King Mavericks New Tattoo!

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  1. Seriously? I mean.......Wow.....I guess that's cool.

    JK, That's the worst tattoo I've ever seen in my entire life.
  2. Am... am I the red one? o__o
  3. Sometimes i just feel sorry for that guy
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  7. Okay, finished my reply. Sorry I didn't get it out yesterday night like I had been hoping. I was so tired when I was writing it I couldn't finish. But I quickly finished it this morning before work starts. XD Didn't want to leave ya hanging when I said it was coming. lol

    I think since you're playing Link you can have have him wear whatever you like. If you don't like the champian tunic you can just say he retired it now that his task is complete. I do like the idea you have with the zora armor though! It would make her happy to know he used it. : 3
  8. Daisuke Hirragi featuring Adam
    interacting with Alkura and Otto

    Daisuke charged in to see several flashes of Alkura's blade, he dodged the first attack but she was able to deliver 3 others by the time he had realized what had happened. Daisuke jumped back trying to assess the situation as he concentrated on healing the wounds he was just given. "you little shit" he yelled out to Alkura. "how are you gonna cut me up? didn't I save your ass in the desert? Where's the gratitude." That's when Daisuke saw something come into view heading tword Alkura. He noticed it was a grenade he quickly covered his eyes as it exploded sending the Girl flying into a wall.

    Daisuke ran up to her and made sure she was out. he stood over her and yelled out "you got Knocked the fuck out!" He laughed to himself. "i always wanted to say that." Daisuke was about to reach for the girl to drag her back to her father when the winds of war seemed to change. in an instant the resistance was being taken out, those that were dead sprang back up as if nothing happened. Reinforcements seem to come out of nowhere and started mowing down their comrades. "Shit" Daisuke yelled out as another flash grenade landed infront of him. Daisuke turned only to get the brunt of another grenade.

    Daisuke hit the floor rubbing his eyes and trying to get back up. "fuck, fuck, fuck. whose lobbing those things?" It was then that Daisuke heard the voice of someone he was hoping to see, Cal. Daisuke stood up quickly still blinded by the blast. He reached to his waist looking for a weapon, that's when he felt it a handle to a knife that he didn't recognize. Daisuke pulled it out and held it with two hands, blindly taking a stance against that man's voice.

    The firing stopped as Cal addressed the crowd. Daisuke's vision was slowly starting to return, his wounds were also healed. Cal stood up high, his magic sword at his side. Daisuke sneered at Cal baring his teeth like a wild wolf, he thought he had come a long way from being a pacifist. Daisuke snapped back to the battle. "You bastard!!" Daisuke yelled out as he saw the massacre around him. Their entire rebel force was practically gone, Deanta was down and Cal was still shooting guardians. He said he would stop and offer medical attention if they surrendered then and there. He looked at Cal and wondered why he didn't try to kill them all then and there, I mean his sword was out he could kill them like the did with Daisuke's old body.

    Daisuke lowered his knife, he looked at Otto. "Shit looks like he has us over a pinball machine." Daisuke looked at the remaining guardians and the survivors. They were terrified, they looked as though they had lost all hope and were hoping for a quick death. "Fuck, Otto man. We. I don't know. Do you gotta a plan? maybe a secret weapon or something? can you torch that cunt from here?"
  9. W. T. F.

    i just wish that tattoo weren't permanent.
  10. ...........

  11. This is a joke right?



    Please tell me this is a joke.


  12. Ahahahaha!!!
  13. So... You didn't like my joke?

  14. I was too busy raging at the time, dude.

    But yes, I see what you did there.
  15. Slaughtered Lambs.

    Location: The Guardian Base, Hangar

    Users: @Ramboing @SoleStride @Kurogane86 @DakotaK5

    GM POST (Cal)

    Cal gave Daisuke only the briefest attention, a slight twitch in his upper brow at the sight of the man he had already killed. Otherwise, Daisuke was ignored

    The immortal did not move back an inch as Otto approached the corpse of Deanta, he still didn't flinch when he rose and he did not step backwards when the man was face to face, asking for assurances that Cal wouldn't slaughter his men. He didn't seem to realize that this wasn't a negotiation and that he was out of time though, so Cal decided it was best to teach him a lesson. So, as the Cal stared at Otto and Otto stared at Cal, after a moment, Cal walked past Otto, and the men behind Cal focused rifles on Otto. With some odd two hundred rifles surrounding and pointing at both the Guardians and rebel E.I. members, it would be a ludicrous idea to try and fight back, or even move. Cal walked over to a few of the surviving guardians, who had by this time dropped their rifles and were surrounded and cuffed by the E.I. troops. This group had been pulled away from where Nyx was standing over the wounded ones, giving the shadow a wide space.

    Cal made a great show of examining each one, before he seemed to settle on one who looked the youngest. He spoke a few words in Korean, and two of North Korean troops grabbed the young man and pulled him out of the group, setting him on his knees. He couldn't have been older then eighteen. Cal squatted in front of the young man, looked into his eyes, and spoke to him. "Do you know who I am?" The boy was hasty in his reply, the words spilling out of his mouth. "Yes! Y-your C-Cal! T-the second founder!" Cal nodded, seemingly satisfied, before asking a second question. "What is your name?" Once again, the boy was hasty in his reply. "J-John! It's John!" Cal nodded again. "John.... perfect, your parents had no idea how much of an important role you would play in this war." With that Cal stood up and turned to Otto. "Otto, meet John." Cal then flicked his right sword hand backwards in a swift, fluid motion. It would barely register in the eyes of most as more then a blur. Everyone could see John experience a slight jerk of the neck backwards, before the boy's head rolled off his shoulders, a fountain of blood spouted from the clean cut decapitation wound as John's body followed his head. "That was John Otto, he just died because you failed to surrender." Cal, turned and spoke quickly in Korean to two different soldiers before he turned his attention back to Otto. "Don't mistake this to be a negotiation. I don't care about the lives of your men, they can all be slaughtered for all I care. The only reason they are still alive is because of your cooperation. Continue to resist, and they will all be systematically exterminated like cattle in a slaughterhouse."

    A loud buzzer could be heard ring across the base in that moment, causing Cal to pause. A second later, the Air Raid sirens that had been previously playing and the anti-air shots that were previously spewing up into the sky stopped shooting. Cal seemed to listen to something in his ear for a moment as well, before nodding. "Perfect, the main assault was just crushed, we have plenty of prisoners here, so i'll give you a choice. Either surrender unconditionally now, or every single one of the men who just surrendered outside the wall dies."