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  1. Yeah im pretty sure no admins or anyone is on so im just going to ask this for people to answer later.....How do i start a roleplay and what is an OOC/signup forum? i have no idea what to do when i get half way through the posting of my roleplay's thread. so please help if you can, thanks in advance, and i know that i should probably just read the forums onhere on how to do that, but i either can't find them or something, so if that is your answer send a link to it, thanks.
  2. OOC = Out of character

    In every roleplay section you've got two different forums. For example you got fantasy roleplay and [Fantasy] Signups & plot discussion right under it. (Or above if you've clicked fantasy roleplay already)
    In Fantasy roleplay you should only write IC posts (Ic=In character) and it should only be in a fantasy setting. Since it's not the jump in section, if you want to join a roleplay or want to make one, you should first join/make an OOC thread in the [Fantasy] Signups & plot discussion. If you look at different OOC threads you'll probably understand somewhat how things works ;)

    Roleplay talk is to ask people if they would be interesting in a certain idea before you post it in the OOC group sections (Fantasy, modern, modern fantasy, horror, sci-fi, fandom, miscellaneous.) You don't have to do that, it's just if you're uncertain how people would feel about your idea and you want to check first.

    Jump in is for roleplays that doesn't need sign-ups or character sheets. It's just to jump in to whichever rp you find fun. (there is an OOC section even for that forum but they usually tell you in their first post if they want you to check that out for extra information or OOC talk.)

    One x one is used by people whom don't like groups (or likes groups but also wants something more personal). There you roleplay with only one partner. Also that has an OOC section to find your partner.

    The libertine section is for those who wants to roleplay more sexual roleplays. Even if it's a group roleplay, you must start it in the libertine section if you know it will have a lot of sex and smutty moments. There is a teenage libertine section and an adult libertine section.

    Now to your question about what to do when posting a thread. Well, that does depends on what you mean. I'm not completely sure what you get stuck on as you haven't explained it. But if you go to a random forum you can see "Post a new thread" to the right above all roleplays. You click that to post a new thread. If you want to reply to a thread you simply go down to the bottom of the thread you want to reply to and start writing your post before clicking post reply. In post new thread you must create a title to your post, you can post a link to your OOC/Signup thread IF you have one (you should create one as it's a good place to explain to people what you want from the rp, and have OOC talk, character skeletons if you want, etc. No Out of character talk is allowed in the In character thread.)

    Then you click on what writing level your partners should be on, if you put your cursor above them you'll see what everything means. On content rating you should click on what possibly (and most likely) will come up in the roleplay so that people can be warned if it's for example a gory rp. Then you write your post and create thread.

    If anything is unclear, please ask again ;)
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  3. Oh, and if you click the 'watch thread' box, which is just beneath the post thread button, then you will get a notification everytime someone replies to the thread. But don't worry if you missed it, on top of every thread you can see a 'watch thread' button to the right, right beside selected posts. You can click that if you want to watch or unwatch a thread ^^
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  4. Everything Redblood said n_n

    The summarized version:

    OOC = out of character. Anything that isn't a roleplay post is out of character.
    IC = roleplay posts

    On Iwaku, we separate OOC and IC, so most roleplays happen in two places; the IC thread in Jump In Roleplays or one of the Genre roleplay boards (ie: Fantasy Roleplays), and the OOC forum of the same name. We recently introduced a feature to link these threads so you can easily click between the IC and OOC threads for a roleplay, but it's new, so not all threads have them yet.

    To look for people to join your roleplay and to talk about the roleplay (OOC stuff) make a thread in Roleplay Talk or in the Signups & Discussions thread for the appropriate genre. (If your story is sci-fi, make it in the sci-fi OOC & Discussions board).

    To jump right in and start playing in a roleplay someone else made, join a Jump In (no need to ask to join, just hop in!) or send a join request to the creator of a genre-board roleplay via PM or their OOC thread.

    Final note: Don't be nervous, just go ahead and jump on into the awesomeness of forum roleplaying. If you accidentally put something in the wrong place, the worst that will happen is that someone will move it to the right place for you, and gently let you know to post X stuff in X forum from then on. We were all newbies once, and we know that Iwaku operates a little differently from other sites and can take a bit to get used to.

    You can always PM me with a question n_n
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