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    We are no longer accepting characters.
    Interest Check | IC
    You went to sleep last night in your home, but you woke up today in a shack with other people your age. You don't know why you're here, how long you'll be here, or if you'll ever go home. What you do know is that regardless of what you want this is where you're at, and this is where you'll be. You don't know that your true, one and only, love is here. You don't know that you're in a game field, on a really fucked up RomCom reality tv show for a race of highly advanced humanoid creatures.

    This role play will take half and half boy/girl characters from any universe within the age range of 18-22. Your character can be from Harry Potter, Disney, Madoka Magica, or even Scooby Doo and will keep any super power or appearance (though unbeknownst to the characters they will all speak the same language, save for dialect or accent) provided they follow the below rules:
    1. We can have a max of two characters from one universe, and they have to be male and female, and can't know of each other or be from the same time zone. If we have two Pokemon universe characters, they cannot be from the same generation and they must be one boy and one girl.
    2. There will be no cannon characters.
    3. Your character will have weaknesses.
    Your character will be assigned a true love with another character, by me, and you won't know when you first start the role play. This doesn't mean your character won't start a crush with another, in fact I encourage it, as much of this role play will be drama.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Age (18-22):
    Looks: Picture with detail prefered.
    Fandom/Universe Short Description:
    Current Relationship Status:
    Biography: Where they were before they were teleported, a short description of the universe they have come from, etc.
    Your Role Play Schedule:
    5 Possessions and Clothing: Each character is teleported with their favorite back pack, their favorite outfit, and 5 possessions. If you're a wizard, your wand counts as a possession, if you're a pokemon trainer each pokemon/pokemon ball counts as a possession, etc.
    Current Occupation:


    The setting is one large home in the middle of the 'game field'. Much like in the Hunger Games, these creatures control the entirety of the 'game'. In the middle, though your characters have no way of knowing where in the game place (or the fact that it is a game place) it is, is the main base. It is a mostly windowed building with no power or lock or beds. It does have toilets, showers, large water basins, a fireplace, and more. (Map below.) The toilets, shower, and water all work and are seemingly unlimited. There is hot water, and it gets all but boiling.


    The 'main base' is in the middle of a clearing in the woods. There is a stream nearby, and the climate is warm/hot during the day, and cold at night. This may change throughout the day.
    (This is a map of what is clear to the characters, there is more they just haven't gotten there yet. Until I post a full map, there won't be much exploring and they will learn about one another. From one end of this map to the other is about a 20 minute walk.)

    Character Claims

    {td=colspan:2|208x@}Approved Characters (Being side by side with male/female does not make them matches.){/td}
    {td=center}[BCOLOR=#99ccff]Male[/BCOLOR] {/td}
    {td}@Akira Akira Tsukigami | 21 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Fairy Tale[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@Tsuki Kuro Tsukinome | 21 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Naruto[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@Thurrbo Candence Scott | 18 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Harry Potter[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@kaykay Kujo Joshua | 19 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, First Universe[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@CynderTheDragoness Kira Crow | 19 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Tortall and the Copper Isles (books by Tamora Pierce)[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@DapperDogman Kirigama Saito | 18 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Soul Eater[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@IceQueen Giovanna Hamada | 20 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Disney/Big Hero Six[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@ResistingTheEnlightened Will Leblanc | 21 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Sherlock (BBC)[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@HelloBeautifulChild Maya Jones | 19 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Buffyverse[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@HelloBeautifulChild James Willson | 20 |[BCOLOR=#ffcc99] Killer Romance[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td}@DANAsaur Fianna Lovelace | 19 | [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Mortal Instruments[/BCOLOR]{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    1. When referencing a person's character tag them. IE- "Susan(@HelloBeautifulChild), you can't just forget to tag people." Kristina exclaimed, frustrated at Susan's inability to keep up with the role play.
    2. GM posts are biblical, do not argue.
    3. Please post at least two paragraphs (not including conversations) in each post.
    4. Posting requirements are two per week, but also please try and keep up with the role play.
    5. If you do not post for a week I will give you a warning, and if you don't post by the following week I will kill your character off and replace them. [BCOLOR=#ff9900]If you're going on vacation, let me know, we can work something out[/BCOLOR].
    6. Not everyone role playing is 18+, though all of your characters will be, so follow iwaku roles and if you would like to have libertine then keep it between yourselves either in spoilers or in PM's.
    7. There is a posting template, follow it.
    Posting Template
    [CENTER] [B]Character Name[/B]
    [LEFT]3rd person role playing with optional highlighted or font color changed spoken words.
    Remember to tag people when referencing their character.[/LEFT]

