Darkness Dies

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The year is 2215, science in booming in popularity, gas and oil are no longer a problem, and the belief of global warming was abandoned long ago. Today, Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, reaching about 2 billion people. Next is New York City with 1.5 billion, and finally San Antonio with 1 billion. China is still recovering from a World War 4, their population only covers about 2.3% of the world's, while it used to be 35%.

The Roleplay takes place in San Antonio, Texas. A sudden and large number of murders have been discovered recently, worrying citizens to the point they are afraid of leaving their own home. Most husbands will leave to get necessities for their wife and children, while wives will stay at home to comfort the kids. The murderer is completely unknown, nor do the police know how the murders are being committed. All they know is that the murder can carry out his or her "deeds" without being there.

Hmm, that is all I have right now. Would anyone be interested in this? :O


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Somehow "DeathNote" comes to mind :P

But is this a silent plot thing? Just asking before I join.