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  1. I try to do art
    and other such things

    And yes I'm very aware of my mediocre skill level, I can't afford classes, I learn from the interweb blah blah blah

    But really it would be super freaking awesome if I could get some constructive criticism and opinions on my stuffs
  2. These are two little whatevers I did on Painter12 because I don't know how to use Painter12 and they're actually a few months old.
    321311_545895138761588_1687253300_n.jpg 539956_132525520247832_1980735895_n.jpg
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  3. I like your style. I actually think the scribbliness enhances the cuteness, because it all looks like something that might be found in a girl's diary. Also, I like the rectangular reflections in the eyes. I's not overworked, it doesn't break the simplicity of the image, but it still makes the eyes seem alive, and it's unique.
  4. Thank you so much! I did draw them to be cutesy and what not.
  5. You, missy, are amazing.
  6. Aw shucks
  7. Painter12 Icon Art Addition
    420 without text.png Kikiicone.jpg swagfag.jpg
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  8. Most great artist don't need classes, they just learn from experience so don't feel inadequate because of that. :P

    Aside from that, I personally like your art. It feels like a style you'd find in children's books and I hope you post more work. My favorite one is the first one. The color scheme is put together well.
  9. That one is actually something I made about Supernatural, without the speech bubble. So far I've only posted art within range of a particular default style of mine. I'm actually working on a little comic book that I'm thinking about sharing, though I'd probably do it on a separate thread. Also thank you really! I try, I try.
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  10. Today I'd like to present:
    Random Half-Ass Digital Arts

    Andrew.jpg Love.jpg Untitled-2.png weeaboo.png thisthingivdon.jpg
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  11. Eye doodles (Is there one you like the best?)
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  12. Excellent!

    And that cat's expression is so cute :O. 3 & 4 are my favorite eyes.

  13. Thanks a lot for coming back time and time again to comment on my stuffs! For me the favorite eyes I drew are 1,3 and 8
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  14. 8 is totally my favorite. <3

    I am a huuuuge Scott Pilgrim fan.
    You really have been influenced by that style of art, haven't cha? c:
    Which is like, the best compliment.
    You're welcome.

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  15. Bryan Lee O'Malley is definitely a big inspiration of mine and Scott Pilgrim- my life.
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  16. Copious Amounts Of Fan Arts
    Trisha C_bak.jpg heyhaz.jpg fionna (2).jpg 005.JPG
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  17. Lols at the last one, XD.

    That painting...I swear, I'm really jealous of people who can paint. It's so handy!
  18. No I'm a horrible painter! Whenever I paint its basically coloring. I draw the lines, add the color, then ink the lines. Its hardly painting at all- its just me making due for not having any prisma markers.
  19. YAY Fiona!!~
    Gud jerb.
  20. Gifts for Friends
    (Steampunk Marceline The Vampire Queen)
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