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  2. Quick question: how strict are we being with the universe's rules? I ask because technically a TWEWY character's powers only work in a specific plane of reality, so I wouldn't be able to make him very magical without fudging things and/or saying that the setting of the show has special rules.
  3. Herm, well, I'm not really familiar with The World Ends With You universe. I read up on it (hence the link to the wiki)but I'm still unsure as to how the powers and such work. However, if his powers work in the universe he is in when he teleports, then yes he can continue using them. I'm going to leave it up to you. Just remember the character requirements and follow those. Try not to god mod, and make it as realistic as a role play like this can be.

    I'm depending on you @Moogle-Girl, :)
  4. So they carry over? Alright, I think I can take advantage of a little vagueness in the 'verse, at least enough to feel comfortable with my level of fudging. >w> I'll get to work on a sheet later tonight. :O
  5. I'll get my character up as soon as I can
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  6. I will have time to make a charrie soon!
  7. SO my oc (since I'm literally pulling her from a story I'm writing) is over 400 years old, but she has only been conscious for a human lifespan, is that okay? (She's 421 ish and she was in cryostasis for 400, give or take a few years, of that).

    Also I won't be on vacation, but I'm moving from DC to California, liiiiike Sunday/Monday ish, not meaning I won't be posting but I'll only be able to post from my phone and was wondering if it was cool to simply use the fieldbox instead of all the coding until I get my desktop set up sometime in the next couple weeks.
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  8. Fairy Demon
    Some of the links contained within the CS may have spoilers of the series, you hath been warned.
    Name: Akira Tsukigami
    Age (18-22): Mentally/Physically 21, but chronologically 421. She was in Cryostasis for about 400 years as her mother asked an Ice Dragon to his magic to keep Akira safe from the raging magic wars back then and then on X777 she was freed with the disappearance of said dragon.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon (Vampire/Succubus) Born
    Fandom/Universe: Fairy Tail
    Fandom/Universe Short Description: Wizards! Magic! Fanservice! NAKAMAAAA!
    Family: The Fairy Tail guild, The Black Wizard (her father). PM me if you would like to know that story.
    Current Relationship Status: Single
    Biography: Akira was in the run to be an S-Class wizard, a high ranking powerful wizard aside from the guild master, during Fairy Tail's annual S-Class Wizard trials on Tenrou Island, their sacred ground and the homeland of their first master Mavis Vermillion. During which were interrupted by a dark and evil guild named Grimoir Heart of the Barrum Alliance who had just so happened to locate Zeref at the time on that very Island. A war between the two guilds happened on the Island that afternoon, and with the evil intent Grimore Heart brought with them, they accidentally summoned Acnologia. The last thing Akira remembers before waking up on the reality show's island is holding hands with her guildmates.

    Your Role Play Schedule: Erractic but mostly at night for the next week or so due to a cross country moving road trip.

    • Enhanced senses- She can small better than a blood hound and hear better than a bat.
    • Enhanced strength- She can lift/exhert a force 20x herself.
    • Hydrokenesis- The ability to manipulate water with her mind using hand guesters and/or body movements. She can also change it's physical properties i.e. make water ice, even to a gas and all kinds of vice versa.
    • Hydrokenetic Healing- The ability to heal herself and others with the use of her Hydrokenesis to repair lost and damaged cells.
    • Memory Erase- She can wipe a person's memory if the memory was within the past 12 hours.

    • Flight- She has wings, although it takes a lot of energy to use them (proportionate to the rest of her abilities. ex: most of her abilities takes only 0.5% whiles flight takes 5% per minute used).
    • Tailepathy- Her tail will open up and attach to someone's forehead. At this point she can enter someone's mind and basically see what's inside their head, however this leaves her and the person this is being used on completely vulnerable in the physical world.
    • Energy Drain- Used unconsciously she will gain energy from anyone she comes into skin on skin contact with (the replenishable kind and this way is also unnoticed as it proportional to how long the contact is). Used consciously she can absorb attacks or energy in nature, though the more she absorbs at once the faster she has to expend it.
    • Spiral Destruction- A spiraling ball of energy that she uses to expend energy she's collected as an attack. It cannot be thrown and is a close range technique.
    • False Angel's Cradle- A song specifically used to knock out her oppents and put them in dream land. She generally only uses this power with Tailepathy.

