♥♔☆Kinda new and Crazy and Looking for Cool people on here too☆♔♥

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  1. YoYoYo guys~
    Yesterday I was forced by some internet friends to register on this site (damn why didn't they tell me earlier about this?)
    I used to only RP at MangaFox Community or just randomly on Skype and other (Yaoi, fantasy etc.) forums, but it soon became boring for me or people with whom I RP'd quit or different time zones (<---these b*tches I hate) ~_~
    So yeah I'm used to RPling and I'm not a newbie in this aspect xD But there's always something that we can change or improve, right?
    I write stories too (I'm really lazy .__. ... didn't update for a month now I think -snickers-), I draw, Read manga, Watch Anime, I have a social life so sometimes I won't be online for weeks :I and School can be a bother too (exams should burn to dead).
    All in all I'm a pretty crazy girl who loves Loki, bishounens, yaoi, anime, manga, roleplaying etc.etc
    So now I'm searching for new 'challenges' on this site, hope we can all get along well~ *smoochiesmoochie*
  2. Hi, there! And, welcome to Iwaku! :D We're glad to have ya!
  3. -bows- Hello~ Hope we can get along Ani-Eimi ^3^
  4. Sorry for such a slow reply. ^^; I'm really not so good at keeping up with a forum format.
    (I get distracted by a post & take forever to write a decent reply! ;_; )

    Anywayz... *Bows in reply* Oh, I'm sure we'll get along just fine! _( ^.^)/\(^.^ )_
  5. Yoyoyo, welcome to Iwaku! That's cool you already have friends here. More people should invite their internet friends to come RP with us. We got the best RP and community ever EVER!

    I'm October nice to meet you, and if you have any questions about the site feel free to shoot me a message : )
  6. @Ani
    I know right ;_; I have the exact same problem! and my replies are always 10 pages long (ok maybe not THAT long xD)
    I think so too :D

    Haha indeed I agree ~ The more the merrier, I told some other friends about this site too, hope they listen to me -evil gleam in eyes- ...
    Thank you October! If I have any questions I won't hesitate to spam you then ^3^