Killer Romance Season 10: The Price of Love

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I am very here-and-there on genre. One thing I do like to have in most role plays is some form of romance. I also prefer for a role play to have a rich backstory, like those found in fandom role plays. The most common genres, however, that I play are : Sci Fy, Magical, Fantasy, Suspense, and Romance.

Interest Check | OOC/Character Sheets | IC (You are here.)

Killer Romance Narrator
Good afternoon everyone and welcome to season 10 of Killer Romance, the most popular romance comedy of reality television. This season is sure to be a good one, so lets jump right in.

Our players this season, 7 females and 7 males, are sure to excite. Their true love has pulled these fourteen people from 14 different universes and placed them in the Arena to fight for their love, life, and liberty.

Our Ladies: Akira Tsukigami @Akira, a 21 year old demon. Cadence Scott @Thurrbo, an 18 year old witch. Kira Crow @CynderTheDragoness, a 19 year old Lady-In-Waiting half-crow. Giovanna Hamada @IceQueen, a 20 year old robotics intern. Rosalyn Peterson @Mad Magus, an 18 year old magical girl. Fianna Lovelace @DANAsaur, a 19 year old Shadowhunter. Maya Jones @HelloBeautifulChild, a 19 year old Vampire Slayer.

Our Men: Arlic Kolard @Andy, a 21 year old Saiyan martial artist. Kujo Joshua @Kaykay, a 19 year old user of hamon. Kirigama Saito @DapperDogman, an 18 year old weapon-sword. Paul Derick @Moogle-Girl, an 18 year old who previously worked at Pizza Palace. Will Leblanc @ResistingTheEnlightened, a 21 year old photographer. Kuro Tsukinome @Tsuki, a 22 year old ninja. Shin-Li @kimsim12, a 22 year old water bender.

With no two people from the same universe, this first episode is clear to be a bombshell. Our specialists, people who have completely submersed themselves into one participant, will represent the characters throughout. Betting starts now, by the way, on who is connected with who so feel free to go online and open up the character profiles and place your bet on who is meant to be with who.

And finally, I am proud to present you with episode one : Greetings!

[BCOLOR=#ff99cc]Soul Bonds Revealed So Far[/BCOLOR]​
Cadence Scott @Thurrbo Will Leblanc @ResistingTheEnlightened
Akira Tsukigami @Akira Kuro Tsukinome @Tsuki
Giovanna Hamada @IceQueen Kujo Joshua @KayKay
Kira Crow @CyndertheDragoness Kirigama Saito @DapperDogman
Fianna Lovelace @DANAsaur James Williamson @HelloBeautifulChild
Maya Jones @HelloBeautifulChild DEAD
- -

Akira Tsukigami

Fairy Demon
Some of the links contained within the CS may have spoilers of the series, you hath been warned.
Name: Akira Tsukigami
Age (18-22): Mentally/Physically 21, but chronologically 421. She was in Cryostasis for about 400 years as her mother asked an Ice Dragon to his magic to keep Akira safe from the raging magic wars back then and then on X777 she was freed with the disappearance of said dragon.
Gender: Female
Race: Demon (Vampire/Succubus) Born​
Fandom/Universe: Fairy Tail
Fandom/Universe Short Description: Wizards! Magic! Fanservice! NAKAMAAAA!
Family: The Fairy Tail guild, The Black Wizard (her father). PM me if you would like to know that story.
Current Relationship Status: Single
Biography: Akira was in the run to be an S-Class wizard, a high ranking powerful wizard aside from the guild master, during Fairy Tail's annual S-Class Wizard trials on Tenrou Island, their sacred ground and the homeland of their first master Mavis Vermillion. During which were interrupted by a dark and evil guild named Grimoir Heart of the Barrum Alliance who had just so happened to locate Zeref at the time on that very Island. A war between the two guilds happened on the Island that afternoon, and with the evil intent Grimore Heart brought with them, they accidentally summoned Acnologia. The last thing Akira remembers before waking up on the reality show's island is holding hands with her guildmates.

Your Role Play Schedule: Erractic but mostly at night for the next week or so due to a cross country moving road trip.

  • Enhanced senses- She can small better than a blood hound and hear better than a bat.
  • Enhanced strength- She can lift/exhert a force 20x herself.
  • Hydrokenesis- The ability to manipulate water with her mind using hand guesters and/or body movements. She can also change it's physical properties i.e. make water ice, even to a gas and all kinds of vice versa.
  • Hydrokenetic Healing- The ability to heal herself and others with the use of her Hydrokenesis to repair lost and damaged cells.
  • Memory Erase- She can wipe a person's memory if the memory was within the past 12 hours.

Weaknesses: See Abilities for a couple extra weaknesses.
  • Spiders and anything with a stinger. She's afraid of creepy crawlies and buzzers that are potentially harmful.
  • The Lacrima Seal. She can't fully control her powers without this Lacrima Seal around her neck.
  • She has to drink blood at least once a week or her vampire powers will weaken.
  • She has to feed on energy at least once a month.
  • If she slacks on both she will die.
  • Man made poison will weaken her to the state of a normal human.
  • Exhausting her powers for a long time will put her in a coma.
  • She cannot use her vampire and succubus abilities simultaneously.
5 Possessions and Clothing:

Click for original size

Current Occupation: Badass Wizard
Candence Scott

Cadence Scott

18 years old


Harry Potter

Fandom/Universe Short Description
(Well... I guess if this is mandatory. :P) Witches and wizards exist, and muggles (non-magic people) aren't aware of it. Young witches and wizards go to school to learn, and one destination for such activities is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, kids begin their first year at the age of eleven, and graduate upon completion of seven years of schooling. (Do I need to elaborate more...?)


- Jocasta (Mother) -
Cadence is in great standing with all her family, but especially her mother. Jocasta doesn't play favorites at all, but seeing as her first-born was not a wizard, she was ecstatic to discover that her second-born was. All throughout her childhood, all Cadence heard about from her mother was what the wizarding world was like. Jocasta took Cadence on all kinds of trips and encouraged her to embrace her abilities, so she and her mother are very close.

- Alfie (Father) -
Cadence definitely gets her awkwardness from her father. Alfie is very quiet compared to Jocasta. He's absolutely geeky and intellectual, but always caring and compassionate -- just in a less outgoing way. In fact, he's quite sentimental. Cadence has a close relationship with her father in that they're very much alike. It was Alfie that instilled in his daughter a great curiosity of the unknown, and he's loved watching his daughter grow up into a fantastic young witch.

- Inigo (Older Brother) -
Inigo is three years older than Cadence and is also a very clever boy, but his personality takes much more after his mother's rambunctious, outgoing nature. While he of course wishes he could know what it's like to be a wizard, he's never let his jealousy turn to malice for his younger sister. Their parents have fostered the growth of important skills in both children, so they each have a place. In fact, the two siblings are best friends. Before Cadence began attending Hogwarts, Inigo sometimes even forgot that his sister was a witch at all. The two of them loved to tussle and argue with each other in a friendly way, and Inigo is very protective of Cadence.

Current Relationship Status

Cadence has had a comfortable family life with her parents, Jocasta and Alfie Scott, and her older brother, Inigo. Her father is a muggle along with her older brother, but her mother is an alumnus of the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts. Cadence always loved hearing her mother tell stories of her adventures through the castle there, and ever since she was young, she was almost unbearably excited to start school at Hogwarts herself. (Her father is just as enthralled by these stories as their daughter is.)

As far as the parents went, Jocasta and Alfie made for a curious couple when they first met. Jocasta was a stereotypical Gryffindor when she graduated from Hogwarts -- loud and rambunctious -- and stood out like a sore thumb in the muggle world. Alfie, more of a quiet intellectual, was amused and intrigued by her strange personality. The two met and started dating, and it wasn't long before Alfie realized the truth about Jocasta -- and he was even more amazed. They married soon after that and settled down to have their two children.

Ever since she was young, Cadence's father Alfie had encouraged her to be academically competitive and has nurtured her intellect and curiosity, and her mother Jocasta had instilled prominent moral foundations in the importance of loyalty and friendship. Stuck somewhere between two houses, when Cadence arrived at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw House. There, she found her fair share of quirky classmates and made wonderful long-lasting friendships. Seven years seemed to fly by, and Cadence blossomed into a fantastic young wizard with incredible talent. Everyone there said she had a bright future ahead of her -- even the cut-throat, competitive Ravenclaws had to admit it.

So it was a mystery to everyone when, on her very last night at Hogwarts, Cadence suddenly disappeared. It was -- dare I say it -- like magic. Poof. No one knew what happened... But of course, she was teleported here, to this universe's twisted RomCom of a reality show.

Your Role Play Schedule
As of now, I'm free on week nights and weekends. I'm generally good about posting at least once a day, but if I slip for a couple days, just give me a little poke and I shall return with sincerest apologies. =P

Cadence is a wizard (if you didn't get that by now then ok i'm leaving 4ever kthnxbye) so she has magic and stuff. However, beyond that, her strengths are as follows:

Charms & Transfiguration - These are Cadence's two strongest subjects. She has an excellent memory for languages and word association, so remembering spells is easy for her, and she practices with them often. She has a wide array memorized and can easily remember them at the drop of a pin.

Flying - Cadence became a chaser for the Ravenclaw quidditch team starting in her third year, so she's gained a lot of experience. Give her a broom stick, and she'll gladly take you for a spin.

Calm & Quick-Witted - In dire situations which require immediate action, many people tend to panic -- but not Cadence. She's always been a very level-headed person, and this comes as an advantage in sticky situations. She's a quick and creative thinker, and a good ally to have around.

