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  1. Sebastian looked down at the pool of blood in front of him. Had he actually just taken a human life? He was the lowest of the low. But right now, he didn't really care. He did it for revenge. These people had killed his parents and so he had to put an end to them the way that they had put an end to his parents. Taking the knife he had used, he threw it away from him. He thought that after he had exacted this revenge that he would feel so much better, but for some reason, he didn't feel different. Rather, he felt extreme remorse for these people and extreme disgust that he would take another human life. He was a despicable lowlife.

    Looking around, movement caught the corner of his eye. Did these people have children? Now he knew that what he had done was a mistake. He quickly ran to the window he had come in, dropping 2 stories down from where he had stealthily climbed. Landing in a soft bed of grass, he was lucky he hadn't died from the fall, although dying would have been better for him so that he wouldn't have to live with the guilt he now had to carry. Taking this burden upon his shoulders, he made a beeline for the forest nearby, running as fast and as far as he could. One day, he would have to come back and make restitution for, if there was any, remaining members of the family he had destroyed...
  2. Alicia had been woken up by a noise she had heard and decided she'd go see if her mother was in the kitchen. Or maybe it was her father having a late night snack. She would never have guessed to find her parets bloodied and beaten on the floor. Quickly after learnig her parents were dead, her emotions started to mix. Fear and hate and sadness and regret and anger. All bundled up inside her. Then she broke down into tears.

    When she could finally think straight she made an oath on her parents blood that she would find the murderer and make him pay. She would hunt him down and have justice be done
  3. It had been a couple weeks since he had done his ghastly deed. Ever since that day, he couldn't find it within him to go out into public. Not now. If those people truly did have family then surely that family would be on the lookout and would alert the whole village to be on the look out of anyone suspicious. Ok, so maybe he couldn't leave the area he had found deep within the woods, but he could go out and search for food. Since he was very hungry and hadn't eaten in days. Besides there was food aplenty in the forest and he was no stranger at making alive things...dead.

    Leaving the cave he had found, he began his hunt for his dinner.
  4. Knowing that if one of her other family members would take her in she could kiss her justification goodbye. She had to run. She had to put everything she knew behind her if she were ever to succeed in her mission

    She ran to her room grabbed a bag and packed as much clothes would fit. She went to the kitchen and took every canned food and stuffed it in the bag. Then came the shine from the weapon that was used to kill her parents from the corner of the livingroom. She slowly picked it up and placed it by her side. Now she was set and her mission had begun.....

    A few weeks had now passed since her parents murder. Her supplies had begun to wear thin and the money she took from the fault was starting to disappear. All that remained was a lousy $350.25. And still no sign of her target. She had now made her way into the woods. Hoping to find something there when she stumbled upon a cave. She checked for inhabitants. Nothing. The cave was empty so it would make sense to take shelter there considering the police were looking for her to return her to her family.
  5. Slinging the dead deer over his shoulder, he slowly meandered his way back to his cave. He was such a pathetic soul. He was trying to reason in his mind why he hadn't disposed of himself already...If he did, the guilt would be gone in an instant. That would be the easy way out though. He didn't want to take the easy way out. But submitting himself to torture and abandoning his own body's nourishment didn't seem the way to go either. There was only one thing he could do. He had to turn himself in....But could he? Did he have the courage to do so and face the consequences of his actions?

    As he approached his cave once again, he saw footprints going into the cave. Had someone really found him? Out here of all places? His mind started to race...He couldn't have been found that easily, could he? Setting the deer down near the mouth of the cave, he peeked inside. Seeing nothing, his mind calmed. Picking up the deer and some stray fallen branches, he walked into the cave. He was so hungry and so ready to eat. He set the deer down and put the branches into his homemade fire pit. Taking the rocks he had found earlier, he struck them together, a spark igniting the small sticks he found. He fanned the flame with the extra branches he had brought in. As the fire started to pick up and burn better, he saw a shadow move quickly. What was that?

    Standing up quickly, he pulled his small knife out.

    "Who's there?"
  6. Alicia stepped out of the shadows slowly with her hands held to her chest. "Please don't hurt me. I really didn't know anyone was occupying this cave. I only wanted some shelter. The police are after me and I can't be caught. They would give me back to my family before my mission had been accomplished" she explained as she stood a few meters away from the boy with the knife. Cold and afraid she stepped closer a little bit. "May I please sit by your fire. My clothes got wet when I tried to get across the stream that was flowing outside the cave. My backpack with my spare clothes also got soked" she continued to explain while keeping her eyes on the boys knife. Making sure he doesn't make any movements that would threaten her.
  7. Sebastian lowered his knife. It was just a girl. A girl that looked to be about his same age. He sat down near the fire, leaving a space for the girl to sit. Not to mention the girl wasn't that bad looking. She was actually quite beautiful. He caught himself. He wasn't worthy of anyone, much less this beautiful girl. Pulling out the only blanket he had, he held it out, gesturing for her to take it. The last thing he needed now was seeing another death. He had seen plenty of that in the last few weeks. Dropping the Blanket on the ground near the fire, he motioned for her to sit.

