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  1. Inspired by the song below:


    So story goes:

    Two kids, a boy and a girl were orphans that grew up in a war-torn country. The boy was born blind and but for some reason, he is able to perceive the "truth" behind things. The girl on the other hand was a "knight/fighter" in training. The people in the refuge camp always took advantage of the boy and the girl actually felt bad about it.

    As they grew up, the girl had decided that she'll protect the boy at all costs--even if she have to take a life. So one day, when the camp ran out of a water source, they made him tell where's the next water vain but he refuses because it belongs to a distant orphanage.

    Frustrated, they beat up the boy and one of them drew a knife and threatens to kill him. The girl dashed forward with her own weapon and killed the man with the knife but as a result of it, she was caught and her legs' tendon got cut off resulting in her becoming a cripple. The two of them was then banished from the camp and left to fend for themselves.

    So many other things will happen during the progress, but in the end, the boy will become the town-lord and the girl his protector and knight. Together they will create a legend where their town is hard to conquer although the lord is blind and the knight can barely walks.

    Hence, anyone interested in this plot? I would love to take on the boy's role please.

    My style of writing is adjustable to suit the player and the length of my writing mirrors the player as well. So drop me a mail if interested. Thanks

  2. Yes, this sounds quite interesting.
  3. Sure do you have any questions about the plot?
  4. So, there is no romance? Or anything?
  5. Romance can be added if you want to. But most probably it will be one-sided in the beginning. The guy's probably treats the girl as his sister.
  6. Okay, that sounds great.