I have nothing in particular to say in this blurb, but I wrote a short blurb under the "Powers/Strengths" section; so, for aesthetics, I thought I should put a blurb here as well. :P Anyway, Cadence's weaknesses are as follows:

Herbology & Potions - Cadence doesn't know what it is, but these have always been her two weakest subjects. If you give her explicit instructions and all materials are properly labeled, then great -- she can mix potions just fine. But there's a certain finesse that great potion makers and many herbologists have -- this sort of "instinct," if you will -- that Cadence just completely lacks.

Socially Awkward - For all her great ideas, Cadence has a very difficult time vocalizing herself in a crowd. She's perfectly happy to sit back and listen to a group of people, but when she has an idea herself, she lacks the confidence to bring it up or stick up for herself in the context of a large group.

5 Possessions and Clothing
It would seem that Cadence has arrived at this shack in her school uniform, so that is what she'll be wearing. Robes and all. Aside from this, however, her possessions are as follows:

Wand - Cadence's wand is 11 1/4 inches in length, slightly springy, and made of cypress wood and dragon heartstring. While she was decided by the sorting hat to be primarily a Ravenclaw, her Gryffindor qualities show by the wand that chose her. Cypress wood in wands stands for bravery, selflessness and nobility, and dragon heartstring cores make wands very loyal to their owners.

Nimbus 1700 - This is the broom that Cadence uses to play quidditch, but beyond that, she enjoys using it to get anywhere, really. It was a hand-me-down from her mother, and because Jocasta took such good care of it when she was in school, it's still in great shape.

Textbooks for her N.E.W.T.s - This is pretty self-explanatory. With Cadence came the satchel in which her textbooks sit. Textbooks found in this satchel include Guide to Advanced Transfiguration,Confronting the Faceless, and Standard Book of Spells (Grade 7).

Magical First-Aid Kit - Having this habit of always needing to feel prepared, Cadence commonly carries around a very small medical kit -- just in case of emergencies. In this kit, one could find a few vials of Pepperup Potion, along with one bottle each of burn-healing paste and Murtlap Essence. (Also, some bandages. :P) Cadence commonly consulted this small kit after quidditch matches, going through bottles of Murtlap Essence quite quickly.

Locket & Family Portrait - Around her neck, Cadence wears a small golden locket, inside which there is a moving sepia photograph of her family. She never goes anywhere without it; she doesn't even take it off when she sleeps.

Current Occupation
Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Kira Crow

Name: Kira Crow
Age (18-22): 19
Gender: Female
Looks: Kira is five foot two inches in height. Her skin is tan, like a slightly darker golden tan. Only those with the Sight or the Gift can see the faint traces of feathers that seem to be etched just under her skin. To anyone else her appearance is normal. Her hair is a coppery brown and her eyes are hazel.
Fandom/Universe: Tortall and the Copper Isles (lands in books by Tamora Pierce)
Fandom/Universe Short Description: Tortall is a land where women are treated similarly to men. There are warriors known as the King's Own and another group of mounted warriors called the Queen's Riders. He Queen herself gets involed in the Riders' training. The King's Champion is the Lady Knight Alanna "The Lioness". Her husband is Baron George Cooper, Tortall's Spymaster.
A bit of terminology: Raka are blacks and Laurian are white.
Family: Kira's mother is Alianne (Aly) of Pirate's Swoop. Aly had been the one chosen by the Raka Trickster God Kyproth to protect the half-raka Queen of the Isles. (Read Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen.) Kira's father is a crow who became a man for Aly, not just to help teach her the language of the crows to uphold thier end of the bargain. Aly is now the head Spymaster of the Copper Isles. Kira's maternal grandparents are Baron George Cooper and Alanna The Lioness.
Current Relationship Status: Single
Biography: Kira lives in the Copper Isles with her parents, but sometimes visits her grandparents in Tortall. She had just fallen asleep in her room, a few of her cousins perched on her windowsill. Kira's family on her father's side are crows, yes, the birds. Any crow can turn into a human if they so choose. Because of her family being crows, her father, Nawat Crow, taught her the crow language just as he had taughg Kira's mother. The other crows of the Copper Isles helped out.
Your Role Play Schedule: mostly evenings on weekdays and periodically on weekends.
Powers/Strengths: The Sight(she gets this from her mother. She can "see" magic and focus her sight with a "mental twist" on small details.)
Weaknesses: Being half crow, Kira loves shiny things.
5 Possessions and Clothing: Kira wears Raka-style clothes in bright colors, after all, the crows are cousins of the Raka. She has a longbow and a quiver full of arrows made by her father. Somd fletched with black feathers, crow feathers. Others are fletched with metal feathers. These feathers are razor sharp and come from an Immortal creature known as a Stormwing. Sheathed at her side is a sword made of a particularly long Stormwing feather.
Current Occupation: Lady-in-waiting, part of Queen Dovearsary's royal court.
Giovanna Hamada


Giovanna Hamada



Geo is a spritely little individual who is no taller than 5'5". She has chosen stylistically, the shortest haircut possible. She has
everything even, with the front locks dyed a green blue, and the rest her natural black color. She has somewhat fair
skin, due to being half Korean, and wide purple/blue eyes, which are a mystery to her entire family as to their
appearance. Geo also has one cartilage ear piercing, a lobe stretcher of one millimeter, and a piercing above that
as well. She has one tattoo on her left side, and one on her back.
Left Side

Disney/Big Hero Six-The City of Sanfransokio

~:Fandom/Universe Short Description:~
The Big Hero Six Fandom is based in a Sanfransisco area with a bit
of an Asian twist on it. Here, there is many intelligent people, and is said to be a very advanced society
Most people go to college, and work regular jobs, almost like the real world, except, well,
a little bit cooler.

-Hero Hamada-
Hero was always an intelligent mind. Graduating at 13, he devoted a few months of his life in
betting on bot fights before he manned up and went to college, where he meet Gogo, who was four
years older than him. He is a character, always being a good father to his kids, though he does
get a good scolding from Gogo every once an a while. He tries to give his kids everything, which
is sometimes hard, but his kids never blame him, unless their mother is involved.

-Gogo Hamada-
Geo takes directly after her mother, who in her youth was rebellious, ill tempered, and sarcastic.
However, now days, Gogo has softened up a bit, well, at the least on her children. the one
who get's the most hate is often Hero. Geo and Gogo are very close, and her mother tried everything to
make sure her first born has the best for the world, which also means giving her responsibilities.
The two of them couldn't be any closer.

-James and Jackson Hamada-
(Twin Brothers)
James and Jackson were born four years after Geo, and are a little pair of trouble makers. As children, they would love to annoy their
older sister, and she would of course fight back. Even as they have grown taller than her (Which she hates), they still love to
hang out and wrestle together and Geo feels very protective over them.

~:Current Relationship Status:~

Geo grew up in a nice home, with loving parents. Ever since she was a kid, her mother trained her not to be
a princess, but to be a warrior princess. She started taking MMA lessons as a kid, and continued on though college. While
she was in grade school, she was sent home often because she used her fists instead of words when trying to solve problems.

Geo always wanted to be her mother, and as a child kept her hair short and never wore pink, always black and blue. From this,
kids would make fun of her. She would always be alone on the playground, or at lunch, and she would cry to herself, but
she never showed her mother. She even tried to hide the bruises from where she got into fights as well.
Both her parents worried a lot for her, since she was so different, but things weren't always the same.

Since Geo grew up being alone, she spent her time studying stuff ahead of the class. Soon she was testing into grades ahead of her
and eventually graduated at the age of 15. When she was 16, she decided to attend prestigious college her parents went to.
It took her 4 years to get though college and she had just graduated a few months ago, and was working at her Great Aunt's old
shop when she was teleported away.

~:Your Role Play Schedule:~
When not with prior engagements, all the time basically. Weekends are free, but I do have some things coming up that will
make me unable to post for a while.

Geo is a close range fighter, mostly hand to hand but she can disarm others who wield weapons. When
she has her suit on, she can use it like it was meant to and her field of attack ranges from long to close combat.
She can whip up something else with her smart brain, but sticks to upgrading her suit..

Geo doesn't stand much chance of defensive battle because her armor isn't very thick.
No matter how fast she is, without the disks on her feet it is no use. Also if an opponent has more brute strength than her, they are
tough to beat and she usually sticks to finding pressure points.

~:5 Possessions and Clothing:~
1st Possession
A small portable water bottle, that she carries with her a lot

2nd Possession
A sketch pad, and pencil that came with it, which seems to be half filled with drawings.

3rd Possession
A Toolkit with spare parts to upgrade or fix her suit

4th Possession
A picture of her and her first crush/friend

5th Possession
A good pair of artist colored pencils

Asside form that, Geo is wearing a cropped leather jacket
that her mother gave her with a blue tank top underneath. She has leggings
with a teal stripe on the side running up her leg, and she has a pair of
bright blue sneakers on. She has in her favorite black stretcher,
a small blue rose earing above that,and one small silver cartilage ring.

~:Current Occupation:~
Intern at Vexingo Robotics
Rosalyn Peterson GONE

Name: Rosalyn Peterson
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Looks: (Friend drew this for me, hah)

(Dress is yellow and brown, hair is a dark auburn, kthnx)

Fandom/Universe: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Fandom/Universe Short Description: In a world deteriorating do to the effects of entropy, an alien race known as the Incubators invented Magical Girls as a way of producing energy. When a Magical Girl falls into total despair, she will become an extremelyy powerful Witch that no longer fully exists in our dimension, only being able to be seen and attacked by magic users... but most Magical Girls are unaware of their eventual demise.