    "I'm sorry for pulling a knife on you. I'm just used to living on my own....The last thing I expected when I came back was someone to be here....As you can see, I'm having some dinner. You are welcome to join me if you like deer".

    Taking his knife out again, he walked to the deer and, sitting down, slung the deer over his lap. Skinning the deer always took the longest so he started the painstaking task of skinning it.
  8. Alicia motioned forward and sat down on the blanket. Staring at the fire. "Thank you. You're very kind." She said as she stared into the fire. Her dad had always went hunting so she was used to seeing things like that. She still didn't like it though.

    "If there is some to spare I'd like some." She answered his question on wanting something to eat. "I'm Alicia by the way." She said still staring into the fire. She'd thought that her company at least deserved to know her name. She had no idea that she would be dining with the one she had been hunting. The one who killed her parents and the fact is that she didn't even consider it. He was a boy. Looking her age. Maybe a year or two older. Quite handsome. How could he be a killer
  9. After a while of Skinning the Deer, he carefully cut the pieces of meat up and stuck a stick right through it, hanging it over the fire on the other sticks.

    "Nice to meet you. I'm Sebastian...And there will be plenty for us. In fact there may be a lot left over....You're more than welcome to eat as much as you need..." standing up, he walked to the mouth of the cave where the deer skin had been discarded. Grabbing it, he began preparing it so it could make a blanket for him.

    "I'm so sorry that I'm not that sociable....I am just not used to being around people. I'm usually on my own. I have no money to get a place of my own....So I decided to pack everything up and live out in the wild....When I was parents were killed and so I started living with my only living relatives and then, they started treating me bad so I just grabbed all my stuff a few weeks ago and ran away....Now here I am..."

    Looking down at the deer skin, he continued to prepare it to be a blanket.
  10. "That's strange" she remarked in a soft voice. "I'm out here to catch the person who killed my parents a few months ago. I fount them lying dead in the living room. They were stabbed by this knife." She then produced the knife she picked up in the corner. The blood on it now hard and black. "I swore to exact justice but so far I have had no luck finding the killer. I did not want to go to my family so I ran away hoping to find him." Her voice filled with sorrow at the thought of her parents murder. "But I swore an oath and I will have justice." She said with her voice still trembling
  11. Sebastian looked up, stopping his work on the deer skin blanket. This would be how he could, if only a little, give back to the family he had destroyed. This girl needed help finding a killer and he would be the one to help her. Looking over at her, he smiled faintly.

    "Don't worry. I will help you find this killer. He will pay for what he did to your parents. I know how you feel and I will do everything in my power to help you" Laying the knife and deer skin down, he got up to check the meat.

    "It may be a while till this meat will be done. We can head out tomorrow and start our quest to find your killer... but first, I must ask to see the knife. May I see it?" Outstretching his hand, he waited to see if the girl would trust him enough to let him see the knife that had killed her parents.
  12. Alicia slowly handed over the knife to the boy and continued to stare into the fire. "Thank you for everything Sebastian. You really are kind and perhaps if it is possible we can find the person who killed your parents as well." She replied as she put another piece of wood on the fire. She was tired. She hadn't slept in three days. She got up and walked to where she put her bag and brought it to the fire. She placed it on the blanket and lay down using it as a pillow. "Would you mind if I sleep for an hour or so Sebastian?" She asked not wanting to be rude
  13. Sebastian smiled softly.

    "Maybe...Oh and you can sleep as long as you need to. This meat will take at least another 2 to 3 hours to cook"

    Sebastian inspected the knife carefully. This knife looked like the one he had lost a few weeks prior, but he couldn't precisely remember what his knife actually looked like. He gave the knife back to Alicia. Taking his knife, he continued to work on the deer skin blanket. This blanket would take him at least 2 or more hours to finish anyway so he continued to meticulously work on the deer skin blanket, while, all the while, keeping a look out.

