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    As the Summer Break sadly ended, the start of a new school year began on Yuki High School. Today was a beautiful morning with clear and blue skies like an ocean. The Summer Break finished, but the summer itself was still there, making some students sweat while walking toward their schools. This was different for Haruto Suzumiya, which has his own car. For anyone, it was more than expected for Haruto to have a kind of old car as his first one, but he actually has an expensive sports car. He was one of the few students that luckily have cars at his school.

    "Oh, look who finally arrived! It's Haru-sama!" some students shouted as they saw Haruto parking his car in in a lot. Other female students rushed toward his direction, screaming with excitement and wishing that Haruto put his eyes on them or at least notice them. After a few seconds, Haruto finally came out from his blue car and turned around to face his mad crowd of fans. With a handsome and cool smile, he closed the door of his vehicle and raised his right hand, greeting them. His scarlet hair waved against a warm and gentle summer breeze that passed by, making him look cuter in the girls' eyes.

    The whole crowd yelled with excitement, quickly taking him pictures with their phones and others asking him for a date. Chuckling, Haruto said goodbye and began to head toward the school entrance, the girls following him from behind. This was something that he has to face every day after been the most popular guy around.

    "Come on now, young ladies," said the Principal that was standing in front of the main gates of the school. "Give Suzumiya-san some space, please. Don't you know what personal space means?" The girls frowned and began to protest, forcefully following her order and beginning to return to their business. Haruto sighed with relief and slowly turned around to face the Principal, holding her hands and looking at her with a handsome smile, his face sparkling. "Oh, thank you, Gouda-san," he said, his red eyes glistening and his voice soft, yet very masculine.

    The Principal widened her eyes with surprise, her cheeks turning pink after seeing Haruto so close to her. "You just took a load off my back." The Principal smiled a bit, falling completely on Haruto's charming tricks. "N-No needs to be thankful, Suzumiya-san," she said and shyly looked away. "I just did what it was correct." With a nod, Haruto dropped her hands and began to walk inside the school, the Principal quickly turning around to face him, sighing with a smile. "S-See you around, Suzumiya-san!" she said, waving her hands.

    Haruto chuckled and secretly smirked evilly. "Oh, boy... I have all these girls in the palm of my hands," he thought and when he looked forward, he unexpectedly bumped into a girl, making themselves fall to the ground. Haruto groaned lightly with a flinch and looked up, noticing that a beautiful girl was on top of him, her face totally red and completely embarrassed. He thought that was cute and so, decided to tease her.

    "My, my... Isn't a little rude to do this lewd stuff so early in the morning without even introducing yourself first?" he asked her with a smirk. As he waited for her reply, Haruto also realized he haven't seen this girl before and that was odd because he knew every single girl of the school, even those that aren't popular.

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  2. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie was having a decent morning, considering the circumstances. She had heard from others that going to a new school would be difficult, that she would feel 'sad' or something of the like. The fact of the matter was, she didn't. Actually, she felt rather fine; she could easily contact old friends via texting, and she had good plans for the day, the first of which was to sign up for the baseball team. For her, that was something obvious; of course she would do that. It was what she enjoyed, and she packed a mean hit with the bat, so she doubted the team would complain. She had no worries about getting settled in the team, nor in the school. She wasn't mad about it, or sad about it, nor anything else that she was told she was going to be. That was fine by her.

    She got up from her bed, throwing on clothes and grabbing her old tan drawstring back-pack, out of which stuck a neat and shiny bat, a gift from her parents as a sort of apology for moving. She didn't blame them, but she had taken it anyway. After all, she wasn't about to refuse something so nice. Next, as she headed to the door and shouted her goodbyes to her parents, she grabbed her baseball cap, and, placing it on her head, walked out and to the side walk, ready to go and get the first day over with. While she didn't mind bring here, she still did not like first days back to school in general. They were a bore, and shed much rather be doing other things.

    She had to admit, the neighborhood was nice. There was a aesthetic aura about it, with the neat houses and the gardens out front. She was always one for greenery and the outdoors. Swimming, hiking, track- if it was outside, she did it at some point or another. Gardening was one of those things. She wasn't good at it, and it appeared her mother's green thumb did not pass on to her, but she enjoyed it. She appreciate it. She just couldn't do it, or she was pretty sure the plants would just keel over and die in her presence.

    She walked into the school, and glanced around to admire it a bit. It was certainly bigger than her old school. Not so much so that she would get lost, though. She wasn't horrible with direction, and saying this was bigger than her old school wasn't too shocking. The old school was rather small, and every other school she had seen thus far was bigger than it. The only good thing about it was the nice field, and this seemed to have a better one. She guided a hand along the wall as she walked, before looking forwards, right before someone crashed into her.

    At first, she was surprised. Then, though, the shock word off. "My, my... Isn't a little rude to do this led stuff so early in the morning without even introducing yourself first?" The boy beneath her said, and Valarie almost instantly got the feeling he was a complete asshole. So, she stopped feeling embarrassed, and got up. While the boy was cute, she was never one for just looks, so she wasn't about to swoon because she fell onto him.