Family: Rosalyn has no family to speak of, having grown up an Orphan in the middle of New York.
Current Relationship Status: Single

Biography: Rosalyn was a simple girl in the middle of New York, going from foster home to foster home, taking advanced courses in school, and dreaming of a day when she could finally be happy. An incubator known as Nibeey came to her one day, promising her that with one wish she could have her innermost desire fulfilled, but in return she must lay down her life fighting witches and saving the universe. She more than happily agreed in an instant, a smile plastered on her face as she remembered every foster parent she loved, ever friend she made before everything was ripped away from her. She wished that no matter what happened, nobody could take her happiness away again. Now she lives her life destroying witches with Thunder and Lightning at the tip of her deadly lances. Unbeknowingly, her wish made it nigh impossible for her to ever become a witch, so for 6 years she has been one of the most stable Magical Girls to ever exist, and by extent being very powerful for her universe.
Over the years, despite her happiness keeping her company, she's turned the route of a loner, making few friends and constantly looking for new areas to explore. One night she fell asleep and dreamt of her heart bursting with love, and woke up in a strange, strange world.

Your Role Play Schedule: Pretty much online all the time, will post weekly when needed as the rest of my roleplay's schedules permits

- Lance Magic: Can summon lances of various sizes and shapes to fight with.
- Thunder Magic: Can create and control electrity at will
- Virtual Immortality: Her body can be repeatedly healed to peak condition as long as her Soul Gem remains in tact.
- Unbreakable Smile: Do to her wish Rosalyn's happiness and joy cannot be extinguished by typical means

-In case of Witchification, Rosalyn would gain the power to create a pocket dimension known as a labrynth and countless minions, but lose the ability to think straight if even keep her sanity.

- Soul Gem: Her soul has been bound to a physical crystal called a soul gem, if it is destroyed she will die
- Witchification: If she grows a "curse" or a strong negative feeling inside her heart without purifying her soul gem via grief seeds she will become a witch and lose control of herself, both gaining power and losing an extent of psychological soundness. Due to her wish, however, the liklihood of this happening is small.

5 Possessions and Clothing:
- Soul Gem
- 2 Unused Grief Seeds
- Needle
- Thread

Current Occupation: Student/Magical Girl
Fianna Lovelace

Fianna Lovelace


Fianna Lovelace



Standing five foot four, Fianna is a slim, young lady with pink colored hair which reaches her hips, and her bangs go across her forehead. She has cool light blue eyes and usually wears a black halter top that reveals a little of her chest. Her way of clothing is usually loose and playful, giving her the flirty appearance. She has fawn tanned skin.

Her original hair color was black but at the age 15, she started dyeing her hair due to a horrid incident. During a fight with a ravener, the blood of the said demon got in her hair and stained it in an icky color for weeks. Since then, she started dyeing her hair pink.

Mortal Instruments

Fandom/Universe Short Description:
In the world where the supernaturals exist, there will always be chaos and evil. Thanks to the Shadowhunters who are humans with angelic blood, they have fought the demonic forces valiantly for well over the span of a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to keep the peace in the Shadow World and keep it hidden from the mundane world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.

As mentioned earlier, Shadowhunters live in the Shadow World were supernaturals exist in harmony and chaos. There is the Underworld where most of the criminals hide and there's the institute where shadowhunters reside.

♦ Claude (Father) ♦
Strict yet caring, Fianna's father is someone you shouldn't mess around with when it comes to family. Claude made sure that Fianna grew into someone strong and independent. He gave her strict military training that is far more harder than her brothers' training. Fianna didn't complain for she knew that is how her father expressed his love towards her. You could almost say that she's daddy's girl.

♦ Emily (Mother) ♦
Just like any mother, Emily made sure that everyone of her children grew into fine young gents or lady with proper ettiqutte, manners and education. She taught them how to be have kindness and humility. Her mother taught her about how to be the perfect wife and lady, teaching her music, literature and arts.

♦ Patrick (Older brother) ♦
Patrick never fails to embarrass Fianna everytime she got to visit them. He loves to tease her little sister, sometimes punch her out of nowhere or just drive her crazy.

♦ Paul (Younger brother) ♦
Fianna is very fond of her younger brother Paul who is a little devil. He forms an alliance with Patrick everytime Fianna visits and just pranks her like crazy like there's no tomorrow. Of course, Fianna understood that this is just brotherly love and at the end of the day, they'll be happier than ever.

Current Relationship Status:

Fianna was born and raised in a family of well respected shadowhunters and lived in Idris for 15 years beore moving in the institute. Just like any shadowhunter, she was trained and taught exceptionally about almost everything. May it be weaponry, botany, medicine or history, Fianna knew something about almost anything.

At the age of 15, she started living in the institute and live her life independently.

She had killed a couple of demons and she's willing to do anything for her survival as long as she's not hurting anyone. She's still human after all and has a thing called "conscience" and "morale".

The last thing she remembered was she was on her way to the institute before she passed out and found herself in a strange place, in a strange house.

Your Role Play Schedule:
I'm always online 24/7 and post once a day unless something came up (like school works) but I'll make sure to inform you if that happens :)

Thanks to her father, Fianna knows hand to hand combat and was quite fond of using long range weapons such as bow and arrows, whip, and sword. She is also quite agile, flexible and can carve runes that can boost up almost anything.

Fianna can't handle to much stress and she easily cracks under pressure. She is also afraid of flying bugs.

5 Possessions and Clothing:
♦ Her chain scythe ♦

♦ A family heirloom necklace that's been passed down for thousands and thousands of generations♦

♦ Her pink iPod touch♦

♦ A pink moleskine ♦

♦ Her family's picture ♦

Current Occupation:
Maya Jones


Name: Maya Jones
Age (18-22): 19
Gender: Female
Looks: Maya las long, brunette hair, and a small but strong figure. She simply glows strength, and people don't 'test her'. Above her right hip she has a tattoo saying "I can, and I will." On her left forearm, using a scar her father gave her when she was 12 as a line, she has a tattoo saying "This is what a feminist looks like." She's considered getting another that says "fucking test me, I dare you" but hasn't yet.
Fandom/Universe: Buffyverse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel)
Fandom/Universe Short Description: The Buffyverse is a universe that works on top of ours (ours being the real one, the one that is reality, you know, you and me and that guy?) and encompases vampires, Slayers (women with incredible strength and power, and my character is POST-Sunnydale where Willow does a spell so that all potential slayers are slayers), demons, ghosts, The Powers That Be, demons that know your mood/future when you sing, etc. It's a part of the Whedonverse and has some sort of every fantasy you can come up with.
  • Mother- Nadia Jones (43)
  • Father - James Jones (45)
  • Little Brother - George Jones (17)
Current Relationship Status: Single
Biography: Maya; Slayer, debater, robotics leader, nerd, 4.0 student. When she was 16, Maya was contacted by a woman who told her of the Slayer heritage. Explaining that it was her destiny to protect her world from the threat of the darkness. She explained that while the world wouldn't plunge into chaos if she didn't, with great power came great responsibility. Her father, an angry yelling man who occasionally beat his family, had an 'episode' soon after she found out that she was a Slayer and - for the first time - she was able to defend her family. He left a bloody pulp and never returned, and her mother (surprisingly) grew stronger. She educated herself much like a Watcher and trained both Maya and her brother George to defend themselves. Maya is now in dorms at NYU and thanks all of her success - both as a slayer and a student - to her mother.
Your Role Play Schedule: I'm DM, so I'll keep my eyes on the RP at all times. :)
  • Super strength/stamina/healing
  • Natural fighting skill
  • Prophetic Dreams - Occasional
  • Loneliness
  • Fear of her father, despite his long absence
  • Over exerts herself
  • Skeptical / bitter

5 Possessions and Clothing: Maya is usually found in her Doc Martin boots, jeans, a button up shirt, and a black leather jacket(pretend the picture is black...) as well as a cross necklace. She carries around a tan canvas backpack and within it is...
  1. Stake
  2. Multi-tool (Leatherman Wingman)
  3. Journal - This has everything, information/notes on creatures, personal notes, etc.
  4. Knife
  5. Water bottle of holy water - There is a cross inside the bottle so that when water is put in it and a latin blessing is spoken (it is inscribed on the outside of the bottle) it makes the water holy. Latin Blessing Deus, qui ad salute humani generis maxima quæque sacramenta in aquarum substantia condidisti: adesto propitus invocaionibus nostris, et element huic, multimodis purificationibus preparato, virtutem tuæ benedictionis infunde; ut creatura tua, mysteriis tuis serviens, ad abigendos dæmones morbosque pellendos divinæ gratiæ sumat effectum; ut quidquid in domibus vel in locis fidelium hæ unda resperserit careat omni immunditia, liberetur a noxa. Non illic resideat spiritus pestilens, non aura corrumpens: discedant omnes insidiæ latentis inimici; et si quid est quod aut incolumitati habitantium invidet aut quieti, aspersione hujus aqucæ effugiat: ut salubritas, per invocationibus defensa. In Nomine Domini Nostri Jesu Christi filum tuum, qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti, Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen. This water is both for a weapon and drinking.

Current Occupation: Full time student, Slayer

Arlic Kolard GONE

Name: Arlic Kolard

Age: 21

gender: male

Universe: Dragon Ball Z Universe.

