Kill Your Heroes.

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Everybody loves a hero, right? We all know them, regardless of who they are. They could be real or fictional, they could be famous or incognito, but in this thread, I want you to kill them. And I'm not talking about a omnipotent writer way of "They were hit by a bus"- kill them.

I mean you writing a concept where 'you' as a character kill whoever it is that your hero is, and you turn it into a short story. You are allowed all the knowledge you currently possess, so, if you decide to kill Superman, you would know about his kryptonite weakness. But, you are not allowed to alter 'your' being. No super powers, no mega-tech, no random acts of god.

Just you finding a creative solution to reach the goal of murdering someone you adore.

Now; The question to ask here is "Why the hell would anyone wanna do that?" and well, the answer is simple; it's to push your own ability as a writer, to break down some of those barriers you set up for your favorite characters in a story, and hopefully, you'll have a fun and creative time thinking of ways to do so.

Your story can be however long or short you'd like, I'm not putting any rules or regulations on that, but I would like everyone who participates to feel like they really have pushed themselves, and more importantly, to be proud of themselves.

Well then, enough explaining; get into the murder-spirit.

And remember:

Have fun.


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Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Yuri, Yaoi, Furry, Steam Punk, Historical, and many more
Kill Subject: Batman

The wind softly for the summer night, I watches as the clouds covered the bright quarter moon from the event that was going to happen tonight. I waited as the Bat Symbol shine brightly into the night sky like it always had when there is trouble. Sad that the police can't do justice for themselves anymore without calling for him this days....years I should say.

I leaned on the dirt filled, distorted wall, and rubble on the ground if the bank's entryway. Hands in my pocket, I pushed myself off once I seen the black figure appeared in front of me. He looked slightly confused despite the bat mask he had on. My clothes was covered in dirt and slight blood stained on it, pretty sure he was concern if I was ok, I watched as the Batman walked over to me with my trembling facade that I made before he gotten here.

"Hey it's going to be ok." I hear him say to me with a soft voice and reached over to me gently on my shoulder. The sound of sirens coming near to join us interrupting the contact. I watched as he glanced around to find the first cop that was nearby. He was getting ready to call them over, but stopped feeling my hand that grabbed his arm almost roughly as if I didn't want him to leave my side. He glanced at me with a click of a loaded gun that was pointed at his face, a grim smirk played on my lips.

Sorry...but not sorry.
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Kill Subject: Iron Man

"So, I'm really glad that you're okay." Iron Man, or rather, Tony Stark said to me as he handed me a glass of scotch. Oh, he didn't change a bit, I still remember the day he saved me from my death. From my dawn. He came with that glowy armour of his and smiled, he felt just like the sun that day. Whispering comforting words of it's going to be okay. I believed him, I truly did. I f*cking admired him. And now I see how much of a fool I was. To think that he was perfect. Always a hero.


I said nothing for a while and simply smiled, turning to look at the sunset from the roof of Stark Tower while taking a sip of the cold alcoholic beverage. It was delicious, and a way of comfort to what I was about to do. "Yeah," I finally started. "All thanks to you," And raised the glass.

"Merchant of Death."

And the world came to a halt as Stark's eyes shone in realisation. He yelled to Jarvis for the suit, but it was already too late. Jarvis couldn't move the suit to the roof in such short period of time, time that I used to pull my simple, but deadly, pistol and aimed it towards Tony's head, before lowering it down to his heart. Or rather, Arc Reactor. Then, there was a loud bang.

Tony Stark fell, Iron Man was no more. And I, I cried. For he was never a hero.

Heroes don't die, heroes don't fall.

Iron Man? Iron Man was a lie.

Energetic Alice

Kill Subject: Alice

The girl ran, ran, ran, trying as hard as she could to escape the traps. They snapped and struck at whatever came nearby, those beautiful sounds interwoven with the clanging of metal. I watched from the distance, a bright smile on my face.
Another snapped in front of her, but the girl jumped and dodged it, most of her flowing golden hair snapped off.

What was she doing? A true visitor wouldn't be afraid. A true hero of this Wonderland wouldn't be afraid of this beauty, of this destruction.
She caught sight of me on the cliff and screamed for help. To her, I was just another mad inhabitant of this vast Wonderland. The smile on my face grew painfully wider.
"You think you're a hero to us, Alice?"
I aimed my gun, the cool metal pressing against my cheek. It took more of my sanity and shot, the "hero" crumpling onto the ground and bleeding profusely from the wound in her forehead. Instantly, I began to laugh.
"Heroes don't die, Alice. Heroes don't get shot, Alice. Heroes don't lose to villains, Alice!"
Laughter spread through my being. The "hero" was dead, and the "villain" to rise. What a touching ending.


