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  1. Kuro (Left) Waru (Middle) John (Right) (open)

    "When the world is small and you can't go on with a second thought, what else can you do if not-♪"

    Two fingers appeared in front of his face and snapped at each other and made a loud clanging noise.
    -"Hey, did you even know what we said?" Waru glared at him with a skeptical eye and looked a bit thoughtful, John took out his headphones from his ears and glared back at Waru with an angry stare.
    -"What now?" Said John with a tired voice and made a sigh, tweaked his hood a bit that almost hung over his eyes.
    -"Me and Kuro thought perhaps we would peddle for little money." John looked at him, a little unsure he was.
    -"Again?" John almost called that out and the people who walked past looked at them, Waru was not happy.
    - "Shut up , you want to get in trouble?" John said nothing but did not miss the opportunity when Waru got his little "look". The "Look" always meant bad luck and because it was very popular to Waru and his friends, this was a very bad idea and place to get "the look". Waru smiled widely and had a wallet in his hand, John's eyes got big and he was almost about to talk loudly again but Waru stopped him. When they walked out of the place, they took the road to the park.
    -"You idiot , how could you take the wallet just like that!?" John was angry and he was also tired of everything they did, he saw then that Kuro also had a wallet hidden in his pocket.
    -"What the hell calm down." Waru said a bit annoyed.
    -"Well what do you say?" Waru glared at John and had his little smile glued to her face.
    -"What?" John said really confused and then glared at Kuro but he said nothing, just tweaked the mask and looked around, if a cop would come around they should be ready. Waru laughed.
    -"To steal the new computer, idiot." John said nothin , he did not even take the time to open his mouth before Waru would keep his jabber.
    - "I'm getting very tired of this place anyway... Let's go." Kuro said a bit dull. Waru took his black new hovering skateboard that he got as a birthday present from his parents, Kuro took his red one and John took his green old one which he got from his father.

    (If you want to roleplay either John, Kuro or Waru. You can, no need to ask. This opening gives you a point of how their personalities are. But do write the characters name so I know, if you want to have your own character. Go ahead)


    The Orphan Boy (open)

    He threw up his arms and tried to reach the sky , hiding between the two tight high rises and yawned, rubbed his newly awakened eyes and went out of his dirty and tattered cardboard and felt the pain went around his body. He straightened up with a sigh and put his hands resting on his hips. He looked out and saw the metal -made city. Felt like pure hell. As usual, he was climbing down from the high metal houses and down to the ground when he suddenly got the smell of food fasting on the nose. Without saying a word, he looked down to his pants pocket and pulled around with their hands after the pennies. He got up 100 OTES and five IK. Maybe it would do to the bread, the water must he search for himself from the taps if he finds any, as he always did. He followed the smell and came to a small stall where there stood a young man with sausage and bread in his hand which was then given to an old lady who thanked him and walked away. He went to the hot dog stand and looked around while the young man looked at him a little thoughtful and waited for the boy who then pointed to a picture.
    - "How much does it cost?" He asked thoughtfully, looking up as he waited for his response.
    -"Without toppings costs 100 OTES and with toppings costing 150." Said the young man. He looked at the coins and muttered, he wants to save their money yet it would be so good. After a few minutes of fussing, he decided to buy without toppings and the man took a sausage into a pure bread and gave it to the boy. He never remembered to eat so well made food before. He could hardly wait to get a bite and started already to eat, he gave the man his crown and went away, munching on sausage. When he finished eating, he felt very thirsty, the sun beat down and the clouds were disappearing, he looked around the filthy streets and found a well, hidden between two towers. He ran and looked into the well, much water was left, he took the bucket and lowered it. When the bucket was full of water, he pulled everything he could and after a while he got hold of the bucket and took it and almost washed down his entire body. He drank as much as he could. When he had drank it all, he decided to continue his adventure to check around the new buildings that have just opened, the clock was still 1:30 am so he had a lot of time left for the day.
Thread Status:
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