Universe Description: The DBZ universe is vast filled with many different races and amazing fighters. The most renown races are earthlings, Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza's and Kai. There are many of other unknown races throughout the universe however. Each one is filled with amazing fighters that are skilled in the martial arts. Attacks can range from the usual punching and kicking to firing off energy blasts known as "Ki". The ultimate power in the dbz world comes from the dragon balls. if you can collect all seven you can summon the dragon shenron and he will grant you one wish.

Family: Arlic's only known family is his mother. However she died when he was very young so he basically raised himself since he was 8. When he was 13 he found a martial arts master that took him in and raised him as his own son.

Current relationship status: single

Biography: Arlic is a saiyan born and raised on earth much like his grandfather Goku. He loves to fight just like his grandfather but he only does so for fun and to get stronger never to hurt or use others. He never knew his father all he knew of him was that he was "a brave and strong martial artist" His mother died when he was 8. When he was 13 a taken in by a traveling martial artist who claims that he knew of his grandfather Goku. As they traveled the man taught him everything he knew about martial arts and told him many stories about his grandfather and the battles he had fought for the safety of the earth. Arlic couldn't believe some of the tales he had heard but nonetheless he listened intently and vowed to become as strong as his grandfather so he could protect earth as well.

Powers/Strengths: Able to transform into different forms (super saiyan, super saiyan 2 etc. More will be explained in the rp if needed) flight, ki energy blasts, martial arts master. Heals quickly and gets stronger after each battle.

Weaknesses: clueless at times. His stomach often betrays him since he get's hungry quickly, His loyalty to his friends can be considered a weakness since he always puts them before himself.

5 possessions: He has a three different suits (that look like the picture just different colors). He has one of the 7 dragon balls. He has a staff that is known as power pole that can extend and retract at will.

Occupation: traveling martial artist protecting the world from evil.
Kujo Joshua

In the fandom description there will be spoilers for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Beware.

Name: Kujo Joshua (Kujo is the surname)
Age (18-22): 19
Gender: Male

Fandom/Universe: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, first universe.
Fandom/Universe Short Description: First there were vampires and people punching them with the power of the sun. Then there were vampire eaters and people punching them with the power of the sun. Then people got the ability to have ghost-like spirits, called Stands, fight beside them against other people with Stands and a vampire with a Stand. Then they did other things, like eating and punching spaghetti, stopping a serial killer, bringing down a mafia leader, but eventually the whole universe got reset by the final villain so it didn't matter. This character will be from the universe before it was reset.

Father: Kujo Jotaro - Stoic and ever-absent from his life, Joshua has never even met his father, only seeing him in pictures and now possessing his Stand.

Mother: Marie Jones - An American woman. Kind and caring, but easily distracted. Not assertive enough to dissuade Joshua from his heroics. She was never told about Hamon, and is a bit scared of Joshua thanks to it, but still tries to care for him.

Half-sister: Cujoh Jolyne - Jotaro's daughter with a different woman. She possesses the Stand Stone Free and is quite rude and reckless. Joshua has never met her and didn't even know of her existence until recently.

And all the other Joestars.

Current Relationship Status: Single

Joshua was the illegitimate child of Jotaro, who'd had a one night stand with an American woman. He grew up mostly just with his mother, tending to get into fights, but coming out unscathed. Unlike his father and great-grandfather, he didn't pick fights, he just got caught up in them. He was the kind of guy who couldn't help himself from helping others if they looked like they were in trouble. His heroic attitude was more reminiscent of Jonathan Joestar than any of his more recent relatives. However, he was much more excitable, easily being led into fights.

When he was 14, he got into a fight that he was actually losing, for once. When it seemed like he had no hope, a flowing energy surged through him, knocking out all the people who were touching him. The others fled in fear, not knowing just what Joshua had done. He discovered Hamon, the channeling of the sun's energy through the human body. Like his great-grandfather, he had naturally inherited use of Hamon. However, this caused people to fear him, not knowing just what kind of energy he was using. Despite his desire to help people, they tended to call him a monster after he helped them. Though his burning desire to help others never wavered, his confidence in his own humanity did.

One day, he got a call from the Speedwagon Foundation. His father had passed out, his Stand and Memory discs having been removed by Enrico Pucci. Fortunately, his half-sister had managed to retrieve the Stand disc, sending it back to the Foundation. Out of curiosity, he touched his father's disc. He wasn't fully aware of its properties and wanted to see what a so-called Stand would look like. Having no Stand and being of Joestar descent, the disc accepted Joshua, giving him the power of Jotaro's Star Platinum. Intrigued, he tested it out, finding out its capabilities and what it could do. Star Platinum was a very impressive Stand. He went to sleep, just wanting to spend one night possessing the power of the father he'd never gotten to know. But when he woke up, he wasn't in the Speedwagon Foundation's quarters anymore...

Your Role Play Schedule: I log on pretty often throughout the day, everyday. Though if I'll be gone I'll give a heads up.

Joshua utilizes Hamon. This uses breathing to utilize a powerful energy. It makes him stronger, faster, and more durable than normal people as well as allowing him to use things like cola bottle caps, clackers, water, metal, and basically anything as a weapon, either by conducting his ripple through it or manipulating it. For example, he can fire a bottle cap from a cola hard and fast enough to break a cop's finger before he could pull the trigger on a gun. In addition, he can channel this energy into people, knocking out or controlling those who cannot use Hamon.

Joshua possesses a Stand now, thanks to absorbing his father's disc. All Stands have special abilities.

Rules of Stands. There are more, but they won't really be relevant.

Stand: Star Platinum
Star Platinum is incredibly strong, fast, and durable, able to catch bullets easily and punch very rapidly. In addition, it has the ability to stop time for up to 5 seconds.

Weaknesses: Though Joshua is strong for a human, he is not invincible. If a bullet hits him, it will pierce through him if Star Platinum does not block or catch it. Also, his tendency to be a hero oftentimes gets him into trouble.

5 Possessions and Clothing: Joshua comes with the clothes in the appearance picture.

1. A cellphone with its charger.
2. His wallet.
3. A glass bottle of cola.
4. Some comic books.
5. A water bottle.

Current Occupation: Student
Kirigama Saito

Name: Kirigama Saito
Age (18-22): 18
Gender: Male

Young male with white spiky hair, greyish eyes and somewhat pale skin, likes to dress in white

Fandom/Universe: Soul Eater

Fandom/Universe Short Description: Death Weapons, eating of souls, witches, kishin, madness

Family: Never met his father as his soul became a kishin egg when e was young, and his mother was forced to kill him to prevent him turning into a full fledged Kishin

Current Relationship Status: Single, and not particularly fond of that fact

Biography: Kiri doesn't like to talk about his history very much, finding it irrelevant to others for the most part, and only giving vague answers when pressed, he lost his father when he was young and never seemed to recover form the loss of the man who would normally teach him how to use his powers as a weapon, he soon found his way into Death Weapon Meister Academy, or DWMA for short, though he never found anyone who could utilize him to his fullest, he's yet to discover his Soul Wavelength's special skill, but he's sure it's powerful

Your Role Play Schedule: Most of the day GMT, and till quite late at night most nights, Thursdays there is a gap of about 4 hours from 6PM GMT to 10PM GMT

Ability to transform into a sword (
Ability to see and consume evil souls for power
Ability to transform limbs into blades to fight as half weapon
Ability to utilze many wavelengths from his own soul, and that of his wielder, his own Special Wavelength is known as the Skill Killer, though no-one knows what it does

Weaknesses: Not a great fighter on his own, skeptical of other's powers until he sees them for himself, sometimes distanced from those he does not know

5 Possessions and Clothing: His suit, his lighter, a small bottle of whiskey, his cellphone and his satchel

Current Occupation: Student, currently studying at DWMA, in the EAT class
Paul Derick GONE

Name: Paul Derick
Age (18-22): 18
Gender: Male

Looks: Paul keeps himself looking good at all times, with clear skin, lint-free clothes, and a movie star smile. The only thing he can't seem to manage is his short brown hair, which tends to do whatever it wants; he keeps it covered at all times with a poofy orange hat emblazoned with a bold black "Q". He is fairly short for his age and somewhat pudgy-looking, with a small, rounded nose and large, expressive blue eyes -- not that you'd ever know, since he always keep them covered as well, this time with a rounded pair of sunglasses with dark, shiny lenses. Everything about him, from the way he dresses to the way he carries himself, says class and importance. He especially likes to call attention to the jeweled rings on his fingers.

Fandom/Universe: Homestuck
Fandom/Universe Short Description: The core of HS's universe is an interdimensional computer game called Sburb. Its origins are impossible to trace, but in short, it is the way that universes propagate. When you play the game, it becomes real, and your home planet is destroyed by meteors -- but this is only a small sacrifice. Should you conquer the innumerable trials set before you, your victory will be rewarded with free reign in an entirely new universe of your own creation. Time shenanigans, silly terminology, convoluted plots, and video game mechanics made real abound.

Family: Due to Sburb's aforementioned destruction of his home world, Mundus, Paul's only surviving family is his 16-year-old brother, Patrick (Patt for short), who is also playing the game.

Current Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle, but starting to face terrifying paranoia that he might be gay. Do not bring it up. He'll probably get super defensive about it if you do.

Biography: Before Sburb, Paul worked in a novelty pizza restaurant called Pizza Palace. Though his brother got fed up with the business and quit some time ago, Paul always loved his job. He apprenticed under several local chefs, even tutoring briefly under the world-renowned Chet Flambi, and eventually climbed the ranks to become Pizza Palace's head chef. Pizza was his life.

