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  1. Greetings, sir/ma'am!
    I am Rodrick Adam Boxington, the proud owner of Box's Cars. I am throwing a banquet in celebration of the company's 6th year anniversary! We couldn't help but notice your success and would be very appreciative if you (And a partner, if you wish) were to attend.
    The banquet itself will begin at 8:30 pm, at my home, 365 Sun Avenue (The lone house on the hill). At 9:00 the guards will prevent more people from coming in. Refreshments will be provided upon request, as well as several of my own fine wines. The banquet will end around 11:00 pm.
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Rodrick Boxington

    What is not mentioned in the letter:
    Each person signed up will be some sort of high class, and arrive/be inside before 9:00. Once it is 10:00, the whole mansion will be locked up completely.
    And yes, everyone will die.
    How you die will depend on time, place, and sanity. Also, the killer will be a secret until the very end.

    Character sheet:

    Appearance (A picture will do):
    Reason for Attending:

    Rodrick Boxington
    Maria Belle
    Tabitha Childs
    Jonathan Childs
    Lydia Hall
    Arthur Vex
    Keelan Doll
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  2. Name: Rodrick Adam Boxington
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Box's Cars owner
    Height/Weight: 6'1 / 185 lbs
    Appearance (A picture will do): [​IMG]
    Personality:Sometimes coming off as arrogant, Rodrick is a commanding leader. He can put on a fake smile, but is very ugly and rude when treated less than best. He'll take care to the women, and was known as a womanizer in High School. To men, he expects to be treated as the dominant power. If approached aggressively, he won't hesitate to put up a hard fight.
    Reason for Attending: Host
    Other?: N/A

    Name: Maria Ann Belle
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Maid
    Height/Weight: 5'3 / 108 lbs
    Appearance (A picture will do): [​IMG]
    Personality: The sweet girl keeps her mouth shut, and takes orders without hesitation. Her voice is soft, sometimes too quiet. She could be keeping a secret, but what could such an innocent girl hide?
    Reason for Attending: Assisting Rodrick, as one of his only two servants.
    Other?: She will be the one who discovers the first death.
  3. Name: Areiz Vandiela
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Actor, the best there is
    Height/Weight: 125 lb, 5'7''
    Appearance: Face: [​IMG] Outfit: [​IMG]
    Personality: Charming and kind, Areiz can get along with the worst people and the best. So far, she has never found someone she can't get along with. Unlike most actors, she is not self-centered and she understands she is no better than anyone else.
    Reason for Attending: She has been very successful in the acting industry and has starred in 5 movies in the past year, when the average is about 2 or 3.
    Other?: N/A
  4. Name: Tabitha Childs
    Age: 78
    Occupation: Widow, and Inheritor of Childs Pharmaceuticals.
    Height/Weight: 5'4”/102 lbs
    Personality: A sweet older woman whose frail smile warms hearts. She often talks about her grandchildren and the old days with her husband Herbie. Tabitha's youngest son, Jonathan, usually takes care of her. She often tries to set him up with young, successful women, much to his dismay.
    Reason for Attending: She's old and lonely. Tabitha is hoping to meet some new older friends with whom she can socialize. She's also hoping to hook her son up with a wealthy independent woman.
    Other?: She carries a cane with her everywhere and gets very upset when someone tries to take it away.

    Name: Johnathan Childs
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Head of Childs Pharmaceuticals.
    Height/Weight: 5'8”/160 lbs
    Personality: Johnathan earned his position as head of Childs Pharmaceuticals after his father died. He's a hard-working man who is dedicated to his work and brilliant in his understanding of the industry. However, because of his enterprising attitude, Jonathan hasn't had any time to socialize. He's terrible with people and his romantic life is non-existent. The man is incredibly awkward in social situations and is constantly chastised by his mother for not pursuing a potential spouse.
    Reason for Attending: His mother was invited. She has trouble with her legs and can't drive so she depends on her children to get her to these sorts of functions. Jonathan is driving her to the event and taking care of any special needs that must be met.
    Other?: Johnathan himself was not invited. He found it odd that someone would invite his mother instead of himself, as her involvement with the company was only in name.

    ((I'll be posting the appearance sections soon. Anyone interested in arranging something behind the scenes: feel free to PM me))

    Edit: Alright. They're done. I'm using characters from Persona 4 as the graphic representations for these characters. I just really like the style from those games.
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  5. Both sheets are approved, just make sure you get those appearances, Cicada. ;)
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  7. Name:
    Lydia Hall
    Appearance (A picture will do):
    Cutthroat. Always has to have the best story of the party, will stop at nothing to gain the respect of everybody in the room. Can be kind, but only ever to achieve what she wants or to sway someone's opinion of her.
    Reason for Attending:
    Successful model since the age of 16, though she retired last year. Multimillionaire from her years of modeling and the 4 (or is it 5?) deceased wealthy husbands she's had.
    No, the hair color isn't natural, but she wants nothing more than for you to believe it is.
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  9. ( Hmmm, need more guys...Okay)

    Name: Arthur Vex

    Age: 24

    Occupation: Television Company Owner

    Height/Weight: 6'0/ 155 lbs

    Appearance (A picture will do):

    Personality: Arrogant due to his wealth and success, but still has good morals and isn't terribly rude or mean. Chivalrous towards the ladies.

    Reason for Attending: To extend a business hand towards Rodrick Adam Boxington. And because he likes to show off his success by going to high class parties.

    Other?: He carries a hidden gun on him for safety reasons. After all, some people get a little too jealous of his wealth.
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  16. Name: Keelan Ivan Doll
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Toy designer/ Toy company manager (although his father helps a lot with the managing bit)
    Height/Weight: 5'3"/136 lbs
    Personality: Keelan is an extremely childish and care-free person. Keelan was a lonely child, since his rich parents were always away, and they wouldn't let him outside the mansion much. So, he found comfort in his toys, which he's grown very attatched to. While he may be an expert on toys (making his company one of the leading toy brands), he lacks in social skills. Since he's spent so little time in the 'real world', Keelan doesn't have much common sense, but he's had much time to study, making him academically smart. Keelan is kind and considerate from looking after his toys as if they were alive, but he's psyichally weak. Overall, Kellan is still too young at heart, and needs somebody to help him grow up.
    Reason for Attending: To die If you have a child, the chances are they have a toy made by this guy. Also Ellis' dad (who owns a massive baking company), has made fancy cakes for Rodrick in the past, so there is a faint, family tie.
    Other?: He is a cross dressing guy! He cross dresses since he models himself in the image of toy dolls.
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