    "Isn't it a bit rude to run into someone, hm?" She replied coolly, accent rather strong as she spoke "So I'm inclined to say we are even, and that'll be that. Oh, and I hate to break your fantasies, but I wouldn't do anything like that with you of all people. I have standards."

    She fixed her bag, checking to see that her bat was okay, and practically sighing in relief when she saw it was. Then, she turned on her heels and began to leave. She had nothing else to say here, so she wasn't about to stick around. She especially wasn't about to introduce herself. He could handle not being coddled, as she was sure he usually was. He seemed like the type of person, and, Valarie would admit she was the type of person to judge a book by it's cover. However, she was usually right, and shed rather not take the chance with this guy.
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  3. Haruto widened his eyes as he heard the rude and cold reply from the girl. He expected something like that but didn't think she would be that harsh with him. When she checked if her stuff were okay, Haruto slowly stood up, chuckling with an amused grin. "Well, damn... This girl cannot be compared to the rest," he thought as he dusted off the back of his pants before looking back at the girl. Instead of talking, he just stood there, looking checking her out from head to toes with interest. His expert eyes put special attention on those outstanding traits this girl has, like the curves of her hips, the size of her chest and the features of her face. At the end, Haruto definitely liked what he was seeing and after hearing her talking, he noticed the funny yet sexy Russian accent.

    "I hit right on the nail," he thought, a small smirk spreading on his lips as he saw the new girl walking away like if he wasn't there. He felt her coldness right on his chest, but he enjoyed it at the same time. "I need to know, no, I MUST know more about this girl yes or yes." His scarlet eyes glistened by the light of the sun and he chuckled, slowly placing his hands on his pockets. Just when he was about to walk, his whole body froze as he heard a high pitch voice calling his name.

    "Haruto-kun! Hey, Haruto Suzumiya!"

    He could have just ignored that voice and just keep going but for an unknown reason, his body began to slowly turn around like a robot. That's when he spotted a beautiful girl with straight and pink hair dressed in a beautiful short light blue dress. Smiling brightly, she lifted her hands and waved them at Haruto. Swallowing hard, he slowly raised his right hand with a nervous smile, a few drops of sweat on his forehead. "God damn it... Why did she have to appear right now?" he thought, looking away with a deep sigh. "Ugh, I can't believe I'm even related to such an annoying girl. My reputation will be ruined if somebody sees me with her!" Sighing again, Haruto looked back forward and encountered the pretty smiling face of the girl from before extremely close to his. That made him yelp and jump back, lifting his arms in defense. The girl giggled cutely and stood straight, lightly pushing the right side of her hair behind her ear.

    "Haru-kun, ohayo!" Misaki said, looking back at Haruto with a kind smile, putting her hands behind her. A beautiful Japanese accent could be noticed through her words. "It's really a miracle seeing you the very first day of school. I got really surprised when I recognized you from afar." Haruto frowned and looked away, crossing his arms. "Well, sorry for trying to be responsible for the first time of my life, miss," he replied, clicking his tongue before turning around for leave. Misaki widened her light pink eyes with awe and pouted, quickly walking and standing on his way. Haruto narrowed his eyes and backed off, looking down at her. "Come one! What do you want now?" She growled and pointed at his face with her right index finger. "Misaki... I want you to call me by my name, bakamono!" she replied, really upset with Haruto. He frowned and clicked his tongue before stepping aside from her, but Misaki stood on his way. As Haruto stood aside once more, Misaki blocked his path once again. She was definitely determined to force him to call her by her name no matter what.

    Not been able to handle her anymore, Haruto growled and glared at her with annoyance. "Just get the hell out of my way, Misaki!" he shouted and Misaki smiled happily, nodding. "That's right! That's my name, Haru-kun!" Shaking his head, Haruto stepped aside and began to walk away, just wanting to leave her behind as soon as he could. Sadly for him, she turned around and began to follow him, telling him to slow down a little.

  4. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie honest-to god hoped she could avoid that boy for the rest of the year. She didn't need annoying people in her life right now, especially since there was a lot she needed to focus on. She'd soon be 17, and she needed to look for colleges. Sure, it wasn't her last year, but she was close to, and she wanted to make sure she didn't get to it all late. Getting distracted wouldn't help her with her goal. And this wasn't like the movies where she was going for a goal and not truly doing it for herself. She was happy with it, and she wanted it, and she'd be damned if anyone or anything stood in her way. She was going to do well, and she was going to do well the right way.

    Unfortunately, coming in so late in the high school years, she would need a little help. That had been established over many phone calls with the school. So, she set a course for the main office, the one place she was SURE she knew where it was. This was her first time in the actual place, so she didn't have everything down pat quite yet, but she was sure that soon she'd get it. Routine was the key to remembering, and school was practically built off of routine. Studying was routine, as was schedules. So, she'd be fine. And when baseball came around, she'd be more than fine, because she'd be able to not study the whole time, which was great.

