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    Here at Tomlinson High , image is everything. You're either at the top or the bottom of the food chain. Cliques. Cliques are everything, you're either part of the cool kids or not.

    Reputation is key, and for the students who come here learn that quickly.

    When coming to Tomlinson High you will learn the importance of popularity. You will notice that your ranks will matter in this school. And because this is a boarding school, you'll need to be careful not to make enemies. If you do you'd probably have to sleep with one eye open.

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    Name:Edwin Boone
    Appearance:(Dyes his hair frequently. Currently red.) Green eyes, 5'11
    Hobbies:Playing football, singing, going out with friends
    Skills: He sings pretty good, very sociable, throws parties like a pro.
    Others: He is the head Captain of the football team, super popular, started boxing lessons at the age of 6.
    Relationships: has no lovers/girlfriends. Best friends to Steve, Wy, Ranae, and Edwin.

    Name: Edwin Johnson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blue eyes, Red hair, 5'11
    Hobbies: playing football, playing guitar
    Skills: he's friendly, smart, plays sport real well.
    Other: he looks similar to the other Edwin, so people get them confused.
    Relationships: the same as EB's.

    Edwin and EB step out of Edwin's car and make their way into school, just coming back from StarBucks.
    "Is Steve here yet?" EB tries to look over the crowd for his best friend.
    "No. He said he's staying in today. We could go see him before class start, yeah?" EB takes off running to Steve and Ranae's room.
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  3. Name: Mai Pheels
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Hobbies: Designing clothes, flirting, and keeping up to date In fashion
    Skills: Creating clothes
    Other: She loves flirting with men

    Name: Misha Ani May
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Hobbies: Drawing, Cooking, Sewing
    Skills: Cooking, debating
    Other: N/A

    Mai and Misha walked down the halls, Mai chatted one hundred miles per hour as Misha listened nodding slightly.

    "OH MY GOSH! Hot guys, Misha look!" The young girl said running up to the boys.
  4. Edwin chases after EB as they push through the crowd to the dormitories across the field.
    They eventually make their way to the room.
    On the other side you can hear loud music and singing.
    "I guess this is American Idol!" EB knocks on the door hard, but the knocks go unheard.
    Then Edwin pushes the younger out of the way, pulls out a master key and opens the door revealing two young men singing karaoke to some One Direction song.

    Name: Steve Loos
    Age: 18
    Skills: Sings great, Soccer, Drawing, Piano
    Hobbies: Shopping with Ranae, playing Piano, watching TV, eating
    Other: Head Captain of Soccer team
    Name: Ranae Fernandez-Carrillo
    Age: 15
    Hobbies: playing soccer, singing Karaoke
    Skills: singing, dancing, playing soccer
    Others: Co-Captain of the soccer team.
  5. Name: Lexi Hanson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Skills: Designing/sewing, piano, violin, cello, photography, karate
    Other: She hangs out with the "wromg crowd" because she finds them entertaining. She's pretty tough when it comes to fights, but she always tries to avoid the conflict, though she won't back down.
    Relationship: N/A

    Lexi walks through the hallways with coffee in hand. She sips her coffee while her free hand messes with her piercings. She was walking towards the music room, wanting to get a quick cello practice in before she went outside for a little relaxing sunshine. Turning down the hall, Lexi made her way to the music wing. She sets the empty Styrofoam coffee cup on top of someones locker instead of tossing it and walks into her assigned practice room.
  6. Steve, Ranae, EB, and Edwin all decide to skip class, they just chill and walk around campus.
    "Im bored. Maybe we should've went to class." Steve complains as the group find their way to the music department.
    "Hopefully the director isn't there." Edwin says as they enter the building and make their way to the music room.
    Right when they walk in, edwin goes to his locker to get his guitar, then he stops.
    "Aww... someone got my guitar a coffee." He laughs at himself before grabbing his guitar.
  7. Lexi pulls her cello off it's stand, plucking each of the four strings once to check of they were in tune. A few were put so she took the time to rune the instrument, then took her bow. Tightening and rosining it up, she sat down and sighed, relaxing. She soon dragged the bow across the strings in a slow, rhythmic and frankly perfect tune to a song she had memorized over the summer. It wasn't a song by someone famous, it was a song she made up herself. Hee fingers shifted quickly, hitting there spots perfectly as she went. The song rose and fell, speeding up and slowing down and falling perfectly in place.
  8. Name: Max Russell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Hobbies: Avoiding people, reading and smoking.
    Skills: Plays guitar, sings fairly well, getting into trouble.
    Max is fairly popular due to his looks--not that he likes this--and is usually bombarded with girls (or guys.)
    He typically does his own thing and is really just a loner who has a lot of acquaintances. He doesn't play any sports, he's a bit bullied, and has a lot of rumors going around about him.
    Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
    Relationship Status: Single
    (Usually wears dark colors and is seen only wearing Converse or combat boots. Don't forget the leather jacket!)