Rider of the Unicorns
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Kill Subject: Superman

I stood in the alleyway, smirking as the Man of Steel floated down. His face stern almost like he was scolding me for being bad. Well I did rob that bank with my ultimate weapon so it was justified. However, the alleyway had only a dead end and even if there was a way to escape, Superman would be there in a blue blur. Still, despite me being cornered by a spandex, under wearing Gary Stu there was one thing he was weak to and I would relish every moment of the Man of Steel's defeat.

"Give up and no one gets harmed," he said, believing that a simple threat would stop me from my games.

"Oh no Supes! I have your ultimate weakness!"

"The acid won't work like last time so just give up."

"Oh no, I have something much better!"

"I don't see any kryptonite on you."

"No, something infinitely more better and funny!"

"And that would be?" Superman raised an eyebrow, not fazed by whatever my weapon was, but he would be scared to death when I will whip it out.

"Fanfiction," I said in a sinister voice. Superman's face twisted into a expression of horror and before he could fly off I pulled out a tablet, turned it on, and began reading out aloud," and so where shall we start? How about some Crossover slasher fics with BATMAN!"

The Man of Steel covered his ears as I read aloud a horrible written story that was on par with a certain one set in the Harry Potter Universe. However, because of the increased hearing, Superman gritted his teeth before wailing. Soon, the Man of Steel crumbled to the ground in a sorry mess, never to rise again. Not sure how he died, but I later found an autopsy report saying his heart literally exploded.

Rule 34 baby, if it exists, there is porn of it. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Doctor Hi

Kill Subject: The Doctor​

"...and of course that's how I scared off the Grand Lord Jargon with a cat!" The Twelfth Doctor proudly said to whoever his new companion was, Clara I think. The human girl didn't matter to me, though she'd certainly get in the way if I didn't pay attention. Concentration was key in this case, this was not a simple murder.

The Doctor's enemies played it all wrong on him. Most underestimated him, came up with some stupid plan, or were simply scared by his presence, but I didn't fall into the same kind of trap. While of course the Doctor was quite powerful, he had his weaknesses like any other, and like any other, he could die. But enough of my rants, I'm thinking too much.

The Doctor and Clara were walking down a big open street, headed back to the TARDIS that was at the end of the road. None of the humans noticed it of course as it was a simple blue police box but I had seen it a while ago, and with it my chance to slay my target. I had my weapons ready, simple weapons but they were effective for this job. I stood by the TARDIS, looking like I was enjoying the view in London. I could hear the Doctor and Clara approaching nearby. The Doctor pulled out his key and opened up the door for Clara like the gentleman he was.

Now my chance came. Quickly turning, I thrust out a knife and stabbed the Doctor right where he was. Taken by surprise, the Doctor yelled for Clara right when I pulled out my pistol and shot him in the head. Clara screamed as I walked into the entrance and shot her in the head too. I walked inside the TARDIS door which remained open, stepping over Clara's dead body. Of course, the Doctor was still alive and would regenerate soon due to the fatal wound I gave him.

I stepped up to the TARDIS console and tapped a couple buttons, knowing the destination to take. "Fool!" The Doctor shouted behind me, crawling on his stomach towards me. I could see his regeneration beginning, now I just needed to finish it. The Tardis had started it's flight and was now travelling through the time vortex, only a matter of time. I could feel the TARDIS fighting me, trying to resist, but I could keep it under control.

The Doctor stood up, angrily looking at me. I wouldn't blame him, I did kill his companion and shoot him in the head after all. His regeneration was about to begin, I just had to time it. "Why?!" The Doctor asked me, almost going to tears seeing Clara's dead body. "WHY?!"

I gave a simple shrug, giving a wistful smile. "Well, I never really liked you in the first place and you have a TARDIS after all. Your silly games and running around are such a bore, and you'd probably stop me when I tried to start up my plans for this place," I explained simply. The Doctor simply looked confused, couldn't blame him.

"You have made...a terrible mistake...deciding to fight me..." the Doctor said staring me in the eyes. I casually smiled as the Doctor went into his regeneration, the orange energy bouncing everywhere. It should've killed me, it was actually. I could feel my energy being ripped, but I was ready for this. I had an energy gun kindly "donated" from a Time Agent that I had murdered several years back, and now it would kill the Doctor. The gun fired, hitting the Doctor in both his hearts. The regeneration cut immediately and the Doctor fell to the ground.

I glanced at the Doctor's lifeless body next to Clara's. "Hm...not so hard after all, just don't give him the time to fight back," I examined as I pocketed the energy gun and turned to the Tardis controls, this was going to be quite fun.​


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I like most. It's the plot that decides.
A soothing breeze blew through the dense forest. Well, at this denseness and diversity, it must be called a jungle. No matter. I had more important businesses. Sitting in the edge of the jungle, close to a village, sat a woman. A young woman, pretty, but not pretty pretty. Walking slowly along a little grassed road, I was getting closer to my target.