    Weaknesses: See Abilities for a couple extra weaknesses.
    • Spiders and anything with a stinger. She's afraid of creepy crawlies and buzzers that are potentially harmful.
    • The Lacrima Seal. She can't fully control her powers without this Lacrima Seal around her neck.
    • She has to drink blood at least once a week or her vampire powers will weaken.
    • She has to feed on energy at least once a month.
    • If she slacks on both she will die.
    • Man made poison will weaken her to the state of a normal human.
    • Exhausting her powers for a long time will put her in a coma.
    • She cannot use her vampire and succubus abilities simultaneously.
    5 Possessions and Clothing:

    1. Lighter
    2. Large Knife
    3. Small drawing notebook
    4. Pen
    5. An extra hair tie (scrunchy)

    Current Occupation: Badass Wizard

    Personal Theme Song:

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    Also, what the heck -- I'm gonna make a Harry Potter OC. (Character skelly on the way!)
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  10. I am making a Big Hero Six student, kind of like Gogo but not Gogo
  11. Actually, is it okay if I change my universe to Homestuck? I feel like more people will understand the rules that my character abides by, so I won't have to go into as much detail when explaining how the world works.
  12. Either way, i'd have no clue xD
  13. In the fandom description there will be spoilers for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Beware.

    Name: Kujo Joshua (Kujo is the surname)
    Age (18-22): 19
    Gender: Male
    Fandom/Universe: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, first universe.
    Fandom/Universe Short Description: First there were vampires and people punching them with the power of the sun. Then there were vampire eaters and people punching them with the power of the sun. Then people got the ability to have ghost-like spirits, called Stands, fight beside them against other people with Stands and a vampire with a Stand. Then they did other things, like eating and punching spaghetti, stopping a serial killer, bringing down a mafia leader, but eventually the whole universe got reset by the final villain so it didn't matter. This character will be from the universe before it was reset.

    Father: Kujo Jotaro - Stoic and ever-absent from his life, Joshua has never even met his father, only seeing him in pictures and now possessing his Stand.

    Mother: Marie Jones - An American woman. Kind and caring, but easily distracted. Not assertive enough to dissuade Joshua from his heroics. She was never told about Hamon, and is a bit scared of Joshua thanks to it, but still tries to care for him.

    Half-sister: Cujoh Jolyne - Jotaro's daughter with a different woman. She possesses the Stand Stone Free and is quite rude and reckless. Joshua has never met her and didn't even know of her existence until recently.

    And all the other Joestars.

    Current Relationship Status: Single

    Joshua was the illegitimate child of Jotaro, who'd had a one night stand with an American woman. He grew up mostly just with his mother, tending to get into fights, but coming out unscathed. Unlike his father and great-grandfather, he didn't pick fights, he just got caught up in them. He was the kind of guy who couldn't help himself from helping others if they looked like they were in trouble. His heroic attitude was more reminiscent of Jonathan Joestar than any of his more recent relatives. However, he was much more excitable, easily being led into fights.

    When he was 14, he got into a fight that he was actually losing, for once. When it seemed like he had no hope, a flowing energy surged through him, knocking out all the people who were touching him. The others fled in fear, not knowing just what Joshua had done. He discovered Hamon, the channeling of the sun's energy through the human body. Like his great-grandfather, he had naturally inherited use of Hamon. However, this caused people to fear him, not knowing just what kind of energy he was using. Despite his desire to help people, they tended to call him a monster after he helped them. Though his burning desire to help others never wavered, his confidence in his own humanity did.

    One day, he got a call from the Speedwagon Foundation. His father had passed out, his Stand and Memory discs having been removed by Enrico Pucci. Fortunately, his half-sister had managed to retrieve the Stand disc, sending it back to the Foundation. Out of curiosity, he touched his father's disc. He wasn't fully aware of its properties and wanted to see what a so-called Stand would look like. Having no Stand and being of Joestar descent, the disc accepted Joshua, giving him the power of Jotaro's Star Platinum. Intrigued, he tested it out, finding out its capabilities and what it could do. Star Platinum was a very impressive Stand. He went to sleep, just wanting to spend one night possessing the power of the father he'd never gotten to know. But when he woke up, he wasn't in the Speedwagon Foundation's quarters anymore...

    Your Role Play Schedule: I log on pretty often throughout the day, everyday. Though if I'll be gone I'll give a heads up.