  9. Max had woken up that morning in a grumpy state. He hadn't really gotten a lot of sleep that night, so who could blame? He grudgingly slammed his old Chevy truck's door closed and walked up the stairs, pressing the lock button over his shoulder, the truck honking in response. His black leather combat boots scuffed the clean concrete swiftly, his leather jacket covering his arms and some neck while he wore a dark grey t-shirt underneath. Girls were already murmuring about him quietly to there friends, winking and giggling at him as they did. Greaaat. Max opened the front doors to the oh so grand boarding school and walked in, his hands in his pockets while he walked down the hallway.
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    Age: 16
    Hobbies: Tennis, Piano, Guitar, Singing and Reading
    Personality: Unlike her twin Cadence is very kept to herself and quiet. She hates to be compared to her careless sister but will defend her in a second.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Age: 16
    Hobbies: Partying, going out, breaking rules, causing trouble
    Personality: A total opposite of her twin Curstence is a wild untamed girl who does crazy things without thinking of the consequences. She believes in living in the moment and only living once. She doesn't think that theres a heaven or hell and this is the only life we get.
    Sexual Orientation: Bi smexy

    Other: The twins are mostly seen together but have arguments about very big things.
  11. Her song was long but it did eventually come to an end, holding a low note and let it slowly fade out while her one hand lightly shook in a vibrato that died down with the note. She leaned back in her seat with a smirk, resting her hand that was previously on the neck of the cello onto the shoulder. She let out a small sigh, standing and putting the instrument away only to make her way to the small piano placed in the back of the room.
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    Curstence ran skated into the school with her head phones in ahead of her twin. She hated to be seen with her sometimes. She was so boring. She ruined her life. She was trying to have fun and Cadence just held her back. She was so deep into the thought of her sister she didn't even notice the boy in front of her. When she did it was too late. She crashed into him the things in her bag scattering everywhere. Dammit. Cadence told her to zip her bag all the way up on the way to school.


    Cadence held back a laugh as she passed her sister and the boy holding her book. Ha. Serves her right for being such a poo nanny.
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    Cadence peeked into the room staring at the piano with interest. She watched as she started towards it. She made herself visible. "Uh can I join you? On the piano I mean?"
  14. Max landed on the tiled floor with a thud, the breath in his lungs rushing out. "Oof!" Max landed alongside the girl, her books falling on top of him, along with her damn bag. Max rubbed his head as he felt his temper building up, the grumpiness from before turning into anger. "Watch where you're going you careless moron!" he spat, standing up and dusting himself off. Girls around them swooned when he had yelled, giggling to their friends with excitement. Curse them! Curse them all! Such ignorant, bitchy, preppy girls! Max clenched his jaw, along with his fists, and shoved the books into the girls bag, handing them back to her with force. He may have said something rather rude, but he was still a gentleman. Max looked down at her one last time, his jaw still clenched. "Watch where you're going next time." he murmured stiffly, this time with a some niceness in his voice (though it was forced), before walking down the hallway quickly.
  15. EB looks at all the kids who walk in.
    "They're everywhere!" Steve looks at the girl going to the piano,
    "That girl is gonna put her nasty fingers on my baby!" He gets up, as if he wants to punch her.
    "Calm yo' tits boy. It ain't yours!" EB pulls him down. Ranae and Edwin walk up to Cadence.
    "Hey, you play?" Ranae asks leaning over the piano.
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    Curstence couldn't believe the boys confidence to yell at her like that. Tears burned her eyes. She balled her fist and stood as he started to walk away.
    "Its not my fault your some dumb ass arrogant idiot who's mother didn't teach him manners!!!" She yelled at him tears in her eyes. 'NEXT TIME I'LL HIT YOU HARDER JERK!!!" with that she went back to the floor to gather her things cursing mentally. She HATED arrogant guys. What a great way to start off her first day. Now was the time to do something careless. She smiled lightly picking up a janitor's bucket and heading into the janitors closet.
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    "You can say that.." she spoke softly gripping her books and backing away suddenly feeling shy. She looked at her feet trying to think of something to say but couldn't. A nervous blush started over her cheeks.
  18. Max growled when she yelled at him, and turned around quickly with a death glare in his eyes. "Such big words for a crybaby!" Max was enraged now, his fists clenched so tight his knuckles were pale. He turned around quickly and stormed off to the library, his thoughts filled with bitter rage. That girl has some nerve to say something so idiotic! I helped pick up her damn books didn't I?! Max pushed open the library's door with force, going to the very back of the room and sitting in a dark corner. What a wonderful day so far. he thought bitterly, looking out the window on his left.
  19. "Where you going?" Ranae gets up,
    " im Ranae, this is Edwin. Those two lovers over there are EB and Steve." Steve looks up.
    "If you aren't gonna play, I will." Then he goes to the piano and starts
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    Age: 16
    Personality: Lucas is extremely quiet and calm. Quiet because of his unforgettable past and calm because of the peace. When he talks his voice is soft, hoarse some would say, sad others would say. He's wise for his age and shy. He's very anti-social. Its hard for him to talk to others because they get irritated with his brain. He's a total geek.
    Hobbies: Playing piano, computer games, minecraft
    Sexual Orientation: Gay
    Relationship status: single
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