INTEREST CHECK Kill Everyone! O:<

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  1. Literally.
    Would anyone be interested in getting themselves into trouble? Say, a high-class party is being thrown at the luxurious mansion of Rodrick Adam Boxington. Nobody really personally knows the man, other than he is the owner of "Box's Cars", a successful and well-known car dealership.
    Other company owners/random high-class people and their spouses (or if you don't have a spouse, you are able to bring a partner, or simply come alone) are coming from everywhere to meet each other and share their stories and such.
    What nobody knows is that once the clock strikes <Some late hour>, the mansion is locked down and everyone inside will... Die. Whether it be mysterious murder, insane suicide, or out-of-the-blue betrayal.
    Now whatever happens between <Undecided party start time> and <Undecided late hour>, then from <Late hour> to <Ungodly hour in the morning> is all up to the role players!
    But in the end, everyone will die. :D

    Sooooo, is anyone interested? :)

    This sounds beyond exciting.
  3. This sounds like fun. I love these sorts of movies/scenarios. They make me think of Vincent Price.

    I'm not sure how you plan to do this but I think a weekly Chat RP version of this might be fun. I'd still be interested if it were just a regular forum-based RP though.
  4. Oh, hooray. ^-^
    I plan on making it a regular forum-based rp, since I am... Absolutely horrible with making dates happen. xD
    But on a more positive note, I'm glad I'm not the only one who favors this mass murder. :D
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