    Joshua utilizes Hamon. This uses breathing to utilize a powerful energy. It makes him stronger, faster, and more durable than normal people as well as allowing him to use things like cola bottle caps, clackers, water, metal, and basically anything as a weapon, either by conducting his ripple through it or manipulating it. For example, he can fire a bottle cap from a cola hard and fast enough to break a cop's finger before he could pull the trigger on a gun. In addition, he can channel this energy into people, knocking out or controlling those who cannot use Hamon.

    Joshua possesses a Stand now, thanks to absorbing his father's disc. All Stands have special abilities.

    Rules of Stands. There are more, but they won't really be relevant.

    Stand: Star Platinum
    Star Platinum is incredibly strong, fast, and durable, able to catch bullets easily and punch very rapidly. In addition, it has the ability to stop time for up to 5 seconds.

    Weaknesses: Though Joshua is strong for a human, he is not invincible. If a bullet hits him, it will pierce through him if Star Platinum does not block or catch it. Also, his tendency to be a hero oftentimes gets him into trouble.

    5 Possessions and Clothing: Joshua comes with the clothes in the appearance picture.

    1. A cellphone with its charger.
    2. His wallet.
    3. A glass bottle of cola.
    4. Some comic books.
    5. A water bottle.

    Current Occupation: Student
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  14. [​IMG]

    Cadence Scott

    18 years old


    Harry Potter

    Fandom/Universe Short Description
    (Well... I guess if this is mandatory. :P) Witches and wizards exist, and muggles (non-magic people) aren't aware of it. Young witches and wizards go to school to learn, and one destination for such activities is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, kids begin their first year at the age of eleven, and graduate upon completion of seven years of schooling. (Do I need to elaborate more...?)


    - Jocasta (Mother) -
    Cadence is in great standing with all her family, but especially her mother. Jocasta doesn't play favorites at all, but seeing as her first-born was not a wizard, she was ecstatic to discover that her second-born was. All throughout her childhood, all Cadence heard about from her mother was what the wizarding world was like. Jocasta took Cadence on all kinds of trips and encouraged her to embrace her abilities, so she and her mother are very close.

    - Alfie (Father) -
    Cadence definitely gets her awkwardness from her father. Alfie is very quiet compared to Jocasta. He's absolutely geeky and intellectual, but always caring and compassionate -- just in a less outgoing way. In fact, he's quite sentimental. Cadence has a close relationship with her father in that they're very much alike. It was Alfie that instilled in his daughter a great curiosity of the unknown, and he's loved watching his daughter grow up into a fantastic young witch.

    - Inigo (Older Brother) -
    Inigo is three years older than Cadence and is also a very clever boy, but his personality takes much more after his mother's rambunctious, outgoing nature. While he of course wishes he could know what it's like to be a wizard, he's never let his jealousy turn to malice for his younger sister. Their parents have fostered the growth of important skills in both children, so they each have a place. In fact, the two siblings are best friends. Before Cadence began attending Hogwarts, Inigo sometimes even forgot that his sister was a witch at all. The two of them loved to tussle and argue with each other in a friendly way, and Inigo is very protective of Cadence.

    Current Relationship Status

    Cadence has had a comfortable family life with her parents, Jocasta and Alfie Scott, and her older brother, Inigo. Her father is a muggle along with her older brother, but her mother is an alumnus of the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts. Cadence always loved hearing her mother tell stories of her adventures through the castle there, and ever since she was young, she was almost unbearably excited to start school at Hogwarts herself. (Her father is just as enthralled by these stories as their daughter is.)

    As far as the parents went, Jocasta and Alfie made for a curious couple when they first met. Jocasta was a stereotypical Gryffindor when she graduated from Hogwarts -- loud and rambunctious -- and stood out like a sore thumb in the muggle world. Alfie, more of a quiet intellectual, was amused and intrigued by her strange personality. The two met and started dating, and it wasn't long before Alfie realized the truth about Jocasta -- and he was even more amazed. They married soon after that and settled down to have their two children.

    Ever since she was young, Cadence's father Alfie had encouraged her to be academically competitive and has nurtured her intellect and curiosity, and her mother Jocasta had instilled prominent moral foundations in the importance of loyalty and friendship. Stuck somewhere between two houses, when Cadence arrived at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw House. There, she found her fair share of quirky classmates and made wonderful long-lasting friendships. Seven years seemed to fly by, and Cadence blossomed into a fantastic young wizard with incredible talent. Everyone there said she had a bright future ahead of her -- even the cut-throat, competitive Ravenclaws had to admit it.