She'd know I come. She always has a way of knowing when something approaches her, but I never seem to find out how. No matter. She'd soon be gone. And she couldn't run. She can barely walk without krutches. Ha! This'll be easy. But I couldn't just start a fire anywhere, I'd have to get close. Snapping my fingers, I created small bursts of fire. But this was not all. When I was ready and in position, my magic could set huge areas ablaze in seconds.

As I eventually catched a glimpse of her in the distance, she looked, to my surprise, well aware of my presence. She looked down, seemingly preparing a trap, weapon or something. Like she could use plants for that. She eventually looked up, turning slightly towards me.

"You! What do you want?" She had seen me. I had to act either quick, or seemingly innocent. The latter was not my thing. I ran over towards her, just now realizing the short fence of thorny vines set up around her. I jumped, grabbing a branch and climbing up a tree. Assumably still knowing where I was, she gasped, then turned towards me, holding something up against her mouth. And was that... Seeds?

Through this long, thin pipe, she started blowing pointed seeds in my direction, a few of which actually hit. They did minimal damage, but if she wanted a fight, she'd get it. As far as I was able to reckon, I could jump from tree to tree, before getting to her. So I did for a while, before deciding to take this one on one. Landing on the ground with a thud, I took slow but certain steps in her direction. She was breathing anxiously. In her hands she held a couple mushrooms, to which I laughed. "How in the world are you supposed to use mushrooms as weapons?" It seemed absurd, and so it might have to her too, before throwing them, hitting me in my eyes. Now, one wouldn't think that did so much damage, but these mushrooms weren't the ones you'd usually think of when hearing mushrooms.

They both dispersed in a cloud of spores, momentarily messing up my entire eyesight. I yelled at her and vigorously rubbed my eyes. Ok, effecive weapons or not, I couldn't fight her blindly. I had to go with using my finishing move, a Flame Wave, before aiming properly at her. A forest fire would have to suffice.

I did the movements, I spoke the incantation, and, without me seeing it, a radiant ring of fire formed around me, before spreading out, letting everything it passed on fire. She screamed, but not as if one was on fire, but as if one's friends were. Really? Did she really keep this forest this close? It was of no matter, without leaving, she would once get caught by the fires or a falling tree anyways. Still furiously trying to clear my eyes of spores, I ran. Out of the jungle, away from my crying, and eventually silent target.

When a tree falls in the forest, what sound does it make?


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SciFi, Historical, Fantasy (prefer hard to soft), and variants of those. Adventures and conflicts large or small.

I enjoy some Fanfiction. I favor Firefly/Serenityverse, Indiana Jones, Potterverse, anything Holmsian, Chronicles of Pern, Assassin's Creed, and historical fiction; I am slightly- to familiar-enough with a large number of fandoms, including both 'Trek and 'Wars, Miyazaki's material, FMA, Zelda, Earthsea, Marvel and DC; I am unfamiliar with many animes (sorry).

I will happily write in a setting which involves sentient nonhumans and semihumans, anthro/furry included. I am comfortable playing characters with a blending of human and animal. The key issue for me is that, when love and sex are involved, a shared level of sentience is a must.

The way I like a world to feel is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. It could be as simple as a destructive force our characters must confront or deal with on a regular basis; it could be as complex and tragic as a world on the brink of apocalypse. The point of this is to have a 'verse with balance which is tangible and can be played with.

I'm actually quite open to different story genres, and I just need a sufficient understanding of how the world will work to be happy.
Kill concept: OC, couldn't think of an established hero where this would work, because plot twist!

So much had been built for this moment. A people, forced into slavery by the hand who called himself blood-red justice. A nation, brought to heel by the fear instilled by a name. A world turned dim and colorless under a brooding, darkly burning star. My father before me had wielded this power with ease, and I had fled before his might. I had fled to the frozen reaches, and I had gathered my strength to oppose him.

The resistance had been crushed under his heel on distant yellowed fields, and I had been reigned in, forgiven. I was to be a proper heir. Groomed and indoctrinated to follow my father's wishes, into proud and tall princehood. My tutors said it was fate. I must be, can only be, his heir. There was no other. I was My Father's Son. And I followed his footsteps, up the tallest flight of stairs, to the royal balcony, and I delivered him his just reward.

Standing above his cooling body, I felt that ancient power begin to course through mine. I looked into the sky, to the blue stretching horizon, to the fields and cities below the great citadel, a single long breath escaping me as I saw the sullied beauty of my homeland unfolding below a freshly freed sun. That red power smouldering its way through my veins, I took my father's knife, and ended his legacy.


The wind blew softly as if it was humming a nameless tune, and the moon hung perfectly just above me as I stood on the rooftop of some derelict building in this sorry excuse of a city. I heaved out a heavy sigh when another brilliantly executed plan failed to eliminate the prime target. Yes, he demanded the death of that one single man, and unfortunately I would probably end up dead or locked up in a certain jail in this city guarded by the annoying bats. There was once I admired this young man... He showed me what one could achieve by pure persistence and endurance. He showed us all what any simple man could do if we would just swallow all of our tears and keep going.