    She walked in, glancing around before getting startled when she looked forward and her vision was filled with the bright face of a taller boy, whose face was covered in freckles and his red hair stuck out all over the place. She quickly took a step back, before putting her hands on her hips and raising an eyebrow. At least with this boy, he hadn't bumped into her, and he hadn't made any comments that she would consider rude yet. She wasn't sure if that would change, though.

    She didn't have to wait long for him to open his mouth, though. He stuck out a hand, all smiles and cheer as he spoke "Hey! You're the new girl, right? I'm supposed to lead you around the school and help you out. I'm pretty sure we have, like, the same schedule! Sweet, right?" He said, seeming not at all effected by her attitude. Valarie relaxed a bit, and, after a moment of hesitation, shook his hand.

    "...Sure. Yes, very nice." She said, though she didn't force a smile. She wasn't about to fake one for anyone. There was a short silence as she pulled back her hand, and then she continued "I'm Valarie. Valarie Mikhailov." She figured this guy seemed alright, and since he would be helping her out, it couldn't hurt to introduce herself.

    "Gabriel Havers! Wow, so that's how you say your last name? I was really curious, to be honest." He replied, grinning once more "Yea, and if you can't tell from the name, we have something in common! Both not from around here. I came in last year. I think they chose me because of that and the schedule, but to be honest I'm not too sure, ahah." He looked rather sheepish, rubbing the back of his head "But you probably don't care. You need to get to class, huh? I mean, both of us do, but....yea."

    Valarie wasn't used to such a happy-go-luck attitude in the morning, and the sudden shift from seeing a jerk to seeing a guy she could compare to an excitable puppy was certainly a bit shocking. Slowly, she nodded in agreement, before gesturing for Gabriel to walk out first. He did, glancing back at her every now and then as they walked. He appeared to be trying to find something to say. She didn't really blame him, she didn't think there was much to say, and the silence was a bit awkward. Eventually, though, he brightened, which indicated that he had found something to speak about. She wasn't too surprised by that, as he seemed the type to start conversations a lot.

    "So, you do sports? Neat!" He began, eyeing her bat "I'm not a huge sports person. I like the indoors more. But that doesn't mean I don't find it really cool! So, are you any good?" He went on, before taking a short pause and frowning "Noooot meant to be rude. Just curious, you know? I mean, stupid question, bu-"

    "It is fine." She said, cutting his little 'speech' off, and feeling a bit glad that they were on a topic she enjoyed rather than questions about her old school. "Yes, I like to consider myself good at it. I was one of the best players on my team. I intend to be one of the best here, also."

    And so, they were spurred into a conversation, Gabriel excitedly asking questions about what she did as they got to the classroom and went in. To be completely honest, Valarie was amused by the barrage of questions she was receiving, and answered them in a relaxed manner. At least this was one person she could call a 'friend', and that would get her parents to stop pestering her over it. As she sat down in a seat, she smiled a bit at him, and he sent her a thumbs up. What for, she wasn't really sure, but how much he talked she was sure she'd find out later.
  5. On his way toward his classroom, Haruto had an annoying face as Misaki was still following him, talking to him like if they were the best friends since a long time. "I'm so excited about this new school year, Haru-kun!" she said while smiling brightly and walking beside Haruto. "My... I still can't believe we're already in 11th grade. We're going to be kind of busy choosing our careers, our college, handing our resumes to different job places... Anyway, this is the beginning of our journey toward the adulthood." Even when Haruto just didn't want to hear her, he realized that everything she said was the truth, but also thought that she was thinking too much about the future. For, his uncertain future was a relief because that way he didn't have to think about those things he has to do, probably because of the headaches and the total pain in the ass.

    "You're thinking too much about something that still yet to come, Misaki," he said after not been able to keep it. He slowly looked at her with a calm expression. "There's no point in thinking about that by this time, you know? There's a lot of chances that you will change that career you choose now when you finally graduate from high school. So, I recommend you to chill out and let the time handle those things, mmh?" Misaki looked at him with a kind of surprised expression before looking at their way, thinking about his words. She thought it was kind of irresponsible to not think about your future, but she somehow understood what Haruto meant. She smiled and nodded, looking back at him. "You're probably right," she said and Haruto scoffed, looking back at their way with a small grin. "Like always."

    A few minutes later, they finally arrived at the 12-4 classroom. As Haruto stepped inside, he quickly turned around and blocked Misaki's path. When she bumped on his chest, her eyes widened a bit and slowly looked up at him, a pink blush covering her cheeks. Haruto smirked while looking straight at her eyes. "Well, I guess that our small trip ends here," he said and lightly flickered her forehead. Misaki pouted while covering her forehead. "Ehh... What you're talking about, baka?" Haruto turned to his right and pointed at a silver plate that had golden letters and numbers that said: Classroom 12-4. "Your classroom is the 12-6, my dear. You better get going if you don't want to be late." Misaki pouted more and as she tried to step inside, Haruto quickly blocked her way, chuckling with a smirk. With a light growl, Misaki stomped her right foot before turning around for leave.

