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  1. We are no longer accepting players.
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    The idea is fairly simple, but I don't want to make a sign up sheet for something that no one is interested in. The idea is that an equal number of boys and girls, ie 3 boys and 3 girls, have woken up from all different sorts of universes in a home. Where is this home? No one knows. Who everyone is? No one knows, they're all strangers. They're more than strangers though, because they're from different universes. Earth as we know it, a magical universe, heck a universe where Pokemon is real is possible. However, they must somehow survive.

    What they don't know is that they are there to be filmed on a popular RomCom TV series for humanoid creatures in a highly advanced universe. Out of the 4,6,8 people is their soul mate. Their real soul mate, and this love is what enabled the creatures of this advanced universe to pull them together.

    So there will be a minimum of 4 characters, and a maximum of 8, in this role play. Everyone will play one of those characters, and you can have more than one character but they cannot be soul mates and they cannot know one another. We can also have a max of two characters from the same universe, but I would prefer not. However, if we do have two people from the same universe they have to be from different times. IE- two from Harry Potter means one is from the first war (Marauder Era) and one is from the second (Harry Potter books), though after the second war would be ok. Or if we have multiple Pokemon characters they would be from different generations. Also, no canon characters are allowed. I will assign soul mates, but I won't assign them until we have played it out a bit and not all at once. This means you may get really into one relationship, and then I crush it. MUWAHAHAHAHA
    The setting is one large home in the middle of the 'game field'. Much like in the Hunger Games, these creatures control the entirety of the 'game'. In the middle, though your characters have no way of knowing where in the game place (or the fact that it is a game place) it is, is the main base. It is a mostly windowed building with no power or lock or beds. It does have toilets, showers, large water basins, a fireplace, and more. (Map below.) The toilets, shower, and water all work and are seemingly unlimited. There is hot water, and it gets all but boiling.​
    It is mostly wooded surrounding the home, and there is a large lake. Who knows what all is in this game?
    Is anyone interested? Let me know, if we get 4+ people interested I'll post a sign up and we can do this! :D​
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  2. Hm, this sounds pretty interesting, I just hope no one can--

    EDIT: I see on your roleplay resume that you like your RPs very fast; just a forewarning that I usually only put up 1-3 posts a day and if I come back the next day to find that I missed five pages, I'll probably bail. owo'
  3. Lol, 1-3 posts a day is more than fine, any faster than that is unreasonable for more than a onexone.

    I'm happy you wanna join, it's based on a story I did very shittily because it really only works as a RP. Once we get more peeps, I will get the OOC done.
  4. Oh okay. I should say that 1-3 posts a day is me at my absolute best; on average it's more like a post every 2-3 days. Haha. But I can try to be faster for this one if it becomes necessary.
  5. @Moogle-Girl
    No worries, I see that you just got a full time job, I've been full time for a while but I just got salary so I feel you. No worries!
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  6. @Moogle-Girl

    I have not forgotten! I just set up a banner to go into rotation so once that gets going we'll see if there is any interest. :)
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  7. I would be interested in this.
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  8. Awesome, I would want to get at least one more player in but I can start the CS sheet soon.
  9. I am very interested in this!!!
  10. I can play 2 to 4 characters if absolutely needed.
  11. I'm interested as well.
  12. I usually try to stick to one character.
  13. Same here. I generally play one character.
  14. SOOOOOOOOO wanna do this!
  15. Also I call Fairy Tail!
  16. Off hand, I can think of Alagaƫsia, Tortall, and the Copper Isles. All from books I'm rather fond of.
  17. Best reality tv series ever. I'm sold.
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  18. Sounds interesting I'm in
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