King Mavericks New Tattoo!

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  1. Seriously? I mean.......Wow.....I guess that's cool.

    JK, That's the worst tattoo I've ever seen in my entire life.
  2. Am... am I the red one? o__o
  3. Sometimes i just feel sorry for that guy
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  8. -___-

    And I might end up related to that guy.
  9. W. T. F.

    i just wish that tattoo weren't permanent.
  10. ...........

  11. This is a joke right?



    Please tell me this is a joke.


  12. MARCH 30, 2017

    Natalia appeared in the library shortly after she was called. Sam, Raven, Landel and Crippling all welcomed her warmly, and she smiled back, eager to help any way she could. Thinking about Emily lately had brought on strange feelings. First were emotions she could understand, feelings she'd connected to her former doctor for years like fear, distrust and confusion. But lately new ones came to mind, along with strange scenarios she'd never had with her - like them somehow having grown up together. She felt a deep connection with her now, as well as sadness and guilt.

    So she welcomed the distraction this strange book that apparently no one could read offered. It reminded Natalia a lot of her own spell book, a tome which according to Raven was completely impossible to translate. Plus, she was told it might give her answers about her imaginary friend, the Puck.

    "So is this the book?" she asked, looking at the book and running a finger over the dust across the cover. She rubbed the dust between her fingers, counting the years. "...written in 1794, preserved under a fireplace in England, then stored in the Mojave Desert for a hundred years." She paused and picked at a piece of broken-off watch chain hanging off the end. "Something magic was held here. A crystal of raw mana...where did you get that?"

    Landel and Crippling looked at each other. The werewolf stepped forward and touched the chain. "The last person to own this was an old friend of mine, Argus Rookwood. He used it to hunt monsters. We've been trying to use it to find answers. Somehow he managed to translate the book, but we've been unable to. You said there was a magic crystal?"

    She nodded. "The writing is magically encrypted, so it's meant as a translator. Possible to translate without magic, but because each line is actually multiple sentences, it's a lot harder." She looked up at Dr. Landel. "You figured out the vowels of the first lines, yes?"

    Landel blinked. "I...figured out the vowels. So...multiple different sentences? How do you see all this?"

    "It's hard to explain. It's like I'm seeing multiple possible sentences, and when you pair them together it forms a coherent paragraph." At the silence this comment received she blushed and opened the book. "I know that doesn't help much. Sorry. Maybe the pictures will help."

    "Um, there...are no pictures, Natalia," Raven told her. "We've already gotten a look at it. Just magical text that makes my eyes hurt."

    The teen opened the book to the middle and placed her hand on the pages. "Just have to know how to look." The fuzzy markings began moving and the ink bled together into an illustration of a tree with stars in the branches and roots curling under a line meant to symbolize the ground. The other symbols on the pages transformed into paragraphs of handwritten text.

    "'The Fae Tree,'" Landel read as she leaned over. "How did you change it?"

    "The ink responds to a little bit of mana," Natalia explained.

    "Clever dick," Crippling muttered, shaking his head. "Argus left the book behind, but took the only way to translate it with him."

    "With him?" Sam prodded curiously.

    "Well...he disappeared sometime in the 1890s," he replied. "Just up and vanished one day. Matthew and I waited forty years before officially declaring him dead. You'd have liked him, Sam. The quintessential cowboy drifter." He then smirked and cheekily added, "tougher than you, though."

    "Oh really?"

    "Let's get on to what's important," Landel interrupted the repartee. "Is the Puck in here?" She began flipping through the book, still amazed as each page transformed into legible text. Natalia stopped her when she reached another page, the illustration appearing as a diminutive humanoid with pointed ears and a wide, childlike grin.

    "That's him."
  13. So... You didn't like my joke?

  14. I was too busy raging at the time, dude.

    But yes, I see what you did there.
  15. So White Dorkness, eh? I guess there's a fruitcake in every family.