Well, look where the lesson had brought us all.

I extended my hands into the air, as if I was preparing to speak to an audience as I watched out into the night sky. Despite not seeing anything but the moon and the perpetual darkness, I knew that they were watching. They would be expecting a show of the highest caliber, when a devotee would drive a knife into the heart of his god. This was not the first game that I played, and if I wouldn't, then they would simply repeat the same scene again and again until I did. The spectators demanded it, and I shall deliver.

"Honey, I'm home!" I hear a woman's sing-sang voice from the back, and I quickly turned with my hands once again by my sides. And I saw a young woman dressed in a skin-tight red outfit with the most ridiculous make-up he had ever seen approaching, and dragged behind her was a battered young man in a red and black clothing. The cape that he usually wore was no where to be seen, and his mask was also no longer concealing his face. Perhaps he was feigning unconsciousness and finding for a way to escape, but it mattered little as this time, he made sure that the Joker's men had him tied up properly with fine metal chains and his utility belt discarded. His little tricks wouldn't matter as well since he also had them made sure that his arms were dislocated and even his fingers bound before bringing him to me. And soon, it would all end. As I examined the young crusader, the woman gave me a huge grin and playfully posed in front of me as yanked the chains that kept him our prisoner. "Mistah J wants to give you this present as a big thank you! Your smarty-ass plans worked perfectly and now Mistah J is now happily playing with good ol' bats!"

"All I did was convincing a few of you to work together," I shrugged slightly as I walked towards her. "Now that our business is mostly concluded, I'm hoping that you can leave the boy and me alone for a while."

"Sure thing! He's all yours! I better get back to Mistah J before he's all mad about me not serving tea to little batsie. See ya later!" With a cheerful giggle, Harlequin skipped back into the shadows of the darkness that covered her arrival. I reached down, and gently placed the moaning young man in my arms as I sat on the cracked floor tiles. He was bruised all over, and I could only imagine what kind of damage he had suffered under the hands of the villains that I had coordinated in order to reach this conclusion. It wasn't easy, convincing every single villain in Gotham to work towards a single goal just for a few nights. I even had to use myself as a bait to lure out Ra's Al Ghul and to get his assistance in this. And now, I had indeed reached the ending of this story. And perhaps this time, the merciful sorcerers and witches would truly let me die?

"I'm sorry that it has come to this," I whispered to him as I stared into his half-opened blue eyes. I wasn't sure if he was still listening at this point, but it mattered little already. I reached out the combat knife that I had borrowed from a new friend of mine, and placed the sharp blade by his neck. "Good bye, and may you be reborn in a more peaceful world," I whispered as softly as I could for one last time, and I dragged the sharp edge of the blade across his neck, and oh the dark red liquid of life gushing out from the narrowing opening and from his mouth. He began to twitch as he drowned, but I held him tightly in my arms, never once letting go.

I wasn't sure how long I had been staying on the rooftop, but when I came to, dawn had come. The wind still continue to play an unfamiliar tune, but the sun had begun to rise. As its ray hit my face, I realized I had been in the same position for God knew how long. In my arms, was the cold lifeless body of a young man that had been my guiding light for so many years. And now, I killed him. I snuffed my guiding light. Timothy Drake. "Oh witches and sorcerers of theater-going, spectators from the corners of the world, voyagers that set sail within the sea of fragments... Are you happy with my performance today? If you are, please bestow upon this performer with your clapping," I asked out with a trembling voice, and seemingly from no where, I could heard the thunderous applause from between the ether as if there was truly a theater filled with spectators watching this pitiful show with sneers on their faces.

Indeed, the curtain began to drop as the performance ended. But when would the show end? As I finally let the young man rest on the tiles stained with his half solidified blood, I rose up and turned. Only to meet the angry gaze of another man that I did not expect to see.

It was Batman himself.

And then the world seemed to have turned upside down.

And there was darkness.

Michael Kokirin

Target: Link

I watched from a distance as the man, if you could call him that, stepped out of the temple. He was looking over some new toy he lifted from the place, I didn't really care enough to see what it was.

People called him a hero, but I didn't see much. Just some kid who trespasses on holy ground, steals the money and treasures inside, and kills anything in his way. Well that ends today.

I steadied the crossbow against my shoulder and held my breath. It would be really easy to screw up at this distance, and if I did, I wouldn't live very long to regret it. I swallowed any hesitations I had, and pulled the trigger.

The bolt flew straight through that ridiculous cap, and into the back of his skull. Then, he just fell down, like any man would. Kid may be hero, but he wasn't that special. He had the same weaknesses as anyone else, he was just stupid enough to not care. Well, look where that got him: Dead at the hands of some kid with a crossbow.