    So it was a mystery to everyone when, on her very last night at Hogwarts, Cadence suddenly disappeared. It was -- dare I say it -- like magic. Poof. No one knew what happened... But of course, she was teleported here, to this universe's twisted RomCom of a reality show.

    Your Role Play Schedule
    As of now, I'm free on week nights and weekends. I'm generally good about posting at least once a day, but if I slip for a couple days, just give me a little poke and I shall return with sincerest apologies. =P

    Cadence is a wizard (if you didn't get that by now then ok i'm leaving 4ever kthnxbye) so she has magic and stuff. However, beyond that, her strengths are as follows:

    Charms & Transfiguration - These are Cadence's two strongest subjects. She has an excellent memory for languages and word association, so remembering spells is easy for her, and she practices with them often. She has a wide array memorized and can easily remember them at the drop of a pin.

    Flying - Cadence became a chaser for the Ravenclaw quidditch team starting in her third year, so she's gained a lot of experience. Give her a broom stick, and she'll gladly take you for a spin.

    Calm & Quick-Witted - In dire situations which require immediate action, many people tend to panic -- but not Cadence. She's always been a very level-headed person, and this comes as an advantage in sticky situations. She's a quick and creative thinker, and a good ally to have around.

    I have nothing in particular to say in this blurb, but I wrote a short blurb under the "Powers/Strengths" section; so, for aesthetics, I thought I should put a blurb here as well. :P Anyway, Cadence's weaknesses are as follows:

    Herbology & Potions - Cadence doesn't know what it is, but these have always been her two weakest subjects. If you give her explicit instructions and all materials are properly labeled, then great -- she can mix potions just fine. But there's a certain finesse that great potion makers and many herbologists have -- this sort of "instinct," if you will -- that Cadence just completely lacks.

    Socially Awkward - For all her great ideas, Cadence has a very difficult time vocalizing herself in a crowd. She's perfectly happy to sit back and listen to a group of people, but when she has an idea herself, she lacks the confidence to bring it up or stick up for herself in the context of a large group.

    5 Possessions and Clothing
    It would seem that Cadence has arrived at this shack in her school uniform, so that is what she'll be wearing. Robes and all. Aside from this, however, her possessions are as follows:

    Wand - Cadence's wand is 11 1/4 inches in length, slightly springy, and made of cypress wood and dragon heartstring. While she was decided by the sorting hat to be primarily a Ravenclaw, her Gryffindor qualities show by the wand that chose her. Cypress wood in wands stands for bravery, selflessness and nobility, and dragon heartstring cores make wands very loyal to their owners.

    Nimbus 1700 - This is the broom that Cadence uses to play quidditch, but beyond that, she enjoys using it to get anywhere, really. It was a hand-me-down from her mother, and because Jocasta took such good care of it when she was in school, it's still in great shape.

    Textbooks for her N.E.W.T.s - This is pretty self-explanatory. With Cadence came the satchel in which her textbooks sit. Textbooks found in this satchel include Guide to Advanced Transfiguration, Confronting the Faceless, and Standard Book of Spells (Grade 7).

    Magical First-Aid Kit - Having this habit of always needing to feel prepared, Cadence commonly carries around a very small medical kit -- just in case of emergencies. In this kit, one could find a few vials of Pepperup Potion, along with one bottle each of burn-healing paste and Murtlap Essence. (Also, some bandages. :P) Cadence commonly consulted this small kit after quidditch matches, going through bottles of Murtlap Essence quite quickly.

    Locket & Family Portrait - Around her neck, Cadence wears a small golden locket, inside which there is a moving sepia photograph of her family. She never goes anywhere without it; she doesn't even take it off when she sleeps.

    Current Occupation
    Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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  15. Well, the Homestuck universe is a little easier to put into layman's terms anyway. Sure it's more complicated but TWEWY's rules are more fantastical. And less interesting to RP, now that I think about it. At least without another character of TWEWY origin.
  16. I see, well whatever seems like the smarter choice you go with.

