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    I'm back after a long hiatus and I'm desperate for partners!
    If we're already RPing and our RP disappeared, don't be shy to ask to restart, or try something new!

    If we're already RPing and I haven't replied in ages - MESSAGE ME! I have so much to keep track of, so I apologize!


    • I write 1-5 paragraphs, I'd hope for something similar back! My spelling and grammar are definitely not the best, but please be at an intermediate or possibly advanced level.
    • My replies range from 1 day to 1 week. I'd be okay if you replied at least once every ten days. Please don't bug me too much, but if I've taken too long, please message me!
    If you don't check my resume then you can get out.
    • OOC chat is half the fun. If you're dislike it, I'm okay with that but I love to make friends.
    • Gore Violence Language Smut Some Kinks Furries
    • Doubling is nearly always welcomed.
    • I'm into MxM mostly. Then I like to do MxF only in doubling. FxF has to be a good plot, but I'm into it!

    [In brackets = Who I enjoy playing]
    ♥ = Who I'd like to play against

    Canon x Canon or Canon x OC (Doubling.)
    AU's are totally welcome!

    - The Walking Dead [Daryl x Rick]
    - Jurassic Park [Malcolm, OC] [Dr.Grant♥, OC♥]
    - Lie To Me [Cal, OC] [Loker♥, OC♥]
    - 24 [Jack, Chloe, Tony] [Chase♥, Tony♥, Michelle♥]
    - Kingsman: The Secret Service [Eggsy x Harry♥]
    - Person of Interest [Finch x Reese♥]
    - Humans (TV drama) [Any] [Odi♥, OC♥] < I wanna do this one bad!
    - Marvel [Tony Stark, OC] [Wolverine♥, OC♥, Bruce Banner♥]


    Crossover Ideas:

    - Sherlock x Doctor Who [Moriarty x The Master♥]
    - Kingsman x Spy (2015 movie) [Harry x Bradley]
    - The Walking Dead x Any mentioned Fandom < I wanna do this one bad!
    - 24 x Die Hard [Jack x John♥]

    Bold - My preference
    * = Plot

    *Demon X Angel

    The Hell you deserve -
    Genre: Romance, Religious Themes, Supernatural, Conflict.
    Pairing: MxM
    Plot: The earth is full of demons and angels, working their forces on the human population. A and B live together as Angel and Demon. However, they're not like the rest. A is an Angel who is sick of God and wants to fuck things up on earth without being caught. B is a demon who found the wrong in his ways and is trying to get back up into heaven. Will A have a way with the Demon? Will B bring the Angel to his level?

    *Story Character/Canon Characters AU

    Through the Parallel -
    Genre: Fandom, Crossover, AU, Angst, Fluff.
    Pairing: MxM, FxF
    Plot: [It's hard to write out a specific plot, as it is specific to the characters.] Basically A is going about their daily life until they meet B, who is awfully similar to a character in their favourite show/movie/book. Oddly enough, B thinks the same thing. When they confront eachother, can they figure out what is going on?

    Villain X Villain
    Sugar Momma/Daddy X Sugar Babe
    Father of friend X friend of son
    Villain + Sidekick x Superhero + Sidekick
    Time Traveler x Time Traveler
    *Boarding school best friends

    This is forever
    Genre: Romance, Angst, Mature Themes.
    Pairing: MxM
    Plot: A is the new kid at a very strict boarding school. B has been there since he could remember, without making friends. They bond quickly, and soon become inseparable. They begin sharing secrets and inner emotions, soon begin a secret romantic relationship.
    When B learns that A is a little more twisted than expected, can they continue the relationship? Does A get hostile?

    *Survivalist X Pilot

    Genre: Romance, Enemies, Survival.
    Pairing: MxM
    Plot: A is a rich man with a taste for adventure. B is a pilot who deals with A using his plane to find adventure. B is awfully jealous of A's wealth and even has thought about killing him to inherent some money. One day, B takes A to a plane flight over the frozen wilderness when the plane crashes. Will the two have to get along to survive the wilderness?

    *Time Traveller X 1800s inventor

    Plot name
    Genre: Historical, Time travel, Romance, Angst.
    Pairing: MxM
    Plot: His time machine actually worked! A is a young scientist who creates a time machine and begins to travel the world backwards. He's seen it all, almost, until he gets stuck in 1800s America. He eventually meets B, an eccentric inventor. When B discovers the time machine, he wants to do all he can to help. But as they form a stronger bond, can A really leave B behind?

    Bad Boy X Nerd

    You're Toxic
    Genre: Angst, Mature Themes, Slice of Life, Romance.
    Pairing: MxM
    Plot: a is a nerdy student who is looking for a model for his art. B is a motorcycling, leather wearing bad boy who flirts endlessly with bashful A. However, B is surprisingly a virgin. Why? He is toxic. Touching him hurts, kisses are painful and anything further must be horrific. Can A and B get together? Can A live with all the pain?

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  2. First off, I adore your Moriarty theme. (Avatar, signature, etc.) Secondly, I'm totes interested in Moriarty x Anyone.

    Btw, I read your resume before posting my interest check, lol.
  3. Moriarty is obviously my favourite, Thanks!

    Awesome, I'll send you a PM!
  4. 1) I really wanna do
    *Time Traveller X 1800s inventor.
    2) I read your resume and I am also interested in "Masculine female x feminate male" pairing. You are the first person (excluding me), who like this pairing and I'll love to try femdom with you.
    3) As my name suggests, I am a pure seme or dominant. I love playing dominating roles ( top or bottom, position can vary according to you).
  5. Hey, the Demon x Priest roleplay looks awesome! Read your resume and all, think it's cool and yeah, it'd be great to RP that c:
  6. Awesome, I'll PM you!
  7. Awesome! I'll throw you a PM c:
  8. Hello! I wanted to pop in to let you know that Iwaku doesn't normally allow smut requests in the General Partner Requests forum because of the age restriction rules.

    Because you've already gotten some interest for those plots in this thread, it's okay. Just keep in mind that you can't roleplay sex scenes with any adults (anyone with a red star next to their name), and that, in the future, please keep all smut requests exclusively to the Liberteen Partner Requests!

    That's all. :D Thanks for your time.
  9. Hey! Thanks for pointing that out, I'm aware of the red stars so don't worry about that! The main NSFW ones have been taken so I'll delete those c:
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  10. Updated with fandoms!! 8D
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