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  1. Stitches, as she was commonly known through out the papers, giggled to herself as she skipped down the street with the bloody knife in her hand. The stitch covered 19 year old couldn't remember the last time she was so excited! All the countries most feared killers and legends were coming to her city for some reason, they had somehow kept the reason under tight wraps, and she was ever so curious as to why.

    The mad killer smirked to herself as police cars sped down the street to the house she had just been in and wondered what the headline for the story 'stitches strikes again'? 'Mad woman still on the lose'? 'Killing spree continues with no end in sight'? They all sounded so good! Though she had to admit even she left a little bad for the detectives hunting her down, should they let her go or catch her? Catch the person killing the city's worse criminals or let her continue? Don't get stitches wrong, she didn't do it to be helpful or something stupid but she killed them because they were always more fun.
  2. Silence listened to the sirens, a symphony to his ears. He cared not for what reason they blared, only that they did so. He looked over the bodies at his feet, a young couple, probably still in high school, looked so at peace. They had not even the chance to scream, before his blades delved into their hearts. His smile was all that could be seen of his face, the rest hidden under the unnatural shadow of his hood. His entire attire was black, the couple never even saw him coming in the darkness of the alley. He slipped his blades back into his pockets, and slowly walked away from the gruesome scene, as much as he wished to continue admiring it, he did not care to indulge the cries of civilians.

    The night was still young, and there was still so many people to relieve of they mortality. He had heard news of the Gathering, and had decided to check it out, as in all of his years, he had never been to one. This year, his curiosity simply got the better of him, and invited or not, he intended to be there. To witness whatever it was that happened at these get-togethers. He would never admit it, but the idea of it excited him, the unknown, after so many years of knowing exactly what would happen, being somewhere he had no knowledge of, and possibly seeing the art of other killers first hand.
  3. It was not soon after the sirens faded were more screams heard from a small house that were known to belong to a bunch of idiotic lads from the local college that did nothing but cause trouble. Stitches laughed as she went through the house cutting them up in anyway she felt she wanted to but then one of them tried to run and that really didn't work because by the time he was on the street stitches was already there with her blade.
  4. Silence heard the screams, and with a smile, decided to see where they took him. When he neared their origin, he was just in time to see a boy intercepted by a mysterious you woman, whom he would have guessed to be the reason for all the screaming, based on the blade she carried. He also noted a bystander, an older woman, also apparently drawn in by the screaming, franticly searching for what was likely to be a cellphone to call the authorities. As much as he loved the sound of the sirens, Silence loved bloodshed more. Sneaking up on the poor woman, he jammed one of his own blades straight through he throat. Blood spurted everywhere, as he watched her collapse on the ground, choking, grabbing at her throat as if it would make any difference.
  5. Stitches laughed as the lad landed on time floor in a heap then she turned to the sight of the woman being killed. The girl skipped merryly over to her and liked around for the killer "certainly wasn't my work!" She giggled "I wonder who came to my resume! It would have been terrible if I had gotten caught before I got to go to the gathering" she grinned and spun on the spot happily
  6. Silence chuckled from the shadows. "Indeed it would have." he replied to he out-loud thinking. "Though, I did not do it for you, I did it because it would have pained me to let her live." He walked into better light as he spoke, though it revealed very little of him due to his attire. "I can stand to let one as beautiful as you live, only so that you may continue to create sweet, sweet carnage." he added in an almost flirtatious manner. He twirled his freshly whetted blade in his fingers, due to his fidgety nature. "So where might you be headed next?" he inquired, a dark smile lining his lips.
  7. Stitches gave a small giggle and brought her stitched hand to her mouth in a kind of shy way "well aren't you charming! And a man after my own heart too! I plan on finding where the gathering will be and kill as many as I can on my merry way there" she decreed "you want to know the best bit? The plolice department here is so small they'll always be there steps behind" she laughed happily "care to join me on the quest of painting the streets red with blood?"
  8. His dark smile turned into a nasty grin. "I would love to, my darling, if you would care to lead the way." he gestured to the vast city around them, excited for the next kill, as well as discovering the Gathering, and its purpose. He returned his blade to its pocket, and tilted his head slightly. "You may call my Silence, if you wish." he informed the girl, then added, "What may I call you?"
  9. Stitches smiled happily "I am stitches, I m sure you can see where the name comes from" she replied, guestering to the very visible scars that covered her "is the name Silence a name you gave yourself or is it what the papers call you?" She asked as she led the way "I know a few places in town a gathering can take place, its just a matter of finding which one"
  10. Silence chuckled a little bit. "No, it is what my village named me when they began to fear my true name. I liked it, so I simply kept it." he replied, following the young lady's lead. "Stitches, though, that is a very adorable name. Though, it makes me wonder if you let someone get away." he said, thoughtfully. He heard rowdy drunks off in the distance, and wondered if the girl would stray off course to chance getting some more prey, or continue on her course. Personally, he disliked dealing with drunks, as their stupidity was infuriating, and they often times had the dumbest of luck with him, despite the fact that most of the time they should have ended up hurting themselves.
  11. Dave (aka the Spider) hung up his last few victims in the web of rope he made and left the House of his latest victim via the Back door putting his Machete in its holster as he ran and jumped over the fence on to the back road.
  12. Stitches shook her head quickly "never once has some one gotten away from me. I am called stitches because I'm covered in stitches from my younger years and that's all they see when I get caught on camera" she said with a shrug then rolled her eyes and looked towards where the drunken sounds "I think I'll leave them to get themselves killed" she muttered "I'd rather not have my IQ lowered tonight" she said and walked past them
  13. Silence chuckled at her remark. "I can agree with that. Booze is nothing but trouble." he commented. He then paused his walk, as he could have sworn he heard someone running, then simply shook his head. Must have been hearing things, he told himself, despite knowing that he never 'hears things' that are not there. Regardless, he chose to ignore the sound, even if it was something, it was doubtful it would bring harm to him, if anything it would merely find harm upon itself. At that, he continued in Stitches' wake.
  14. seeing a police car Dave Darts in to an ally way and collides with a man dressed in black. "sorry.are you ok?" Dave said as he got up
  15. Silence gave a low, almost animalistic growl to the man whom had so rudely run into him. Gripping the handle of one of his blades, he prepared to put the man out of his misery, until the faint scent of blood tickled his nose. "Fine." He replied, a smile returning to his lips. "Just fine. Who might you be?" he asked, looking the man over curiously.
  16. "my Name is Dave im known by the news as the spider as i hang my victims remains in a web of ropes and you are?" Dave asked
  17. Stitches watched the two with curiosity then grinned at the name "I know you! You started in my home town! You're rather impressive. I'm stitches! Its a pleasure to meet you" she said with a giggle
  18. Silence chuckled at his companions excitement. "The name's Silence, a pleasure." he replied, mildly amused at 'the Spider's M.O. "Welcome to our little club of carnage." he said with a slight bow of his head.
  19. "thank you, I remember you stitches yeah that killing of the local school was awesome"Spider replied
  20. Stitches giggled loudly "oh thank you! I always worry I over did it but I'm glad someone can appreciate true art" she said with a bright, proud smile "are you here about the gathering?"
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