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Target: Raven Arella Roth

One night I was home on the computer looking for a new client then her name appeared. Everyone was after her said she was evil. Once her own friends had killed her but yet she returned for her father wasn't through. Then they had sent the best assassin or well he was suppose to be. They had sent Deathstroke and his daughter Ravager. Most know the story of how she lost an eye just like him she was the one who had almost done it. She had a knife at Raven's throat but the green challenging stopped her. Sitting back I stared at the description reading over her once more all her powers all the studies I had done. Now once more the demon had a price on her head. Once more it was to stop a suspicion of evil that she would be the key to unlock.

I stood and looked to my wall but sighed knowing from what I read they were right. It had to be done. I grabbed my uniform placing on a black suite. A dark purple mask with dark violet gloves and boots. Then picked up my belt taking setting the daggers and finally picked up my quiver and bow. I made sure the items were working with the special mix I had added. Only a few knew the secret and each lived on Azerath or so everyone thought. I like them knew Raven had a soul self and that soul self would heal her till it to could not. My blades were based and arrow tips I had grabbed were based on the same weapon that had injured her. The Titans thought that information was well keep it was not. Not to a hacker who had even once hacked that of Gizmo's computer. I pulled up the world map and typed in my target. She for a moment didn't appear then I learned she was right in my town.

I stepped out and moved my way up to the city roofs then walked and topped. I waited soon there she stood a blue cloak flowing in the air. Pale skin could be seen only a small portion. Her head was turned and focused on those she had trapped from the current robbery. They were after plutonium for probable Red X. I knew I probable only had one shot but maybe not. I pulled out both my arrow and bow. Pulled the arrow back and shot. It missed and her eyes shot toward me. I froze a moment then jumped as soon as I noticed her fire toward me a steel piece of pipe. When I fell my feet touched the floor and my hands on the round as well then I shot up and ran forward. She pushed me with some force. I stumbled then turned and through not just one but two smoke bombs within my belt to blind her. As soon as I saw her arms move up knowing what she was about to do I brought forth my bow once more aimed for her arms. Both became trapped and she screamed. "Someone wants you dead" I said but it seemed she was aware of her fate. "Someone always want's me dead" Was Raven's final words as I shot my second arrow right for the diamond on her head not meant to kill her physically but to kill her and trap her soul where no one can bring her alive again. Afterwards I removed the Diamond with a whole so that I could gather my money. I hoped now I would find some understanding on why everyone wanted her dead.​


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Kill subject: Frank Castle/The Punisher

"How long has been? a week? two, three?" , ask myself as I wake up. I brush off some of the dirty, stinky straw thats stick to me. As always the iron bars of my cage greet me, I dont have a bed, have to sleep on the straw covered floor, no sheet either, my captors dont want that I try to hang myself.
My captors treat me worse than an animal, dont have a plate, glass or anything to eat or drink, only when they bring me the food, if I could call that food, they wait until Im done and then take the plate and glass. When was the last time that I had a good dinner?, my birthday, yes, that was the day when they took me.
My fourteen birthday, dad wasnt there as usual, mom was, but it was like if she wasnt there, she was drunk as usual, chatting with her friends, as drunk as she was. Four more years, thats all I needed, four more years of this shit and I could be free, free to do whatever I want, free from them.
Then it happened, screams, howls, shots, an assault team stormed the place. Burly men, all clad in black, masks, gloves and guns, so many guns. They disposed of my mom bodyguards, one of them grabbed her from the hair and asked her where was dad.

