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This is an somewhat experimental RP, the purpose is to practice fight scenes! Simply 1) Introduce a character and their weapons/abilities, 2) Have that character kill whoever was introduced in the previous post, 3) Watch your character get killed by the next poster and the cycle continues! No sign-ups necessary, just jump in with whatever you've got — no limits! If you've already posted with a character and they have been killed, you can 'respawn' or try a different character entirely for the next post.

God-modding is legal, so long as you accept that your own character will be dead in the next post. I also highly encourage posts longer than one line.

Hopefully this will be a fun way to be creative with descriptons of fight moves / character abilities, or it'll just be a complete mess. Either way, it'll be interesting to see where it goes!

To start with, please murder my character:


Jack had been roaming the streets for hours, looking for a fight. Wasn't this the spot? He was supposed to kill someone, but no one was around. In a fit of frustration, he grabbed his baseball bat and smashed it against the windscreen of a nearby car.

"I know you're here somewhere!" He waved his bat around wildly, broken glass crunching under his shoes "Come out! I'll make it quick!"

A sound caught his attention. Jack whirled around. Someone was near.


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The sound in question was that of very distinct whistling, which echoed throughout the darkness. The crunching sound of footsteps approaching became louder as well. The dirt beneath the figure's feet was broken with every calculated step.


And without any further warning, a large wooden bat wrapped in barbed wire came swinging right out of the abyss. It connected with the side of Jack's head instantly. His skull was outright obliterated with that first hit, an eyeball popping right out and teeth flying. The bat was retracted, now stained with blood and excess brain matter.

"Oh my goodness!"

The man exclaimed this as he too emerged from the darkness. Stretched across his face was a wide, toothy grin.


Negan's hips dipped as he gave Lucille a nice swing, the blood from Jack's face splattering all across the pavement, giving its greyish asphalt a nice new coating of crimson red "paint".

"Just look at my DIRTY girl!"



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I prefer sci-fi, comedy, a little fantasy, and some slice of life.
Aiden emerged from the bushes, an enraged scowl etched on his furry face, plastic, black eyes narrowed. The gruesome scene before him made his stuffing clench, but he forged on. Raising a furry hand, a ball of blue light appeared in his palm. Within seconds, the light left Negan's eyes, and he crumpled to the ground, lifeless. Slowly, he moved towards the man, being mindful of the gore on the pavement. Squatting, he placed two fingers against his neck, feeling no heartbeat. The corners of his stitched mouth curved slightly upward. Sighing, the doll lowered himself to his haunches and, with a snap of his fingers, caused the two dead men to disintegrate, along with the gore.
Aiden burried his head in his hands and began softly sobbing.
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fantasy, scifi, horror, magical, drama

Closing his eyes as his eyes by burying his head into his hands was all that was needed for Freddy Krueger, the monster of Elm Street, to track the scent of the freshly spilled blood of the two most recent kills. The kills had been so brutal, so savage, and the destruction of the bodies was something Freddy couldn't possibly ignore. It was like he was sleeping in pitch darkness only to have flood lights turn on. Once Aiden stopped sobbing, the gate that connected Freddy's domain, the world of nightmares, was closed, but Freddy knew the location, and he was coming to find out what kind of fun he could have this time.

The images of the dead bodies before disintegration would flash in Aiden's mind as if sporadically, but it was Freddy's doing, whenever Aiden closed his eyes for more than a second. Its doll-like physiology didn't seem to matter. It had a mind, and that is what Freddy started to trace over with his razor-claw glove. Aiden didn't tire as quickly as the teenagers Freddy was used to tormenting, but Freddy continued to prowl. The prey would eventually would tire. It was only a matter of time.

It was an agonizing week later that Freddy made his appearance known, catching Aiden in a waking dream. Aiden found himself in an abandoned factory of Playtime, Co. but instead of the dolls normally produced, they were facsimiles of Jack and Negan, each wielding their style of baseball bat and in baseball uniforms for team Poppy. After exploring the factory some more, Aiden found room containing a stockpile of sealed boxes of dolls that looked just like him. Many of those boxes were on an automatic belt, which led to a large industrial grinder which tore the dolls to pieces. It was only when Aiden got close enough that he could hear the screams.
1644220171329.png (but much larger)

Freddy drove his razor-claw glove through Aiden's body through his back.
In the dream world, Aiden couldn't draw upon his powers. It was too late to learn how.
"Thanks for the material!" Freddy shouted, before chucking him into the shredder.
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I prefer sci-fi, comedy, a little fantasy, and some slice of life.
As Freddy turned to leave, one of the boxes on the belt suddenly popped opened. Aiden climbed out and dropped to the tile floor soundlessly. Turning on his heel, the doll fled the room in search of something that can be used as a weapon. Climbing on a shelf, he plucked a baseball from the Jack doll and returned to the floor, before moving onto the sewing room. There were threads of different colors and textures, thread spools, and pins, but what caught his attention was a box of long, razor-sharp needles on the ground. Grinning, he retrieved one, tucking it behind his back.
Ready to do battle, he returned to the grinder room and silently snuck up on the retreating Freddy. Once he was within striking distance, he swung his bat, landing a hard blow to the back of the demon's knee. Freddy cried out and went down, facing Aiden in shock. "What? did...?"
"You seriously thought me defenseless?" Aiden sneered in his deep, squeaky voice, grasping Freddy's shirt and pulling him close. "Oh, how wrong you were, my dear."
Refocusing, Freddy attempted slashing at the doll, but the latter dodged. He tried again, ending with the same result. Standing tall with both weapons raised, Aiden bellowed, "You've tortured many innocents for too long! It ends now! C'mere!"
Grinning, Freddy charged, but Aiden struck his opposite knee with the bat. He went down once more with a pained yell, but before he could make his next move, the enraged doll pulled him down further by the shirt, landing another blow to the demon's skull, leaving behind a massive bloody bruise.
Freddy lashed out for a third time, but Aiden gripped his hand firmly and sliced the back of it open with the needle. The man screeched and backhanded him in the abdomen with his uninjured hand. Aiden stumbled back, but quickly recovered and clambered onto Freddy's back. Again and again he swung his bat, stopping when he heard a sickening crack from his spine. Crawling forward slightly, the doll curled an arm around the back of Freddy's neck, pressing the needle into the flesh with his opposite hand.
He grinned. "Get over here!"
Aiden made a clean slice across the larger man's neck, hitting an artery. Blood spirted from the wound, coating the wall in red. The doll peered angrily down at the dying Freddy and growled, "Those who take lives don't deserve them."
Tossing down his weapons, the doll slid off Freddy and stalked out the factory.