    When she finally left, Haruto sighed with relief and closed the door before turning around to face the classroom. He noticed that some girls were already looking at him while the rest of the class was scattered around, chatting about simple stuff like what they did in the summer and such. Pulling his red hair aside, Haruto made his way toward the backseats, seeing if there was one close to the windows on the right. As he was looking around, he stopped in his tracks as he noticed the new girl from before talking with a guy. He was surprised at seeing her all friendly with him, probably because he didn't tell her something out of the boundaries. Haruto chuckled and shrugged, picking the eighth chair of the first row that was beside a window. With a grin, he sat and just like that, a bunch of girls quickly fought their way toward the available seats that were near him.

    A few guys frowned with annoyance, once again been beaten by the charms of Haruto Suzumiya.

  6. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie's eyes flickered over momentarily, before she looked back at the boy sitting next to her and jabbed her finger in the general direction of Haruto "They swarm to him like moths to a fire. Does this usually happen?" She asked, moving her hand back down to lean her chin on it "Because I don't quite see why they are. He's very......" She couldn't find the right word for it, so she simply shrugged and ended with "Eh."

    Gaberiel stole a quick glance back, before shrugging himself "I don't know. They think he's good looking. And, you know, he's popular. I think you're the ONLY girl not swooning over him right now, actually." He replied, leaning back in his seat a bit as he spoke "It wouldn't be surprising, he's got that sorta charm, you know? I mean, I personally don't like him much myself, but that's just me. Other people can vouch for the whole charm thing."

    She let out a small 'hm' as a response, turning her attention to the front of the classroom. Well, it was none of her business, and she wasn't going to make it her business. She didn't want to get swept up in the groups of girls, not now, not ever. She wasn't a fan of people who would fall to the feet of a guy to get his attention. It was just weird to watch, and she felt she would see it enough at this school.

    Hopefully they'd all leave her alone. It wasn't this bad at her old school. At her old school, people were just people. You didn't see a guy becoming like a god to his classmates. It just didn't happen. Sure, you had the popular kids, but they didn't get worshiped. If anything, they just had better looks and people knew their name better, and that was that. It was either that, or they were the best in the clubs, hence why she had gotten her spot.

    She tugged a notebook from her bag, and then grabbed a pen. She wanted to be ready for when class started, though there was still a bit of time left. She opened to a blank page, placing her name at the top and putting the date to the side. She was sure it would just be a day for a syllabus, but she was prepared if it wasn't. If she did nothing with the page, she could always just cross out the date and use it tomorrow.
  7. "So, Haru-kun, you're going to be on the soccer team this year too, right?" asked a girl that was sitting next to the popular guy. Haruto nodded and looked at her with a grin. "That's a silly question, my dear," he replied before taking out his phone from his right pocket. "Everybody knows I'll be always on the team until I finally graduate from here. I hope to see all of you cheering for me during the games. That way, you all going to be witnesses of my unbeatable skills one more time." With giggles of excitement, the girls nodded in agreement, quickly asking him for his phone number, which Haruto gladly give out.

    Not been able to bear it any longer, a male that was sitting in the middle seats quickly stood up, dragging the attention of everyone. Taking a deep breath and sweating nervously, he turned around and walked toward Haruto. "Y-You... If you think you will be the top star of the team this year, you're wrong!" he told him and stood beside his seat. Gasped of amazement echoed on the classroom, followed by whispers that said that Haruto finally has a rival. Scoffing, Haruto put his phone on his desk before slowly standing up. "Sorry for destroying those little fantasies of yours, but that's definitely what's going to happen this year, buddy," he said and looked at the nervous male with a smirk. "And there's nothing you can do about it because I'm 10 times better than you because, if I remember correctly, last year we almost lost because of your stupidity. You made a score for the other team and everyone, even the lamest member, always stole the ball from you. It will be a miracle if the coach let you enter the team this year. And if he lets you, the only thing you'll be doing is warm the bench for us."

    After Haruto finish talking, laughs came out from almost everyone, teasing the poor guy that simply looked down at the floor with a defeated expression. He wanted to say something, but he felt a knot right on his throat. As the laughing continued, he quickly turned around and began to run out of the room, tears in his eyes. "Fucking asshole! I swear you're going to pay for this!" he shouted and Haruto laughed, waving his hand at him. "See you in the tryouts, buddy. Can't wait to see your epic fails."

    As the guy opened the door for leave, the teacher finally arrived. When he looked at the male, he simply passed her by and left without saying anything. Sighing, the teacher stepped inside and stared at everyone. "Alright, everyone get to your seats," she said before walking toward her desk, fixing her black glasses and tying her silver hair into a ponytail. She was wearing the usual teacher uniform, but also had a white lab coat. As Haruto sat on his seat and everybody got to theirs, the teacher proceeded to walk toward the chalkboard and stood up in the middle, facing everyone. She scanned with her blue eyes at everyone, silently and with a serious but not intimidating expression.