"He isnt here!" she cried as her tears made her make up run, the tears turned black leaving streaks on her cheeks. The man didnt believed her at first so he punched her with his gun a few times, her nose and lips broke as he punched her merciless. Her face was turned in a sobbing mass of blacks and red.
"Tell him that he owes us, we are taking his brat, if he want to see him again he must contact us in less than 24 hours, if he didnt, then we will begin to cut the brat in very little pieces that will be sent to you every fucking month!" he punched her one last time while I was dragged away.
My head was covered with a black hood, my hands and ankles locked with these plastic things that I used to tie my tv and computer cables. I dont even know if it was a car or a truck. They keep me down, his feets pushing me against the floor, what most scared me was that they were talking, so calm, like if nothing had happened, as if it was just another day, as if they havent murdered 6 or more men.
I was carried and moved from one car to another, I begged to be released, I assured them that I would give them any money they wanted. They just laughed at me.
At last they throw me here, this cell, other kids were here, some of my own age, others youngers yet. I tried to speak to them but nobody understood me. I understood some words, if I had put more attention at the school I could have spoke to them. Too late to regret not having been good at school.
One by one the kids where taken, most of them cried as the masked men dragged them out. Now Im the only one here. Early one of the guards come close to the cell. He was smiling under the dirty black mask, he showed me a long knife, he scraped it against the cell bars and then pointed it to me. "Hoy, hoy comenzamos" ("Today, today we begin") I didnt understood what he said but the way he spoke was enough to freeze my blood.
I went to sleep to try to forget his words. I wished I could die in my sleep. I prayed, I begged, I cursed but nothing happened and now Im awake again.
I grow more restless as the dinning time approach. The guard that threatened me will come?. I pray that he didnt come, "please, make them forget to feed me..." I pray silent as the sun goes and all around me turns dark.
My prayers have been heard, nobody comes to feed me, hours have passed and nobody comes. I close my eyes trying to sleep and that my wish to die will be granted too.
I wake up startled, a loud thunder?, a lightning?, "Whats that?" I asks still drowsy, then another thunder, no, its not a thunder, a explosion, then shoots, a whole barrage of gunfire, curses, cries for help, men running.
"They come for me?" I ask while I grip the cold bars. The whole place trembles with each explosion. Then it ends. No more cries, curses or shots. All the place turns silent. I swallow fearing what comes next. The door opens and a huge figure come in pointing his gun from left to right. I cant see his face, all I can see its a huge, ghostly skull in his chest.
"Are you ok?" he asks me, a voice like two stones grinding against each other.
"I... who you are?" Im so scared that cant even understand what he asked me.
"It didnt matter, I come to rescue you, stand back, stand back!" he barks at me, startling me even more, still I walk away from the cells door.
He kneels and put something that looks like putty and a long piece of cord to the cell lock.
"Cover your eyes!" he warns me just before a blinding light fill the darkness. I cough as my ears buzz painfully, the air stinks to smoke.
"Come, we must leave now, reinforcements are on the way, I set up some traps but wont be enough to stop them..." his huge hand takes my arm and pull me. I trip, slipping from his grip and falling to the ground, Im still dazed by the light and the sound.
"Come on, I dont have time for this shit..." he kneels to lift me up offering me his hand.
I turn around to take his arm, he didnt notice that I wasnt fumbling on the dirty straw floor.
No, I was looking for something. Something that was here since the first day.
I grab his hand, "easy, I got you..."
"No, I got you..." I say coldly as I press it against his chest.
"What? what are you...?" , too late he notice whats going on, I have heard of his legendary reflexes so I pull the trigger twice before he even finish.
The giant man fall backward.
"Hurts, isnt?, armor piercing rounds, I know you are used to being shot, but two of these? at such close range?, only if you were one of these mutie freaks, now you must be wondering why I did these? I went mad? brainwash?, none of these, I did this for my dad... remember the Manhattan hit, last year?"
"Manhattan?, last year?" the giant coughs more blood as he speaks "F...Fisk?"
"Yes, Wilson Fisk also know as The Kingpin, Im Jason, his bastard son, not because he didnt loved or wanted me, no, he didnt recognize me to keep me safe from his enemies, but your attack left him very wounded, he went to me, together we planned all this, the kidnapping, the oh so sad plead of my mom, I know you are quite good researching who you aid, but without your friend Micro?, It was easy to hide who I was, now my mission its over, dad will recognize me as his heir, we will be a family again, thank you very much..."
"F... fuck you... The Kingpin never will..."
I fire two more rounds, this time to the head before he finish what he was about to said, but still he twitchs trying to reach his sidegun, just to be sure I empty the magazine over him. I drop the gun as I walk out, the fresh, cool air welcome me, luckly its night, I would have stand the sunlight after these weeks in the dark.
All that left its wait for the reinforcements. We will be together, a family.
Dad must have told them who Im. What was Castle saying?, nonsense.
I know dad must have told them.
He must.
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Mágissa Kei

I mean you writing a concept where 'you' as a character kill whoever it is that your hero is, and you turn it into a short story. You are allowed all the knowledge you currently possess, so, if you decide to kill Superman, you would know about his kryptonite weakness. But, you are not allowed to alter 'your' being. No super powers, no mega-tech, no random acts of god.
((Leaving this here so that I don't lose focus of what I'm allowed to do in the writing. It happens.))

Kill Concept: Green Lantern-Hal Jordan

I'd plan this out for weeks, going over every little detail in my free time. Why? Because if I fail, there's a good chance that I would die. Then again, that was worse case scenario, best case scenario, I would end up in jail for whatever remained of my life. I was going after a big fish, trying something that I would have never thought possible before hand on any other day. Why? Why kill a superhero, a national icon...Well, maybe it was just to see if I could. I kept an eye on the patterns of Coast City's favorite golden- er, Emerald Knight for months, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make my move. He had flight patterns, certain areas to spot and crack down on crime if an opportunity didn't present itself to distract form his routine. You know, those rare, one-of-a-kind nights? With a little money, and a lot of persuading the community college drama club, I managed to orchestrate on of those nights.

