Kindom Hearts : The Dawning of Darkness Character Sheet/OOC

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Side (Light/Dark/Neither?):


Status (Mentor, Apprentice, Keyblade Master, non-wielder):

Native to (what world did they come from?):

Mentor/Former Mentor:

Apprentice/Former Apprentice:






Name: Arga

Age: 45 years

Side (Light/Dark/Neither?): Light

Gender: Female

Status (Mentor, Apprentice, Keyblade Master, non-wielder): Keyblade Master/Mentor

Weapon (if any): Sleeping Lion keyblade

Native to (what world did they come from?): former resident of Radiant Garden

Mentor/Former Mentor: N/A

Apprentice/Former Apprentice: N/A

Personality: Arga is a stern woman and takes her role as mentor as well as master with pride and honor. She is a firm believer in the code and has a personal dislike for those how control the powers of darkness. Arga is rather observant, . Despite her harsh attitude, she cares deeply for the well being of others.

Strengths: She is most powerful in physical attacks

Weaknesses: Magic, children

History: Arga was in her early teens when she came across a keyblade wielder for the first time in her home, Radiant Garden. It was not a pleasant experience as the keyblade wielding apprentice and herself got into a confrontation, resulting in a tussle. The wielder used the powers of darkness, and struck a scar across the young Arga's face with additional wounds and scars across her body. Thankfully a Keyblade Master, one who aligned themselves the powers of the light, came to Arga's aid. As the master healed her, it was apparant that Arga had the potential to become a wielder of the keyblade. Arga was then wihsicked away to Land of Departure and was trained to become one of the keyblade masters. When she did achieve this, the wielder was bestowed the honor of being one of the ten Mentors.


Name: Corvus

Age: 14 years

Side (Light/Dark/Neither?): Dark

Gender: male


Weapon (if any) Fatal Crest Keyblade:

Status (Mentor, Apprentice, Keyblade Master, non-wielder): Apprentice

Native to (what world did they come from?): Land of Departure

Mentor/Former Mentor: (none yet, in need of one)

Apprentice/Former Apprentice: N/A

Personality: Corvus is a rebellious child, whose cocky attitude and stubbornness has gotten him into more than enough trouble, not including his short temper. Though he has some draw backs, Corvus aspires to be a great Keyblade Master one day, exploring the vast worlds instead of being cooped up on Land of Departure.

Strengths: He has more skill in the use of darkness, as well poison spells and fire. Not to mention he's light on his feet

Weaknesses: He's not the strongest of the keyblade wielders, the powers of light, the sun (gets sunburned easily). Corvus is a curious character and he can't stop himself from discovering "juicy" secrets

Corvus was born in the Land of Departure, his parents were beloved masters of the keyblade who dedicated their lives to protecting their son as well as the worlds. However, one day when Corvus was barely three years of age, Corvus' father never returned from a mission. His wife, Corvus mother, became understandably concerned and left in search of her husband. She too mysteriously disappeared. With both parent presumed dead, Corvus was raised by the keyblade masters as well as the mentors.​
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A few quick questions: What is the basic goal of the two sides? I'm guessing they each want the 'true light', but does each side have any defining characteristics/objectives? Is Dark 'Evil' and Light 'Good', or it is more subjective?


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I plan on making a character but I have the same question basically as the person above me.

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A few quick questions: What is the basic goal of the two sides? I'm guessing they each want the 'true light', but does each side have any defining characteristics/objectives? Is Dark 'Evil' and Light 'Good', or it is more subjective?

Golly 0~0 I'm so sorry that I didn't reply to either of you, I forgot to click "watch" >-> but to answer your questions. The "goal" as of now, story wise, is that key wielders of the light and dark pretty much have the job of watching over the worlds, to keep balance and what not. Of course this can change overtime as the story progress, like they can be pitted against each other(?) Dark doesn't automatically mean evil just as light doesn't necessarily mean good. For any of you who played KH2 think of Riku :D

I should also add this to the group ^^

I was thinking to have a character accidentally (or not so accidentally) unleash pure darkness and the heartless as a result and those with the power of light wanting to destroy it or lock it back up, while those of the dark try to control it instead. It's just an idea and I'm always up for new ones o3o

I hope this answers your questions ^^

Oh! And the powers of light and dark aren't exclusive to Keyblade wielders :P sorry if this seems a bit long.

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Name: Myra Kofuku

Age: 14

Side: Light

Gender: Female

Status: Apprentice

Current Mentor: Arga


Native to:
Former resident of Traverse Town

Personality: Myra has a tendency to spurt off on random spree, whether it be talking...or eating. Actually, the pinkette (yes this is now a word in my dictionary :p) has a very strong love of food, almost borderline obsession when you really think about it. While this may be true, she tries to make sure that it doesn't get in the way of her goals and ideals, though sometimes things don't work out like she planned, and in the end she is happily eating some yummy snack.

Strengths: While she is proficient with physical attacks, she prefers to use ice and gravity magic every now and then. She has a loyal and compassionate heart, and because of that is very determined (maybe a bit stubborn, but still never likes to give up).

Weaknesses: She has a somewhat weak defense, so unnaturally agile or strong opponents can take her out if she isn't extra careful. She is also easy to manipulate to a certain extent, not to mention just a bit naïve/innocent. Oh, and don't forget her love of food, it's what makes it so easy to bribe her :p.

Myra was born an orphan, her father abandoning her mother far too long before she died giving birth to the child. Raised by strangers whose name she had forgotten, Myra was kicked out and forced to live on the streets when she was seven, giving her nearly six years of experience with the art of running away. Mostly she ran around as an expert pickpocket, stealing just enough for a meal without the victim noticing...most of the time.
It shouldn't have been much of a surprise for Myra to come across some unnatural things in the alleyways of the fifth district, after all lots of weird things had happened here before. What turned out to be a surprise was that said unnatural things were actually Heartless, and they attacked Myra, only for some stranger came to her rescue, wielding what she would later learn to be a keyblade. After this stranger defeated the strange shadow creatures (and Myra managed to get them some snacks with the money found that day), it turned out that the reason they attacked her was because she was a noticeable candidate to wield a keyblade, and so at the age of thirteen, Myra was taken away to the Land of Departure.​
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