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    "Never again shall you see Macragge, or your fellow Chapter Brothers, Sergeant Artoras. The Threat warrants those that would take to the duty in it's entirety, and It's been decided that you will be the first of many to call the edge of the void home, and the extension beyond as the field." The words echoed heavily against Artoras' ears. The command assaulted him from each, and every angle. As if to emphasize it's importance.


    Artoras knew well the voice of the Watch Commander, and allowed not a flinch or twitch of his being when the heavy command was set upon him. "I understand Commander. It is an honor to serve. With this blessing, the Imperium will be brought down on the alien. Chain, and Bolter will be sung during the march." He answered, and saluted the shadowed statue standing beneath the dim Glo-lamps.

    "Hyperion, Sergeant. Hyperion will be the first of many lights sent out into the black. Light the way, and in his name, go with the Emperor's light."

    "In his name, we march!" Artoras answered in cheer, and left the mausoleum. The first of his orders had been to meet with the new members of the created Kill Team. From what he'd read, the skills each individual possessed would mesh well within the Deathwatch. Though at the mention of a Wolf joining, Artoras allowed a slight smile to his face under his helmet as he thought of Brother Sidium. The Lion would certainly have a ruffled mane. 'This should prove to be quite the ordeal.' He mused to himself, as he walked the ancient, and ornate halls. Each wall a mosaic of skulls, and litanies of the righteous hatred for Xenos, in all their blasphemy.

    It had been what felt like a lifetime since he'd been requested to the Honored halls of Watch Fortress Grogaris. Though it felt longer still since he'd returned from the field. Spending the last few years under the guidance of senior Deathwatch, Artoras had proven himself a capable leader in his own right, in the addition of his grooming from his former brothers of Ultramarines.

    They say that they shall know no fear. Truth penned by the living, and inked by the dead, though they shall know loss. Artoras was one of the few that kept his emotions in control when orders dropped like a drop pod on one's perspective. He was simply thankful that he was granted the chance to leave Macragge safely back in it's bulwark of metal, and beauty.

    The Primarch Roboute Guilliman deemed that all his Legion be skilled for when war was no longer the purpose of life, though it seemed that one son would be so fortunate as to keep at war, so that others wouldn't have to.

    A snap of static, and the micro bead opened it's channel. Artoras thought the name Sidium, and another snap of static indicated a connection. "Brother Sidium. Hyperion had been granted it's birthing. We leave within the day. I would ask your presence at the hangar, as our comrades are to arrive within the hour. Your counsel would be most welcome in inspecting the inductees."
  2. Sven sat in the transport as it made its voyage to the Watch fortress. He had set in silence with the others as they had made their transit. He had eyed them up and down, evaluating his soon-to-be battle brothers. He made no assumptions about any of them. They seemed capable and strong, coming from prominent and powerful chapters.

    He felt the transport set down. He grabbed his helmet and stood up: tucking it under his arm. "Well, shall we go and meet the rest?" He asked with a smile. The doors opened and he stepped out of the transport. He had smelled something as soon as the transport's door slid open, and there was no doubt. Dark Angel. He smiled, he always liked the chance to mess with one of the pretty boys.

    He finally saw the Dark Angel and the Ultramarine he assumed would be his sergeant. This Dark Angel was unlike the others he had met before. His face was twisted and contorted as if it had been smashed with a massive hammer and then desperately reconstructed. It was a sad sight, but he assumed that this soldier bore his scars with pride, like many do. Not wanting to look a fool, or an asshole he formed rank and waited for the others to join him and to receive his orders. He looked the Ultramarine over. He stood with an air of power that commanded an especially large amount of respect. He was no doubt a man that would be capable of leading them into battle. He grinned at what of his group he had seen so far. They seemed very capable soldiers, even the techmarine, in his own right. He felt it would wonderful to fight along side such honorable soldiers from the different chapters.
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  3. There was a cave-in.

    We are aware. How long till the Apothecaries reached you?

    Thirteen days, my lords.

    And for these thirteen days... were you alone?

    The Emperor was with me.

    That is not my question. Do not test the council's patience.