Until the game started, of course. Paul didn't have much say in the matter, nor would he ever want to put his comfortable life at risk; someone nearby started playing the game, and suddenly there were deadly meteors flying for his house. At that point it was either acquire a copy and enter the game, or die. Luckily Patrick was around to help him with the initial fights until he found his footing. The world they originally came from had plentiful magic and no official law enforcement meant that fighting skills were a must, but Paul had always gone out of his way to avoid all that crap.

Your Role Play Schedule: I check in several times a day, but I only write posts when inspiration and motivation hit me. This usually averages out to once every 2-3 days.

Fetch Modus: In the Homestuck world, everyone has an inventory called a "sylladex." It basically functions like any classic video game inventory, just with silly terminology -- items are "captchalogued" into "captchalogue cards" and can be retrieved according to rules set by their "fetch modus." Modii often resemble data structures, but they can also mimic board games or something similarly esoteric. Without going into too much detail on Paul's modus, what this means for the RP's sake is that he can carry up to ten things of reasonable size (another person would be too big to captchalogue) without being "weighed down" and retrieve them from thin air at will. Just think of it like a small video game inventory, only real.

Title: All Sburb players are gifted with a "class" and an "aspect," which together form their title. You can think of the class as a type of RPG character, like warrior or mage or healer, and the aspect like their element -- one details how the powers are used and their overarching role, and the other governs the nature of the powers themselves. Paul's role is Knight of Mind. Knights exploit their aspect as a weapon, and Mind deals with decisions, mental energy (as opposed to physical energy), and direction for oneself. All Paul figured out before he was zapped away (again) is that his role deals specifically with alternate timelines, and something about mirrors.

Communication through dreams: Those who are destined to play Sburb have a physical "dream self" that wakes up on a different planet -- in Paul's case, Derse, the kingdom of darkness -- when they go to sleep. This makes their dreams particularly lucid, and always in the same place. But now that Paul is out of Sburb's "reach," so to speak, wherever he dreams now, it sure as hell ain't Derse. Just some endless black void. But soon he'll figure out that he can pull others into this void too, and whatever happens there sticks in their memories even after they wake up.

Street smarts: Working in a popular pizza restaurant on a planet known for its species diversity, Paul has seen all kinds of crazy customers, from battle-hungry five-year-olds to literal dragons. He's jaded to the idea of magic, so it's not easy to catch him off guard. And since he actively avoids getting himself into insane quests and mystical journeys, he knows his way around an ordinary city block.

Fistkind: Paul doesn't have any formal weapons training, nor does he really want it. When he fights, he does so with his fists; while Sburb has artificially increased his strength slightly to give him a fighting chance, he's obviously at a huge disadvantage against people with more experience.

Poor attitude: There's no mincing words, really. Paul is kind of an asshole. Lording over others is where he feels most comfortable. When other people don't give him what he wants, he's not above striking up an argument. When faced with tough challenges, however, he buckles into cowardice, often choosing to back down and let other people handle it for him. While still trying to appear as cool as possible, of course.

5 Possessions and Clothing:
Clothes: Since Sburb supplies a process for combining objects together in insane ways, Paul was able to fashion the perfect outfit for him. He wears a dark orange suit tailored especially for him, complete with a black tie, fashionable shoes, and jewelry adorning his fingers. And as mentioned in his appearance, you'll never see him without his poofy orange hat with the Q on it or his impenetrably dark sunglasses.

Paul has no need for a bookbag; everything he has on-hand is kept in his sylladex.
- A small pocket mirror
- A spare suit, this one a dark blue color instead
- A turtle skull
- A slice of novelty chocolate pizza, kept fresh by his sylladex
- A wallet containing a few boonbucks (Sburb currency) and about 70 aurums (Mundusian currency, now useless)

Current Occupation: He doesn't like to think about Pizza Palace being destroyed by meteors. Please don't mention it to him.
Will Leblanc

Name: Will Leblanc
Age (18-22): 21
Gender: Male

Fandom/Universe: Sherlock
Fandom/Universe Short Description: Sherlock is a British crime drama television series and a contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories.
Current Relationship Status: Single
Biography: Will was a simple photographer living in London, England, with a knack of following around the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, taking pictures with the both of them, and once actually helping Sherlock on a case that seemed rather.. Difficult to some people. Something about there being three brothers, and one of them was Mark... A note left later on in the day saying "? Templeson. He broke your window." And it was then were Will had helped the man he so wished to be, yet whom he wouldn't be able to because the London Metro wouldn't allow him because of his weight standards, (125-130 at such a young age.) Now and then, he would simply take photos of the man as he performed his investigation skills while on a crime. While one day alone after a long day of taking pictures of a murder committed in London Square for the London Telegraph, he began doing his own research on the murder, before laying his eyes into an endless sleep, which to him, would thus lead him to wake up in the shack with his research back home.
Your Role Play Schedule: Mondays Thru Thursdays: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM 6:35 PM to around 1:30 AM. Fridays thru Sundays: The entire day
Powers/Strengths: Will is generally a soft and kind person, being a type of person who will lead forward during an event, yet somehow manage to keep the minimal amount attention to himself. Quiet, compassionate, and loyal to the end, he sticks by his friends side and leaves no one behind, yet tries to not cause too much trouble nor attention to himself. He will tend to those in need, and try to do whatever it takes to be respectful and on good terms with the other.
Weaknesses: His introverted interior and exterior makes him a hard person to speak to, and will generally cause him to be flustered when attention is reverted to him. Will also has a tendency to be shy around women, usually simply looking at them respectfully but not causing much more than a smile... Trying to go up to a woman is difficult for Will, and he will fall back into his shell of fear as he would rather the woman approach him, as he does not handle the subject so well.
5 Possessions and Clothing: A small tan assault pack which carries his phone, two small trays of turkey and cheese sandwiches, a small pocket knife, a bottle of water, and his favourite book "Fives and Twenty Fives." He wears a tan cargo short, a black V-Neck shirt, and a pair of Navy Blue coloured sneakers.
Current Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Kuro Tsukinome

Name: Kuro Tsukinome
Age (18-22): 22
Gender: male

Fandom/Universe: Naruto

Fandom/Universe Short Description: Ninjas! Ninjas! War! Tailed Beasts!

Family: Kait Tsukinome (Sister)

Current Relationship Status: Single

Biography: (This takes place after the actual story of Naruto in an AU where all the Uchiha weren't massacred but most were so beware spoilers of some kind)

Kuro was born during the fourth great ninja war. As he grew up stories of how the great Hokage Naruto Uzumaki along with his old team 7 squadmates had saved the world from being plunged into an eternal nightmare at the hands of Madara Uchiha. Naruto as currently the Hokage of the hidden leaf and by that time Kuro's life managed to be turned upside down and inside out. Contrary to what most would believe Kuro grew up in the hidden leaf but he was born in the hidden cloud. His mother was one of Orochimaru's previous experiments when he was working with the curse mark which was carried on to him and his sharingan was a gift from a dying friend much like how Kakashi gained his sharingan. He became a rogue ninja after this since the village thought he was the one who killed his squadmate. After setting up camp in a cave underneath a waterfall he fell asleep and thus his new adventure began elsewhere began.

Your Role Play Schedule: I can manage a few posts a day if it keeps my interest since i rp on another site and constantly surf the web like a surfer traveling the world to catch the best waves mother ocean has to offer.

Kuroi has the sharingan in both eyes and also posses a mangekyo sharingan as well. He has a susanoo but does not see the need to use it as well as his curse mark (seal image)that is only in stage 1.

His list of Jutsus include:
Fire Style: Dragonflame Jutsu

Venom Needle Jizo (due to the length of his hair)

Lighting style: Black Lightning Javelin

Lighting style: Black Lighting Blade: Like Kakashi's lighting blade except it forms an actual black katana made of lighting.

Summoning: Heaven Release: Hell's Fang: Summons up to 3 ninneko or ninja cats that tear and scratch at the enemy causing them to bleed or be torn to shreds upon command.


Too trusting of others before truly knowing them
Hot headed which makes him leap before he looks so to speak
Bad at CQC
Needs distance and time to use specific jutsu because hand signs

5 Possessions and Clothing:
Paper Bombs
Food Pills

Current Occupation: None
Shin-Li GONE


Shin-Li of the Southern Water Tribe
Avatar: The Last Airbender -- Legend of Korra Era
Fandom/Universe Short Description:
In the world of Avatar, there are four countries: Fire Nation, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and the Air Nomads. Each country has benders and nonbenders corresponding with their namesake (i.e. waterbenders from the Water Tribes), although intermarrying is not uncommon. After the 100 Year War, a large portion of the Earth Kingdom was "cut out" to create the Republic City and the United Republic of Nations. In Shin-Li's time, Amon (a masked man trying to create equality for nonbenders through violent means) and the Equalists are still rising to power, and the Avatar (Korra) has not been revealed to the world. He himself grew up in the Southern Water Tribe but left for Republic City and then later returned home.
Mother -- Kami -- living -- 59
Father -- Li -- deceased -- 55 (when deceased)
Current Relationship Status:
Shin-Li grew up in the Southern Water Tribe with his mother and father. When he was about 18, he decided to move to Republic City to become a detective. However, his plans were cut short when he got word that his father had died in an avalanche. Shin-Li, knowing his mother was a fragile woman emotionally, decided to move back to the Southern Water Tribe to care for her. He already knew how to hunt and fish from his previous years in the tribe, so he quickly took up the "art" again--as well as continuing to hone his water bending skills. He was on a hunting trip when he was teleported.
Your Role Play Schedule:
I can post as little or as often as needed.
+Water Bender: Shin-Li is a water bender, but he relies more on his own wit and weapons to get by.
+Weapons/Survival: He knows how to survive in the icy tundra of the Southern Water Tribe, and he knows how to use quite a few weapons.
+Calm: Shin-Li is of a naturally calm disposition and is rarely provoked to anger.
-Water Bending: Because he relies more on weapons and wit, Shin-Li is not the best water bender out there. But he's skilled enough to put up a fight.
-Emotions: He's not very good at understanding emotions, as he isn't a very emotional person. Even after his father died, he only felt a brief period of grief before moving on. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't care. In fact, he cares a lot about the people he loves, and he would do anything to protect them.
-Fire/Hot Climates: He does not do well in hot climates or when around fire. He prefers the cold.
5 Possessions and Clothing:
Clothing is as seen in the pictures.
1. Bow
He had his bow on him when he was teleported.
2. Quiver of Arrows
He was on a hunting trip, so he has seven arrows left.
3. Compass
Hunting trip = compass
4. Canteen of water
Hunting trip = canteen of water
5. Knife
He has a knife strapped to his belt that he uses in case an animal (or a hostile person) gets a little too close for comfort.
Current Occupation:
James Williamson