    Though I dont know if anyone cpuld handle my oc *evil laughter*
  17. Name: Kira Crow
    Age (18-22): 19
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Kira is five foot two inches in height. Her skin is tan, like a slightly darker golden tan. Only those with the Sight or the Gift can see the faint traces of feathers that seem to be etched just under her skin. To anyone else her appearance is normal. Her hair is a coppery brown and her eyes are hazel.
    Fandom/Universe: Tortall and the Copper Isles (lands in books by Tamora Pierce)
    Fandom/Universe Short Description: Tortall is a land where women are treated similarly to men. There are warriors known as the King's Own and another group of mounted warriors called the Queen's Riders. He Queen herself gets involed in the Riders' training. The King's Champion is the Lady Knight Alanna "The Lioness". Her husband is Baron George Cooper, Tortall's Spymaster.
    A bit of terminology: Raka are blacks and Laurian are white.
    Family: Kira's mother is Alianne (Aly) of Pirate's Swoop. Aly had been the one chosen by the Raka Trickster God Kyproth to protect the half-raka Queen of the Isles. (Read Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen.) Kira's father is a crow who became a man for Aly, not just to help teach her the language of the crows to uphold thier end of the bargain. Aly is now the head Spymaster of the Copper Isles. Kira's maternal grandparents are Baron George Cooper and Alanna The Lioness.
    Current Relationship Status: Single
    Biography: Kira lives in the Copper Isles with her parents, but sometimes visits her grandparents in Tortall. She had just fallen asleep in her room, a few of her cousins perched on her windowsill. Kira's family on her father's side are crows, yes, the birds. Any crow can turn into a human if they so choose. Because of her family being crows, her father, Nawat Crow, taught her the crow language just as he had taughg Kira's mother. The other crows of the Copper Isles helped out.
    Your Role Play Schedule: mostly evenings on weekdays and periodically on weekends.
    Powers/Strengths: The Sight(she gets this from her mother. She can "see" magic and focus her sight with a "mental twist" on small details.)
    Weaknesses: Being half crow, Kira loves shiny things.
    5 Possessions and Clothing: Kira wears Raka-style clothes in bright colors, after all, the crows are cousins of the Raka. She has a longbow and a quiver full of arrows made by her father. Somd fletched with black feathers, crow feathers. Others are fletched with metal feathers. These feathers are razor sharp and come from an Immortal creature known as a Stormwing. Sheathed at her side is a sword made of a particularly long Stormwing feather.
    Current Occupation: Lady-in-waiting, part of Queen Dovearsary's royal court.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Giovanna Hamada



    Geo is a spritely little individual who is no taller than 5'5". She has chosen stylistically, the shortest haircut possible. She has
    everything even, with the front locks dyed a green blue, and the rest her natural black color. She has somewhat fair
    skin, due to being half Korean, and wide purple/blue eyes, which are a mystery to her entire family as to their
    appearance. Geo also has one cartilage ear piercing, a lobe stretcher of one millimeter, and a piercing above that
    as well. She has one tattoo on her left side, and one on her back.

    Left Side



    Disney/Big Hero Six-The City of Sanfransokio

    ~:Fandom/Universe Short Description:~
    The Big Hero Six Fandom is based in a Sanfransisco area with a bit
    of an Asian twist on it. Here, there is many intelligent people, and is said to be a very advanced society
    Most people go to college, and work regular jobs, almost like the real world, except, well,
    a little bit cooler.

    -Hero Hamada-
    Hero was always an intelligent mind. Graduating at 13, he devoted a few months of his life in
    betting on bot fights before he manned up and went to college, where he meet Gogo, who was four
    years older than him. He is a character, always being a good father to his kids, though he does
    get a good scolding from Gogo every once an a while. He tries to give his kids everything, which
    is sometimes hard, but his kids never blame him, unless their mother is involved.

    -Gogo Hamada-
    Geo takes directly after her mother, who in her youth was rebellious, ill tempered, and sarcastic.
    However, now days, Gogo has softened up a bit, well, at the least on her children. the one
    who get's the most hate is often Hero. Geo and Gogo are very close, and her mother tried everything to
    make sure her first born has the best for the world, which also means giving her responsibilities.
    The two of them couldn't be any closer.

    -James and Jackson Hamada-
    (Twin Brothers)
    James and Jackson were born four years after Geo, and are a little pair of trouble makers. As children, they would love to annoy their
    older sister, and she would of course fight back. Even as they have grown taller than her (Which she hates), they still love to
    hang out and wrestle together and Geo feels very protective over them.