    No, my lords. I was not alone. Estavale Raife was with me. He was with me till the seventh day.

    The hangar was cathedral and courtyard, a cavern built by giants, with upper reaches veiled by incense. From passageways scrawled with litanies of faith, the light arrived in bronze and silver to paint the crenelations. Every buttress and gallery was an act of devotion. Century after century of embellishment, carving and re-carving. This stone and metal had weathered the workings of the hangar and so too would it weather all things. The Imperium in miniature. The structure of His glory.

    Sidium was at peace in this magnitude. An ant upon the stone, he cherished these walls. They would not break as flesh broke, as souls broke; as reality split like skin to usher warp fire. If all the world could be petrified in stone, immutable and certain. If all could be armoured like the Emperor's Chosen.

    If he could look upon the void and know... that it was but a dream.

    The Librarian had arrived a moment early and stood resolute with his power sword, a mirror statue as Sergeant Artorus crossed the chamber towards him. His voice was scratching, a higher note than most battle brothers, as if an eldritch crackle remained.

    "Well met, Brother Artorus. You bring fresh scars to shame me."

    He marked the cuts on the sergeant's face, and on cue his own arm whirred, a hiss of servos as he flexed the fingers. The left half of Sidium had been rebuilt and it lent him now the slightest hunch, a posture all his own. He almost seemed casual as he stood with the sergeant in the echoing chamber.

    "A wolf, a templar and void-born son of Dorn," The Epistolary recounted the records he had been given. "A tarot of stubborness. Perhaps we will wear the Xenos out." A note of humour danced in his ghostfire eyes.

    Turning slightly, Sidium's bionics whirred as he raised a leatherbound book, the size of his breastplate, and extended it towards the sergeant. It was sealed with the mark of the Librarium.

    "Their deeds are recorded, should you wish to read them. I pray the flesh does not betray the ink."
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  4. Anders was tinkering with his Servo-Arm while they were being transported. He kept his helmet on, though he noted how the others had theirs off. He found it more comforting when he could use his helmets enhanced opticals so he would not make a mistake, his gloves were integrated with tools to help him on, and off the field of duty. He always made sure his technology was cleaned, prayed, and taken care of. He knew what he was getting in to, the Deathwatch was always short on Techmarines, but that didn't stop him from practically throwing his life away. He wanted to see the different technologies of the Xenos and even the Old Technology of the Imperium.

    When the craft landed, he exited with his Battle-Brothers, though back in other chapters one would not consider a Techmarine a battle brother. He wore his Artificer Armour that he crafted as his final test before leaving Mars. It was adorned with his deeds and such. The Deathwatch had no chapters though, only Brothers that were bound together to destroy the Xenos in the Emperors name. He stepped in line beside Sven as he looked over Sergeant Artorus and Brother Sidium. He stayed quiet and removed his helmet, holding it under his left arm. He awaited Artorus or Sidium to speak.
  5. Alexus was silent during most of the trip towards the Watch Fortress in which the Kill-Team he would become a part of was to be gathered, he never got any word of who his brothers in arms will be but he had given a oath to his chapter before leaving that no matter who or from where they come so shall he never dishonour them in any way. For now they were his brothers. When the thunderhawks door opened for them to go into the hangar Alexus took a last look at his mechanical arm before he took of his helmet so that his new brothers would be able to see who he was underneath the helmet, he had short trimmed black hair and clear blue eyes other than that the only real part of his apearance that was noticable would be that his nose was slightly disformed due to a scar.

