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  1. A while ago the Alberta government made it mandatory for any school to create a GSA (gay straight alliance) provided there is student interest. Huge step from what they were pushing with Bill 10 (a.k.a garbage)

    Anyways, my school already had a QSA, which I play a pretty active role in. I was kinda tryna brainstorm some topics or themes for upcoming meetings and thought I might ask you guys for some suggestions. If you guys are curious about something as well I could always bring it up at a meeting and post an update after. Whatever works, I'm totally open for ideas. :)
    1. Coming out of the closet to friends and family
    2. Gender Identity vs Sexuality
    3. Recent legal changes/advancement towards equal rights in other places
    4. The different kinds of sexualities out there (I imagine a lot of LGBT high schoolers, like most teenagers are still rather new to sexuality/sexual attraction as a whole and may not release how big/expansive it really is).
    I'd also try to keep an eye out on how straight and LGBT members get along.
    I've been in my High Schools and College's GSA as an open straight guy and I've never had any issues, but I've heard cases before where tension/pressure tends to be a bit higher.
    So if that's something that is a concern in your area I'd get on top of trying to address and stop it instantly.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.