Name: James Wilson
Age (18-22): 20
Gender: Male

James is fairly short for his species, a mere 6' 4". Other than height, he looks just like any other human. He has brown hair and eyes and is generally warm and welcoming.
Fandom/Universe: Killer Romance
Fandom/Universe Short Description: The creatures behind the show "Killer Romance" are evolved human beings in a separate universe. They are highly intelligent and can see auras of people, though this is mostly useless without practice.
Family:James grew up the only child in a wealthy family. He was mostly raised by his nanny, Adrian Scott.
Current Relationship Status: Single
Biography: James grew up in LA with a mother who was a famous singer (think Taylor Swift plus The Beatles plus Madonna) and a father who was a famous actor (think Robert Downy Junior). He was almost entirely raised by his nanny, Adrian Scott, who encouraged him to go his own way in life. As per normal in his society, he graduated from high school at age 16. He then continued on and finished his masters degree at 19 in Universal Physics and started working for the planning team behind "Romance Kills". He is considered a prodigy, but one 'one the rise' as he is working on his doctorate degree. Once he is fully experienced, he will work as a scientist explaining and utilizing the connections between universes.
Your Role Play Schedule: As GM I roleplay whenever needed. I'm this role play's bitch.
  • James is highly intelligent
  • James knows about the game, the plan of the game, and on and on
  • Though he gets along with people, James has a habit of thinking he is better than them
  • James has no fear of commitment, because he never puts himself in a situation where commitment is brought up.

5 Possessions and Clothing:
Outfit: James was wearing jeans, a white t shirt, and black high top converse when he was teleported.
Backpack: James' backpack is a swiss army black backpack
  1. Laptop connected to (this laptop also has books and stuff on it)
  2. Camera
  3. Spare pair of socks
  4. Spare pair of underwear
  5. Thesis notebook

Current Occupation: Participant extractor and relations specialist.

Hello everyone! The plot with separate into 'episodes' and it's important to follow the theme of the episode in your post. IE- in the episode Greetings you're all going to get to know one another. If we have an episode "Firsts" you'll all participate in firsts. Once you know your 'true love' try and gear your themed actions to that person. For instance in the episode "Kisses or Misses" your characters may try and kiss and fail in some way. It is up to you to interpret the theme of the episode (though I will post a short blurb to announce that it is a new episode and what that theme is). Also, I will post weather and other updates for the arena, react to those.

Finally, please remember that this is a RomCom Reality TV show. That means drama, comedy, and romance.

Have fun!


In this episode our characters will get to know one another, meeting their true love for the first time and they don't even know it. They've just woken up in a moderate temperature shack with no beds and though they can look and explore outside, they have more pressing matters at hand. There are no announcements or notes as of yet, so other than their surroundings they have no clue as to what is going on.

For some, the attraction is immediate, for others, they just want to know what is going on.
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Maya Jones

Maya Jones woke up and sat up in single succession. Instantly, she knew something was off. Where am I? She thought, Who are these people? Many of the people around her were in odd clothes, some were even in cosplay. Though she had no idea what to make of it, as she watched the others awaken it was clear they were in the same boat. Warm, she slipped off her jacket and stuffed it in her bag, not yet ready to inventory it's contents. She looked at herself, trying to determine what state she was in. She was wearing her Docs, good, the combat boots were perfect for all terrain, and for kicking people. Jeans, the usual, and her tan/black/red plaid button up with 3 quarter length sleeves. No gloves, which sucked, but it was fine. She stood up then, not feeling dizzy or having a headache she could assume that she wasn't drugged or beaten. In fact, she was feeling great. Well rested, no headage, not hungry or thirsty.

She spoke up then, doing what she always did : leading. Though she didn't make friends, and her relationships had been unsuccessful to say to least, she was a natural leader. She'd thought about it once and determined that people saw the power she held and subconsciously respected it. The strength of the slayer, that had to be it. "So, as no one looks like they know what's going on, why don't we start with introductions? My name is Maya Jones, I am 19, I'm in college with a major in biochemistry."
Kujo Joshua

Joshua awoke with a start. He was in a totally separate place from where he'd fallen asleep. "...Some enemy power?" he wondered aloud, but as he looked around the room nobody seemed to actually have any idea as to what was going on. This was a pretty terrible kidnapping by these guys, if such were the case, but Joshua highly doubted that. He stood up and surveyed the room once more. It appeared he had been moved from the advanced Speedwagon Foundation to a dinky little cottage. He had the black messenger bag he'd brought with him to the Foundation and the clothes he'd fallen asleep in. He patted his pockets. His wallet and phone were still there. He sat his bag down and crouched down, opening it to look at the contents.

A charger for his phone, cola, his most recent comic books, and his water bottle. The things he'd brought to the Foundation.

Sighing, he closed his bag and stood up as someone decided to take charge and introduce themselves. "Nice to meet you, Maya. I am Joshua Kujo, though you can just call me JoJo or Josh, if you prefer," he said, smiling and giving a friendly wave. "I'm also 19 and go to college. I'm still undecided on my major though," he admitted. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad. Nobody here knew about his Hamon, nor the Stand he'd acquired. Maybe he could talk normally with these people, without being feared or outcast.
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Cadence Scott

Cadence groaned quietly as she awoke, rubbing her eyes as she slowly sat up. She felt like she was currently waking up from the greatest night's sleep she'd ever had; really, she couldn't remember the last time she felt so rested. However, the sunlight streaming into the room was much brighter than usual and hurt her eyes as she adjusted.

It was slow going, but her eyes did eventually adjust... even though she wished they hadn't. In what felt like an immediate flash of realization, Cadence suddenly noticed that she had no idea where she was. There was no mattress beneath her, and the stone walls of Hogwarts had been replaced by those of a run-down wooden shack. She was dressed in her school robes with nothing but her messenger bag and broomstick laying next to her, surrounded by an array of unfamiliar faces that were also slowly regaining consciousness.

To say that Cadence was freaked out would have been an understatement. What the heck did I drink? she thought, her first instinct being that some practical joker must have slipped some strange sleeping draft into her drink at dinner last night, and now she was having vividly lucid dreams. If that really was the case, this was literally the realest dream ever. Cadence's back even ached from being asleep on the wooden floor, and those kinds of details rarely made it into dreams. She searched her memory, trying to think of what potion might have these odd effects, but she was drawing an absolute blank. Maybe it's not a dream... Cadence began to think. Perhaps she had been magically transported somewhere in the night? But... on her last night at Hogwarts? Even the most dedicated of practical jokers wouldn't have been able to pull that off.

Unable to come up with any kind of explanation, Cadence reached into her robe and drew her wand, wielding it defensively as a couple people woke up and someone tried to start conversation. Cadence stared at them curiously -- did these other people know more about what was going on here than she did? As the others started to talk about colleges and majors, Cadence froze and her stomach sank. You're kidding me -- muggles?! She hurriedly put her wand away, suddenly conscious of her school robes and the way she was dressed. Though, it wasn't like anyone here would realize she was a witch -- after all, muggles didn't know about the existence of magic, and these muggles weren't any different... right? -- so the worst case scenario was probably that they just thought she looked utterly ridiculous, pointing a wooden stick at them in fear.

I'll get in so much trouble if they find out about my magic...! Cadence thought. She decided to play it cool, laughing off her awkwardness and trying to join the conversation. "I'm Cadence," she said, clearing her throat. "Cadence Scott. I'm 18 years old, and..." She paused suddenly, trying to come up with a non-magic backstory. "...a-and I'm in college studying anthropology," Cadence finished, an awkward but friendly smile gracing her face to top it all off. Of course, that was all a complete lie -- her brother, Inigo, was the one in college studying anthropology... But no one here, needed to know that, right?
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Kira Crow
Kira felt faint sunlight fall on her face. But it was quiet. She should hear the morning conversations of the Crows. She sat up. She had been laying on a hard floor. Was she being held in thd Divine Realms by Kyprioth or one of the Gods or Goddesses? Her mother had told her of when she helped Kyproith regain his prominence in the Copper Isles by protecting Queen Dovearsary before she took the throne. Mother told her how she was once held for three days by the Trickster.