    He looked at the girl's sleeping frame. Such a petit girl, yet so beautiful. His face flushed a little. Turning away, he continued to work on his blanket.
  14. Not long and Alicia was fast asleep. Her body was completely still except for the occasional turn or inaudible whimper.
    Around 6 hours later Alicia woke to the smell of smoke, unmistakably from the campfire. When she opened her eyes it was still going, which was good considering she was shivering cold. She then looked around to see where her company was and quickly sat up when she didn't see him. Then finally when she did she relaxed a bit and walked over to him. "I'm sorry for sleeping so late. I really didn't plan on it. Its just that I've been awake for three days straight." She explained hoping he wasn't angry at her. "Oh and is there maybe a stream or something that's quite deep. I sorta' need a bath" she looked away as her face turned red.
  15. Sebastian was quite startled when she suddenly had woken up from her 6 hour slumber.

    "It is quite alright. I would sleep that long or longer if I had been awake for 3 days straight too. The meat is ready. It took longer to cook than I expected, but It is now done. How about you eat first, then you can go bathe in the nearby pond..." his face flushed a bit. He quickly turned so she couldn't see it.

    Placing the Meat on a metal plate he had bought a week before (with the little amount of money he had), and sanitizing his knife with some hot water, he began to cut the meat into smaller portions that would be easier to eat.

    "Sorry that this is all there is. I can't afford variety foods right now...I am doing odd jobs here and there though to get money enough to buy fruits and veggies, yet I don't have enough yet to buy anything. So I hope this will do..."

    Washing his hands with the hot water, he started eating the meat with his knife that he had sanitized.

    "I'm sorry I don't have utensils to eat this with...I'm not usually this uncouth, but I had to use my eating utensils to help set up traps all around the area to catch different kinds of animals...Have to be creative I guess..."
  16. "Thank you for the meat. If you want some I have some canned veggies and things in my backpack that I forgot about. I really don't mind sharing with you." She blushed a bit when he mentioned the pond. "Well I don't know these areas very well. Could you show me after were done eating please?" She asked innocently. She wouldn't want to get lost and being as he knows his way around the wild he could look out for her and help her if something happened.

    She sat down next to him and took a small piece of meat that he had already cut and ate it hoping he didn't mind. After all that sleep she was still a bit drowsy and rested her head on his shoulder as she ate some of the meat with him
  17. Sebastian was caught off guard when she laid her head on his shoulder. His face went bright red. Looking away, he grabbed another piece of meat with his knife and ate it.
    "We might just save the veggies till tomorrow. It is getting late and it wouldn't be a good Idea to have you be going out to the pond too late. I can't protect you while you bathe If I can't see myself..."
    He took some more meat, eating about half the plate and leaving the rest for her.
    "I know it isn't a lot, but we will need to ration our food. This deer meat should last us a couple days without going bad...You can have the rest of that meat. Once your done, let me know and I will show you to where the pond is..." reaching over, he grabbed his deer skin, determined to finish it before the sun went down so he would have some sort of coverage to keep him warm tonight. He carefully continued to work on his deer skin blanket as Alicia continued to eat the meat.
  18. Alicia gratefully took the meat from him and slowly ate while she watched him prepare the skin to become a blanket. Savouring the taste of a real meal in stead of canned crap. After finishing the meal she put the plate down and gave Stephen a hug "Thank you. That was delicious. It was much much better than canned food." She then quickly got up and went to her bag to find some dry underwear. Luckily she found some, everything else was soaking wet. She would have to remember in the future to ask Stephen where she could hang it up. "Uhm. I'm ready to go." She stated when she got back to where he was sitting. Hiding her underwear under her arm with a little blush on her cheeks.
  19. Sebastian grabbed his other blanket that was in his bag. He was glad he decided to not use this blanket tonight, otherwise he would have set it out already. That way she could have a towel to use. A blush darted across his stern looking face. He gave her the blanket and took her hand.

    "Come. I'll show you where the pond is..."

    Leading her around the corner of the cave and walking for about 5 minutes or so, he stopped. Moving the shrubbery in front of him, he motioned for her to go through, the pond clearly visible from the moved shrubbery.

    "It's fairly clean. Kinda cold so be careful...I will be behind this tree, keeping a lookout...I promise I won't peek. I'm not that kinda guy..."

    Still holding the shrubbery aside, he waited for her to decide if she still wanted to bathe in the pond.
  20. Alice gratefully took the makeshift towel and nodded thanks. "Please excuse me. I'm not a very sociable person it would seem." She said shyly as she followed him. The walk was a bit of a drag and the air was quite cold but she didn't complain. In fact she remained quiet the entire time.

    At the pond she waited for him to disappear around the tree before starting to undress. Once she was completely naked she folded her clothes neatly and placed them on a boulder along with the towel. Proceeding cautiously she got into the water and got accustomed to the temperature quite quickly. After a few dips she started to clean herself whilst keeping an eye out to see if anyone was spying on her
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