A simple job, pretend to be mugged. The actors of Drama Club kindly told me not to associate their names with the incident either way any how. Honestly, I was surprised they decided to go along with my rather delusional plan anyway. Then again, as far as they knew, I wanted a fake mugging to bring out the GL. Even though they should have been concerned. With my request, with the wrapped up shard of glass in my back pocket that would act as a knife for some reason. Their innocence to the situation that they'd been cast into filled me with an odd sense of superiority, like I could get away with it. But that didn't last long.

The night was...more than usually festive in Coast City tonight, and the air was dry, so much so that a fire could've started with effort. I walked through a designated spot that I scoped out on the Emerald Knight's route, trying my best to act like the High School 17-year old that I was. Like I didn't belong there. When my paid actors stepped out of the darkness, their game faces on point, I followed suit. I screamed so loud that my head began to pound from the echo, pushing my "attackers" away roughly. This was supposed to look as real as possible. Everything was fine, I was calm, dead set in my role, until the alleyway lit up green. "Wonderful night, don't you think, fellas?" There he was, Captain Wise Crack himself, and suddenly my act felt less like an act. I did feel helpless, trying my hardest to not let my stammering voice, or wandering thoughts distract me. I'd come here to kill someone, not to get rescued. What on earth was I thinking?

I had been picked up by one of the club members, probably for effect mostly, when the Green Lantern began his assault. He conjured up an iconic green fist to pummel the guy holding me into the nearby wall. The other kid threatened to make a move for him, but GL rolled his eyes. This was a chore to him, child's play. It was as glamorous as I had seen in t.v. footage. I had fallen to the ground in the commotion, while GL roughed up the boys and sent them packing. I couldn't even look him in the eye, the coward that I was, shaking with an odd mixture of excitement, guilt, and fear. Green Lantern offered me a hand to lift myself up, but I refused. He would need to help me up, that was the plan. Complying like the perfect gentleman that he was, he took a slight bow, " I accept checks, cash, and the words 'thank you'." One last fleeting thought in my mind, maybe lasting around ten mili-seconds at most.

How could I do this? What in my right mind was making me do this? Was I insane? No, I've never felt more calm and the same time. This was a hero! A member of the Justice League, protector of not only Coast City, but the whole freaking Earth!!

And then those seconds passed, and while one hand had taken the Green Lantern's, weak smile on my face as I accepted his offer to get me to the closest police station, the other...The other hand grabbed the makeshift knife. That ring of his was alerted immediately as I grabbed my weapon, blaring as loudly as possible in the same instant I thrusted the glass in the Green Lantern's chest. We'd been floating a good distance in the air, and both toppled o the ground when he was injured. I remember falling on what might have been either a small dumpster or a large trash can. My back , though not broken, had gotten extremely close in the span of ten seconds. The Green Lantern had collapsed some few feet away from me. The blood flowing from the open wound while the hero lay on his face got me thinking. He was human, what an odd thing to figure out at this moment. Groaning to stand up with maximum effort, I tottered over to the crumpled form. He was hurt, and stunned, but maybe more one than the other. And he still managed to look at me. It was there, confusion, hurt, betrayal, all wound up in those bright eyes of his. Strain to breath too, I might have punctured a lung. I turned away to find something to end it. Looking around, I found a large rock. Hobbling over, I grabbed it and made a U-turn back towards the GL. Unbeknownst to me, the hero had raised his ring, the source of his power to me. He would shoot me, I decided.

His arm shook, sure the blood loss, but something else too. Was he really that shocked? People wanted to kill him all the time, and now I was one of them. Was it my age, or the fact that he just saved me only mere moments ago? We stayed in that stare down for only a breath, before he dropped his arm. Surely he knew what I was going to do with that rock. But, I guess with ow far in that glass probably got, there wasn't much he could do about it. Continuing my hunt, I marched over on my wounded legs, and brought the rock over his head. A few good smashes and I could be pretty darn sure that he wasn't breathing. A 17-year old had killed the Green Lantern.

His ring, a few seconds after his last breath, seemed to take the glow of his suit back, sucking in all the ephemeral light. It left only a man, in a grey jumpsuit, still dead. When I rolled him over, the nameplate, Hal Jordan, had been ruptured by my "knife" and was bloody. I could only pat his head and sit defeated beside him, tears welling in my eyes. "You can't save 'em all...This was one of those times..."
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Target: Raiden

Ashen hands tremble violently against the cold marble pillar.
Remember what you saw!

Grand Bank Moneyweather's opened late on statutory holidays, and closed exceptionally early. At one end the counter spanned from east wall to west, intricate wrought iron mesh like a smiling maw, separating staff from the rabble. Before that, colossal marble columns are squeezed between heavy granite roofing and flooring designed to withstand the mistreatment of the hundreds of investors which through each day. Walls adorned with gold plated reliefs of biblical staples; Egypt before the plague of locusts; Moses crossing the Red Sea. Then at the south side milling through revolving glass doors, every man, woman, and other are corralled into the atrium, baying at service people for what little daytime hours they could spare.

