King/Soul: Case of the Slender Shadow



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The following is one of my early RPs that I base off my first Novel. Like the novel, this RP is constantly being refined and improved upon. This RP is open minded, so feel free to detail your character how you want him/her.

You receive a letter in the mail which reads:

"There is a War going on. A War many know nothing of. A War in the Shadows of the City.
This War is the oldest type of War. Good Versus Evil. It is simple,yet complicated. Monsters are what we are fighting. Vampires,Zombies,Demons,Werewolves and Evil Spirits. We fight them all.
Yet not all are Evil.
Many work for us. Along with any Human whom knows of the War.
Who are We?
Our job is to hunt supernatural evil and protect both Human and Supernatural good.
We kill Monsters who break the law.
We battle things that most people think of as just Fantasy.
Our orders come from the President of the United States herself. She is our Boss.

We here at KING/SWORD do not care what you are. We care about What you can DO. We hire those willing and able to help us fight against the Evil. It does not matter if you are a Demon,Vampire or Werewolf, as long as you have the will to fight.
So join us and help us rid Washington D.C. and the World of this Evil.

I am Sean Hiruki, and I ask for your help. Human or Supernatural, we need your help. Your skills and abilities will help us. Help us defend our families, loved ones and the innocent, both Human and Non-Human alike. Help us defend your loved ones and friends.
Go to the Bus Stop across from the White House at 11PM
Good Day."

April, 2013 One day before the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
Students at Georgetown University are slowly going missing. One student seems to have left behind countless video recordings of encounters with a strange man....
Each race has three factions: Good, Evil and Neutral. For example: Liu Fang's Vampire faction is Good. They are close allies with King/Sword who keep watch over the city and make sure no rouge Vampires kill Humans. They can be found at Club Shu in Chinatown.

Immortal (Humans who drink the Alchemic Elixir known as the Grand Panicium. They live forever unless killed by another and have minor healing abilities)
Chinese Immortals (Differ from normal Immortals. They have better healing abilities, but can never conceive offspring. As the legends state, There are Eight famous immortals in China and plenty of others that are unnamed.)
Cursed Humans (Someone who is cursed in some way. To lengthen the painful curse, they become ageless as soon as they become cursed. Some curses are double edged swords, in that they can be used for defense or weaponry while still causing pain. I.E. A cursed eye that can see an enemies fears and uses it against them)
Enhanced Human (Has some power or another)
Demon (Every kind you can think of)
Draculs (Dragons who hide in Human form)
Grim Reapers (Self explanatory. Less powerful than Death Himself. Can hide as humans)
Shinigami (More Human than Reapers)
Dark Elf (Can be good or Evil)
Wood Elf
High Elf

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