King Weavel Makes A Cameo

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  1. [video=youtube;EkIJYrjUYyQ][/video]

    Can YOU spot THE WEAVEL?
  2. ....

    They control the mecha by ballroom dancing?


    I wanna do that! Time for a casting call for a dance partner!
  3. Well done Orionhead, you found a proper King Weavel model.
  4. It's accurate too, crossing your arms and growling is an effective way to own a giant robot.
  5. ‚Äčlul. Weavel has golden tresses of curls.
  6. I dunno about you but the east is burning red.

  7. Shall we M'lady?
  8. Why certainly. *offers gloved hand*
  9. Dancing with the Gundams.
  10. Someone needs to make a parody video of mechas in battle and have the Judges score them!
  11. am i the only one who wanted burger king after i saw this...but how awesome would it be if you could dance and it could control a mecha i would love to see what my dancing would do to the mecha...probably make it rip its own head off.
  12. *Enters in Tux and Top Hat*

    Let us dance then.
  13. *spins in dramatic fashion to redress at light speed and is now wearing a stipper outfit*
    the only way to dance is for dollars
  14. Stripper Gundam? Would it have a similar affect on the other pilots as a magical girl's transformation sequence has on villains?
  15. It's already happened.



    DAT ASS.