  8. Valarie Mikhailov
    "What an douchebag." Valarie murmured to herself, and was elbowed by Gabriel as a cue to shut up. She rolled her eyes a bit, but complied, figuring he knew best. Class was starting, too, so she really shouldn't be insulting the school god right now. She had plenty of time to do that later. After all, with his attitude, he kept giving her ammunition for insults. She'd be a idiot not to take note of that for later use. After all, if she did come in contact socially with him again, she didn't plan to be happy and cheerful around him.

    But that wasn't important right now. Right now, she had to pay attention. She clicked her pen absentmindedly, looking right back at the teacher. She wondered, for a moment, if they were getting partnered up for lab. If so, she'd prefer to go with Gabriel, and if not that, she hoped it wasn't a long-term partnership. She didn't think she could stand being with one of these girls the whole year. The guys, if they weren't the popular kid, maybe she could stand. The one who had stood up against Haruto was someone she sincerely felt bad for. It was to the point she was thinking of even finding him after school to help him out. He really didn't deserve to be ridiculed by the guy, and especially not the whole class. She could play soccer decently. Not the best, but maybe enough to help him out.

    She yawned, leaning back in her chair and waiting for the teacher to speak. She wasn't sure how this would go, learning wise. She had had teachers who just didn't give a shit about their job, and it never ended well with testing. She usually had to learn it all on her own, if it happened to be the case. Which wasn't so bad, since it was just like extreme studying, but it still got a bit annoying. She hoped this wouldn't turn out like that.
  9. "Even when I already know most of you, I still seeing new faces around here," said the teacher after a while, standing straight before taking off her glasses. She blinked once before sighing, looking back at the whole class. "I'm not the type of teacher that does nothing on the very first day of school, but I guess that a change won't be that bad. Besides, I think none of you will complain about it." Some students laughed and nodded in agreement, sighing with relief and closing their notebooks. They already knew this teacher, so they thought she would start with her lessons since today. Lifting her left hand for hush everyone, the teacher put back her glasses and put her hands inside the pockets of her coat. "Instead starting with the boring syllabus, let's make short introductions, mmh? I just want to hear your name, age and something relevant about yourself that you would like everybody here to know about it. Please, don't start saying things like: "Hey, I'm single and desperate. So here's my number". I'll start for break the ice."

    After saying that, the teacher cleared her throat before looking back at the class. "I'm Sakuya Kisaragi. I'm 26 years old and I'll be your homeroom and Biology teacher. Something relevant about myself? Mmh... Ah, if you don't want me to be your living nightmare this year, you better behave in my classroom and study and work hard during my class. Also, you better call me "Ms. Kisaragi" and not "Mrs." A drop of sweat appeared on everyone as they heard Ms. Kisaragi's awkward introduction. For those that weren't new, they knew how sad her love stories are, so they were already accustomed to these situations. Ms. Kisaragi fixed her glasses and quickly smacked the chalkboard with her right hand, frowning with anger. "And girls, be careful with which men you choose for a date. You better know more about him beforehand or else you will end up dating with a damn pig that just eats and eats, burps on your face and leave the restaurant without paying. In what the hell I was thinking? My stupidity is probably the main reason of why I'm still single. My mother must be laughing at me right on her tomb..."

    And just like that, Ms. Kisaragi got carried away and began to rant about her poor love life, forgetting that she was in front of her whole class. Sighing, Haruto raised his right hand. "Sakuya-san, you got carried away with your personal dramatic life," he said and grin, looking at her. "You're giving a really bad impression to the newcomers, you know?" When Haruto finished talking, Ms. Kisaragi finally returned to her common senses and looked at her class. Blushing deep red, she looked down at the floor, fixing her glasses before clearing her throat. "U-Um... That the first of the first row stands up and proceed with the presentation," she said and slowly lifted her head for stare at Haruto, her eyes narrowed. "And you... Don't you ever to call me by my first name in front of the class. Ms. or teacher is okay." Haruto shrugged and chuckled, not giving much care.

    One by one, every student of the class introduced themselves to everyone, one than other male saying that they were available for any girl interested. After a minute, it was the turn of Valerie.

  10. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie wasn't really interested in the introductions. The whole teacher-Haruto fiasco that had gone on a few moments before was a little intriguing, but otherwise, she didn't really care enough to listen to anything else. After all, it wasn't as if she'd need this information for anything. She could always find it out again later, if she turned out to need it. She had never been a fan of forced introductions, though, so her participation would be limited. She would say what she had to, and then sit down and stay down.

    Her turn came quicker than expected, but she was prepared for it, as she had done the same introduction many times before. She had gone to many events and places that required this, so she had eventually just come up with something simple to say that would get her point across and get people to back away from her. Most of the time, it worked well, so she continued using it throughout her school career.

    She sat up in her seat, arms crossed "I am Valarie Mikhailov. I am new, and I was the best hitter in baseball in my old team. This means if you touch my boobs or any part of me without permission or make a lewd joke, I will hit you over the head and make sure no one finds the body." There was a pause, for effect, before she shrugged "If you do not do those things, we should get along fine." Then, she leaned back once more, keeping a straight face. She had to admit, she did like this part. Usually the reactions were great, and even she was amused by those. Gabriel next to her didn't seem to be fazed by it. He seemed to be actually trying to hold back laughter at her statement.

