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  1. These are very basic concepts. I have a plan for each that will include a lot more detail and structure. This is merely an interest check for the concepts.


    You wake up without memory of who you are or where you've been, trapped inside a house with no exit. You learn quickly that there is only one way to escape: find your memories. But you will also learn one other thing--this house is not what it seems to be.


    It's the first solar eclipse in two centuries. Scientists were unsure why it took so long for another to occur, but it did. And now, something horrible has happened. With the eclipse brought the death of 92% of the world's population. They simply died. And with the remaining 8% of the world thrown into chaos, one question remains.
    Who or what could have done this?

    Until Death Do Us Part

    You made your vows confident you would keep them. Always and forever, right?
    But what if you were wrong? What if I told you that you chose wrong?
    But you can't break your vows, can you? Not in the position you're in.
    Not until death do us part.


    (Fantasy Setting)
    The mark of the Cursed is a one-way ticket to Death. It cares not about social status or health. It breaks through defenses. There is no cure.
    At least, not a cure that can be found. You have been Cursed and kicked out of society--disowned by family and friends. Your only hope is the fabled Crimson Witch. She is said to be the Creator and Master of the Curse. It is also said that whoever manages to find her will be granted one request: and for you, that means getting rid of the Curse.
    But how will you find her in time? You could have days; you could have weeks. But it's your only chance.

    In Our Hands
    (Modern Fantasy)
    Magic has always been for fairytales. Or so you thought. There are those who will go to great lengths to keep your newfound abilities secret--even if that means killing you. And, as one strange little imp once said, all magic comes with a price.
    Are you willing to pay?

    Some things to think about:
    1) These are just concepts, not plots. The actual plots will go into a lot more detail and probably make more sense.
    2) Unless otherwise specified, these take place in the real world without fantasy elements.

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  2. Updated some of the concepts.

    -clears throat-
    These aren't that bad of ideas are they?

    -cricket noises-
  3. I personally like in our hands.
  4. Eclipse is pretty interesting as a very basic concept, though I suggest killing off significantly more than a half of the world. To be honest, I don't think I'd notice if only half the people disappeared. (Obviously i'd notice if they died because there'd be a whole ton of dead bodies), but society would still function with half the members. I think something more like 98% die would be better, so that if you were to go into your local city and walk around it'd all be eerily deserted and you might meet only 10 people in an hour. I'd love to do something in such an abandoned setting, whether the plot be more about restarting society as best you can or about finding out why it happened.
  5. Thanks for the input! I myself was thinking I needed to make it far more significant.

    And, of course, all these concepts are more basic. The actual plots I have in mind for them are a lot more complicated and detailed.
  6. I think a little more detail would have helped, but certainly the "magic at a price" thing is always interesting to me.
  7. I'll be happy to expand on any ideas that interest people.
  8. 'Eclipse' and 'Until Death Do Us Part' interest me greatly! Especially 'Until Death Do Us Part', I'd like for you to tell me a little bit more if possible. It's a refreshingly new idea and I'm excited to see where you plan on taking it. :lovestruck:
  9. Eclipse would, in the most basic sense, be our characters trying to survive in a chaotic world. It wouldn't be the apocalypse like we would imagine--burned down buildings, crumbled infrastructures, etc. It would be more like an abandoned, well, everything.

    "Until Death Do Us Part" would possibly have some fantasy elements undertoning it, but the main focus would be the internal battle of our characters. And, as you probably figured out, someone is going to end up dead for the sake of finding one's "true love." Of course, it will end up being more complex than that because you don't meet many people that would kill their spouse for the sake of being with another person. One thing about this roleplay, however, is that divorce is not an option.
  10. Oh man. I hope you do the 'Until Death Do Us Part' rp because that is a very interesting concept and I'd love to be a part of it. How do they know that their partner is not 'the one'? Is there someone or something that tells them that? (If you don't want to reveal that - it's all good. I'm just super curious!)
  11. I'm actually still working out the details part of that myself, which is why it might be a little while before I put up an actual sign-up.
  12. If I'm going to be dead honest, all of these really interest me!

    Shattered, Until Death do us Part, and In Our Hands are the one that personally interest me the most, however.
    If you ever get any of these started, I'll definitely check them out.
    From what I've seen of you so far, your RPs always seem pretty interesting.
  13. Glad to see you're interested! I may put one of these up pretty soon here.
  14. Oh snaps~ I'm captivated by 'In Our Hands', if it's still open! I see that it garnered a lot of interest~
  15. I may be able to put up a sign-up for In Our Hands within the next week.
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  16. Shattered and Until Death Do Us Part sound both really interesting ~
  17. If you do In Our Hands I will be joining^^ and Shattered, I mean come on lol.
  18. Shattered, Eclipse, and Until Death Do Us Part interest me greatly! Your ideas are amazing! I like the other two, but those three are my faves~
  19. My fellow roleplayer(s),

    After an unexpected turn of events, I am unable to continue roleplaying at this time. I do not wish to go into detail about it, and I regret to say that it is not something I can avoid. I really did have wonderful plans for this roleplay, and I had every intention of staying active and putting my full participation into it. In fact, I was absolutely excited for every roleplay that I created/participated in. However, reality is that not everything can always go as planned, and that is my current situation. I do not know when I will return, but it will be a long time. More than just a few weeks. I am truly sorry for causing any of you inconvenience, as that is not my intention. I hope you can understand, and I wish all of you the best of luck in your creative endeavors. If this little letter of mine seems a bit impersonal, it is because I am having to make the announcement in many different places--both to individuals and to groups. For those participating in a roleplay of my own creation, I apologize for letting you down as GM. If anyone wishes to take the idea and create their own little world out of it, I give you full permission. For those I am simply participating with, I apologize for letting you down as a roleplayer, especially if the roleplay was gaining ground that it might now lose. Please accept my apologies, and I hope to see you all again at some point.

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