"Kyproith!" She chanced speaking the Trickster God's name. "Is this another one of your tricks?" She looked around. There were other people there. They seemed to be introducing themselves. "I am Kira Crow, Lady-In-Waiting to Her Highness Queen Dovearsary of the Copper Isles." She said, stating her name and title. "I am ninteen years of age." She dared not say that her mother was Alianne, the head Spymaster of her realms spies and granddaughter of Alanna the Lioness, Lady Knight of Tortall and the King's Champion. Not to mention her grandfather was Baron George Cooper, Tortall's Spymaster.
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Kirigama Saito

Kirigama sat up slowly, frowning slightly as he dusts himself off "My...I don't recognize this place" he looks around slowly and spots several people milling around and talking "Great..." he mutters as he stands, the male's eyes survey the others, finding no major wounds or anything that needed to be treated immediately, he nods, content

He stretches his tired muscles and looks about for any sign of where they could be "While greetings would usually be my chance at a first impression and a great chance to talk about myself...we need to make sure when night falls and it gets cold, we have shelter, likely this building, a fire and maybe something to eat...perhaps we should look about for a place to rest and then get to the riveting introductions?"

What would probably have come off as facetious, sarcastic and obnoxious coming from most people was rather genuine and sincere coming from Kiri, he meant what he said, he'd love to hear each introduction, but for now getting everything ready so they didn't starve to death or die in the cold was of utmost importance​
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Will Leblanc

"I can, if I try!"

Oh, the optimistic youth of today. For one, Will was always the one for quiet stuff, you know, video games, chess, comic books and stuff of the sort. - Your basic nerd. What Will was unable to realize though, is that wanting to be a third helping hand of the infamous Sherlock Holmes, would also mean being someone completely new. As in, shaping up, running around, doing stuff. It wasn't the fact that he was lazy, but rather it was caused by the fact it was hard for him. He wasn't in the best physical shape, nor emotional state either. He received a call from the Metro Police, calling to let him know that, his sister would've been killed in a gang shootout, which ended up with her dying as a result of a stray bullet, and upon finding out, the hardened exterior view of this Scotsman soon became that of a bawling child. He tried joining the Metro Police, but after finding out of.. Her death, he seemed unappealed to do anything. While he did attend the academy, he would ultimately fail it after his weight was lower than the standards. Again, as pessimism grew, he simply reignited his interest in photography... And hunting down the more than illusive Sherlock Holmes. After a long day of work, - Being a freelance photographer meant work from anyone, even the London Times -, he would plop down on his bed, and Will simply researched the story a bit more.. Becoming his own private Sherlock. It wouldn't be too long before sleep overcame him, and he would fall to his slumber...

... And then awaken with his back hurting. Fucking pillow, he must've been thinking, as he sat himself up and noticed everybody. Female, male, some tall, some short.. Some looked a little young, but maybe it was since he was old.. And some looked rather pretty to him. He especially noticed the pink haired girl, noting her features.. Uh, and of course, noting the features of other people around him! He observed them all really, almost all of them looked like something out of a manga or an anime. Will was somewhat frightened, but rather more embarrassed as he slowly slid a bit back from the main group, that is, until the other girl, Maya began speaking and asking for introductions. As he spoke, he spoke somewhat low as the feeble Scotsman spoke with his accent "A-Ahm.. H-Hi.." He nodded at each and every one of them, somewhat looking down more toward the background of the females in his own nervousness "I-I'm Will.. Will Leblanc. Nothing.. Nothing much to say.. I'm from uh... Scotland, I'm 21 and well.. I am trying to get a degree in photography.. B-But right now.. short on money kind of just m-makes me a freelance photographer." Realizing he spoke too much, he decided to cross his arms together, looking at each of them "W.. Where in Hell are we, if you pardon my French?"​
Arlic Kolard woke up with a start and looked around the area with narrowed eyes. How the hell did he get here? Where the hell was here? He slowly stood up out of the bed he was in and took a hesitant fighting stance with one foot placed in front of the other and slightly leaning back on his other foot. His hands where held up at the ready one up near his shoulder the other down in front of him just across his waist. His eyes slowly scanned the room as he prepared himself for any kind of attack that could be coming his way. When none came he frowned and slowly lowered his guard.

He could sense the power levels of people nearby but they were extremely low. Either the people that were here were lowering their power levels or they were really weak. "I don't know what's going on here but I know I don't like it." With that he slowly lifted iff the ground and staryed flying towards where he could sense the power levels. As he flew he scanned the land and frowned. He didn't recognize anything here what was going on?

He finally spotted the group of people and slowly floated down to the ground his boots kicking up a small cloud of dust as they hit the ground. He scanned the people carefully before he made his way over to the group of people that were talking nearby. He didn't recognize any of them but he figured they were all in the same situation "So..I take it none of you know how we got here either? My name is Arlic" He addressed the group as a whole and eyed each one carefully. Whether they would take notice of him or answer his question he had no idea so he would just wait to see what happened.

@HelloBeautifulChild @ResistingTheEnlightened @DapperDogman @CynderTheDragoness @Thurrbo @Kaykay
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Kuro Tuskinome


After having just narrowly escaped another pursuit and finally being able to get some rest, Kuro woke up in the corner of the humble, bedless shack. He stretched and looked around, rubbing his eyes to only to see that he wasn't behind that waterfall he hid under. Needless to say he immediately jumped up and looked around to assess where he was. After doing so he could tell he was in a cabin obviously but where was a different story. He got up on his feet and dusted himself off, seeing other people across the room and others still sleeping. Well then, seems I wasn't the only one brought here. Wherever this place is. he thought to himself then slowly approached the other awoken beings.

They were all strange beings who clearly weren't from where he was but he's seen some things that weren't natural so he wasn't too surprised. "Hello, I hope you're all friendly who ever you all are." he addresses everyone who were already awake. "Tell me someone knows why we're here or what this place is. I find it kind of strange that we've all been gathered here without some sort of reason behind it. Maybe I'm just over thinking things though. Name's Kuro by the way. As for what I do, it's not at all important and I'm 22 years old." he says, folding his arms with a straight face.​
Fianna Lovelace


Fianna can hear faint murmurs around her which made her stirred to sleep. Just whose voice is that? She's definitely not in the institution since she's the only one who's there for now. Grumbling and moaning as she slowly sat up, the voices kept getting louder and louder which she immediately recognized as a stranger's voice. "W-What--.. Where am I?" Fianna asked and looked at her surroundings. She is definitely not in the institute but rather in a shabby wooden shack. She then noticed her backpack and quickly checked it, thankful that her belongings are still in there and nothing was missing.

She then sees a group of people who were really eccentric looking, talking about something she can't quite understand. "Uh.. Guys?" Fianna greeted as she approached them slowly, pulling out her chain scythe from her bag for precaution. Who knows who they might be and what they might do to her. Besides, her father always says "Prevention is better than cure" Well, not like she's not being cautious in approaching them. She had no idea where she is and how she even got there so it was only normal for her to act this way. “Care to tell me where I am how I get here? I also would greatly appreciate it if you tell me who you are and where you came from.”
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Paul Derick

Paul opened his eyes behind his shades and stretched his arms above his head. Another day, another dollar, especially here on Derse. There were always unfair parking tickets to pay off, bribes to make to the Archagent, Dersites looking for work under his growing pizza business...He was so glad he wasn't stuck on Prospit. It sounded like such a boring kingdom; Patt always told him about how everyone was so nice, how no one ever bugged you unsolicited. But there was just no excitement, nothing to make every day interesting. Not like Derse, anyway. Loudly smacking his lips, Paul swung his legs around to get out of bed--​

...Wait a minute. He wasn't on a bed; he was on the floor. And since when was his room so...not purple?

Now fully awake, Paul took a closer look at his surroundings. No, this was definitely not Derse. And a quick look down at himself revealed normal clothes, not the purple moon-emblazoned uniform he usually wore when he was asleep. So was he awake, then? He definitely wasn't in his house, either; he'd never be caught dead sleeping in a run-down shack like this. What the hell was going on?!

There were plenty of others, some of them still sleeping, others wide awake and just as confused as he was. They all looked about his age, but none of them were familiar. That was even more jarring than the unfamiliar surroundings -- he hadn't seen another human besides his fellow players in months. He knew his session was connected to many others; it was just weird like that. So was this just another session? Yeah, that sounded possible...but why didn't he hear about it until now? Suddenly he wished he'd done a little more research about how the game worked.

One of the women, a redhead in tacky plaid, immediately introduced herself, and several others followed suit. One of them even pulled out a simple wand, and another was floating around the room -- a God Tier? Well, Paul couldn't argue that it was nice to have some grounding, and a chance to give a good first impression.

"Uh, yeah..." He stumbled over his words at first, but a quick breath got his trademark attitude showing again. "I'm Paul Derick." A few months ago he would brag about his rich father too, but he'd gotten so used to no one in Sburb knowing who the man was that he didn't bother now either. "18, Knight of Mind, Derse dreamer, Land of Shards and Mirrors, halfway up my echeladder and climbing." He smirked and adjusted his sunglasses, unaware that none of the others had any idea what he was talking about.
[fieldbox="Akira, maroon, dashed"]

Before the redhead registered that she was even asleep, when she woke up she practically jumped up, "Acnologia!" she uttered, though trying to yell the name of the formerly human beast. She was breathing heavily, looking around anxiously, more confused with each passing second. "What the hell's going on? Acnologia was about to...what's going on?!" The poor girl started to hyperventilate, grabbing at her own hair to try and comprehend what was going on. She looked up at everyone, "Who are you people, and are we still on Tenrou Island?" [/fieldbox]
Geo Hamada


Geo woke with a start, quite confused by where she was. She was certainly not at home, that was for sure. Heck, she didn't even know who was around her. They certainly weren't from Sanfransokio, that was for sure. Some of them even had strange outfits on, which seemed like costumes. Maybe they liked that kind of thing? She had no idea. With a shrug, Geo slowly got off her bed, wait, since when was a bed so hard. Groaning, Geo looked down at what she was laying on, which happened to be the wood floor of this shack like thing that they all seemed to be trapped in.

