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Hello! My name is Kim, and I do believe that I have some skills I would love to lend to everyone here!
But first, some rules and information...

1. I work with real images and use photoshop to adjust eye color, skin color, hair color, etc. I am not a drawing artist. As such, I'm not charging people.
2. I promise, as your photoshopping artist, to put my time and effort into creating the best possible portrait for your character.
3. If you are unsatisfied with the final product, let me know, and I will happily redo it for you.
4. My request "queue" is based on two things: time of request and difficulty of the request. If you're asking for a completely different skin color, eye color, hair color, and maybe even background--it's going to take me longer. If the person after you only needed the eye color changed, they will likely receive theirs before you. However, your request still has priority, don't worry.
5. My shop has two functions: photoshop and finding the photos. If you wish to provide one, that's fine. I will adjust it to your needs. If you wish for me to find one, I will find three possible candidates. If I manage to find ones that don't need to be photoshopped, that's just easier on all of us, is it not?
6. The maximum time I will take on a request is three days, unless I have told you otherwise. In all likelihood, I can get it done the day you request it. However, I do have a life, so I can't guarantee that.
7. Because I'm working with real images, I only do human or extremely humanoid characters. An elf I could manage because the only difference, usually, is the ears. A pink orc? A purple goblin? No, not really.
8. And finally, let me explain highlights and colors. Highlighting hair is difficult, but I can do it. I've practiced quite a bit with it, but it's still not my best skill. Highlighting black hair is practically impossible on photoshop without the right lighting, so please try to avoid asking for this unless you have a viable picture I can use.

Now that we've gotten all of that out of the way, here's the form I would like you to use.

Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Personality/Facial Expression*:
Clothing Style*:
Image (optional):

*possible but not guaranteed

Here are some examples of my work. I have before and after pictures to show what I can do with photoshop.





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Hai! I'm in need of help of imagining my characters in real life, so maybe you could lend me a hand?

Name : Lethe
Age : She's a vampire so she doesn't really age but I guess her appearance is around 17
Gender : Female
Hair Color: Purple
Hair Style: I don't really know much about hairstyle but I guess it's wavy, flowing, and free. I mean, it's not tied in any way.
Eye Color: Blue. Like blue in your picture example no. 2
Makeup?: None, I want her natural.
Skin Tone: Light (like your picture example no.2 the second pic)
Physique: Lean, but just healthy. Pic no. 3 maybe?
Personality/Facial Expression*: Oh well, she have split personality. One of them is she is kind of innocent and playful girl and the other personality she is an evil and sadist. So usually I settle with neutral or mischievous expression.
Clothing Style*: Up to you.
Background*: Up to you.
Image (optional): Here's the pics I used to imagine her until now :
blonde.jpg Hokusai.jpg
Thanks for your attention! ^_^