    Once he and his new battle brothers had reached the man who would command them and their Kill-teams Psyker he decided to speak up as it seemed like the rest woudnt. "I am Alexus of the Crimson Fists, and while i cannot speak for the rest or say their names i will atleast say this. It shall be an honnour to crush the Xeno filth from the Emperors realm by your side." Once he had spoken he went silent as he would not want to act out of his rank, as well as not to seem over zealous as his brothers of the Crimson Fists and even their founding chapter the Imperial Fists.
  6. "Ah! So he speaks!" Sven let out a booming laugh that reverberated through the halls. Crimson Fists were always so eager and willing to jump out and get into the fray. A trait that he appreciated. Deciding that if one of his brothers was willing to speak out, he would at least no longer be alone in conversation. "If we are doing introductions, then I am Sven Thundercaller of the great warrior Space Wolves! I look forward to sniffing out every last xenos out of the sight of His greatness. Together we will purge the world of xenos filth, my new brothers!" The enthusiasm was apparent in his cheerful tone, and his ear to ear grin. He gave a sideways, but not aggressive nor alarming look to Sidium, "As long as we can all be honest with each other."
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    "I fear that I may well lack stories to share of greater endeavors, Brother. You have the look of satisfaction, and peace about you. With it not being my place, I would offer you congratulations. May our hunts continue with promise." Artoras answered with a clasp of Sidium's other shoulder. He'd always appreciated the Psyker's council, and more still his humor. Though they were viewed by the Imperium at large as Demi Gods, at the heart of everything. They were still children of the Emperor, and such beings held a need for jokes.

    As they walked through the halls to the Hangar, Sidium offered written accounts of the new comers, and the sergeant declined the offer. He knew well that they had read through the details, and any more investigation would prove futile. They had both seen their share of Brothers walk the halls. Some were as they had been chronicled, while others were more a flare of the quill.

    It was when they crossed through the large, and ornate slide doors to the hangar, that Artoras spotted a group of Space Marines he did not recognize. Viewing the ship behind them, he knew these would be the new initiates. Looking sideways to Sidium, Artoras folded his arms slightly as he dissected the group before them with his eyes. "Ah. I would have expected the Wolf to howl first." His gaze turned to Sven. "Know that there are no songs to sing, nor any drink to be had in these halls. Duty is sustenance."

    Looking to Alexus "Crimson Fist... you will soon wear that pauldron on the fist. Where we walk, only the tomes will know Alexus." His eyes then shifted to the Techmarine. "Anders, it has been many years since I've last met with member of the chapter. Does the fire still burn as hot as the days of it's first rocketing into the sky?"
  8. At the words of Artoras, Sven slid the large leather water skin that hung from his hip around behind his back. It sloshed with the sound of the great Fenrisian ale. "Of course, of course sir." He kept his gleeful look, but he would have liked to shove his ale down this Ultramarine's throat, and surely he might if he truly tried to take it from him. He had brought enough to remind him of home when he most missed his old Brothers, and no man would deny him that privilege. He chuckled at the sight of the Dark Angel carrying the large book, supposedly with stories of the various brothers in the newly formed kill team. "So, the master of secrets carries the tome that tells of others?" He smiled at Sidium, "Tell me brother, what does that book read of you?"
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  9. "That they do" He answered Sergeant Artoras, he eyed Sidium. He didn't know if he could trust this Psyker, but they were all brothers in the Deathwatch. The Black Templars only accepted the Grey Knights as any Psyker, as they are the ones who were chosen by the Emperor. He knew Sidium was not from the Grey Knights as he heard rumours of the Grey Knights having their memories cleansed after battles so they would not be tainted and to preserve the secrecy of the GK. He stilled his tongue, he trusted no Psyker but the ones that the Grey Knights had to offer. He shifted his weight onto his left foot as his Servo-Arm made a hissing noise, his helmet tucked under his left arm. His left gauntlet was large like a normal Space Marines, this was the hand he used to wield his axe, while his right gauntlet was thinner than most. Integrated with tools to work on the field and not be hassle on it's size for delicate work.
  10. What happened on the first day?

    Rocks shifted, dust settled. The cave-in did not fully cease till the ninth hour.

    Your Ravenwing Brothers?

    Crushed. Sergeant Vailon and Brother Traxis lay dead beside me. Caspeden and Markus were obliterated in the rock slide.

    And when did you realize?

    My Lords?

    When did you realize that the Traitor was with you?

    When his voice spoke, from an air pocket ten feet to my left.

    Sidium's bionic hand moved to his waist, dragged across the leather cover of the book holstered there. Wytch-white eyes returned the stare of the Space Wolf as he answered. "It reads of double fortitude, Little Wolf. A psyker's twin-ordeals, of the body and of the mind."

