Kill 6 billion demons

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  1. click here to read the first issue

    I'm really excited to see where this story goes. What do you think about this first issue, personally my favorite is the imagery of her soul, skeleton, and body separating was pretty fucking boss artwork.
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  2. Oh oh oh oh!

    I know this comic. IIt started on the MSPA forums as its own little fan adventure thing. I helped design outfits at one point, and me and some others are behind some of the starting hijinks :D
  3. I can't wait to see more, its not too often i get excited about webcomic, but this looks awesome!
  4. I suggest checking out some time

    Some of the Indie Comic circuits sharpest and best had their start there
    ITs like a fight club for comic artists. Its gone a little downhill the last years in term of activity I think.

    But people like James Stakoe honed his craft there

    The really really old comics with the characher "Spike James" in them is a goddamn treat.
  5. 6 billy deminz

    What a ridiculous name. Love it
  6. This story reminds me too much of Man Eater to be entirely in my comfort zone. I don't think I'll be bookmarking it. O.o
  7. It .... does?

    KSBD feels more like a completely surreal depiction of hinduism-inspired insanity. I love it.
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  8. It does. Not in content or story, though. Rather in art style, and the way I'm going to think about it at inopportune moments, and it is going to make me feel queasy.
  9. "Surreal depiction of Hinduism-inspired insanity" is a very apt way to describe it! Its quite fantastic isn't it!
  10. Last time I was excited about art was Gunnerkrigg, and before that, Blame!

    All the swirls and sketchy character maybe. I finished maneater a while back. It hits hard.
  11. That was... weird...
  12. Mobile not letting me see it. :c

    I miss good webcomics. Gone With the Blastwave was a personal favorite.
  13. Such a good webcomic. There are a few good still out there. If you like short, absurd slice of life ones i reccomend "Two guys and guy".

    If you want serius, bloody fantasy I recomend Unsounded.
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