King Mavericks New Tattoo!

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  1. Seriously? I mean.......Wow.....I guess that's cool.

    JK, That's the worst tattoo I've ever seen in my entire life.
  2. Am... am I the red one? o__o
  3. Sometimes i just feel sorry for that guy
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  6. Not noticing the single tear on Link's cheek at first, Mipha would continue speaking in reply to the champian's words. "On occasion I've seen other Zora come to the lake to gaze upon Ruta, and from atop my beast I could see them, but never once has my father come here. Never once in one hundred years had he visited my resting place. I didn't see my brother either, but perhaps that is just because he's grown and I don't recognize him."

    The princess sighed softly. "My best guess is that it was too painful for them to come here, too pain for for them to--" Mipha placed a hand over her lips, cutting herself off from speaking when she would finally notice the tear on her friend's cheek.

    "Link-- You're--"

    Worried, she reached out without thought to touch his cheek and try to wipe away the tear, only for her hand to phase through the side of his face. Frowning, the girl retracted her hand.

    "Did I say something to hurt you? Forgive me, Link. If this is too painful for you I can go alone. I mean not to cause you distress."
  8. -___-

    And I might end up related to that guy.
  9. W. T. F.

    i just wish that tattoo weren't permanent.
  10. Stunned at the sudden feeling of something rolling down his cheek, Link would be quick to wipe the tear filled with longing and grief away. "Don't worry, you didn't say anything," he lied slightly with a reassuring smile. "And I won't leave you to do this yourself, no matter what emotions may overcome me."

    The words he had formed moments ago escaped him. He could do nothing but stare into the eyes of the once living Lady Mipha, whom had been acting as selfless and caring as she always had even in her current state.

    He had taken an oath to himself to prioritize the problems of those around him first - to put the people it is his sworn duty to protect first. This was the first time since he was a mere child that his emotions of sorrow escaped into the outside world. Now a sign of distress was presented before none other than a zora that had once loved him.


    "Do you remember when we were young, Mipha? When we would skip stones when boredom struck - or when we would gaze upon the stars on top of Mount. Ploymus together, wondering what the future held?"

    The hylian took a breath, almost wanting to stop there. This was the most he had opened up to anyone aside from Zelda after becoming a champion - a hero. He had forgotten what expressing his thoughts had felt like.

    "My memory is still foggy, but I do remember enough to wish for those days of innocence to return."
  11. This is a joke right?



    Please tell me this is a joke.


  12. Ahahahaha!!!
  13. So... You didn't like my joke?

  14. I was too busy raging at the time, dude.

    But yes, I see what you did there.
  15. So White Dorkness, eh? I guess there's a fruitcake in every family.