    He stepped beyond Artorus and mixed shadows with the initiates. A charge in the air attended Sidium and raised what hairs were exposed to it. Yet he kept his eyes on Sven. "Remember, when you paw at me: it is two equals you deal with, not one."

    There was a whirr of machinery and his arm snapped out. Yet it was not for Sven. For even as he eyed the Space Wolf the psyker's hand outstretched to Alexus. The fingers curled, a gesture of welcome. And a moment later Sidium turned his head to the Crimson Fist.

    "It is an honour to serve with you, Brother. The exploits of your Chapter precede you, and we mourn together for the homes we lost."

    He had no words for Anders.
  11. Alexus glanced at the ones standing by his sides, especialy the one who were from the Black Templars. He hoped that his Brother woudn't cause any larger problems but if need be he would step in and act as a bridge for his fellow son of Dorn, he then heard the voice of the Psyker speaking towards him. While it had a sort of unatural sound to it he tried to simply shrug it of as a Psyker thing, honestly he wasn't to accustomed to being around his sort as Alexus Chapter had a scarce few of them left. He then lifted his hand and shook the Psykers hand and said. "I hope that i woun't fail in providing my Chapters knowledge within the field of Xeno's, And we mourn indeed." He nodded his head before letting go of Sidium's hand and looked at Artoras and said. "I will just have to make sure that my fist will be painted in the crimson stains of our foes." He grinned slightly at the horrible joke he had made.
  12. Sven decided to ignore Sidium for now. He would not let a stuck up Dark Angel see him upset. That, and he could swear Artoras was giving him a dirty look. He retook his prior stance, radiating glory and demanding respect, at least to those who understood a Space Wolf. He had been stung by "Little Wolf". He was no welp! He had been crushing chaos scum before this psyker could hold an axe.

    Sven turned to Alexus and slapped his shoulder and shook him slightly. "You have the humor of an especially stupid ork." He smiled, "Let no man take it from you."

    Realizing that he had not spoke much to Anders, Sven turned to him. As it had in the Thunderhawk, his eyes set right on that thing. It dangled there, and he had no idea what to think of it. He had met a few techmarines, but none ever with something like that dangling between his legs.

    He shook it from his mind and looked up at Anders' face. "I hope your technical expertise live up to the name of the Adeptus Mechanicus."
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    Nodding approvingly, Artoras closed his eyes a moment, and collected his thoughts. A brief moment it was, and then his eyes shot open, and he pointed to each in turn. "You have been chosen to serve these hallowed halls. Though we walk with many colors, some of which known to only one, we now are bound in the black. Our blood knows no color, and transcends all bounds." Clasping his hands behind his back, Artoras took the stance of attention, and held himself firmly in stance.

    "If you would seek glory, you will find only duty. If you seek duty, then you will find purpose. If you seek the Emperor, you will find him in due time. Welcome to Deathwatch, brothers. May chain, and bolter sing our march." Turning to Sidium "Would you offer any words further, Brother? Perhaps some of your words of wisdom to spare them from being meat?" The words weren't an insult, or a threat. It had simply become something that the Sergeant had learned through his service... that ultimately some who donned the silver pauldron, were only destined to find their journeys end.

    "You will have three hours of time for personal affairs. Then you are to report for our mission briefing. Congratulations, as you rears will not yet know the warmth of the Watch Fortress. At least not this day." There was a hidden smile at his lips. It wasn't that he enjoyed it, but he had to admit there was an odd humor to the idea of setting the newly formed team out so early.​
  14. The Fallen was beside you?

    In the rubble, yes. My breastplate had kept the rocks from piercing my sternum. But Raife wore Mark One Power Armour. He had suffered a cavity rupture.

    He was conscious?

    And verbal, My Lords. I heard him cry out and mistook him for Brother Markus. When I called back we each realized that we were trapped with our enemy.

    And it was so for seven days?

    Yes. It took a long time for Raife to die. And he had much to speak of in the interim.

    The Librarian's hand held fast to the hilt of his Force Sword, sheathed in tandem with the leather-bound tome. He considered his answer while caressing blade and book, and therein found the subject. Sidium looked to Artorus and each of the initiates in turn.