Humans shuffle forward in disorganisation, pulling close their coveted wool coats, woven shoes beating impatient music on the granite floor. The music grows ever restless as cashier staff cannot keep up with an influx of investors flooding the atrium. Within an hour of opening, Grand Bank Moneyweather's is filled to bursting, shoulder to cheek to ragged scruff of the neck.


A mercenary unit of cybernetically enhanced bruisers announces themselves through external speakers and wades confidently through a sea of the lost. Most civilians turn to face the arriving threat or cower in fear at the abrupt volume before their eyes widen and sudden realisation dawns. Mercenaries fan out to every corner and facet, drawing tactical pistols and sub-machine guns, sheathes, holsters, and other regalia clattering with each step. Few civilians freeze up, standing stock-still and white as snow, peaking above the whimpering waves of men.

A dark haired young man slinks around a column on all fours as the lead mercenary holds the floor while surveying his situation, drawing a high-frequency blade for effect. Draugvan leans back, struggling to ground himself on the cold marble pillar. He brushes his hair back and re-adjusts his wire spectacles, taking deep breathes through his stomach. But adrenaline had hit his system at the shout and entry, pins and needles covered his arms, and his legs wouldn't stop shaking! His ears were ringing so for a few minutes he sat there, back against a column, hopelessly trying to reorganise himself and make sense of what was happening. Words from the mercenaries bounced off his consciousness as they spouted their philosophical tirade.

With the sound of breaking ocean spray, a dark form springs through large glass panes flanking the rotating doors. It rounds-off with cat-like dexterity, digits clicking and scrapping the polished granite floor raw. Shards of glass cascade behind it showering the cowering humans. The lead mercenary cuts off mid-sentence, righteous reproach still caught in his throat. But by the time he has turned to defend himself, the dark form has leapt upon the waves of shaking sheep, insidious feet finding purchase in their delicate skin. A righteous reproach becomes a guttural scream when the dark form falls upon him with vibrant eyes. The form's high-frequency blade severs the lead mercenary's arm cleanly below the shoulder, causing it to arch towards the column where Draugvan takes sanctuary. A hissing and then white mist rises from the scene as cyborg mechanical fluid is super-heated by the high-frequency blade. And the arm comes to a stop in front of Draugvan, shaking him conscious, lead mercenary's own machete still viced in his twitching discard limb. The crowd takes a collective breath as the lead mercenary is executed, falling limp onto ghastly faces and bleeding, butchered backs. Draugvan peeks around his sanctuary to see the dark form standing above the scene with high-frequency blade gripped tight in hand, crimson aura dripping on the polished granite.

Then the collective breath is let out in one long howl as civilians shriek in pain and terror, and the remaining mercenaries belt potent warcries through their fear-suppressors, firing small arms freely. Jack lets out a horrible, rasping cackle as he animates like a marionette, using his HF blade to dismember and decapitate each mercenary in a macabre dance, violent strides punctuated by the crack of marble and impending bullets. But Jack cuts indiscriminately and catches by-standing civilians on the end of his swings, cutting swathes from the crowd in a growing pink vapour. Their shrieks of indescribable horror turn to pained wallows and muted weeping as cyborg mercenaries drop down in pieces and humans crumple with them in the crowded atrium.

Beaten, bloody bodies colour the granite floor as the last foe falls silent and what remains of the waves of cowering investors settle into their new reality. Jack breathes harshly while standing from his final pose. He studies the collateral damage, drinking in every viscous drop of cyborg mechanical fluid and splashes of human blood, giggling in uncontrollable dark mirth.

Ashen hands tremble violently against the cold marble pillar. Draugvan looks out to view the killer locked in thought and sickening laughter echoing off the walls. White and pink mists had now precipitated in a canvas of ichor, with thicker strokes of white and red painted on near every wall, floor, body, and column. Groans and wailing of the dead, dying, and mourning left a sour memory in Draugvan's head which he could not get rid of.

In a flash a passion he picks up the lead mercenary's high-frequency blade and, finding his feet once more, launches himself towards the killer preparing an over-extended backswing. But lost in its thoughts as it was, the killer was slow to react to Draugvan's unpredictable attack which cut cleanly through its spinal actuators in a spray of white mechanical fluid. It collapsed to the ground in a fit of spasms as it was unable to command its cybernetic body any further, choking sounds escaping from its lips in strangled disbelief.

Draugvan inhales slowly to the bitter taste of blood in the air, focusing his vision on what he had done. He steps around to see the jerking body front on. A sneering silicon mask glares up at him, stark blond hair disarrayed and matted in the cooling blood that slicked the entire floor. Draugvan could not decide if it was with mercy that he raised the high-frequency blade above his head, or dominance. Then brought it quickly down with a muted thud as it buries in the killer's face, destroying its brain.
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