Groaning slightly, Geo pulled herself up from the floor, cracking her back with her hands, and then stretching her arms up to the sky. "Man that was uncomfortable." She mumbled, before looking down at her outfit. Luckily, it seems they were kind enough to give her something that looked good on her. Tugging on her leather jacket, she smiled slightly and looked out at the rest of them. "Man, seems like none of us know what's going on." She grumbled, running a hand though her hair and otherwise remaining quiet, not daring speak up to the rest of them. She would wait things out, get a feel for everyones personality first.
Maya Jones

Maya watched and took in the same as she looked around. The blonde guy, Joshua @Kaykay, who seemed to have it all together. The Harry Potter chick, Candence Scott @Thurrbo, with thin hair and what appeared to be a nervous stutter. The island girl (maybe?) Kira @CynderTheDragoness was strong in her words, but was obviously from an island or something disconnected from the real world. The, well she didn't know his name because he was 'too cool for school', she instantly didn't like him @DapperDogman. They couldn't possibly work together on food or fire or figuring out their shack of shelter until they peices together everyone. Will Leblanc @ResistingTheEnlightened , he introduced himself and Maya smiled at him before seeing a guy FLY @Andy.

She supposed he was less flying, more floating, but the point remained. Was he a demon of some sort? She had to move on though, he wasn't acting like an immediate threat and it was important that she understand her surroundings. The next, Kuro @Tsuki, made her nervous. What did he have to hide that his profession was unimportant? Fuck, why'd he even said anything? The next girl, with kool aid hair as tacky as her instant reaction @DANAsaur, pissed Maya off.

"Oh calm yourself," she spoke to her. "Everyone is introducing themselves, no one looks- I mean just LOOK at Candence, no offense, but do you really think she's a threat?"

Paul Deric @Moogle-Girl, normal name but had clearly bonked his head something fierce. She was quickly distracted from him by a red heads yelling @Akira.

"I don't know," Maya said. "My name is Maya, and none of us know, that's why we're doing introductions."
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Kirigama Saito

Kiri's eyes settled on the young redhead @Akira who seemed to be panicking, seems she wasn't as used to waking up in odd, new places as most of them seemed to be "I assure you, you're quite safe...don't worry about that..." he cracks a faint smile as he reaches down to her, his features soft as he offers her a hand to get up "Just try to stay calm...we'll all find out where we are...and how we get home in no time, I'm sure"

The male walks over and grabs a chair, pulling out a few inches and gesturing to it "Please, take a seat, we don't need you passing out from the panic you're experiencing" he gives a smile as he takes one for himself and sits, dusting off the sleeves of his jacket "I suppose we have a fireplace and two extra chairs...we could burn those for warmth if the night gets as cold as I fear...guess now is the best time to get around to introducing myself"

The male smiles and leans back slightly "My name is Saito, Saito Kirigama, I'm a weapon from the DWMA, the Death Weapon Meister Academy...I'm training to save the world from beings of great evil, known as Kishin...I don't suppose any of you know what I'm talking about..."
He had a bad feeling these people were not from the same place, he'd never heard of this Tenrou Island before​
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Paul Derick

Paul's lopsided grin faded into a troubled frown as he listened to the others talk. Tenrou Island? DWMA? Not only did it sound like all the others were brought here against their will, but none of them were saying anything about Sburb. Were they just that clueless? Just started the game? It was the only explanation that made any sense, but it didn't feel right. And if he wasn't in the game anymore...was that even possible? The others had told him that the game spanned a whole universe, that their home planets were gone and it was time to make something better. You don't just leave. Right? Yeah, that would be dumb.

So then where was he?

"Hey, I dunno what of that stuff is," Paul said, holding up a hand. Above all he couldn't make the others think he was totally clueless. "Do any of you know your title yet? Y'know, Knight of Mind, Bard of Blood, Rogue of Life...Any of this ringing any bells?" He named his title again and tacked on those of his brother and a mutual friend of theirs. They had all at least seen lore tucked away in the lands the game gave to them, hinting at their roles, so unless everyone here was being actively stupid they shouldn't have missed it.​
Cadence Scott

As more and more people came to, the conversation descended into all kinds of weird. Cadence didn't understand half of what was being said -- she just sat there, surveying everyone quietly and taking everything in, eyes wide. But she was really thrown for a loop when one of the guys started floating, introducing himself as Arlic (@Andy). I-Is he using magic? In front of muggles?! Cadence wondered, shooting the man a curious glance as he settled onto the ground.

At that moment, Maya (@HelloBeautifulChild) spoke up again. It seemed like she was trying to calm people down a bit, and in doing so, was pointing out how not-threatening Cadence looked. Cadence opened her mouth to protest the statement that singled her out, but she stopped herself, realizing it was entirely 100% accurate. "...It's Cadence..." she interjected when her name was pronounced wrong, though the correction was muttered rather quietly and was mostly to herself.

This didn't make any sense. It was like... It was like everyone was from an entirely different universe! No one seemed to know what anyone else was talking about. A girl by the name of Kira Crow (@CynderTheDragoness) formally introduced herself as a Lady-in-Waiting, a boy by the name of Saito Kirigama (@DapperDogman) said he was a do-gooder from some academy called the DWMA, and another boy by the name of Paul Derick (@Moogle-Girl) seemed intent on figuring out the ranks or titles of everyone -- as if they were playing some kind of game. (Not to mention, the flying guy. That was also peculiar.) Everyone was basically speaking different languages.

Cadence stood up, brushing off her robes and looking at Paul through a narrowed, skeptical gaze. "What are you talking about? You think... You think we're playing a game here?" She didn't know what kind of game he was referencing, but the names sounded like something out of some Dungeons and Dragons spin-off. (A game her older brother was fond of playing sometimes with his muggle friends.) "Forget trying to find things we have in common -- I'm not sure any of us are from even remotely the same place..."
Kira picked up her longbow and quiver. She checked the shafts and fletchings of each arrow. All ten were there. Five black-fletched arrows and five metal feather-fletched arows. She slung both bow and quiver over her shoulder and felt within the folds of her brightly colored Sarong. In its sheath was her feather blade sword. (The metal feathers will be explained in time.) 'Good, I still have my things.' She adjusted her Sight to pick up any details she may have missed in her first scan of the room. On a few of the people gathered she saw traces of magic. Were they Mages or did they have the Gift? One male said he was a Knight.(@Moogle-Girl) "We do not need to burn tbe furniture if we can find wood." She said.
Kujo Joshua

Hearing the others introduce themselves, or rather ask questions rather than taking the time and courtesy to introduce themselves, Joshua had only figured out one thing. Some of these people were very, very weird. Perhaps they were just a bit out of it since they'd appeared here suddenly as he had. Five of them looked or spoke like they'd come from a comic book or something. Between some made up island, made up organizations, and talk of being a princess, these people were all kinds of messed up in the head. Not to mention the guy in a martial arts uniform who just flew in, some girl with pink hair, and what appeared to be...a ninja? He shook his head. These guys were monst-...

He quickly realized the irony of his statement. He'd spent the last 5 years being feared as a monster, and was just about to call some other people the same, just for being different. He decided to pretend that everything was normal, even if it wasn't the least bit normal.

He figured he'd just try to answer everyone's questions, and perhaps get them organized.

"Everyone, I think we all seem to be equally clueless as to where we are, and who everyone in here is. Paul (@Moogle-Girl) I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. And as for all of you asking where we are...I don't think any of us know, as I said. Kira (@CynderTheDragoness) it shouldn't be too hard to find wood," he said, pointing outside as he finished. There were a fair amount of trees around.

"So what do you all think we should do first?"
Paul Derick

@Thurrbo Paul coughed and sputtered, momentarily choking on his own saliva. His sunglasses fell halfway down his nose, letting everyone see his brown eyes for a moment before he pushed the shades back up on reflex. "Well, yeah!" he scoffed, laughing nervously. "You know? Sburb? Didn't you see the meteors? They blew up everything, every world was blown to pieces..." The confused look on Cadence's face wasn't going anywhere. If anything it only strengthened as he went on. "You couldn't just not see it, I have to still be playing..." Muttering to himself, Paul retrieved his smartphone -- to the others it looked like the phone just appeared out of midair -- and raced to open Pesterchum, the chat client of choice for interplanetary communication.

-- celebrityShades [CS] began pestering deadpanHeroism [DH] --

CS: Patt?
CS: Hello????
CS: Something weird is going down
CS: Where are you????

-- deadpanHeroism [DH] did not receive message from celebrityShades [CS] --

No answer. Paul re-captchalogued his phone. A shaking hand raked through his bangs, pushing his orange hat back. Patt always answered. Ever since that stubborn crotchety wizard got a hold of his chumhandle, he'd picked up on messages immediately to preempt the coming shitstorm of nagging. And that Jojo guy (@Kaykay) said he didn't know anything either. So Paul had somehow been taken out of the game. That was a problem. He'd been told numerous times that his role was important, that the Knight always had important duties regarding the creation of the new universe to win the game. He needed to get back. Quickly.

Clearing his throat and shrugging at Jojo's question, Paul started to inch for the door. He needed to bail without looking like a coward. That was his first priority. Maybe if he moved slowly enough, no one would notice...
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