    "An easy deed, Brother Sergeant. For being more than meat is remembering - remembering that we are not the bolter in our hand nor the armour on our flesh. We are spirit and vengeance, heart and soul."

    He blinked white eyes and turned his gaze upon the hangar, where cathedral walls rose either side of them, kissed by incense and candlelight. "Let me be a testament of that, in the days ahead, as I rend the fabric of this world in the fight beside you. Know that there is more than blood and stardust. There is the void, the warp where all is teetering."

    His breath misted as he spoke these lines. The vapour swirled in the micro-eddies of the chamber, twisting like the ebb and flow of that same Empyrean. "And in this place fate abides, for better or worse. There is a plan for us."

    Sidium finished with a bow then turned into a stride that took him to the western archway. His footsteps made cavernous music with the whirr of servo skulls and lasted long after he was lost from sight. Swallowed by twisting hallways and the gleam of candlelight. In the three hours permitted to him, the Librarian spent the first in travel. Throughout the Watch Fortress he passed the periphery of domes where training environments were fashioned. They had been filled with fauna from a thousands worlds and populated by servitors who could simulate the Xenos bestiary. This was where the daily lessons of combat and survival could be drilled. Artificial jungles, ice caves, mountain labyrinths and water tanks - Sidium passed them all. There were even those where real Xenos roamed - captured specially to be prey to the final 'graduation' hunts of the Kill Teams.

    It was comforting to know, in some small sense, that the story of Kill Team Hyperion was being played out in a dozen more places.

    Yet despite the variety of simulator-domes that comprised the Watch Fortress, one theme persisted. The jet black walls, shrouding every tunnel in darkness. They grew narrower as Sidium neared the heart of the fortress. Soon he was travelling in a maze, past silent chapels and adamantine vaults, beneath war-tattered banners of glories past. He encountered few others save the occasional mind-wiped serf, and then no glances were exchanged. And when that first hour had passed Sidium stood before a Deathwatch Keeper in a dusty canyon of millennial stone. The guard was ornate and unflinching, his sword held in stance.

    Sidium drew level with him and bowed his hooded head.

    "The Inquisitor has summoned me."

    Beyond the two Marines, a towering cliff of black awaited, hand-embellished with psychic wards and adamantine buttresses. It was like a second fortress couched inside the first.

    The Vault... where Sidium would spend his next hour.
  15. Sven turned to the Sergeant and stood at attention. "There is always the glory that shows itself in duty," His ever persistent grin never fading, "I look forward to slaughtering xenos scum in the service of His greatness." He stood there for a short moment, his mind slowly working over the details. "Should I fetch my kit, or shall it be brought to me?" The question seemed to go out to the group more than just Artoras. "If so, may I know where to head to find it? I am afraid that the layout of halls such as these are foreign to me." He let out a long sigh, neither of discontempt or frustration, more one of longing and remembrance. "I am used to the presence of more Brothers."
  16. Anders glanced around the great hall, listening to Artoras's words. He put his helmet back on as he finished his sentence, he wanted to see what was within the Watch Fortresses's Vault, but he knew that would be a while until he was allowed in there. Unless they were truly desperate on Tech Marines and needed everyone they could. He wondered if it was true that a Tech Marine was assigned to a specific part of the Vault that they worked on alone, keeping it intact and all the technology clean and ready to use. His eyes traveled to Sven underneath his helmet, unsure of how he felt about his fellow brother, but everyone in the Deathwatch had to get along, he only hoped the fool didn't mistake his Tech Marine emblem he placed on his stomach as something it wasn't. It was a common occurrence.
  17. Alexus put on his helmet again as it seemed like their introductions were finished and gave the sergeant a nod, one of the things Alexus was wanting to do during his three hours of free time was to simply walk the nearby area. He wanted to get a feel of what would be his home and who knows maybe this Station will remind him of the lost fortress which halls he used to walk through. Before any of them left he placed a hand on Anders shoulder and said. "It shall be a enjoyable time to be able to fight with a brother." He smiled underneath the helmet before he began to walk towards one of the doors which led towards the other parts of the Station.
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