    ~:Current Relationship Status:~

    Geo grew up in a nice home, with loving parents. Ever since she was a kid, her mother trained her not to be
    a princess, but to be a warrior princess. She started taking MMA lessons as a kid, and continued on though college. While
    she was in grade school, she was sent home often because she used her fists instead of words when trying to solve problems.

    Geo always wanted to be her mother, and as a child kept her hair short and never wore pink, always black and blue. From this,
    kids would make fun of her. She would always be alone on the playground, or at lunch, and she would cry to herself, but
    she never showed her mother. She even tried to hide the bruises from where she got into fights as well.
    Both her parents worried a lot for her, since she was so different, but things weren't always the same.

    Since Geo grew up being alone, she spent her time studying stuff ahead of the class. Soon she was testing into grades ahead of her
    and eventually graduated at the age of 15. When she was 16, she decided to attend prestigious college her parents went to.
    It took her 4 years to get though college and she had just graduated a few months ago, and was working at her Great Aunt's old
    shop when she was teleported away.

    ~:Your Role Play Schedule:~
    When not with prior engagements, all the time basically. Weekends are free, but I do have some things coming up that will
    make me unable to post for a while.

    Geo is a close range fighter, mostly hand to hand but she can disarm others who wield weapons. When
    she has her suit on, she can use it like it was meant to and her field of attack ranges from long to close combat.
    She can whip up something else with her smart brain, but sticks to upgrading her suit..

    Geo doesn't stand much chance of defensive battle because her armor isn't very thick.
    No matter how fast she is, without the disks on her feet it is no use. Also if an opponent has more brute strength than her, they are
    tough to beat and she usually sticks to finding pressure points.

    ~:5 Possessions and Clothing:~
    1st Possession
    A small portable water bottle, that she carries with her a lot

    2nd Possession
    A sketch pad, and pencil that came with it, which seems to be half filled with drawings.

    3rd Possession
    A Toolkit with spare parts to upgrade or fix her suit

    4th Possession
    A picture of her and her first crush/friend

    5th Possession
    A good pair of artist colored pencils

    Asside form that, Geo is wearing a cropped leather jacket
    that her mother gave her with a blue tank top underneath. She has leggings
    with a teal stripe on the side running up her leg, and she has a pair of
    bright blue sneakers on. She has in her favorite black stretcher,
    a small blue rose earing above that,and one small silver cartilage ring.

    ~:Current Occupation:~
    Intern at Vexingo Robotics
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  19. I vote this as the shows intro and when I'm finished moving I could make like... an intro/opening? type thing.

  20. Name: Arlic Kolard

    Age: 21

    gender: male
    looks (open)

    Universe: Dragon Ball Z Universe.

    Universe Description: The DBZ universe is vast filled with many different races and amazing fighters. The most renown races are earthlings, Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza's and Kai. There are many of other unknown races throughout the universe however. Each one is filled with amazing fighters that are skilled in the martial arts. Attacks can range from the usual punching and kicking to firing off energy blasts known as "Ki". The ultimate power in the dbz world comes from the dragon balls. if you can collect all seven you can summon the dragon shenron and he will grant you one wish.

    Family: Arlic's only known family is his mother. However she died when he was very young so he basically raised himself since he was 8. When he was 13 he found a martial arts master that took him in and raised him as his own son.

    Current relationship status: single

    Biography: Arlic is a saiyan born and raised on earth much like his grandfather Goku. He loves to fight just like his grandfather but he only does so for fun and to get stronger never to hurt or use others. He never knew his father all he knew of him was that he was "a brave and strong martial artist" His mother died when he was 8. When he was 13 a taken in by a traveling martial artist who claims that he knew of his grandfather Goku. As they traveled the man taught him everything he knew about martial arts and told him many stories about his grandfather and the battles he had fought for the safety of the earth. Arlic couldn't believe some of the tales he had heard but nonetheless he listened intently and vowed to become as strong as his grandfather so he could protect earth as well.

    Powers/Strengths: Able to transform into different forms (super saiyan, super saiyan 2 etc. More will be explained in the rp if needed) flight, ki energy blasts, martial arts master. Heals quickly and gets stronger after each battle.

    Weaknesses: clueless at times. His stomach often betrays him since he get's hungry quickly, His loyalty to his friends can be considered a weakness since he always puts them before himself.

    5 possessions: He has a three different suits (that look like the picture just different colors). He has one of the 7 dragon balls. He has a staff that is known as power pole that can extend and retract at will.

    Occupation: traveling martial artist protecting the world from evil.
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