    She then took her pen and put a neat line through the date she had written in her book. Then, capping it, she put both that and the book in her bag. She wondered what the rest of the class would be spent doing, though it sounded like 'nothing' was a very likely choice. She would have rather had the teacher actually do something, but of course she didn't rule the class, and she couldn't change that. She would survive, though. She was sure they would do something tomorrow, and she had already expected to do nothing on the first day, so it wasn't like this wasn't meeting expectations.

  11. Haruto Suzumiya
    A few chuckles and mumbles echoed around the room after Valerie gave her introduction, that sounded more like a threat to those pervert guys that already have some dirty thoughts and intentions with her. That probably did the trick and scared them just enough for make them think twice how they will approach her if they want to. Haruto was the one that got really amused and entertained with her introduction. He chuckled and secretly looked at her, getting more interested in her than before. "She's like a nut really hard to crack," he thought, checking her out from head to toes like before. "Still, that won't make me give up on her. I just need to use all my skills and knowledge to approach to her, little by little make her trust in me and then..." He couldn't resist chuckling one more time, turning his head to his right to look outside through the window, fixing his gaze on a random spot. He smirked mischievously. "Man, this going to be so much fun."

    Ms. Kisaragi fixed her glasses and grin after hearing Valerie, already beginning to like her attitude. "Now, that's a great introduction, dear students," she said and looked at everyone, especially at Haruto. "I bet she left us a 'good impression'. Now, I would gladly proceed to the next and last introduction, but we already know who is Haruto Suzumiya, right?" Most of the students nodded and laughed, clapping and cheering at Haruto, who stood up from his seat and bowed at everyone. "Yeah, all of you feel lucky that this year this superstar belongs to your group," he said and Ms. Kisaragi gestured him to sit down. "Yeah, yeah... Just sit down and cool down that head of yours. If you don't start to act a little more humble and nice, your future won't be that bright. You'll probably end up all alone, living in an apartment with dogs or a few cats, regretting every bad you did."

    Haruto shrugged and returned to his seat, leaning his back and crossing his arms. After that, the teacher walked toward her desk and picked a decent stack of papers. "Now, we're going to discuss the syllabus because it's an obligation. I expect that all of you always take a look at it since tomorrow because this 'useless' thing has all the dates of my tests, every single Assessment, special homework and practically everything I'll be give and discuss in my class. The responsibility is all yours. I don't want to hear any cries or rants later." With that said, Ms. Kisaragi began to hand out the syllabus to the students one by one, saying out loud a few things that she guessed everyone should know.

  12. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie was pleased with the reaction the introduction got her, and eased back into her chair. She picked up the syllabus casually, looking it over. It seemed to be simple enough. She could easily handle this. Not that she really doubted that she could. She had handled worse classes than this in the past, so she had already been sure she'd do fine. She smiled to herself, before setting the paper back down. Then, she glanced at Gabriel, and lightly nudged him.

    "Study sessions. You and me." She said, before adding as an explanation "I can not have a good study session without someone else. You are my someone else. And, you get something out of it. So it is a win-win."

    Gabriel paused, before shrugging slightly "I guess? Fine. Okay. We'll go for that. Uh, like, it's the beginning of the school year, though, so...." He trailed off, flashing a small smile "We really can't study anything yet. End of the week, maybe."

    Valarie hummed her agreement, before turning back to the sheet of paper. That was good enough for her. First day of school, and she had already acquired almost everything she needed for a successful year. Overall, she could say this was a good day, and they weren't half way done yet. She was sure her parents would be happy to hear so; they had been a bit worried last night, asking her if she felt comfortable about all of this. Which, she did, of course, so the conversation was short, but it was obvious they didn't stop worrying about it. Not unusual, considering they worried over everything, but she did want to put them at ease.

  13. As the teacher finished handling the syllabus to everyone, she returned to the middle of the middle and began to explain everything she included in the document, answering every question any student asked her. It took her just a couple of minutes to fully discuss the syllabus. After making sure that nobody have any more questions, Ms. Kisaragi fixed her glasses before looking back at her class. "Because this will be a biology class, I bet some of you already guessed that I'm going to divide the class into groups for work on the laboratory assessments. Well, you guessed that right." As she said that, she went silent for a while, looking at everyone while making a mental count. The shyest students of the class widened their eyes with shock as they received the bad news of having to be paired with somebody. Like always, most of the girls quickly batted their eyes toward Haruto, waiting for the teacher to give out the instructions to pick a partner.

    "Alright, I see you're 28 in total. As a result, I'll split up the class into 14 pairs," explained Kisaragi and noticing the suspicious behavior on some girls, she sighed and glanced at Haruto. "I don't want a bloody World War 3 here, so I'm going to personally assign a partner for you, Suzumiya. After that, the rest of you may proceed to pick a partner, but you can ask me if you wish me to do that for you." With that said, the girls began to sigh in protest, quickly making eye contact with Kisaragi, hoping that way she would pick one one them. Of course, there was no way she will pick them. Haruto already knew them and a total chaos will erupt. So, instead of the old students, Kisaragi examined the new ones and Valerie caught her attention. She blinked once before looking back at Haruto, thinking carefully. In the end, she nodded and looked back at Valerie.

