's also been shown in one of the beta trailers that Sora gets a new Keyblade that transforms into dual guns that shoot energy blasts. I am not sure, but this could lead to a slew of new, transforming Keyblades.

    Here is a small rundown of how I believe a few things should go in the series;

    -Bring the Lilo & Stitch world into the mix, but have Lilo be about thirteen years older to fit the timeline of the KH games (BBS is where stitch actually has a world, which takes place directly before Stitch crash-lands in Hawaii, and KH 1 is ten years after that. and KH3 will take place aprox. 3 years after the events of the first game.)

    -Treasure Planet world should come in. They have teased an ability or command set where Sora commands a magic pirate ship, and IMDB has stated that the voice actor for Jim Hawkins (Protagonist of Treasure Planet) will be in the game.

    -Emperor's New Groove world. The VA for Kuzco was also included in IMDB's roster. I believe this could have Sora go on an adventure to help Kuzco turn back from a llama to his royal self. That, or Kuzco could be a rather boring summon.

    -Lion King should come back with the story taking place in The Lion King 2.

    -Oswald, Mickey's brother (I'm guessing from cross-breeding) should make an appearance as a rogue Keyblade master, who can control the weaker Emblem Heartless

    -NO ATLANTICA (Unless they make it Above water combat and underwater minigame levels with the storyline of Little Mermaid 2)

    -Terra should come back, since his heart was released upon Terra-Xehanort's Nobody, Xemnas, being destroyed. I can support this by stating that the Lingering Will could have been Terra's heartless or something that kept his body and soul stable, waiting for his heart.

    -Ventus should awaken, gaining his own body and teaching Sora how to use the Keyblade Armor and vehicle. Ventus has already been speculated to return, as one of the seven keepers of light. And the whole BBS story has Ven's heart sleep inside Sora, until he was strong enough to claim what he lost.

    -I think there should be some sort of connection made between the Space Paranoids world and the Tron world in DDD. -------> Perhaps Tron could write a program to recreate Xion.

    -Sora should wield the χ-Blade, but only during the final boss. Like maybe the connections he makes with the other 6 keepers of light give him the power to command it. But then again, he'd also need the power of darkness. But wait again, Sora became a Heartless. And, until he completely accepted Roxas back into his heart, he was technically a walking Heart, and had that Heartless inside of him, which would occasionally take hold before he beat Roxas in the WTNW.

    -Something should happen to restore Castle Oblivion, turning it back into the World of Departure. If SE follows the path of the 1.5 and 2.5 remixes, they could have a lingering form of Master Eraqus, that could further train Sora and the others.

    -There shouldn't be separate storylines, but I believe you should be able to play as the other Keyblade Masters.

    -There should be some references to KH Chi, the PC Japan only online game. It's supposedly a game that tells the story before the legendary Keyblade War, and there are already theories about its connection to the first games.

    -Sora and the other keepers of light should use the keyblades to lock Kingdom Hearts forever, keeping Darkness from ever trying to take it again.

    -Ansem the Wise should show up as either a Heartless or a Nobody. I doubt there will be many (if any) Nobodies still around in KH3, since TWTNW was destroyed, but Ansem did destroy himself to get rid of the fake Kingdom Hearts, created by Xemnas. A Nobody of Ansem the Wise would be preferred, as Nobodies can be users of Light or Darkness, whereas Heartless have no choice but to fade into the darkness (Unless you're Sora, and your light is too strong, or Xehanort, who had a complete hold on the darkness)

    -Solid Shipping. Let me explain. Throughout the main games of the series, Sora is constantly searching for Kairi and Riku. Now, there are many things to support SoraxKairi, but there is also things that support KairixRiku. I want the matter of who Kairi's heart belongs to, to actually be settled. And no cheesy puns about how Kairi's heart was literally inside Sora through the first game, please.

    -Neverland should return. With Wendy's daughter, since it has been ten years.

    -Sora should meet Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora. They are the three princesses of Heart that only appear in a small part of the end of the first game, but are big parts of the stories in BBS. I mean Sora should meet them as in he should actually help them in some way, or visit their worlds. There are so many worlds out there that Sora freed from darkness after beating Ansem, SOD. He should be able to visit them, especially after waking another great many worlds from Sleep in DDD.

    -Lightning. Lightning's voice actor was included in IMBD's roster for KH3, so it's already possible she will play a part in the game. But I'd like to see Sora go and fight with Lightning in the world of the first Lightning FF game, FF XIII. I mean, the possibilities are awesome. Come on, you gotta' admit gaining Lightning's Odin as a summon would be pretty awesome.

    -The Galewings. They should turn back into the Gun Mages from the Final Fantasy games, and Leon should reclaim his name as Squall Leonheart.

    -An adult Zack character should be introduced. For those who don't know, Zack was in the Olympus world in BBS, and in the Final Fantasy Series, he is the one who gave cloud the Buster Sword.

    -Lea and Isa. Do I dare suggest that Isa, even though he's a Xehanort Vessel, should return to being a good guy? Yes, I dare. Isa was a pretty cool guy in BBS, and I could see him being a good guy, with an awesome Keyblade of his own.

