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  1. I'm looking for an assassin with connections to Al Capone, for a 1920s Horror Adventure.

    It's Call of Cthulhu, but no knowledge is needed. No characters have any concept of the Mythos in-game.

    Your job is to travel to England and assassinate Lord Cargwyn, a reclusive noble on the West Coast. You have been given this job by Al Capone, who is conducting a mysterious smuggling operation between America and England in the days of Prohibition. You do not know why he wants Lord Cargwyn dead so badly.

    The plot is currently at the end of the first act (of which there will be three), so you will need to catch up. This is a very concise roleplay in which every post reveals part of the mystery.

    Good reading, and a good character, is required.
  2. I would love to be your killer ;P

    Being hired by Al Capone, I'm guessing the killer is good, possibly the best money can buy, right? I'm guessing hearing out the story of either side doesn't interest the killer, just the money being paid. I'm guessing the end goal WILL be the death of Cargwyn? Just some info on the personalities and skill levels you're looking for, and any ultimate goals you'd like to see accomplished.

    You said no knowledge is needed, and, that's what you got, a no knowledge fool XD
  3. Alright, so, I read the OOC, and just a few more questions. Well, maybe just one, I might have had others, but I forgot XD Well, I'd rather not read into the IC until maybe a few posts before where I would post, should you accept me, so as to leave me not knowing anything that the killer shouldn't know, giving me a better feel of my toon and his situation, so maybe you can just tell me what I need to know, if there's anything else I need to know besides being hired by Capone to kill the lord of the manor. Thanks :D
  4. Ah, Mr Bramble. Good. You were my second choice after Esthalia.

    The killer is good, yes. But he's also been sent to England, which is a remote arm of Capone's smuggling network. So he wouldn't be the best of the best. Highly competent, but not Capone's most valuable resource.

    And the personality is up to you. All I need is someone who can get to Lord Cargwyn and hold the Sword of Damocles over his head.

    The Killer will be a contrast to the innocence of the young Investigator, the intellectualism of the Mason, and the heart of the Detective. I picture someone pretty cold and efficient, whose single-mindedness will accelerate the plot into the third act where we infiltrate the mansion.

    Welcome aboard.
  5. Cool, cool. So, this sword, how do I get it?

    Remember, I don't know anything about this story yet. Cold and efficient, I can do that.
  6. So, it's either a real sword, or a psychological weapon? I think that confused me more XD

    What I was asking was how I got the sword. This was already in the manor, and I took it from there? I don't see an assassin carrying around a massive sword, but eh, well, ya know.

    I'm just looking for details as to what you want done is all.
  7. This is also very relevant.
  8. Now I feel like we're just dancing around the bush here. Even if it is an allusion, that doesn't tell me if he's telling me that I need an actual sword, and/or where to get it from. Even if that is an allusion, it might have been easier just to tell me to come up with my own way of bringing the lord of the manor to death's door.

    I'm just trying to get some answers for the type of character you're looking for me to play, and the checkpoints and end goals you want him to get to.
  9. o__O

    Well, that will teach me to use references...

    What I meant was I need someone who is closing the noose around Lord Cargwyn's neck. The metaphorical noose. I.E., you need to be the killer whose about to moving ever-closer to killing the noble.
  10. There we go XD So, I'm guessing you don't care whether I sneak in, making it to him unknown, or come barreling down the halls with a mob behind me, so long as I bring my toon to the moment just before he's ready to kill Cargwyn? I'm also assuming the weapons and manner of which I do the task, as well as the routes I take, well, pretty much anything you don't mention, I'll assume I can make up as I go?
  11. Yeah, the rest is free will.
  12. Cool, so, when do I jump in?
  13. *Arnie voice*


    As stated in the first IC post, a couple of gangsters are waiting for you on the beach. I figure you'd be taking a rowboat launched from a deep sea ship that you've hitched a ride on. Maybe you paid some fishermen to get you so far, but they wouldn't want to get any closer to the coast with this uber-storm coming in.

    Once you meet my odd couple, we'll take it from there.