    "Mmh... Ms. Mikhailov, since tomorrow, Suzumiya will be your lab partner," she said and like angry hyenas, the girls that wanted to be with Haruto quickly batted their eyes toward Valerie, scoffing with disbelief. Haruto's eyes widened a bit, kind of surprised. He didn't saw that coming at all neither taught that he wanted to be paired with Valerie. Chuckling, he turned his head to look at her and raised his right hand at her. "I'll be more than glad to work with you this whole year," he said, a voice on his head laughing while shouting that luck was on his side today.

  14. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie paused, eyeing Haruto for a moment with obvious distaste. Then, she said "It just had to be you, hm?" She rolled her eyes, before turning away once more and running a hand through her hair with a sigh "We are just going to be working, so I'll tolerate you."

    She had been hoping for someone else. Gabriel would've been the prime choice, of course, and if not him, than one of the other boys. Now she had to deal with jealous fan girls and the fuck-boy himself. It was just for one period though. Just one period. She could handle that. All they would be doing was working, and otherwise he wouldn't bother her. Or, well, he shouldn't bother her. If he did, she was just going to ignore him. Or insult him, but she felt the former would hurt his pride more.

    She didn't like to get involved with drama, though. It really wasn't ever her thing. She avoided it, and she ignored it, til it went away. And it usually worked. This time she felt it wouldn't, however. This school took 'drama' and multiplied it by 100. She discovered that and it was only first period. She was sure it would only get worse throughout the day, especially if she was anywhere near this guy. Guys hated him, girls loved him, drama flung itself at him. Of course, those were all connected, but they were also all annoying.

    On the bright side, she didn't have to deal with him today. Today wasn't lab. Today being the first day, they were doing nothing that involved interacting with partners in this class. And that? That was pretty good. She didn't have to deal with his attitude or the girls for today, unless she got paired with the dip shit in something else. That would be pretty bad, but the odds of that occurring were fairly slim, and if they could CHOSE partners, she was not going with him.

    She really hoped something happened that made them switch partners in the middle of the year though. Yes, she could handle it, but that didn't mean she wanted to. Actually, she'd prefer literally anyone else in the room. However, she doubted there would be a switch, and that meant she was stuck.

  15. Haruto scoffed after hearing Valerie's extremely cold and harsh reply after been assign to be his Lab partner. He lowered his hand and looked down at his desk, chuckling. "Geez, those words were so cold that I thought I was talking with an iceberg," he said and shrugged, actually thinking that what he gets after giving her such an awful first impression this morning. He was kind of losing his interest in her due to her attitude, he really wasn't into girls so apathetic and rude, but he also guessed that she would be able to change if he proves her that he isn't the big asshole she's already thinking he is. He tapped his right index finger on his desk, thinking about a plan for that, but it was kind of complicated. After all, Valerie definitely wasn't an easy girl like those he was so accustomed to deal with.

    After everyone finally picked a partner and let Ms. Kisiragi know about it, she made some quick notes on her notebook before returning her gaze to the class. "Okay, I'm glad we could do this without any problems," she said with a side smile, fixing her glasses. "Now that you're paired up and there's quite some time left before your next period, I want all of you to join with your partner and get to know each other. Of course, in a friendly way. I'm not the type of person that loves to create some source of romantic stories, so please, behave guys." She looked over at Haruto, obvious mentioning that last part because she knew the big playboy he was. Still, after hearing Valerie and observing her for a while, she knew she will stop him right in his tracks if he dares to do something out of boundaries.

    She chuckled and clapped her hands. "Alright, proceed to join your partner in order, guys." After she turned to walk toward her desk, the whole class quickly began to do like the teacher commanded, laughing and chatting in the process and carefully dragging seats from one spot to another. Haruto stood up from his seat and walked toward a free one that was beside Valerie's. "So, hey, let's talk about why you hate me so much," he said, going straight to the case while sitting, looking at her with a smirk.
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  16. Valarie Mikhailov
    "Well, someone has to do it around here, yea?" She replied, shrugging as she leaned back in her seat and glanced over at him. Then, after a slight pause, she continued "You're an asshole. Plain and simple. To the boy earlier, to me in the hall. You act like your're all that, and I'm fairly sure your high horse has you riding in the clouds. You seem to play the girls here like instruments, and it's honestly tiring to see that. I don't want to deal with the drama, so I don't want to deal with you. Granted, we've just met, but that is my first impression of you. I don't hate you, I just don't like dealing with people like you. Or, well, people like my first impression of you." She sighed a little, running a hand through her hair "But unless you do something to deserve it, I won't insult you or anything. The comment from earlier is payback from this morning and from your conversation with the other boy. So let's try to keep this pleasant, yea?"