    That's all I've got so far. Feel free to leave your input, or put your own suggestions.
  2. I want to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Aladdin and The King of Thieves, Frozen (yeah I said it bitches!), Pocahontas, Mulan II, The Lion King II, and Lilo and Stitch to be represented alongside some other films in future installments.

    I would like to have multiple playable characters like BBS and DDD.

    Multiplayer is a definite MUST to me! Both online and offline.

    Mini-games would be lovely to have! The mini-game in KH2's Atlantica should make a return but with other Disney songs and maybe some of Utada Hikaru's! I want the Command Board to make a return (yes I like the mini-game even though it can be infuriating).

    Lessen up on the platforming please! -_-

    That's all I can think of for now.
  3. Sanctuary and Simple & Clean are a must!

    I would like to see this too. The magic in Frozen is closely related to the heart, so it could work. And maybe Anna could be a newly discovered princess of heart???

    I feel like that would ruin some key elements to the game, unless multiplayer had separate characters than the story or if it turns out like the fanmade game: KH Mugen.

    You want it for PC? Well who knows, maybe eventually. They've already spread it from Playstation to Xbox. And the DS and Gameboy have had installments. Maybe PC will get a version of KH3, or maybe a side-game exclusive for the PC.

    Them would be some crazy Heartless

    If they add Aladdin, this is the only thing they can do outside of making their own story, since they've already done the first two Aladdin movies in the first two games.

    Yeah. Another Gun-toting boss like Clayton would be exciting.

    I feel like not much changed between the first and second movies, except for the betrothment of Mulan and Han.

    Perhaps Tarzan 2 could make it in? I know it was a horrible movie but Square Enix could clean it up lol.

    I feel like the Keyblade Graveyard is going to play a BIG part of KH3, so I wonder what kind of things will happen there.
  4. Maybe Mulan and Shang's relationship could be tested by Xehanort somehow? The Leviathan would be such an epic boss fight for Atlantis! By platforming, I mean in the game not ports LOL! KH1 had shitty platforming and KH2 was much better but it was still annoying. No I don't think Anna should be a princess of heart but it could definitely work.
  5. Ooh ooh ooooohhh! Elsa could be corrupted and she could control Heartless of ice. Marshmallow could be a giant heartless and Olaf could be the one good thing she made, and you could save Elsa by doing a protect battle and bringing Anna to Elsa's side. Or prince Hans could turn into a heartless, and corrupt the villagers. Oh so many ideas.
  6. Xehanort could be manipulating Elsa and taking advantage of her :) that's definitely one idea I had! As for party members, I don't think there should be any since no one (other than Elsa of course) has any fighting abilities.
  7. Olaf could have healing abilities. But You'll still have Donald and Goofy
  8. He could be a summon maybe? :D
  9. That would be adorable. XD his summon could be like the "Summer" Song he sings.
  10. I just want 2 things:
    -The Winter Soldier and Adam Jensen in the game, at the same time.
    -Both of them punching Squall Leonhart in the face.

    I'll settle for him being electrocuted to death by Emperor Palpatine, though. ._.
  11. I would honestly hate it if marvel or starwars made it into KH3.
  12. But! Light saber Keyblades!
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  13. No. Just no. Star Wars and Marvel already have a multitude of their own lore. and besides, Star Wars and Marvel both are individual companies, that so happen to belong to Disney. They would be rather stupid to include either worlds into KH3
  14. True, I guess it would basically be like adding ESPN Worlds into Kingdom Hearts.
    (Yes, Disney owns ESPN)
  15. Sports fans around the world weep in despair as their favorite passtime becomes riddled with "Family Friendly" censors.
  16. They've owned ESPN for quite a while now.
    I don't know if they started it, but they've owned it for a long time.
  17. I want to see a civil war for undersea dominance by Atlantica and the Atlantis-folk from The Lost Empire.

    Lots of blood and blood-shed, with the eventual unveiling of nukes. Then Triton uses magic and makes everyone's eyes bleed.
  18. Hmm, I suppose Isa would make a good hero but I think the strained relationship between him and me would be even better. Plus, if he were to come over to the good side, then there would be one less baddie to beat the crap out of during the game. Then again, Isa could be perceived as evil at the beginning of KH3 so that a boss battle with him could take place before he starts to realize the error of his ways later on. Of course though, by the time my man Isa decides to group up with the main cast, he is dealt with in an unpleasant manner; which will probably leave me feeling some type of way for a mere second before rushing recklessly ahead in order to combat his executioner. - Scratches head - Ah, it looks like I've rambled on for a bit but I would say that the game would be affected negatively(Not by much) if Isa wasn't an enemy at some point within KH3.
  19. Hmm. I see your point. But think about the possibilities of a keyblade made from Isa's Claymore.

    I actually think Lea should be able to dual wield, since he had two weapons as a nobody, and his keyblade is based off his nobody weapon. Maybe he could even get the Bond of Flame keyblade.
  20. - Stares into space for a second before looking back at you - I thought about it and it would probably look extremely close to this:
    Show Spoiler

    I second that notion and since the Bond Of Flame was modeled after the Etanaru Fureimu then I would see it fitting for Lea/me to wield it. As for the other Keyblade he would wield...well I suppose it could be something other than the Frolic Flame because I personally don't favor that one.
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