    If they were to work together, she wanted it to run smoothly. Generally, that was the way to good grades, and what she had said was true. She didn't have high hopes for getting to know him, though. It seemed like he was as she had seen him, so most likely, after this was said and done, she would never talk to him or attempt to be near him ever again. Though that's honestly how she was with everyone, save a few people she was actually friends with. So, he wouldn't be treated any better or worse by her than anyone else. Of course, that was only if he didn't prove to be worse than she imagined, though it would take him being a LOT worse to make her treat him differently than the crowd.

  17. Haruto experienced the pain of the truth right after Valerie explained to him why she disliked him so much. At least she didn't hate him, so that was something to be relieved. Still, when she mentioned about the guy he humiliated in front of everyone, Haruto scoffed and looked at her with a kind of serious expression. "First of all, he was the one that came to me and began to talk shit, you know?" he said and shrugged. "I simply stopped his horse and told him the ugly truth he didn't know and the one nobody dared to tell him because they felt pity for him. It's not my fault that he has such sensible and fragile feelings, so you can't blame me for that."

    After explaining that, Haruto raised his right hand with his middle and index finger lifted. "Second, that comment from this morning was just a joke, so sorry if that offend you somehow. I learned my lesson, so that won't happen again, okay? The only thing I want for you is to treat me fairly and not with so much coldness. But, hey, personally, I think that's actually cute." He chuckled and shook his hand. "Don't ask me why. I know that sounded weird and I didn't mean it to offend you."

    After saying everything he wanted to say to settle things with Valerie, Haruto leaned his back n his chair and crossed his arms, looking at Valerie with a grin. "I hope this makes you realize I'm not the big asshole you think I am. Yes, I know sometimes I can be way too much, but that's how I am and everybody here seems to realize it and accept it." Just like Valerie, he also wanted everything to run smoothly between them. After all, they're going to be Lab partner for a whole year. He didn't want to face the annoying process of finding another partner if things don't go well, so he needed to fix Valerie's impression of him.

  18. Valarie Mikhailov
    Valarie stared the boy down for a few brief moments, before looking forwards and shrugging a bit "As long as you work, we'll be fine. That was not meant as a harsh comment, by the way; I always have low expectations of people, as it helps me not get disappointed. So I do say it to everyone." She replied casually, fiddling with a pen "Now, I suppose we SHOULD get on to 'getting to know one another'."

    Which she wasn't keen on. She didn't like talking about herself. For one, it was incredibly boring, because she already knew who she was. It also felt rather egotistical to discuss. She knew it was just a icebreaker, though, so it wasn't as if she was horrified by the prospect of it. She just wouldn't go too in detail. Besides, he didn't need to know every part of her life. No one did. They didn't have enough time anyway.

    She was already going over what to say in her head. The most important stuff. Sure, there were some unimportant things littered in- sports and colors and the basics -but mostly things such as what subjects she excelled in and where she was from. The latter wasn't as important, but she always found it good to mention, though this was her first move. People were curious bastards, and sometimes that would sate their curiosity.

  19. Haruto grinned after hearing Valerie's reply to what he said, glad that things weren't that bad between them, but he knew that didn't mean she trust him, though. She probably talking with him just to follow Ms. Kisiragi's orders and for the sake of getting a good grade in the class at the end of the year.

    "Yes, we should start with that now," he said, answering her question. He cleared his throat and turned on his seat to face her completely, looking at her straight at her stunning Russian face. "I'll start, okay? Just for break the ice. Well, you already know this, but whatever. My name is Haruto Suzumiya, I'm 17 years old and from tomorrow, I'll be your Lab partner. I hope we get along good and have a ton of fun." Haruto chuckled, realizing his presentation was kind of lame. He looked away and placed his hand under his chin, thinking. "Something else about me... Oh, yeah, I love sports, especially soccer. I've been playing it since I was 6 and I'm currently the MVP of the soccer team of the school."

    He chuckled with pride, nodding before looking back at Valerie. "Well, enough about me, right? Why don't you tell me something about you, mmh? Anything will work."

  20. Valarie Mikhailov
    Well, that was much simpler than she was expecting. Perhaps she didn't actually have to share much. That would be a blessing. She leaned on the desk, shrugging a bit "I am Valarie Mikhailov, 16 soon to be 17. I like baseball and my younger sister, and I think you sound like a kindergarten teacher when you say 'I hope we get along good and have a ton of fun'." She listed, absentmindedly counting off on her fingers "And that's about all you need to know."

    As long as they kept it like this, it should be fine. Valarie could handle this. She couldn't handle complete jerk-wads, but it seemed that he had either toned it down a bit, or her reading had been slightly off. Either way, it was good. Hopefully it lasted. She was sure it would, as the other seemed to also hope to keep a decent relationship between them, so that was one class she didn't have to worry about. However, there were a lot more to go.

    She didn't think she would need partners for the other classes, though. In her other school, it wasn't required, and she didn't see why it would be. In science, you did experiments and such, some of which required two people. In other classes, like math, you could do all the work yourself. She had done such before, and she doubted teachers would make people work together when it wasn't actually needed.
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